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3 Things to Restore Your Faith in Humanity After the “Breaking Bad” Finale

You Deserve All Good Things... it's true!Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock you know that last night was the series finale of AMC’s mega-Emmy-winning meth lab hit “Breaking Bad.” Most likely you fit into one of two groups – the millions who have waited with baited breath in hopes that Walter White (Bryan Cranston) would redeem himself or the fewer of us who had to scroll past all the moaning in our Facebook and Twitter feeds that he never did.

Either way, the finale has been rough on all of us. But just because Walter never saw the light doesn’t mean that we should give up hope. Check out these awesome do-gooders and humanitarians that will help you remember there’s still people out there fighting the good fight, and why we should join them.

  • Though he plays a “hapless meth addict” on Breaking Bad, actor Aaron Paul (Jesse) used his notoriety and the show’s popularity to raise $1.8 million for his wife’s anti-bullying charity The Kind Campaign. Paul helped raise awareness for the charity by flying out two lucky winners to Los Angeles for last night’s finale, where they hung out with the entire cast and had a “cooking” session with Aaron himself. You can read more about it here and take it as proof that good can come out on top.
  • After years of trying different trades, a farmer’s son travels to Cambodia to see their rice farms and realizes his destiny in life. He finds peace in himself working his family’s farm, and that acceptance moves him to tears. Watch this touching video as he explains the transformation and how working the land is contributing to the larger circle of existence.

  • What would the world be like if we were all just a little bit kinder? That’s the question posed at the beginning of this video montage of random acts of kindness in 2012. It’s a few minutes long, but everything is there – from strangers buying other people’s groceries to people lending a hand during natural disasters. It’s sure to warm your heart over from all those devastated Walter feelings.

Even if you aren’t a fan of “Breaking Bad” we hope these videos help lift your mood today! If you have any videos or stories of people being good to each other share them in the comments below! 

This Middle School Musical of “Breaking Bad” Barely Masks the Whole Meth Aspect

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 1.22.20 PMYou’ve undoubtedly seen or at least heard of the hit t.v. series, Breaking Bad, which tells the story of a science-teacher-turned-meth-dealer in contemporary New Mexico. Walter White, the show’s protagonist, discovers he has terminal lung cancer at the beginning of the show and decides to produce and sell methamphetamine as a way of raising money for his family before his inevitable death. He encounters drug dealers, crooked policemen, addicts, and more, all with plenty of blood and morbid humor along the way.

Blood and drugs may be the golden ticket for prime-time television, but does this sound like an appropriate premise for a middle school musical? Regardless, that’s exactly what these middle schoolers did (with the help of internet comedy duo Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal.) This musical recap of seasons 1-5 of Breaking Bad conspicuously mask the whole meth aspect by saying Walter is cooking “blue candy”. But we have to assume the kids know the real premise of the show, and that fact might make their parody somewhat troubling (though certainly entertaining!).

What do you think of this middle school Breaking Bad parody? Is the content too adult for their young minds, or is it good to get them thinking and talking about these issues at a young age? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

Is Diet Soda as Bad for Your Teeth as Meth?

A new study out of Temple University School of Dentistry in Philadelphia claims that diet soda may be as damaging to your teeth as meth or cocaine! Do we buy it?

The study was spearheaded by Dr. Mohamed Bassiouny, who reported that heavy diet soda consumption leads to the same erosion and discoloration as habitual meth use. According to an article in Health Day, though, the study only observed one diet soda consumer, one methamphetamine addict, and one crack cocaine user – so further studies are certainly in order. The diet soda drinker included in the study had a habit of consuming 2 liters of the dangerous beverage every day for roughly five years, without ever going in to see the dentist. It isn’t hard to believe her mouth would be in a sorry state considering what we already know about the detrimental effects of diet soda and other processed foods, as well as the high level of acidity in meth, cocaine, and soda alike.

Here’s an image released by the Academy of General Dentistry that illustrates just how toxic these substances are:


This doesn’t make a very good case for diet soda, no matter how quenching or delicious it may be. But that said, if you make the decision to have soda be a part of your life, then you’d better take extra good care of your teeth or face the consequences. Even this very cautious article by Coca Cola’s Beverage Institute for Health & Wellness recognizes that sugary drinks may contribute to tooth decay, which makes thorough dental care even more important and necessary. (And note, there are certainly some issues with the Coke article, but the point is that it’s no secret soda is bad for your teeth.)

Are you addicted to diet soda? Do you make regular visits to the dentist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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