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Shift Your Attitude to Create a More Positive New Year

law of attractionAs we near the end of 2013, many of us will naturally reflect on the past year.  It’s easy to focus on the big things, either positive or negative, that happened (or didn’t happen).  Once a big promotion or dream job has manifested, it takes very little mental discipline to be excited or happy- it’s easy to feel joy about something great once it’s right in front of you.  Most people, even the negative and cynical among us, can smile when they see a cute baby or a rainbow.  Similarly, our mind will naturally lament and feel regret over all our unfulfilled desires and dreams (“Another New Year’s Eve and I’m still single!” or “Still need to lose those 20 pounds!” are common complaints that I hear this time of the year, and that give people a license to feel sad).

While I think it’s sometimes helpful to take inventory of what worked and what didn’t this year, simply observing “what is” in your life is not what deliberate creation is all about.  If you follow my writing, you know that I always stress that the only way to create the life of your dreams is from the inside out.  What does this mean?  My favorite analogy is that of the mirror.  When you look in a mirror, you intuitively understand that the mirror is simply a reflection of who you are and what you are projecting. If you smile, the mirror automatically smiles.  If you frown, it reflects a frowning image back.  The mirror does not have its own agenda and does not have the ability to reflect back to you anything you are not already putting out there!  Pretty easy to understand so far, right?

Now here’s the ultimate secret:  the entire Universe and Law of Attraction works in exactly the same way.  What you are attracting into your life is a direct reflection of the energy patterns and belief systems that you innately hold.  This is what the Buddha meant when he said that there is no “out there.”  And “when you control your mind, you control the world.”  These aren’t figurative statements.  “Out there” is literally a series of quantum probabilities that are manifesting as an exact, precise match to the own personal energy frequency you are emitting.  We understand now, even from the latest developments in quantum physics, that the Universe is a holographic projection, or a literal mirror, that is creating and projecting back to you what you already believe about yourself and the world.  Therefore,

A skeptic says, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

A person who understands the laws of the Universe says, “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

Read those two statements again.  They are not just a play on words; they’re two fundamentally opposing philosophies on life.

Deliberate creation is not observing what is and being happy or sad as a result.  Deliberate creation is creating what is.  It requires focus.  Concentration.  Imagination.  The former makes you a passive  observer.  The latter makes you an active creator.

Just as only a madman looks in a mirror, tries to shake it and manipulate it, and then gets angry that the reflection isn’t shifting the way he wants, only someone who doesn’t understand the laws of Universe tries in vain to manipulate outside events and people, takes uninspired action, and then doesn’t understand why he’s not getting closer to accomplishing his goal.  A sane person understands that the primary shift has to occur within oneself and one’s own energy vibration, then the reflection automatically changes (the Universe literally reflects back to you a different quantum reality which matches your new vibrational frequency.  It doesn’t have a choice in the matter, just as the mirror doesn’t have a choice or agenda).

How does this analogy work in real life?   Let’s say you are focused on a thought or have an underlying belief pattern that goes like this “The world is unfair. Money is going to people it shouldn’t go to.  I’m working hard and yet I’m not getting my fair share!!”  The Universe simply nods in agreement with you, and says, “You’re right!  Here is more evidence of that!”  And then you, despite all your hard work and diligent efforts, can’t seem to catch a break and don’t get what you feel like you really deserve and have worked hard for.  So then you go further, and in an attempt to feel better, blame some outside force- the government, the system, your lousy boss, an unsupportive partner, a weak economy, etc. for being the cause of your failure.  Shaking and manipulating the mirror in an angry temper tantrum just doesn’t work.

