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Intent of the Day: Enjoy the Moment


Where are you right now?
Right. This. Minute.
Where you are, for better or for worse, will only be here for a moment. The people walking past. The clocking ticking. The person sitting next to you. The wind blowing. This moment will never be able to be recreated exactly as it is and these moments happen all day every day, but how many do we stop and sit in?

So stop.
Right. This. Minute.
Just be in the moment.

Our intent? To enjoy the moment we’re in right now. If you need help, here are some wise words from wise people we respect about taking in the moment:

Forever is composed of nows.
-Emily Dickinson

Write it on your heart that
every day is the best day in the year.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let everything happen to you
Beauty and terror
Just keep going
No feeling is final
-Rainer Maria Rilke

Happiness, not in another place but this place…
not for another hour, but this hour.
-Walt Whitman

I don’t know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.
-Abraham Lincoln

From Intent.com: The Here and Now

As we sit on the heels of a global tragedy, an airplane willed with passengers who have friends and family they’ll never see again lost in the Indian Ocean, it’s hard not to face the fact that, with all the advancements of modern technology, we only have so much control over our lives. We only have so much say over what happens to us. We can only know so much.

“The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

My challenge to you today is to appreciate the here and the now.
Don’t wait for something to make it special.
It is special purely for the reason that you had no clue if the here and now was going to last this long, but it did.

So where do you start? Maybe just with a couple of questions.
What is important to you?
What is running you ragged?
What will you regret as your last moments arrive?
What will you be most proud of as your last moments arrive?
Now sounds like a good time to think about it.
In case you need some encouragement, here were some great intents from the site this week. People are getting focused on what’s important. You can too!

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 12.58.39 PM

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 1.04.29 PM

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 1.06.22 PM

Filled With Your Dreams

 Monday, 8/1

Filled with your dreams



“If you’re going to get it done, now is when to get busy working on it. If you want to experience it, now is the time to fully commit to making it happen.

If you’ve been waiting to bring your dreams to life, this is the day you’ve been waiting for. Because this is the day when you can truly begin to make them real.

You deserve a life that’s full and rich and overflowing with beautiful, meaningful experiences. And today, on this very day, you have the opportunity to live according to your own highest vision.”

–The Daily Motivator by Ralph Marstonrrre

Steve Farrell

Humanity’s Team World Wide Coordinating Director



Science and Spirit Converge in the Now (includes video)

A growing understanding of our universe reveals two remarkable dynamics at work that together intensify and expand our feeling for the spiritual nature of existence. The first dynamic is the universe story: A grand narrative that portrays humanity as descendants of a vast, creative lineage of life that stretches over nearly 14 billion years. The second dynamic is the universe emerging as a fresh creation at every moment.

While the universe story provides a stunning narrative of the "horizontal" unfolding across time, the insight of an emerging universe adds the "vertical" dimension of the universe continuously arising in time. The vertical dynamic of continuous creation slices through all that exists and reveals everything as a single orchestration happening all at once. At every moment, we are a part of this grand unity of creation.

The unfolding of the universe through time demonstrates an amazingly powerful and patient process at work. The continuous creation of the cosmos in time reveals another, stunningly powerful dynamic. When we put these two extraordinary processes together at an intersection called "now," it reveals how we simultaneously exist in a place of both creative freedom and profound communion. Being and becoming converge into an experience beyond words — and we recognize that we already live in the realm of the sacred.

Our awakening to a new understanding of the universe in both its horizontal and its vertical aspects represents a stunning re-imagining of where we are as a species. Realizing that we live at the intersection of both the horizontal unfolding of the universe and the vertical arising of the universe presents a view of existence that reaches beyond any particular nation, region, or ethnic group. We are bio-cosmic beings who are waking up to the fact that we live in an ever-emergent universe and our evolutionary task is to grow into the bigness of who we are, both personally and collectively. This vision of the human journey is big enough to honor the diversity of our past and to act as a beacon for our collective future.

