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Fall in Love with Something Old/New

Old New

Seth Worley is a writer and director in Nashville, TN who brought the internet and some of his friends classic shorts like Plot DeviceSpy vs Guy, and Super Lion. Combining endearing storylines, sweet soundtracks and usually a fair amount of lasers or time machines, Worley has been creating and producing videos alongside his brother since childhood.  Continue reading

Seasons of Beauty: Aging Gracefully

We tend to associate youth with beauty, but the truth is that beauty transcends every age. Just as a deciduous tree is stunning in all its stages–from its full leafy green in the summer to its naked skeleton during winter and everything in between–human beings are beautiful throughout their life spans.

The early years of our lives tend to be about learning and experiencing as much as we possibly can. We move through the world like sponges, absorbing the ideas of other people and the world. Like a tree in spring, we are waking up to the world. In this youthful phase of life, our physical strength, youth, and beauty help open doors and attract attention. Gradually, we begin to use the information we have gathered to form ideas and opinions of our own. As we cultivate our philosophy about life, our beauty becomes as much about what we are saying, doing, and creating as it is about our appearance. Like a tree in summer, we become full, expressive, beautiful, and productive.

When the time comes for us to let go of the creations of our middle lives, we are like a tree in autumn dropping leaves, as we release our past attachments and preparing for a new phase of growth. The children move on, and careers shift or end. The lines on our faces, the stretch marks, and the grey hairs are beautiful testaments to the fullness of our experience. In the winter of our lives, we become stripped down to our essence like a tree. We may become more radiant than ever at this stage, because our inner light shines brighter through our eyes as time passes. Beauty at this age comes from the very core of our being–our essence. This essence is a reminder that there is nothing to fear in growing older and that there is a kind of beauty that comes only after one has spent many years on earth.


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Invitation to Online Fire Ceremony

Dear Intent members,

You are cordially invited to the first Sacred Fire Ceremony on the World Healers
Forum. The ceremony will start with the fire being ignited at 8 am GMT on
Thursday January 28th here: Sacred Fire Ceremony .

The fire will consist of the light, clarity and compassion of the Spirit
within everyone participating in our ceremony. Please have the intention to
participate with your highest spiritual light.

When the fire has been lighted, everyone is welcome to surrender the
shackles of the old- any kind of trouble or problem; any feeling of hurt,
grief, regret, pain, anger, hate, shame, guilt, envy, greed, need,
hopelessness, powerlessness, weakness, frustration or fear; any grievance;
any attachment holding you back from the bliss and freedom of your Being.

Surrender these burdens to the sacred fire. Do it in any way you wish, by
writing about it in the ceremony topic, by posting pictures, songs, poems,
or videos. Use any style and language you wish, write as much or little as
you wish. You may want to pray, meditate, chant, fast or apply any
cleansing method you need. Surrender your burden in openness and trust to
the intense fire of light, love and compassion we are upholding together.
Be willing to let go and see the old leave you.

Our sacred fire will burn for three days. It will end on Sunday January
31st at 8am GMT. The entire Fire Ceremony topic on the World Healers Forum will then be
deleted and the "ashes" will be ceremonially spread over the entire planet,
as nourishment for the emerging joy, peace and love.

At that moment a Sunday Celebration will start as a new topic in the Open
Ceremonies section
at the World Healers Forum. Please come to the
party and post about the new, free you, share your joy, your freedom and
vision of the future with us! Share music, pictures, insights, and anything
else that makes you happy!

Thank you for your participation in our sacred Fire Ceremony!

With loving light,
The World Healers Forum team

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