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2010 Intent Web Awards Spotlight: Learn More About Our Best Yoga & Fitness Site Nominees

If there is anything we all need in our lives is a little bit of balance and what a better way to get it than through Yoga and healthy living habits! Our body is as much of a part of the universe’s ebb and flow as our mind and spirit and needs just as much love, nurturing and growth. The following sites have been nominated for the 2010 Intent Web Awards for their incredible content and resources in the field of Yoga & Health. Check them out for yourself! 

Elephant Journal: (http://www.elephantjournal.com) This online magazine houses not only some of the best articles, techniques and tips for Yoga, but also some of the best opinions and discussions that spark thought into the minds’ of its readers from the top influencers in the wellness industry. Elephant Journal is limitless, check it out see great content on health, exercise, humor, sex and everything in between.

Living Room Yoga: (http://livingroomyoga.blogspot.com) This blog is seeded in the innovation one passionate Yoga instructor had by transforming her living room into a studio, even adding dressing rooms for her friends & friends of friends to come learn the art of Yoga. Eva now documents her life as a teacher and presents a multitude of philosophies, positions and tips for great Yoga on her blog.

OmGal: (http://omgal.blogspot.com) OmGal herself, Rebecca Pacheo, has been teaching Yoga for over a decade and when she’s not busy with that or appearing in national campaigns for the likes of Reebok or New Balance, she is creating reader-friendly blogs for Yoga techniques, positions and opinions. With a great personal esthetic and DIY feel, Rebecca creates a welcoming environment for beginners and pros alike.

Tara Stiles: (http://tarastiles.com) When she isn’t running her New York Yoga Studio Strala, personally training Deepak Chopra, writing books or giving expertise on the Women’s Health Yoga Channel, Tara squeezes in some time on her blog to help promote her ideology that Yoga is for everyone with Q&A’s posts, techniques and videos to exemplify a healthy lifestyle.

YogaDork: (http://www.yogadork.com) The site’s name explains itself! YogaDork takes Yoga serious, that’s what makes them dorks! They eat, sleep, breathe Yoga! But that doesn’t mean YogaDork takes itself seriously. Infusing the latest Yoga news with witty commentary and humorous insight, this light hearted yet informational website is a great web destination to learn more about Yoga and the industry.

Which Yoga & Fitness website is your favorite? Vote for your favorite on the 2010 Intent Web Awards page until May 15!  

2010 Intent Web Awards Spotlight: Learn More About Our Spirituality Nominees

No matter what religions or beliefs you personally subscribe to,it’s safe to say everyone needs a little faith in their lives! The 2010 Intent Web Award Nominees for Spirituality have just that- healthy doses of inspirational news, stories, articles and tips to help bring forth fulfilling experiences in your life. Check out our nominees’ sites to be instantly uplifted and learn more about them for yourself!


Spiritual Media Blog:  (http://www.spiritualmediablog.com) After working in Hollywood for one of the top talent and literary agencies, Matt Welsh decided it was high time that many of the spiritual entertainment programs- including films and television shows- were not receiving the respect they deserved. Now Matt’s blog showcases the latest news on spirituality in the media and entertainment, including reviews, opinions and essays.

BetterLisen!: (http://www.betterlisten.com) BetterListen! is a community featuring articles and audio from some of the world’s top spiritual thinkers, authors, healers and educators. Founder Steven, after a decade of working on websites, decided he wanted to concentrate on producing and distributing spiritual media, working with the likes of His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Marianne Williamson, Dick Gregory, Gloria Steinem, James Hillman, Robert Bly, Thomas Moore, Deepak Chopra and many others.

The BridgeMaker: (http://www.thebridgemaker.com) Writer Alex Blackwell started The BridgeMaker in early fall of 2008 to bring stories and articles of faith and inspiration to the masses. Now with another four monthly contributers, including Ali Hale, Ralph Jean-Paul, Rev. Dr. Lorraine Cohen & Paul Fitzgerald- all top spiritual advisors- and a bustling community, this lifestyle blog touts great tales, articles and tips on living a fulfilling spiritual life.

Communicating With Spirit: (http://communicatingwithspirit.wordpress.com) Communicating With Spirit is the blog of Carole Lynne, author, spiritual medium and minister. Her site is dedicated to the exactly what it sounds like, communicating with Spirit! Whether it that Spirit is that of your own, a loved one or the universe’s, Carole’s site helps readers find spirituality and balance. 