Although the idea of an ever-emergent universe has ancient roots in human experience, it is also radically new as the frontiers of modern science offer a growing recognition of how dynamic the universe truly is. The universe is not static, sitting quietly in empty space; instead, the totality of the universe is everywhere in motion and being regenerated moment by moment — a process requiring the flow-through of a stupendous amount of energy. In the words of cosmologist Brian Swimme, "The universe emerges out of an all-nourishing abyss not only fourteen billion years ago but in every moment." Moment by moment, the universe emerges as a single orchestration — a uni-verse or single verse of manifestation. Because nothing is left out of the regeneration of the universe, we are participants in a cosmic scale process whether we are conscious of it or not.

This insight is not restricted to science. Based upon decades of research described in my book "The Living Universe," harvesting the wisdom of human experience is like watching a picture gradually come into focus and seeing an extraordinary image of the universe emerging before our eyes. Within each major tradition — Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian, Indigenous, and more — we can find remarkably similar descriptions of the universe and the life force that sustains it: Christians affirm that God is not separate from this world but continuously creates it anew, so that we live, move, and have our being in God. Muslims declare that the entire universe is continually coming into being, and that each moment is a new "occasion" for Allah to create the universe. Hindus proclaim that the entire universe is a single body that is being continually danced into creation by a divine Life force or Brahman. Buddhistsstate that the entire universe arises freshly at every moment in an unceasing flow of interdependent, co-arising where everything depends upon everything else. Taoists state that the Tao is the "Mother of the Universe," the inexhaustible source from which all things rise and fall without ceasing. Confucians view our universe as a unified and interpenetrating whole that is sustained and nourished by the vitality of the life force or ch’i. Indigenous peoples declare that an animating wind or life force blows through all things in the world and there is aliveness and sacred power everywhere. And many Western thinkers portray the universe as a single, living creature continually regenerating itself as it evolves toward higher levels of complexity and consciousness. Beneath the differences in language, a common reality is being described — our life is part of a larger life that is being continuously renewed. The universe inhabits us as much as we inhabit the universe.


We are ONE!


You have heard it a million times, seen it twittered so much it’s becoming a precursor to therapy. Maybe you’ve even shared it on facebook, BUT, the question is- do you FEEL it?

That is all there is to it…feeling the oneness. feeling it to a degree that you have nothing to say about it.

In your great moments you know it, you WANT to tell others, shout it, twitter it and sing about it on myspace but you can’t.

You can only fiddle with the concepts, draw pictures around the ideas and maybe if your lucky write a poem that makes your heart ache with the being and the desire to express this thing.

When I Look
When I look I become rich
Breathing out……………. I see gold
With open eyes the space between is magnified
The irony of separateness unfolds
In space I am whole
A liquid world of intelligent light
Alive with action indiscriminate
Only purpose being
The weave like toffee…………….. like threads of water
All spices and colours are but a reflection of the truth I see

When I look

Oneness is a physical reality, those who have an understanding of physics will get what I am saying.
We are absolutely connected at the microcosmic level and beyond our accepted perception there is a quantum world of  fabulous possibility.

All this aside only the deep and clear ‘feeling’ of your connection to all that is will prove to you that we are one.
That’s how it works, individually we come to the awareness that we are inseperable from all that is and when that occurs there is no turning back. Slowly, increment by increment oneness becomes an unshakeable reality. Personal responsibility is highlighted as the realisation hits…WE are a GLOBAL MIND! Holy Moly! does that mean that what I think affects the organism that is US…why YES it does.

Does that Mean I need to feel guilty about what I do and think and say and feel…..?
Hmmmm…I think that feeling GUILTY may NOT enhance global consciousness BUT AWARENESS and the consequences of true awareness WILL.

Sometimes I speak about oneness with a passion, my whole being dancing with infinite possiblities.
At other times I forget and get grumpy and curse what is, in an attempt to distract myself from my perfection…why..dunno…sick? insane?

