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Are You Trying To Find Your Purpose?

Enjoying the sunHas trying to find your purpose ever stressed you out? Do you feel some sort of pressure to make something meaningful with your life? In the past, when I heard people talk about their purpose, I would feel stressed and believed I was supposed to be doing something different or more with my life.

I thought that I needed to be clear about what that purpose looked like in the physical world. I then realized that by searching for this clarity, I was missing the life that was actually given to me as this present moment. I realized I had been missing the opportunity to express what was most important to me while I was searching.

What if it’s not as complicated as the mind makes it out to be? What if in the larger picture, what you’re doing is not as important as how you are being while you are doing it and the quality of energy you are putting out into the Uni-verse?

We are all hooked up differently to feel alive and sometimes it’s just about paying attention to what already lights us up. One thing that has helped me get clarity around this, and that I often recommend to clients, is having what I call a Joy Journal. It consists of taking some time every night to simply write down your favorite part of that day: this could be connecting with a coworker on a break, teaching a child how to ride a bike, or even being in nature or with animals.

Over time I was able to become more aware of the themes that spoke to me and I consciously created a job that brings in those elements and that feels aligned with my values. I knew I enjoyed connecting authentically with people, creating environments where people could more deeply discover who they are and ask meaningful questions.  I loved being a part of an inspiring community, and I knew I loved Bali.

So… I created a Wellness Retreat to Bali and over the last four years have been leading groups there on an immersion retreat where we do yoga, daily meditation, we get massages, eat raw food, get inspired by each other and also express our creativity. At the heart of these activities I could see that what I truly value is consciousness work, genuine relationships and supporting people. It’s no surprise that I also work as a psychotherapist because these qualities are expressed in that work as well.

It’s not that my purpose is my work, but my work supports me in expressing what I hold as most important to me. The invitation is to first clarify what you truly value. If at the heart of things you hold important in life is love, then discover how love expresses itself in your life moment-to-moment, person to person. Or if what you really value is service, then simply asking yourself everywhere you go, “How can I best serve here?” is a way of embodying your purpose. Then watch as life unfolds by honoring what is truly in your heart.

You can trust that the intelligence that holds the stars and the galaxies in the Uni-verse is also orchestrating your life… you can rest in that. A flower doesn’t know where it is going or its ultimate purpose, and yet it still blooms… something in it knows.

Goals are fine, and if you already have clarity about a specific expression your life is taking, then follow that, assuming it’s aligned with your heart. Just don’t get lost in the goal, thinking that getting “there” will somehow deeply satisfy you. It’s easy to have the end in mind or believe you have a purpose and then lose sight of the other 90% of your life, brushing your teeth, driving to work, meeting people at the grocery store, etc. This 90% is as much a part of life as the other 10%. By mentally living in the future, we miss out on the opportunity to express what we truly value now.

Often what we actually deeply yearn for is the creativity and spontaneity that arises out of the present moment. I invite you to enjoy this discovery as you let go of the stressful ideas about how you believe life should be, and experience the fullness of following what you truly value in your heart moment-to-moment.

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”  ~ Mother Teresa

Peace Begins with Me

"The LORD is my Light..."By TL Cullen

I have been thinking a lot about this statement and how I can be the peace I wish to see in the world. I’ve had quite a turbulent time emotionally these last couple of years and it is these experiences that have driven me to search for techniques to restore my inner peace. Consistently be the best version of myself. Consistency, now that is the part that I really struggle with.

My hope is that by changing my perspective of life from defending the beliefs and behaviour of my ego to one of cooperation and support that it will remind others of their compassionate supportive nature. Consistently be the best version of themselves.

On my way to work this morning I witness road rage, a driver beeps and abuses a lady riding her bike. The bus driver argues with the man who can’t work out his bus ticket. These serve as reminders of peace so I buy the guy a ride on my ticket. It reminds to me to smile and connect with people on the street as I walk to work, people I would normally ignore. It reminds me to hold my tongue when my ego wants to defend me and say things that I know peace would never think let alone say.

I’m 35 years old so I forgive myself, daily….hourly, and figure that 35 years of habits running subconsciously are going to take more to reprogram than buying a bus ticket. But I do it anyway because I know that all these small things everyday represent the good in me. That well of unconditional love, compassion and kindness that we all carry around with us. They make me strive to do more and be accountable for my actions and inaction.

