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Deepak Chopra: Creating Your Own Reality

In this episode of “Spiritual Solutions” on The Chopra Well, David is wondering whether we create our reality or if our lives are just subject to chance. Can we create reality through intentions and opportunity? What is the role of randomness and chance? Deepak explores five areas that can influence “randomness” – beliefs, expectations, assumptions, perceptions, and moods.

How often do you feel like you have control – or even input – on your own reality? Circumstances and unexpected events tend to crowd our awareness and our sense of reality, to the point where it often feels like we are just puppets in a random world. The lesson here, though, is that much of what we perceive as “reality” is just a projection from our own consciousness. If we believe the world is out to get us, then 9 times out of 10 it will appear as such. If we, instead, address our beliefs, expectations, assumptions, perceptions, and moods, we may begin to see how much agency we actually have in creating our own reality.

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5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Improve Your Mood

You pick up a cell phone several times a day, but can you imagine a cell phone picking you up? Well, they do it all the time. We all know your cell phone makes your life easier. You can order pizza, get directions, chat with friends and even send photos when you feel like doing so, but this little device can also make you feel better when you feel blue. There’s truly no limit to what technology can do these days. Next time you feel down, pick up your cell phone. It will return the favor.

Hunt for Feel Good Music

Music - an art for itself - Headphones and music notes / musical notation system

If you are feeling low, the easiest way to pick yourself up is to play a song. With Music Hunt, an app for smartphones, you can find the right song to pick you up. Search for an old favorite, such as a hit from the 80s, or surf through a variety of recent hip-hop hits. Satisfy your craving for some feel good rock ‘n roll, sure to blow your blues away in a heartbeat.

This app is perfect for rainy day blues. Add this to all of your work phones and give your crew something to smile about on those long flights. You can do this in a few clicks (or taps) with using just your tablet or smartphone.

Stream a Video, Enjoy a River of Laughter

Streaming videos on your phone is a great way to improve your mood. With today’s phones, you have hundreds of video apps to choose from. Open the YouTube app and search for funny, short videos for a quick laugh to lighten your mood. It’s also free, which will make you smile.

Hulu Plus is also available on select smartphones. You can immediately brighten your mood by watching your favorite sitcom on your phone. You can also download and watch comedies on your phone for a minimal price of around $7.99.

Crack a Joke a Day


Many apps feature jokes to force you to look at life from a different perspective. Try YoMama Jokes or go for quantity with the app 5000 Jokes, or Best Bar Jokes. All of these apps will make your mood improve immediately.

Chat With a Friend

Another mood-booster is to have a chat with a friend. Open up your favorite messaging app and send a quick note to a friend, or repair a damaged relationship with a nice text. It’s a little easier to start a conversation using texts.

Relive Feel Good Moments

Grand Cayman Vacation

Load your phone with your favorite pictures of friends, family, and great moments. Put them in a folder called “fun photos” or something similar and browse photos when a blue mood strikes. You’ll start thinking about all the fun times in your life.

You always have your phone with you. When you feel blue, use these suggestions and add a little creativity to turn your smartphone into your personal mood-booster.


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3 Tips for Getting Out of a Funk

Some days we can be caught in a gloomy funk with no clear way out. But being in a bad mood isn’t the issue: It’s how we handle it that is. A typical response to a bad mood is to try to force it to stop, but controlling your mood can actually make you feel worse. Instead of swimming against the stream, swim with it. Learn to let your mood pass with these simple steps.

Step 1: Honor how you feel
The first step toward getting out of a bad mood is to honor your emotions. Find a comfortable, quiet space and sit for one minute of stillness. Become aware of how your mood is affecting you physically. Identify the tension in your body and take five deep breaths in and out. Breathe into the discomfort and allow yourself to be present in the experience. This step will help you accept whatever it is that you’re feeling.

Step 2: Flow with it
Now that you’re aware of how your mood feels in your body, it’s time to just flow with it. Take action by doing some kind of physical activity, like dancing, running or stretching. Move with your emotions, and eventually they will move through you.

Step 3: Choose to let it go
Often we get stuck in a bad mood because we’re unwilling to let go of negative thoughts. Now that you’ve taken steps to shift your energy, it’s time to shift your mind. Commit to letting go of your bad mood through the power of positive thinking. Set your alarm clock with the affirmation, “I choose happiness instead of this.” Set this alarm four times throughout the day. When the alarm goes off, recite the affirmation in your mind. Continue this step throughout the day. Your mental commitment combined with your breath can create miraculous shifts.

