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The Whale Song: Ancient Healing for Primal Pain


Sometimes your pain is primal.

Like a a spectrum of dark light that wants to fall on every aspect your being. Wordless turmoil churning inside you, threatening to explode into your life if you can’t contain it, or don’t escape it, or if you fail at keeping it far, far away. At times like this there’s a need for healing. But who can heal a darkness like this?

Who can reach into a darkness so intense that it is winning in those moments – holding you in a space impenetrable to light? In ancient wisdom traditions, for this there is whale song.

Not all saviors of the human condition come in human form. A darkness as primal and as ancient as ours can be met only with a force equally as primal and ancient. For this, there is whale song.


They are communicators. Their song is a song of healing. It will dissolve darkness with its perfect frequencies of ancient knowing. You will cry. You will feel a gentle light washing over you. You will feel a restoration happening in your cells.

Gradually, you will feel saved. They are our ancient safe keepers. They are our primal guardians. They come to heal us. They sing for us to remember. For us to rest. For our love to be restored.

They hold the light in the most ancient of dark places. They will release you back to the light.

* * *


1. Modern researchers have successfully recorded whale song the world over.

The whale song is constant. We sometimes record song samples twenty four hours a day. The song rarely ceases. Do the whales create this soundscape to give solace to the newborn in the hours of darkness? In the dark of night, in the deep ocean, only the stars and the song bring hope for the dawn.The Ocean Project

2. Click here to play a recording of whale song shared by Sacred Swims & Communication with Humpback Whales on Soundcloud.

3. Try playing whalesong when anxiety surfaces in you. Have a hot shower or bath. Put on relaxing clothes. Light a candle. And lay still. Let the whale song play. Let it wash over you. If you can, let it play as you fall asleep overnight.

Repeat at least 3-4 times a week.


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Originally published on my website, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Spirituality

Why Edward Snowden Represents the Triumph Over Ignorance

Mahabharat05ramauoft_1064A long long time ago, when demons stole the sacred texts of ancient India, Vishnu took the form of Hayagriva, and fought the great fight with the demons until he slayed them and won back the sacred knowledge – Truth –  and returned the Vedas to Brahma.

The battle was enormous because everything was at stake. Without Truth there could only be darkness, ignorance, fear and manipulation. The future of mortals and of gods rested on the Truth being found and restored and shared – for the benefit of all sentient beings in all dimensions.

I like to believe in Hayagriva: an incarnation of Vishnu, seated on a white lotus with the body of a man and the head of a horse – representing the triumph of illuminating intelligence and pure knowledge over ignorance and darkness. I like to believe in a world like that with a being like that.

Because fast forward to planet earth 2013: Amnesty International UK reported this week that the British government oversaw the destruction of the Guardian’s and the Observer’s hard drives on British soil because they refused to stop reporting on Edward Snowden’s disclosure about NSA surveillance.

In the world we live in, reporters can no longer email each other and are flying to different parts of the world to deliver stories and exchange information in person. Their electronic correspondence is being intercepted – as is all of ours. But those who are paid to tell the story may no longer speak freely. Sharing the truth with the wider world is no longer a freedom given in the free world.

Clearly there is a struggle going on. There are forces that would bind us to ignorance, and keep us in darkness if only we would just comply. After news like today’s, when events take a turn as they have, I had gotten to wondering –  how will this end?

Who, I wondered, is going to bring Truth and pure, unfiltered intelligence back to us now?

If human rights agencies are reporting abuses happening in the free world on the order of the leaders of the most democratized, developed and advanced nations on this planet, who amongst us mortals will be strong or resilient enough to fight forces as dark and as invincible as those before us – and win?

A few hours later, I found out that today of all days, is Hayagriva’s birthday.

At the end of each age, when the demon Ajnana steals the Vedic knowledge, Lord Hayagriva appears and preserves it. Then He delivers it to Lord Brahma. At the end of the millennium, ignorance personified assumed the form of a demon, stole all the Vedas and took them down to the planet of Rasatala. The Supreme Lord, however, in His form of Hayagriva retrieved the Vedas and returned them to Lord Brahma.

Srimad-Bhagavatam 5:18 Summary

Hayagriva’s victory isn’t on any battlefield, political, ideological or electronic – out there. It’s on the battlefield of our individual soul. What he did when he wrestled the Vedas out of the hands of the asuras was to save the deepest truths about the real nature of things from being lost in the darkest depths of the ocean of ignorance and unconsciousness within us.

If we call on him, we should not expect a revolution out there, but instead a revolution in our hearts. True freedom is born from seeing the reality of a thing. And you can’t slay anything, especially not a demon, if you don’t have clear awareness of true, underlying nature of the thing.