I once heard a saying that has stuck with me “anyone can be a Hitler or a Mother Teresa” (words to that effect). All it takes is choice. It’s so easy to go through life on autopilot and forget that we have choice. Recognising that I have a choice to be either I know instantly who I would rather be. Then
why is it so hard sometimes?

So I give a homeless man all the change left in my wallet but this time I engage in conversation, peace wins over fear, making those around me awkwardly shuffle on their feet desperate for the traffic light to change but at least they react. For a brief moment they return from autopilot to this world where they can make a real difference. It they choose to.

Individuals do make a positive impact on the world. I know this because I am one and I have given many positive things to this world. But I know that does not give me permission to revert back to the negativity that can settle in my mind. There is no point system involved in this process. I am committed to being the best version of myself.

What if individuals in power on the world stage chose peace? Chose to put their collective ego aside and began to demonstrate peace. These conflicts are old so I forgive them daily…hourly for not choosing the peace that is very much possible. The road less travelled. I know that years of habits running subconsciously through this world will take more than the seemingly difficult changes required to reprogram it but I hope they do it anyway.

Much Love.

* * *

IMG_0276Having written for business for 16 years I have turned my attention to myself and begun the long overdue process of questioning my habits and beliefs and the effect they’ve had on my life so far. My passion is to find a balance between supporting others and loving myself in a non-ego way. My hope is that writing about my experiences will inspire others to have the confidence to be themselves, flaws and all, and to use the space that clearing self-sabotaging habits leaves to be the best version of themselves.

Mallika Chopra: Great Quotes Make Me Happy

I am sitting in bed – with a cold or allergies or sinus infection – starting to get drowsy after taking a Tylenol PM.

I’m trying to stay true to my intent today which is:

My intent is to stop thinking that I am overwhelmed. Time to change the internal dialogue.

And I am feeling truly overwhelmed. 🙂

Lots of work and opportunity (all good, thank god), a to do list in my head which seems to daunting to even write, managing kids summer schedules (can we start school again please!) and just feeling like playing a video game.

And, needing some inspiration, I surf the web to come across this amazing quote by Hafiz, written in the 14th Century.

“The place where you are right now, God circled on a map right now.” 

And with those 14 words, everything seems to have come into perspective.

This moment is just as it should be.  Its a moment I need to embrace.  A moment to be grateful for.

Its why I love to seek out inspiring quotes – often times a poet or sage has articulated an emotion or need or aspiration so magically that it moves and tranforms you.

Thank you Hafiz, and Rumi, Tagore, Gandhi, Mother Teresa and so many others for giving us words of solace, aspiration and celebration.


(PS We have been collecting inspiring quotes here on Intent.  Please keep sharing.)

Seek Until You Find

I became a spiritual teacher twenty-four years ago, once I found what I was looking for. Up until that point I had been a deadly serious seeker—an ardent meditator as well as a dedicated student who sought out companions and teachers who shared my passion for Spirit. Typical of my generation, I looked to the East to find illumination rather than to the West. After two and a half years in India, I met my last teacher and he liberated my soul when he uttered ten simple words: “You don’t have to make any effort to be free.” Upon hearing this, I made the transition from seeker to finder.

For any one of us who is moved by spiritual inspiration, it is important that we seek wholeheartedly until we find. And once we begin to seek, we must not stop until we are convinced, at the deepest level of our being, of the mystical reality that God, or Spirit, is our own true Self. For some, that might occur in an explosive revelation; for others, in a very quiet moment. However it happens, we will know. And it is at that moment that we have to be willing to take the most important step on the path to liberation: to give up the seeking process forever. There will always be more for us to experience, to understand, and to realize, but once we are convinced of the reality of Spirit, at a soul level, we are no longer seekers. And therefore, we have to take responsibility for what it means to be finders.

As finders, we don’t need any more evidence. To use theological language, we no longer have the right to demand that God prove him- or herself to us, over and over again. It could even be considered unseemly, greedy, and, in some cases, immoral for individuals who have been blessed with a direct glimpse of the miraculous to continue to insist on more experiential proof. As I see it, the purpose of mystical experience is to convince us, at a soul level, that our true nature is Spirit—to convince us so deeply that we are liberated from existential doubt. Why? So we will finally be available to participate, consciously and wholeheartedly, in the greatest gift we’ve been given . . . which is the life we are already living right now.