Now take another person living in the same world as you, not necessarily someone who is even that talented or brilliant, who has the following core belief system and daily thought patterns “Wow, I’m so lucky and blessed to have such an amazing life.  I just keep having more fun and more great experiences!  Everything just seems to work out for me!”  The Universe simply nods in agreement with this person, and without judgment, delivers a reality to match.  Now, if you’re standing in a negative place, you may be saying to yourself, “Yeah right, who actually thinks like this?  It’s so delusional.”  But I guarantee you, the people that are getting everything they want, do think like this, at least more often than not.  It’s important to note that virtually everyone has some negative, unconscious belief systems or patterning which will show up in different ways in their life (that’s why some people can have more wealth than they know what to do with, but still be struggling with a serious health problem, for example).  But in general, people who are living extraordinary lives have very positive internal set points about themselves, the world, and their ability to create and enjoy what the world has to offer.

While it may seem unfair to you that people just keep getting more of who and what they are already know they are, in actuality, the law of attraction is the quite the fair friend.  Ever present, steady, and consistent, it never fails to coordinate every big and small moment of your life in precise, minute detail to match your own set point.  In fact, the current book I’m working on goes into much greater detail about the process by which this actually occurs, so stay tuned for more articles on that as we hit 2014.

But for now, just remember, You Have To Believe It To See It‼  So like a sane person, begin to make internal shifts in your own attitude and set points.

Until then, many blessings, happy holidays, and a fun New Year to you all!

Should a Marriage License Have an Expiration Date?

Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 11.34.54 PMI was working out early morning in my local Life Fitness Club next to six guys (45-62 years-old) who were lifting weights before playing their regular competitive game of racquet ball. They forgot that I was in the room as I quietly did abdominal crunches and planks on the floor. Consequently, I overheard a conversation which made me sit up (forgive the pun) and pay attention as one of the guys, a cardiologist, said, “A marriage license should be valid for ten year-increments with the option of renewal just like a driver’s license.  And you know what will happen? The divorce rate will plummet.”

Another member of the posse, a dermatologist, was asked for his opinion and he confessed that he did not have one as he never spoke about relationship matters because his words might get back to his wife. Another guy, a venture capitalist, asserted if a marriage license could expire, then nobody would stay married. The local wedding caterer asked what the economic formula would be if the marriage was not renewed and what would happen to the children?

To their surprise I interrupted, “I think marriages will be better than ever! Around the 8th or 9th year married people will try harder, even campaign to hold on to their spouse for another ten years. The romance would rev up.” The proponent of the idea did not agree with me. He seemed eager to walk away from his 25 year relationship – if he could.

The parallels between getting a marriage and driver’s license:

  • You need an eye “I” exam- a certain level of good vision to see signs and changes down the road. Do you really see your spouse, the person in front of you, even though you finish their sentences and interrupt?
  • You must bring proof of identity. Do you know who you really are and where you are going? What do you do to support your authentic self?
  • Are you always in the driver’s seat, a passenger, or a bit of both?
  • You need your social security number; in other words, are you secure socially to go it alone or do you want your sidekick?

Couples can either grow together or apart; some of us go through the motions of living together, stuck in a marriage with a spouse who has become a stranger. Others experience life with a loving team mate, feeling happier and healthier. If you knew your marriage license was up for renewal, what would you do differently? What would you want the license to do?

VOD: Life is Just a Ride

shutterstock_roller_coasterTwo years before he died, comedian Bill Hicks ended a stand-up special with a lesson about life. He said that it’s just a ride, but after a while we start to forget that. We convince ourselves that it’s real because look at our money, and our success and our family, our our our. And when someone tries to remind us, hey it’s just a ride we want that guy to shut up. He’s wrong, this all has to be real or everything means nothing…

Or does it? Bill also says that we have a choice. Not a burden or a responsibility or work but a choice – between love and fear. We can hole ourselves up with our possessions and close ourselves off or we can open up and see with the eyes of love. Which sounds better to you? Watch the whole thing below.

Video found on UpWorthy

What do you think of the video? Do you feel your life is a ride? Tell us in the comments below and show us any videos you think should be in our column!

