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When it speaks, listen and you’ll change the world

While much research has been done that concludes intuition is an unreliable source of inspiration and direction, I’m not so sure. In stillness, I find intuition comes like a pack of wild horses, thundering into my consciousness. Sometimes is comes as a tender consort, catching my attention with a whisper behind the thin veil that are my random thoughts. When they subside, it comes to me, holding me in delicate hands, and there, it offers guidance.

Studies have concluded that relying on intuition is a 50-50 game, no different than any other random event. Really? This morning for example, as I eased into stillness meditation, a voice – quiet and gossamer light, suggested how to connect with people who perceive themselves as suffering from "The Financial Crisis." In fact, this inspiration, intuition, spirit guide, God….whatever name you care to affix to it – it doesn’t matter – laid out a complete plan for me to reach these people. It stirred a quicking in me that reminds me of the famous quote by Martha Graham Paul Hawken uses to open his book Blessed Unrest. It is from this stirring that I’m writing this post.

I am here to serve others. So are you. Serving others is serving ourselves. We are, afterall, one consciousness experiencing our co-creation from a trillion different points of consciousness. In reality, I’m being humbly inaccurate when I refer to intuition as an "inner voice", as coming from somewhere else…because, really, that voice is me. And it is you.

Perfect practice is what allows one to access this voice on a constant basis. I find my own connection strengthening the more I practice. "Perfect" practice too is a skill that must be cultivated in order to perfect connecting to your deepest center. It is this connection that had me leave my six-figure, high profile position to follow my calling…which has become my passion and my profession.

Imagine what workplaces would be like if managers saw their employees as portals to this collective intuitive voice. Really that’s what they are, but managers don’t see them that way and fail to nurture them and listen to them as extremely valuable sources to insight. Insight that could lead to greater business success.

Imagine what your experience in your workplace would be like if you recognized yourself as the source of creativity, and grace. Not the as in "the only" but the as in "one of the whole." You likely would speak up at crucial moments for the benefit of the company, for the benefit of others, and, most importantly, in honor of your integrity.

How many times have you swallowed the words you knew had to be said, in order to preserve business as usual, to make insecure colleagues feel safe, to preserve your manager’s fragile ego?

Yes, some researchers have concluded that intuition is a 50-50 bet. Me, I’m seeing it show up all the time. And in that, I take not only comfort, but also, a sense of knowing that my service to the world is right for me.

How about you?

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