I was deeply struck when Mother Teresa died, and her journals revealed that this remarkable woman, who so many millions revered as an expression of the highest compassion in action, had been living in a state of spiritual torment. While early in life she claimed God had spoken directly to her, since then, her inner experience had been like living in a spiritual desert, agonizingly separate from her chosen God, bereft of connection to the living source of her very own faith. But did she stop her extraordinary work and demand more proof of God’s existence? Did she insist on needing to feel God’s love in order to express that love to those in need? Her powerful example reveals in the most poignant way what it really means to be a finder.

When we are finders, we no longer have any doubt about who we really are and why we are here on Earth. In our own direct awakening to Spirit’s true face, existential doubt dies a sudden and irrevocable death, liberating an infectious confidence that is rooted deep within our souls. A true finder may or may not continue to engage in spiritual practice, but if he or she does, it is motivated only by the desire to continue to evolve for the sake of the evolutionary process itself. Indeed, in evolutionary spirituality, making the noble effort to catalyze our own individual and collective higher development is recognized to be the very raison d’être of human beings at the leading edge. And we can only begin to do this when we have given up seeking forever. Then and only then will we stop reaching for a spiritual epiphany to convince us of something. We instead make the effort to evolve because we are in love with life and are committed to unlocking its highest potentials through our own development. I have discovered that those potentials will only come to the fore when we are no longer trying to become enlightened but have let go of any other option than to be the expression of the highest we have seen and experienced, in all our imperfection, right now. That’s what it means to be a finder.

Andrew Cohen, Spiritual Teacher on Facebook

Buddha Wins Nobel

It was very shocking news for me and I have decided to open a business of speech writing. I thought about the efforts and sacrifice made by Gandhi, I also thought about the M. Teressa, King Siddhartha and lot many people from across the world except Obama and failed to find facts  that man who gave the Key of  NON-violence to the world is still UNTOUCHABLE for the rewards and it is very clear that there are many like Mr. Gandhi. Really, change we need to digest the indigestible.


Strong contender for the next Nobel for peace is Mr. xyz from Pakistan for TALKING about the piece.. oh…. Sorry it is “ peace” on the point if nukes and sponsoring Jihad….sorry – freedom war for peace in India coz “They also have a dream” and most importantly they also provide funds for the betterment of terrorists (… sorry again – it is warrior for peace).

Mr. xyz deserves the award before the Obama but I hope “yes they can” in future.


See even in Oscars, they disqualify several good movies appreciated by 100 Million people. You need change to digest this also. I bet you will soon get a film that too an Oscar winning OBAMA film.

Expressions of Beauty

I have been chasing down beauty for most of my life.  I wasn’t aware of it, but now I can see that beauty is what has pulled me forward for as long as I can remember.


When I was eight, I began to practice ballet.  I absolutely love ballet.  It is simply beautiful. I like to think that a ballet is like a painting that has come to life.  Dance is about form and feeling.  With music to express to and through, and the colors and shapes of the set and costumes, what you end up with truly is beautiful work of art.  As an eight year old, I wanted to be a part of that beauty.  I wanted to create beauty.  No, I wasn’t concerned with being beautiful, at least not in the way most of the world seems to be.  Anyone can go under the knife and give themselves a beautiful face or body.  No, I wanted something authentic and deep: I wanted to create beauty, real beauty; beauty that is recognized, not just with the eyes, but with the heart.  And I did.  I pursued a career in ballet for eight years, and I don’t regret a second of it.  Dancing truly does fulfill something inside of me.  When I’m dancing, I can feel the music flowing through me and with me, and I can feel the beauty I’m creating.  But as I climbed that ladder towards the goal of becoming a professional ballet dancer, it was less about creating beauty and more about politics and business.  Having the talent to create something beautiful wasn’t important anymore.  With all the pressure to have a specific body type, I became anorexic and depressed.  I wasn’t tall with long, lean limbs; I was short with feminine curves.  There were teachers who recognized my talent and encouraged me, but—even so—the loudest message that I received was that I wasn’t good enough.  I knew that if I worked hard enough, I could end up in my dream company.  I was a great dancer, and there were plenty of successful dancers out there who didn’t have the “perfect ballet body”.  But it became more and more apparent to me that I was no longer happy, and I didn’t want to work hard anymore for something that wasn’t bringing me bliss.  One day I looked down as I put on my ballet slipper and on the inside—where I had always written it in every pair of new shoes I bought—I read, “Follow Your Bliss.”  I realized that my bliss was leading me elsewhere; ballet was losing its beauty for me.  So when I found out that my dad was being deployed to Iraq, I decided to go home. I left the ballet school and I quit my formal dance training.