Congress is Acting Like Toddlers At Daycare

Washington DC Presidential InaugurationWashington lawmakers have been acting like little kids at daycare, wanting to play with the same action figure. They each grab a side and pull and pull. First, they are stuck in a stalemate – nothing happens other than both sides get angrier and more committed to having their way. So they get nastier. Then one side pulls harder and the legs or the head come off – the toy is destroyed. Now, neither side wins. When each tried to get their own way, more was damaged in the process. Congress is acting like toddlers at a daycare.

In a battle of egos instead of a commitment to results, we regress to childish behaviors. We become the center of our world and stake our claim – we refuse to relate, share or yield. I understand why 2, 3 or 4 year olds may have this response, what I don’t understand is why our elected public officials (committed to service) act like this. If we are so proud of our form of government and insist that other countries adopt it, what lesson does this behavior show them? If we are that committed to living our values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, how does this response support this? The world sees us as acting like toddlers and justifying our childish behavior. Great lesson.

If we are truly committed to the same purpose – developing a country that lives its clearly stated core ideals – we are already all on the same side. We quickly unify when others threaten from the outside – we find our commonality and we unite. But when a challenge happens from within, we fall apart. We break into factions forgetting the value of every citizen. We see only our view. We want our way. We forget we are part of something larger. We forget that the goal of our society as created by our founding fathers is for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all of its citizens. Jacob Needleman shares in book, The American Soul – Rediscovering the Wisdom of the Founders, that the pursuit of happiness isn’t about the right to accumulate things, but rather for society to ensure the right of each of its citizens to be able to self-discover and live their intrinsic or God-given greatness – the ability to self-realize.

Religion, philosophy and science rarely agree. They do, however, agree in one specific area – that we are each created to be different, unique, amazing and great. Seeing each of us as great, valuable and important must be a critical understanding and belief of all public servants – to empower them to commit to the importance of the work of government to support a society that enables their people to be free to be all that they can be and one where everyone matters.

When we focus on our egos instead of on results, we inhibit our process of helping all of our citizens realize their greatness. We now think some are more great than others – more okay or more right than others. We create sides and insist on winners and losers. But in the analogy of the toy that gets destroyed by the fighting toddlers, we all lose when we can’t do something as fundamental as keep our government open to provide the services and functions it is responsible to do. The fact that either side could accept allowing it to shut down to get their way is akin to one of the toddlers destroying the toy just so the other toddler won’t be able to play with it – or anyone else for that matter. Congress – a day in daycare.

When we remove the ego – in life as well as in government – we allow for a focus on greatness – the greater purpose, good and view. We realize that to be a successful country, we have to work things out. We realize that collaboration and a commitment to a common purpose allows us to find solutions that evade those with an ego-driven mindset or agenda. By seeing each American as valuable, important and great, we can reframe our differences and focus on solutions that are not like Washington DC’s roads – gridlocked. In gridlock, nobody wins. No one gets their way. Nothing gets done. Instead, find the core commonality and build from there.

We own this mess because we voted these babies into office. With the vote to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling for a short time, we have been given another opportunity to show that when confronted with challenges, we don’t have to go to our Fox News and MSNBC corners and call each other names. Instead, we could look at the reason why we are here – to help everyone be all that they can be. That is what the pursuit of happiness really means – it is a call to step into our greatness. And our government has a hand in helping create a society that allows this to happen.

I can think of a perfect “time out” for this Congress – a permanent “time out” – a new Congress – one more committed to solutions, results and collaboration than egos, privilege and personal agendas.

Science reveals we are not all great at everything. That being said, we should therefore be more aware of electing to public office those whose natural abilities include negotiation, collaboration, empathy and innovation. Elect people whose passion is true service. Don’t let money elect, let ideas elect. Don’t let power elect, let solutions and effort elect.

Congress, grow up. Learn to share and you’ll still have a toy. Don’t learn to share and not only will you damage the toy, but you won’t be allowed back into daycare. The owners of the daycare have had enough of this behavior.


Jay Forte, a former financial executive, is now a business and motivational speaker, certified life and CEO coach, author, and nationally ranked Thought Leader. As President and Founder of TGZ Group, he and his team provide customized talent-based tools that power extraordinary living and exceptional organizational results.