Use these three steps any time you’re in a funky mood, and trust that swimming with the stream will always lead you in the right direction.

Gabrielle is the best selling author of Spirit Junkie and Add More ~ing to Your Life. She is also the founder of HerFuture.com the social network for women to inspire, empower and connect. For Gabrielle’s free guided meditations click here: gabbyb.tv

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Bad Mood Remedies: Practicing Detachment

We all have bad moods, and there is nothing to be gained by pushing down our upset feelings.  But there is also nothing to be gained by allowing a bad mood to create a bad day today, and perhaps tomorrow and the next day.  So what to do? How about setting a time limit on a bad mood? We set time limits on other activities in our life don’t we?  I propose a time limit on bad moods, as a bad mood can be SO intense, it can take over the day, and many days to come, if we do not set some limits.

But how? It is easy to set a time limit on how much television to watch or how many hours to spend on the computer.  It is easy to create time to do good things for ourselves such as exercise and cooking healthy meals.  But how can we create time limits for bad moods?  First of all we do not know when a bad mood with show up and whap us into a state of mind where it is hard to think rationally.  It is hard to take positive actions when we are feeling so negative. So what to do?

WE need a plan.   We need a plan that resembles an emergency plan: a plan that you learn and practice so that if an emergency occurs and it is difficult to think straight, you just follow the emergency plan.  What we need is a emergency plan.  THAT is IT!

HOW TO LIMIT A BAD MOOD: Here is a suggestion. I would also ask you to comment with your own suggestions so that we can all learn from each other.

When I am in a bad mood, I need to take a step back and view my behavior as if I were another person.  As I do this I become the observer of myself and this helps me to understand that whatever is bothering me has bothered many others and is simply part of life.  When I wrote Consult Your Inner Psychic, many messages from Spirit came through that helped me alot. I  would like to share a message about the Observer with you.

 Excerpt from Consult Your Inner Psychic

" I am taking myself much too seriously. When I am with those I love, I find that I am easily frustrated and get agitated easily. Sometimes I express this agitation, and sometimes I let it bubble inside, making those around me extremely uncomfortable.

At this time, I have lost the ability to practice detachment. I have lost the ability to observe myself without emotion. Instead I am reacting quickly and with great passion to every little thing that happens in my daily life. I feel that I am prone to quick decisions, sudden anger, frequent tears, and confusion.

In this moment, I need to step back from so much emotional involvement in my life and move toward cultivating the role of the Observer in my life. Right now I need to call that part of myself which is the “witness” and ask that this part of me play a greater role in my everyday life."

I hope you will find that message as helpful as I have.

How about a 15 to 30 minute time limit on a bad mood, and then it is time to do something to make ourselves happy? Sometimes just gazing at a beautiful flower can bring happiness.

How do YOU cope with bad moods? Please share with our readers by making a comment.

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne



Act to the Contrary to Change a Bad Mood

It can grip you–a bad mood that seems to come from nowhere can wreck your day if you let it. The good news is you don’t have to let it. You can dodge a bad mood by simply shifting your actions.

Think about the way you stand, look, or speak when you’re in a bad mood. Chances are your shoulders are somewhat slumped, your jaws are dropped and your voice is low and/or harsh. These and other characteristics are distancing defenses within us that show up to help us hang onto our bad mood. And guess what—they work, at least as long as we continue to act the way we feel.
But have you ever noticed what happens to your mood when you smile when you feel like frowning or crying; or when you walk tall and surefooted when you feel like dragging your feet; or when you speak lovingly and patiently with someone when you feel like biting their heads off? Unless you’re bound and determined to still feel down in the dumps, your spirit will instantly be lifted when you act the opposite of negative feelings, and so will your mood.
Don’ t take my word for it. Try it for yourself. The next time you’e tempted to act out your bad mood, act to the contrary instead. Do the opposite of what your bad mood tells you to. When you do, you’ll be a lot happier with the results when your bad mood has passed.

Sadness of Autumn

Question: I always have feelings in the fall that seem sad. The leaves are dropping, it’s colder out, there’s less sunlight, and it feels like everyone isn’t themselves… Am I projecting this or do others share these feelings?

Answer: While many people do share your feelings during the autumn months, it wouldn

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