Which Spirituality website is your favorite? Vote for your favorite on the 2010 Intent Web Awards page until May 15! 

2010 Intent Web Awards Spotlight: Learn More About Our Sustainability Nominees

The 2010 Web Intent Awards nominees for Best Sustainability Site are the web’s top destinations for all things green. Whether you’re seeking the latest news, your local green hot spots, ways to help or just some tips on helping the Earth, look no further than our nominees. Check out their websites now to learn more about their missions and the incredible ways they are helping the world become a greener place.



No Impact Man: (http://noimpactman.typepad.com) Before Colin Beavan had a book and documentary deal, he had a blog and a passion to find a way for citizens of urban communities to live without leaving an ecological footprint. Colin’s blog documents his life without leaving any net impact on the Earth, as well as the latest on the environmental news & updates.

Green LA Girl: (http://greenlagirl.com) Since 2005, writer-environmentalist Siel has been writing about her personal experience going green in Los Angeles. Siel keeps her readers up to date on eco-friendly dinner spots, must have products and hottest fashions while staying current with the environmental headlines.

Resurgence: (http://resurgence.org) Chalk full of everything from art to garden & recipes to the teachings of the Dalai Lama, Britian’s longest running environmental magazine of 44 years, Resurgence is a hubbub of the the top environmental articles as well as current issues with alternative education, spirituality and sustainability. 

Care2: (http://www.care2.com) This eco-savvy community of 13 million strong not only keeps its members informed but also puts the power of action at the click of a button. Care2 houses boatloads of causes and petitions for various environmental causes including the welfare of animals, education and women’s rights. 

Your Daily Thread: (http://yourdailythread.com) High school best friends Laura Johanson and Tracey Hepler started the online magazine after realizing there were not enough resources for green living. Your Daily Thread provides its visitors with tons of green DIY projects, local environmental events, opportunities to volunteer, tips for active lifestyles and so much more. 

Which Sustainability website is your favorite? Vote for your favorite on the 2010 Intent Web Awards page until May 15! 

2010 Intent Web Award Spotlight: Learn More About Our Sex & Relationship Nominees

Part of becoming the best you that you can involves improving upon your relationships, as many times the quality of your relationships can be reflective of the quality of your well being. The following nominees are the best in their field, helping bring love and happiness to the masses through inspiring articles, stories and advice.

CoffeyTalk (www.coffeytalk.com) was founded by relationship expert and lifestyle designer, Lissa Coffey. When Lissa’s not writing books, hosting tv shows or guest speaking on the radio, she tackles everything from dating to divorce on her website and even answers reader submitted questions.

YourTango (www.yourtango.com) is a community for everyone- whether you’re stepping into single life or getting settled into a committed one. Whether you’re looking for an advice article or trying to catch up on the latest celebrity love lives, YourTango is a one stop shop for love-ly reading material.

Arielle Ford’s Soulmate Secret (www.soulmatesecret.com) is not just the name of her book but also her website, chalk full of inspiring anecdotes, advice and reminders that everyone has a soulmate. Arielle, a nationally recognized publicist, producer, consultant and author, brings the same can-do attitude of her career to your love life. 

Felice Dunas (www.felicedunas.com) is a critically acclaimed author and lecturer, giving seminars and workshops on everything sex and love related. Applying ancient Chinese principals and her understanding of the human condition to her work, Felice teaches her readers that a healthy sex life is a main contributor to a healthy life.

Dr. Ava Cadell (www.loveologyuniversity.com) is the author of seven books and the founder of Loveology University®, which helps people learn the ins & outs of romance and sex as well as giving people the skills to help others. Dr. Cadell’s work focuses on helping people vanquish inner sexual guilt and shame and freeing them to enjoy love in all its forms. 

Which Sex & Relationship website is your favorite? Vote for your favorite on the 2010 Intent Web Awards page until May 15! 

The Golden Globe Nominees!

The Golden Globe nominees have been announced!  Any surprises?  Yes.  Where was "Australia?"  I think Australia deserves some accolades.  And I was also surprised that "Gran Torino" didn’t get more nominations.  Clint Eastwood is brilliant in this new film, as both director and actor.  His original song and score did get recognition, though.  And no surprise that Heath Ledger for nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Batman.  The surprise is that this is the only nomination that the movie got.  See the entire list of nominees online:


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