Occasionally I am drawn to share but mostly I am training myself to absorb the knowing and be US the ALLTHAT IS.

Being One, warts and all!


 What time is it? The time is now because that is the only time that there is.  I can only live now and now and now.  So living in the moment, in the present, is all there is.

Part of my morning ritual, while I sip my delicious hot cup of coffee, is to read inspirational blogs that I have bookmarked.  The first three blogs that I read this morning all contained the same basic message: whatever task you have to perform, do it by being focused in the present.

Three different approaches to now. Anthony Basich (http://bit.ly/hsU70p) refers to it as "inch by inch".  Tony Calabrese (http://bit.ly/js6JHk) tells us that "…one step at a time or certainly in only a few manageable steps at a time …" is the way to go.  And in the third blog Lee Papier (http://bit.ly/mKntIX) tells us that "Slow And Steady Wins the Race".  Every one of these approaches requires that one be in the present.  Energetically that is the only effective way to reach a goal.

How to be in the now. In today’s world the focus is very much on instant.  It started long before the microwave, computer or cell phone.  Historically, for me, we have been moving toward "instant manifestation" since we got on the back of a horse in order to move from A to B in a quicker way.  So if it is not going as quickly as you planned; if today you are finding that there are obstacles in your path, then do what is easy, available to everyone and it is free.  Stop. Breathe and tell yourself:  "it’s OK.  There is a reason for this delay and it will happen when it is meant to."  Doing anything else will not remove the obstacle.  It will create stress and make you anxious.

An Example. Yesterday I had a to-do list that was not happening.  One of the reasons was totally out of my control: computer service-provider related.  I knew that there wasnothing that I could do.  I also knew that getting frustrated, getting anxious was not going to correct the problem.  So I followed my own advise as outlined above.  As a result I did not get stressed.  I did not get anxious.  And surprisingly enough it all got done.  I used that "break-down time" for other tasks including a short break to sit quietly and contemplate, to meditate.

So my advise is that you can put a check mark beside "each step" when you take it "inch by inch" and when you relax in the knowing that "slow and steady wins the race".  Now that is a very happy thought!


Tolle Tells It As It IS

Reflect on this quote by Eckhart Tolle: "Find the "narrow gate that leads to life." It is called Now. Narrow your life down to this moment. Your life situation may be full of problems–most life situations are–but find out of you have any problems at this moment. Not tomorrow or in ten minutes, but now.  Do you have a problem now?" 

What INCREDIBLE advice, and something we have all thought about, but perhkhartaps not in exactly the way Tolle has put it.

Most of the time, we do NOT have a problem at the time, or in this moment. While our desk may be piled high with bills, as we sip our coffee and get ready to pay bills, we do NOT have a problem in this moment, unless we choose to flood our minds with unhappiness about writing the checks. In fact, as we write the checks we do not have a problem. We are simply writing checks.  YES, having a lot of bills IS a problem if we are short on funds to pay all of them, but as we work through the problem, moment to moment, we can still enjoy life unless we choose to be in a bad mood.

Tolle’s words are worth reading every day.  Many of us who worry and fret too much could become much happier people, right now!

(If you think this post will help someone YOU know, please pass it on.)

Psychic Medium and Inspirational Author Carole Lynne



The Gift of the Japanese Deceased to Us? That They Still Exist. Our Purpose? To Remember.



The Gift of the Japanese Deceased to Us?

That They Still Exist.

Our Purpose? To Remember.


Do not care what people say, do not miss the chance to RETURN TO YOURSELF. It is not the beginning of the end! Everyone has come here to remember the truth of Oneness. Have no belief in loss and horribleness. This event can be used for love. For remembering. Be of true service, step into the heart, be a miracle worker.