 He is the author of Fire Up! Your Employees and Smoke Your Competition and The Greatness Zone – Know Yourself, Find Your Fit, Transform the World. He created the workplace Fire Up! Coaching model and the life Greatness Coaching model which he uses with national and international clients.

 An avid writer, gardener and chef, he lives in Ft Lauderdale, FL.

A Metaphor for Healing: The Vulture and the Honeybee

landing...By Gloria Loring

I love when I am gifted with a metaphor that helps me toward a more peaceful mind. I have three books that offer uplifting ideas each morning, and the other day Sri Swami Satchidananda’s book got my attention with his words about the vulture and the honeybee.

He noted that the vulture flies higher than many birds, soars beautifully, but only casts its eyes on dead and decaying matter. A honeybee “will fly past many other things to look for even a little bit of nectar on a flower.”

This resonated with me immediately because my mind still flits to the dead and decaying memory of an event that occurred more than a year ago. It was one of the saddest and most humiliating of evenings, and I have been working to let go of it ever since. Yet the experience of it comes at me every few days. I know the person was not in their right mind, not in their true self, and I have practiced forgiveness for all of us concerned, yet there it still is, poking at me.

When I read Swmaiji’s words about the vulture, my mind flashed back to my mother admonishing this scabby-kneed daughter, “If you pick at that, it will never heal.” Just so, if I keep picking at my emotional wound of a year ago, it will never heal either. And I do want it to heal.

So I have a new tool in my healing arsenal. When my mind goes to what is dead (over and done) and should be buried, I think of myself as a vulture looking for decaying matter, (yuck) which immediately prompts me to shift to the honeybee POV, seeking the nectar that is always somewhere close by. Bzzzzzzzzzzz!

* * *

The former “Liz Chandler” on Days of Our Lives, Gloria Loring is a singer, songwriter,
actress and author. Her most recent book is Coincidence Is God’s Way of
Remaining Anonymous, noted as a “compelling journey of show business,
mystery and miracles.” Follow Gloria on Facebook and Twitter.

Door Ajar

I received the Lincoln from my Father. It had been his wife’s car, and when she died he wanted it out of the garage and out of sight. So it became my car for a while.

I already owned a car, so the Lincoln Mark IIIV, although a wonderful car, would never replace my Jeep.
But there were a few long road trips to make, so I had the Lincoln- which was in beautiful shape and repair, checked out by a mechanic friend before I went on my first journey.

The day I went and picked it up I got into the driver seat, started it up, and had a bright message on the dashboard that hadn’t been there before. DOOR AJAR. It was raining, but I still reclosed my door, to no avail. I leaned across the passenger seat, opened and reclosed that door as well. No change. DOOR AJAR.
I must have tried 3 or 4 more times before deciding that I needed to go ahead and get going. It really wasn’t a big deal, the door was secure, and I always wear my seatbelt anyway.

Over the following week, I drove the car every day, and covered approximatly 500 miles. Some travel was highway, smooth and fast, while others were dirt or rutted, muddy driveways. On just a couple of occasions did the light ever go out. I attempted to reclose doors, close objects in the door to depress the button further, as well as to re-boot the car’s computer. DOOR AJAR continued to glow on the dash almost faithfully.

Destination for part of the trip was a workshop that utilizes the wisdom of horses and their activities as metaphor for the inner work of people. As I reflected on how the universe provides us such wonderful messages and guidance if we just take notice and translate, I thought again of my DOOR AJAR issue. Contemplating what that message could be, I considered the warning aspect– don’t lean on something unsecure, or — something left half-done. My mind didn’t seem to be able to get past the caution that the phrase portented.

