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Featured Intent: Yes to Your Full Potential


Everyday we see original intents from our community that are encouraging and inspiring. They have hopes for seeing new jobs, new opportunities and new chapters in their stories. This week we are sharing some of our favorites, like this one. It’s one thing to have potential. It’s another to say yes to it. Are you ignoring your potential? Have you recognized that it’s waiting on your doorstep? Maybe potential is intimidating! That’s all normal and understandable, but we want to stop running from what might be waiting. Today we’re saying yes to our full potential!

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5 Inspirations to Have a Creative Weekend!

Artsy FartsyHave you ever had the experience of working on something you’re so immersed in that you completely forget the million other things you “should” be doing in that moment? Maybe it’s a song you’re figuring out on guitar, or a homemade birthday card, or even an elaborate doodle. And then the thought creeps in… “I really should be doing homework,” or “I really should be folding that laundry.”

Well you know what? That is precisely the time when you should keep doing what you’re doing. It’s called flow, and it is the most critical aspect of the creative process.

The development of creativity and engagement with creative practices is a major aspect of occupational therapy – a field which aims to support clients in whole-person wellness goals. The practice is incredibly effective especially for treating clients with physical or developmental conditions, but it is often also used to support individuals in the daily pursuits of success and happiness in their careers, relationships, health, and life goals.

Creativity in this space is viewed as one of the most essential factors to building confidence and self-esteem, so essential to realizing the success we aspire toward. Even beyond that, the act of creating is so different from the activities most of us engage with most regularly. And this allows us to transcend our “box”, push our comfort zones, and leap into a field of possibility!

Here are 5 ways to inspire your creativity this weekend:

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What creative projects are you looking forward to this weekend? Let us know in the comments section!

Want to love your body? Get naked.

Is embracing your body on your list of intents for 2012? Especially near the beginning of the year, many of us leap on the New Years Resolution train with grandiose goals for our fitness and health regimes. We want to lose weight, exercise more, eat better… the list goes on and on. But what if you could develop a more loving relationship with your body just by spending more time in your birthday suit? Writer Chris Webb, over at Mind Body Green, says it all starts with self-love:

The American psyche is battered by relentless media projections of what the “ideal” body should be. While women have been targeted historically, men are an increasingly lucrative playground for the industries that profit off of insecurity and self-hatred.

AskMen.com reports that between 2009 and 2014 worldwide purchases of beauty products targeted to men will rise about fourfold from nearly $20 billion to $85 billion per year. In a 2009 follow-up to a 1984 survey about female body image, Glamour found that for twenty-five years, body dissatisfaction has remained steady across eras at 40 percent. Extrapolated into recent census data, this means that nearly 63 million women are unhappy based solely on subjective views about a vessel they cannot escape. As a result, the diet industry, which has a tremendous failure rate, flourishes with promises of beauty and happiness.

My honest advice for people enduring body hatred is simple: be naked more often. Not necessarily among other people, but definitely more than just for your daily shower.

It sounds crazy and counterintuitive, right? I certainly thought so…

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