So the calling of Hayagriva is a call to Self awareness. The greater the number of people who are aware of the Truth, the more illumined the world, and the more diminished the influence of darkness upon it.

The only way out is in.

The more enlightened we are, the more enlightened our choice of leaders will be. If it’s really time for a new paradigm, the shift has to begin within. And according to the Vedas, the most powerful way to begin that shift is to invoke the archetypes of the destroyers of ignorance throughout time and space.

No better time than the birthday of the archetypal being that wrestled the Truth out of the hands of demons to get it to us.

In Hindu mythology Hayagriva’s role as the defender of pure intelligence and pure knowledge earns him the title of ‘Defender of the Faith’.

So this evening, on a blue moon in August, in the middle of a world that is clearly entrenched in great battles, battles in which the Truth is at stake. On this evening, which happens to be Hayagriva’s birthday, I will follow the Vedic path and call on Hayagriva to illumine my heart and bring intelligence and pure knowledge to my being.

And invite you to too.

Keep the Faith.


Originally published on my website, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Spirituality.

Sadhana: Your Key to a Life Less Ordinary

i_love_octoberAtma Vidya means knowledge of the Soul.

The Vedas say there are technologies to achieve whatever you want to. Nothing is impossible to experience. The life you want is not beyond you.

They say that time and matter are limitations that can be transcended.

You are not someone who can not get better from your unwellness or someone destined to be alone, or someone without the money you need to make ends meet, or someone who will never be a successful artist, or someone who can not conceive (more?) children.

You are not a secretary, you are god!

You are the infinite potential of consciousness made manifest, and if you master the wisdom, that experience and that reality, you can experience and realize everything that you have ever wanted.

But you don’t do it on your own.

You need a guru – a teacher. Guru literally means dispeller of darkness. One who extinguishes dark simply because they are light. Darkness simply dissolves in a room if you turn on a light. Poof! It’s gone.

In this way, the guru dissolves our ignorant perception of our limited self by bringing us the Awareness we need to realize our true Self. The thing is, gurus ask for us to listen. Like any trainer they want our discipline. Like any trainer they set exercises and a routine and they expect for us to follow it. There are practices we must perform and repeat every day, and sometimes with additional intensity.

And like all trainers, they ask us to push ourselves outside our comfort zones. They teach things that kind of seem a bit out there to me and you in the modern world. Just like all trainers they want our commitment and surrender. Because, they will tell you, and as you can see, they have a method that most evidently works.

Sometimes on the spiritual path you find yourself awake at 3am BST chanting mantras and setting intentions, and you may realize that you’re living with a different set of practices and priorities from most of the rest of the world.

The guru brought you here. What are you doing?

Sadhana. That’s what you’re doing. Sadhana is a discipline set with the intent of realizing a spiritual goal. Remember what you’re here for: this quest for a thing called ‘Atma -Vidya’ – the knowledge of the Soul.

And it tells you that what you are doing is both necessary and perfect for what you intend to experience. There’s an intelligence at a cosmic level that bypasses your intellectual understanding and it makes you believe there’s an overriding magic in the universe that you can hitch your dreams to.

But the magic doesn’t happen out there. It happens inside You. It happens essentially in you coming to experience your self as a Soul and then living and taking action as a conscious Soul. There is an art, they say, to creating the life that you want to live: a life that is more colorful and vivid and satisfying and rich; a life less ordinary – and just like you don’t doubt that working out is one way of realizing a physical goal, accept that the way toward revealing your Soul – is through Sadhana.

So carry on with your Sadhana. Practice. Absorb everything you can learn from the guru.

Meditate from 3am in the morning till 6. Say your mantra 1008 times a morning. Do 108 or 54 or 27 sun salutations a day for 108 days if that’s what your teacher says might help. Ask for your name to be placed in the fire lab/homa when the moon is full in Uttarashada. Spend 10 days in vipassana. Become celibate for a while. Or for a lifetime. Offer sweets to a cow in a field, or feed rice to fish in the ocean.

And when you find yourself laughing at how crazy it all seems, remember that no matter how you look at it, the every day world is a pretty upside down place too.

Remember that you want to make quantum leaps into a different space. And remember that logic and rationale are definitely not going to take you there. And remember that for 5000 years or more, there are teachers who have been telling us that we are able to create a different quality of experience by living with a conscious Soul.

Remember that what you are doing is being open to being taught something you did not know before.

And then when you’ve done your Sadhana, keep calm, keep quiet and carry on with life in the modern world. It’s not something you have to announce to anyone. It’s between you and your guru – and your quest for Atma Vidya.

And, if sometimes, in the middle of all of this you think really, why am I doing all this stuff – then let this be a mantra too: if you want to have something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.


Originally published on my website, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Spirituality

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