And then I was sharing it with a friend. And as I ask “What other meanings do you see in DOOR AJAR?”
He provided me with a wonderful gift and insight.— “The door is ajar, not locked, or even latched… but basically open just waiting for you to go thru it. The universe is practically begging you to step thru it.”
BAMMM!!! A shift in perception, the kind that can have such profound changes in ones life. “STEP THRU INTO SOMETHING NEW”

So, with that tucked into the back of my mind, I found myself a couple days later, looking at a new place to live. It was a very rural and “rustic” trailer in a rolling hills of the coast. Yes, a bit out of my comfort zone, but with so much possibility. So, I pushed open the DOOR AJAR, and am stepping into a new phase of my life.

–Later that day, I went out to the Lincoln, checked the doors, and re-closed the trunk. And the DOOR AJAR light went out.– I guess I finally got the message right.

Where Does Your Grief Live Today?

Where does your grief live today?
Close your eyes. Take some nice deep breaths, and begin to scan your body with your inner awareness. Where do you feel your grief right now?
It may seem like an odd notion, that the emotion of grief could actually have a physical location. And yet I have found in leading my shamanic griefwork program that on any given day, most people can actually pinpoint it. I ask them to keep a journal and write down the answer to this question once a day. The answers can be very interesting, and they tell us a lot about what’s going on in our grief process.
Why do we do this? The purpose of shamanic griefwork is to use spiritual techniques to help us move through the grieving process with awareness and intention. So it’s useful to take a moment each day to make contact with your grief and give it your direct attention. When you engage with your grief in this simple way, you can track it and gain information about how you’re doing.
Metaphor is the language of the spirit. So what is the metaphoric meaning behind the place where your grief is lingering? Is it stuck in your throat? Perhaps it’s telling you to speak up and express your feelings more fully today. Is the grief in the area of your stomach? You might ask yourself what’s been eating at you lately. Is it up in your head? Perhaps there are painful memories you’ve been keeping at bay. See what your grief has to say to you today.
Often people find that their grief tends to move around. One day it’s in their heart, and the next day it might be in their big toe. But if the grief stays put, it could be telling you that you’re stuck in a particular pocket of the grieving process, unable to move forward. It could be a cry for attention.
Here’s an example. About 10 years after my teenage son died, I suddenly developed asthma at the age of 55, out of the blue. I thought I had successfully completed my grieving process by that time, but some spiritual “excavating” revealed that my own difficulty breathing was deeply connected to the fact that my son suffocated to death.
My grief had gotten stuck in my lungs because of unresolved guilt over the fact that he had died in my own home, where he should have been safe from harm. Once I recognized the metaphor my body was showing me, I could work on healing that painful belief. Within a few months I was asthma-free.
Stuck grief can cause a lot of damage. Think about how many times you’ve heard of someone dying of “a broken heart.” That’s more than a poetic phrase—it can be real. When you are aware of your grief and what it’s trying to tell you, you can address what may be keeping you stuck and continue your healing journey.
Julie Lange is the author of Life Between Falls: A Travelogue Through Grief and the Unexpected (www.lifebetweenfalls.com).

Dreamwork as a Healing Path Through Grief and Loss

Within a few weeks of my teenage son Justin’s death in 1993, I realized I was in over my head and called a psychologist who had been recommended by a good friend.   It was one of the wisest things I’ve ever done in my life. Even though I had no health insurance then, I took a leap of faith and started seeing Barbara every other Wednesday.