I quickly tried again with theatre.  With The Wizard of Oz, The Sound of Music, and My Fair Lady playing prominent roles in my childhood, I’ve always been drawn to musicals.  So after leaving the ballet school, I saw an opportunity to pursue a career where my dance skills would be useful.  Not to mention another opportunity to create something beautiful.  On stage, you’re creating a story.  I’ve been obsessed with stories my entire life.  Something about a good story has always captivated me.  With theatre, it may not always be a happy story with pretty costumes, but it is always art, and art is beautiful.  It encourages you to look at life from a different angle, to ask questions, and to experience appreciation in new and often challenging ways.  So, I created beauty in theatre for quite a while. And for a while, that worked for me.  But it didn’t take long for me to become frustrated with the idea of theatre as a career.  I didn’t enjoy the audition process or the competitiveness it caused.  I wasn’t drawn to theatre because I wanted to be better than anyone else; I was drawn to it because of my urge to create.  So once the business side started to creep in, the beauty drizzled away once again.  While art truly is beautiful, I found that I didn’t want to create my art by anyone else’s terms.  I didn’t want to label myself or try to meet anyone else’s standards.  I quickly learned that I simply don’t want my art—my expression of beauty—to become a business.  It’s personal to me, and I want it to stay that way.


So I began brainstorming. I found myself without a clue as to where I wanted to go with my life and only had one vague question: “What do you want?”  The answer was simple: “Beauty.”  I finally recognized that what I really love to do is create beauty.  I love things that are beautiful.  That is why I love stories so much, especially fantasy.  They draw us away from our own world (and all of our feelings and perceptions about it) and embrace us in a feeling of excitement and wonder. Magic, adventure, love, good winning over evil…it fills you up.  And that is beautiful.  Unfortunately, you cannot sit and read a book your entire life, or sit and watch a magnificent movie or play.  It doesn’t last.  Sooner or later you finish the last page, or the lights come up in the theatre, or the credits begin to roll, and you find yourself back in the “real world”.  Too often I would be disappointed when I returned to my world.  I thought that the book I just read or the movie I just watched was a much better.


One day I was watching a movie and, when it ended, I found myself thinking, “I wish my life were like that.”  I was disappointed that my experience of such a wonderful story had ended, leaving me—once again—in my own story, with which I wasn’t very pleased.  Then it came to me: you create your life, so why not make your life your favorite story?  Why not create a magnificent life, the life of your dreams?  And that is exactly what I’ve decided to do.


My entire life—outside of all of my potential careers and aspirations—I’ve had a constant desire to make a difference.  And now I know in what way I hope to do this.  What I want is to create real beauty in our world.  I want to make a difference in the world because I want to help create a beautiful world.  As Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish the see in the world.”  I wish to see a beautiful world, so I dedicate myself to expressing and creating beauty in my life.


I dedicate myself to doing all I possibly can to bring beauty, love, light, peace, and joy through me and into the world.  I’ve always admired “Mahatma” Gandhi, Dr. King, Mother Teresa, and all the other masters of beauty.  And while I may never achieve as much as they achieved, they inspire me to do my best.  This is our world, and it is our responsibility to take it in our hands and paint our dreams on its canvas.

Mother Teresa


People are often unreasonable irrational,

and self-centered

Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse

you of selfish, ulterior motives

Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some

unfaithful friends and

some genuine enemies Succeed anyway

If you are honest and sincere

people may deceive you

Be honest and sincere anyway.

What you spend years creating

others could destroy overnight

Create anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness

some may be jealous

Be happy anyway.

The good you do today

will often be forgotten.

Do good anyway.

Give the best you have,

and it may never be enough

Give your best anyway.

In the final analysis

it is between you and God

It was never between you and them anyway.

–Mother Teresa


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