The current belief in loss has come up for our healing. SEE THE BLESSING HERE! You cannot serve two masters. Don’t choose the lie of separation, the battle of nature versus humanity, the identity of devastation and fear. There is no battle in love, in God! Do not allow yourself to be pulled into the identity of limitedness and fear, but remember the truth all Masters have spoken of- eternal life, Oneness, unity and Love.


Serve the recently deceased in Japan, by remembering that they are light and love in essence. Hold this blessing for them, remembering this holy (whole) relationship with them. They are not lost! They are all ONE. Not 10,000.  Hold your heart open also for all beloveds still in the body who are choosing the suffering belief of separation and loss. Surrender the idea that you are a body born to get, fight, and suffer.


All the news stirs up FEARS OF OUR OWN DEATH, of being separate and limited. Trust that you can not die! There is only eternal life. Your fear of loss is a camouflage for feeling that you are on a separate island from God, and have been abandoned from Source. But love cannot leave its source! Every master offered this.




Say “YES” to the beloveds who stepped out of their bodies this week. If they left where their thoughts were, they left in fear. Dispel the shroud of fear by picturing them holy whole, and lighten their journey. They are eternal light and love and have gone no where. They are Here, in this pure now moment of Oneness.


Open your own heart wider, by taking a leap of faith. Change your choice of menu. If the appetizer is ONLY LOVE EXISTS, the main course is ETERNAL LIFE. Hafiz said, “Why just show you God’s menu? Hell, we are all starving -let’s eat!” It’s time to stop reading the menu, and eat. To BE holy (whole), we must be humble and give up what we thought we knew, as a limited self. There is a world of freedom, joy, peace and harmony, if you let go of what you know. Miracle workers have the freedom of letting go right now. The unknown doesn’t seem safe, but it is!




Focus on truth constantly; you do not need to know. This is the nectar of love. And, you will automatically help others find the Light.

         Someone said FEAR IS A GREAT REBELLION, rebelling against God, and saying “No” to love. Many faces of fear are anger, conflict, battle, desperation. The dead are not lost! As we offer them love… it heals our own hearts. Choose this existing Divine Alchemy in your heart, and serve humanity in REMEMBERING.

This is our call to love, to healing, as the miracle worker who lets go of the false identity for humanity.

Bless us, every ONE.


by Karima     www.experiencebeing.com

Forget the Past

One of the first steps one must take in becoming the person you want to be, is to let go of the person you used to be. And it starts with possessions. 

Possessions do possess us and all of those mementos of “remember when?” only serves to keep you there and unless you want to change, you will remain there. How can you possibly discover who you can be, if you are constantly reminded of who you used to be?

Possessions not only prevent you from seeing the possibility of who you can be, but they slyly blind you to even being aware that you are no longer the person you used to be. Do yourself a great, big, free, relieving, releasing favor and just get rid of it. Dump the souvenirs and don’t buy any more. 

People. This is the most difficult to accept and to do. Getting rid of people who know you only as the “you used to like, you used to say…Those people will not only cause you to feel bad about no longer liking what you used to like and guilty for not saying the things you feel you should say, they prevent you from ever saying the things you want to say and doing the things you yearn to do.

People do come into our lives for a reason, but that doesn’t mean that we need to keep them around, like we would possessions. You do change, and if you don’t believe me, try maintaining a conversation with your high school friend on Facebook.  

If you’re holding onto a memory, a photo of the person you once were; a slimmer you, a prettier you, a you with a full-head-of-hair, know that, that person is gone. Work on the person you can be and *want* to be.  Unless you are *ready* to do that, you will always find yourself looking back and comparing. You will NEVER be that person. Ever. 

Stefan Pinto is a freelance writer and model. He lives in Los Angeles. He hosts a weekly radio show.

 PHOTO (cc): Flickr / rafakoy

What Remains

Thought plows the field of Consciousness.
Feelings grow.
Ontologically*, nothing changes.

*Ontology (psychologically, not philosophically) is the knowledge of one’s unchanging identity. The rest is informational (experiential) metamorphosis.


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