She was the kind of therapist that gives you homework and so my inner work continued throughout the time between sessions. One of the tools we used was a dream journal. 
I had always been fascinated by dreams, but like most people, usually didn’t remember much upon waking. Barbara taught me to keep a journal right next to my bed and to write down whatever I could remember immediately upon waking, whether it made any sense or not. Even if it was only an image or a fragment that remained in my mind, I found that once I started to write it down, it would often lead me to the rest of dream, like following a single strand of yarn to the entire ball.    
The dreams gave my feelings a way of expressing themselves in ways my conscious mind would not allow. I had always had a tendency to repress all emotion. In fact, I was so out of touch with my feelings that most of the time I didn’t even know I had any. I now know that this trait can be very toxic to mental and physical health in the long run—and back then, it could have been disastrous.  
My dreams also gave me a way communicating with Justin in ways that were very healing to me. For example, here’s a description of a dream I had about six weeks after Justin died. 
I was shopping with someone who was Justin’s father in the dream (but not his actual dad) and we were trying to select the proper transportation for him. (Justin had been looking forward to getting his driver’s license within a couple of months.)  
His father suggested an eagle for him to ride, which seemed ridiculous to me. Then he showed me what the other kids were riding: amazing beasts and exotic contraptions beyond all imagination. Meanwhile, poor Justin had been puttering along in a very mundane 4 x 4. I could see that it was much too limiting for him and that riding an eagle suited him much better.”
This dream left me with the feeling that Justin’s earthly existence may have been too constricting for the expansive, freedom-loving spirit that he was. It brought me some comfort to think of him in another realm, soaring on the wings of an eagle.
Another dream left me with an extremely vivid memory of playing with an eighteen month old Justin. 
As we wrestled and tumbled around on the floor, I carried on a casual conversation with several people who were sitting nearby. They seemed to be family members, but I only recognized one of them, my Uncle Virgil who died the previous Thursday.”
With Barbara’s help, I also began to understand the language of my dreams. Dreams are full of metaphor and symbolism, and their deeper meanings don’t necessarily match the simplistic interpretations offered in the so-called dream dictionaries that have become popular. The only way to fully understand what your dreams are telling you is to observe them over time and slowly discover the landscape, the common themes and the inhabitants that populate your dream world. 
Dreamwork became an important part of my healing journey. As I worked more and more with my dreams, I gained access to a rich reservoir of inner experience. I began to discover threads of connection that ran through the entire fabric of my life. I could see patterns that repeated themselves, not only within my own lifetime, but back through my ancestry and forward into the lives of my children.   I began to think of life as a much larger tapestry, which helped me to take a few steps back from my grief and gain a better perspective.
Julie Lange is the author of Life Between Falls: A Travelogue Through Grief and the Unexpected, a book that tells the story of her healing journey from the death of her teenage son into a life of unexpected joy and meaning. www.lifebetweenfalls.com

The Mighty Ripple

This is a metaphoric story, aligned with life’s journey,
written from my spiritual center. Blessings!

The Mighty Ripple


In a time of

all times

in a place

of all places,

deep in the

Heart of Humanity,

there resided

 a Ripple,

and a

Mighty Ripple

was he…


He didn’t have a name,

this mighty ripple in the water,

but he had a sense of purpose

a drive within for active “participation”

in the gallant life that he was living.


Every day this mighty ripple

found his way across the waters,

stirring up the deepest sounds and sights

of the hidden caverns and canyons

‘neath the still waters’ surface.


He liked this job,

this purpose,

this mighty intent.


Quite content was he

to ride the waves of waters’ edges,

to taste the warmth of daytime’s sun

and the coolness of the midnight moon.


There came a day

when this ripple felt a tug,

a pull to higher heights…

not just atop the still and quiet waters,

not tucked within the strong and tyrant waves,

no… a pull much stronger, much more purposeful. 


The pull became a yank

and in the great heat of the mid-day sun,

the ripple was no more . . .

What was he?


 “What has happened to me”,

were his thoughts. 


He felt lighter, not quite as dense,

like he was floating…

he “was” floating!


No more was he

a ripple,

but a




“Oh no,” were his thoughts,

“I am no longer a ripple,

I am a vapor and yet,

I am still me.


And in that thought

his fear was no more

as the vapor,

once a ripple,



Still bearing no name,

the vapor followed

the path

of his



. . . floating

in the skies,





ever upward . . .


nearly invisible

but with

great intent





The mighty ripple,

now a vapor, was

filling up with a moisture

that found company

with the many former ripples

as together with his fellow travellers,

the vapor, once a ripple

became a



Now, the cloud could not exist

without the ripples and the vapors

on their path of great intent.


The cloud was not a one thing,

an only thing, belonging just to him…

no, the cloud was ALL the ripples now

becoming vapors,

gathering as the One,

the Unit,

the connective force of nature,

floating gently ‘cross the skies

with great intent,

with mighty purpose

and collective understanding

of what each of them must do.


