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3 Tips to Stay Fired Up Instead of Fizzling Out

Life comes at us fast. We choose whether it fires us up or fizzles us out. Here are two stories to make the point and then to share some comments in how to stay fired up – passionate – energized in life. Story one. Fizzled out. A friend of mine tries to do it all. […]

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Overcome Your Procrastination with 7 Go-Getter Quotes

It’s been said that procrastination is the assassinator of opportunity – and that’s probably true. Yet, we’re all guilty of putting things off at least every now and then. There’s always time to do the laundry later or pressing the trash down so you don’t have to take it out just yet. Have you ever […]

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Empower Your Intents with These Motivational Social Media Accounts

By Elizabeth Eckhart The holidays are long gone and the rush of the New Year is steadily drifting by, which means that the motivation to accomplish all of our new goals for 2014 might be declining. If the weather hasn’t brought you down, perhaps it’s the stress of work and school, or family concerns that […]

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4 Reasons to Find a Great Work Out Partner

We know that motivating yourself to get out there and work out can be tough. So don’t do it alone! One of the greatest assets you can have is a great work out partner who pushes you to reach your own goals and doesn’t let you give up when you’re having a rough time. It […]

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10 Ways to Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet

Say it again, “I AM a powerful creator!!!”  Yes, you are.  The super cool thing about this new year, is that we are also starting off with a new moon on January 1t!  The last time this happened was 19 years ago.  New moons bring powerful energy for change and fresh starts.  Combine that with […]

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Staying Strong: Our Favorite Quotes from Demi Lovato’s New Book

Most people know Demi Lovato from her stint as a Disney Channel princess (no really, she did play a princess in one of their Disney Channel original movies – Princess Protection Program) or you recognize her as a judge on FOX’s X-Factor. What you might not know is that a couple of years ago the […]

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Why Wait: Create Your Intentional Collage to Reach Your Goals

By Linda Lauren I define a dream as a wish that is powered by a positive intention until it becomes a reality.  We make our own reality each day and that is through our thoughts and convictions. People who know me know that I take it upon myself to gather my friends together to create […]

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6 Quotes to Help You Find Your Motivation

We are quickly approaching the new year which means that people are beginning to make their list of resolutions. The beginning of January is always a fun period of people getting inspired to make big changes in their life. At Intent and on the Blog we want to ask - why wait? Who says you need […]

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Fan Girl Lament: Will There Ever Be a Harry Potter 8?

It was a normal day on my Facebook feed yesterday until I saw that an old acquaintance from high school had posted this article quoting JK Rowling saying that she was 75% done with an eighth Harry Potter novel. Begin instant fan-girl freak out immediately. I scrolled right past the April 1, 2013 date at […]

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Why Not You?

“Oh, I could never do that, be that, win that…” That is what you say. You watch people on the X-factor, the Voice or game shows and say how amazing, talented or smart they are. You are convinced that greatness is given to only a few, and those few are now doing amazing things in […]

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