And yet, being ‘of’’ the cloud,

he too ‘was’ the cloud..


Without him and his fellow vapors,

the cloud could not be so.


Once again he enjoyed

the brilliance of the glorious, giving sun

and the coolness of the moon’s mysterious glow.


But there was a moment

where he felt lost,

caught within the Allness,

seeking to know who ‘he’ was

and why he was here,

wondering of his importance,

questioning his intent,

not feeling anymore

like he was the cloud,

 for he had no name

as he lingered in the cloud,

shuffled across the sky,

herded with the others,


“What gift do I have to give?,”

he asked himself in silence.


In the moment of his reckoning,

his thoughts created an energy

that moved amongst his fellow ones

as they in turn merged with the silent chant,


“What gift do I have to give?”


Soon the cloud

that had been light and fluffy,

floating gently ‘cross the sky,

became darker, denser,

hanging heavily in the

late afternoon dim.


He felt a trembling within him

and around him,

a rumbling,

a stirring,

a shaking up

as quickly he was jolted

from thoughts of himself. 


The sound of the collective

became so intense

that it roared through him,

insisting that he and all his fellows

become the thunderous awakening

for the awaiting world beneath them . . .


the world eager for the knowing,

ready for the pouring out of wisdom

linked with all eternity . . .


the wisdom shared

through wildness and wonder,

nourishment and growth,

thoughts and non-thoughts,

becoming and not becoming,

distances and closeness,

readiness and fear,

givingness and receptivity









made manifest




“ I am the sound,

I am the dark,

I am the roar,

the cloud no more am I.


I am nothing and everything

all together in the sky, so high,”

said he to himself..


In that instant,

bolting through him

was a flash of 





“WOW!,” said he

in the loudest thought

he’d ever thought

“I am the lightening too!”


All his fellow ones

were traveling within his thoughts

as they road the early evening sky,

falling into the One-Thought,

clarifying their collective intention

within the cloud,

expelling a melodious sigh,

merging the earth and the sky,









The emotion of the Universe

collected itself in transformational tears

as cloud’s intention poured itself out

in sheets of purifying rain.


Every ripple, vapor, cloud,

thunder, lightening being

poured out their allness

to the waiting earth below,

flushing with sacred waters, 

the beingness of the earth,

washing it clean of impurities,

bringing forth

the glistening jewels




And the raindrop, once a ripple

danced with delight in his descent.


The beings of the earth

were the rain, clouds, vapors,

thunder, lightning on high,

as well as the many ripples

in the water


the magnificence

of the

Mighty Sky.


. . . for there was no low or high,

or distance of the sky,

only was there beingness

that enfolded the All and

transported the





. . . beyond galaxies,

. . . beyond time,

into the


“No Thing”.


The raindrop,

once a ripple

landed on a tree top leaf,

rolling softly to the tip,

dropping gently

to the earth,

seeking union








The seed’s thirst was quickly quenched

by the traveling, liquid wisdom

of a ripple’s journey

of intention. 


Seedling’s inherent purpose

was awakened,

sprouting life’s intention

in an upward thrust,

breaking through the

richness of the dark soil.


Blossom’s brilliancy

emerged into the Light

as fragrance of intention

gleefully galloped in the air.


The flower once a seedling,

blessed by raindrop

stood in the forest,




against the

dark earth,


celebrating unity

with everything ever touched by

ripple, vapor, cloud, thunder lightning raindrop.


And the


now the


of the




a long




into the air,


the name,




“ToBe”~ “To Be”

 Echoed within

the dancing air

across the still waters.


The permeating essence

of the flourishing flower,

“To Be”

filled the barren sky,

ascending to the mountains high,

sliding ‘cross the waters grand

across the wide expansive land


In that dancing air,

a vibration wiggled its way

all the way through

“To Be”


the sea

as together they danced

across the waters






Mighty Ripple.




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