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Foster Children and Online Technology: A Feeling of Control- A World of Danger


Curtis was not in control. In fact, he had no control with just about everything in his life. After all, Curtis was in foster care.

Thirteen year old Curtis was placed into foster care after suffering neglect from a mother who was addicted to and sold illegal drugs. The teenager had been separated from his other two siblings, a younger brother and sister, as there were no foster homes in the area able to take in three children at that time. The foster teen’s father had been in and out of the family’s life, just as he had been in and out of jail. When Curtis arrived in his new foster home, he was confused, he was lonely, and he was scared. Curtis had been taken from everything he knew. He had been taken from his mother, his father, his brother, and his sister. He had been taken from his bedroom, his toys, his baseball card collection, his pet dog, his house, his home. The teen had been taken from his grandparents, his aunts, his uncles, his cousins, his neighbors, his friends, his teachers, and his classmates. Indeed, Curtis had been taken from everything that was familiar to him, everything he knew, and everything he loved. Continue reading

4 Tips for Dealing with Online Haters

shutterstock_76767721-11By: Dr. Kulkarni

With more of the world creating and consuming information on the internet, online behavior, etiquette, and the rules of engagement are becoming increasingly complex.  Basically, online etiquette is virtually nonexistent.  Sitting behind an anonymous computer screen, with an anonymous screen name, many people feel empowered to say things in comment boxes, chat rooms and on boards that would never say in real life.  In some ways, this creates open, honest, unfiltered dialogue.  On the flip side, it really brings out the dark side of people where they unleash all their frustration, anger, and even boredom through their keyboards.

So what to do if you’re an online writer, blogger, tweeter, or anyone who puts any sort of content out there that people can read and comment on?  These are my top tips for surviving and navigating through the world of online “haters”:

  1. Don’t take it personally.  This seems like an obvious one, but it’s good to remind yourself that the people that are writing nasty or negative comments probably don’t know you in real life.  They have not put as much thought and effort into their words as you probably have into yours, and aren’t as invested in what they’re saying and how it might be hurting you.  Most people just have a knee-jerk reaction, comment on the first thing that comes to mind and move on.  Also remember that some of these people are bored, and it’s much easier for them to tear someone else down than to do something constructive themselves.  So keep a cool head, your emotions in check, resist the urge to respond, and move on.
  2. Know what you’re getting yourself into.  When you voluntarily post your work, writing, or thoughts onto the world wide web, you are by definition exposing yourself to the world (or at least anyone that has access to the site you are posting on).  Take this into consideration before you put something out there on social media, a blog, etc.  If you are writing something that you know in your heart is controversial, that doesn’t necessarily make it wrong to put it out there, but be prepared for the backlash.  And don’t act surprised when it comes.  This is all a part of learning how to handle your online persona.  Having a thick skin is a part of it.  The other part of it is understanding how the majority are going to perceive something, and then tailoring your message to reach your audience most effectively.
  3. Realize that disagreement can be healthy and be utilized as constructive feedback.  On the flip side of the first point, if you see a comment that is well thought out, and written in a respectful manner, but just happens to disagree with you, don’t automatically discount that person as a “hater.”  Varying points of view are necessary for productive dialogue, and people reading your words have different degrees of life experience, perspective, and insight.  Not to mention different value systems and ways of looking at the world.  When something goes out to a broad audience, you should expect dissention.  You can sometimes utilize the feedback to your advantage to help you evolve your own point of view or understand another’s perspective, which will only make you better.
  4. Stay focused on your message.  If you’re reading this, you probably understand Law of Attraction basics.  So you know that split energy or negativity within yourself will cause disturbance in your energy and potentially attract haters.  Try to come from a clear, pure space of love and positive intention in all of your work and writing.  You will never be able to please all of the people all of the time, but focusing on your own strongly positive intention and message will help keep you from being brought down by people at a different energy frequency.  In other words, stay in your own positive mind space, and let your work and words flow from there.  The haters will eventually get bored and move on as well.


Dr. Kulkarni is a New York City based physician, spiritual author, and personal coach.  Find her @Dr_Kulkarni or visit www.leveragingthought.com to learn more.

Why We Need to Break Free of Facebook

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by social media? Like you’ve had enough but you just can’t quit?

I’ve been feeling this desire to quit Facebook for some time now, but kept pushing it away as an unrealistic suggestion.

How could I even consider that? Actually deleting my Facebook account?

Still, the idea kept nagging at me, so I asked myself: What do I want to do with my life? Does Facebook help me do that? After admitting it was a major distraction from what I really want my attention to focus on, my mind started to quickly throw out reasons why I couldn’t possibly quit. Even then, I still could not deny that Facebook was not contributing to my most authentic, true life.

In fact, it was taking me away from it.

While it doesn’t take my body anywhere, it takes my mind away. It clutters my mind with status updates and product ads I can live without. The friends I’d like to keep, but it’s become a matter of diminishing return in a way.

While on its face Facebook appears to be all about connection, as the name implies, it’s a superficial connection. You’re getting the face people choose to show you as opposed to their heart and soul. As one of my friends responded when I complained she wasn’t on Facebook and couldn’t be my “friend,” “I’m not your Facebook friend. I’m your real friend.”

Life is too short for artificial connections. I want authentic connections.

A study out of Harvard analyzed the social media phenomena and gave some credence to the concept that updating our Facebook status stimulates the same reward centers in our brains as sex or food. The study found that “upwards of 80% of posts to social media sites (such as Twitter) consist simply of announcements about one’s own immediate experiences.”

Diving deeper into the importance and motivation for self-disclosure, results revealed that participants would even give up money in order to speak about themselves. The results were magnified when the factor of having an “audience” was included. The researchers concluded that brain regions associated with both “intrinsic value” as well as “reward value” were stimulated by such communication about one’s self.

So if you feel “addicted” to social media, you’re not alone.

I’ve started to see it as an empty addiction, and more importantly, a distraction from the beauty of real life. The dissatisfaction of not receiving enough “likes” or the focus on capturing every moment so we can post it or Tweet it seems to me to diminish present-moment awareness and the deep fulfillment and peace present in the simplest aspects of our lives.

In our age of more is better and information overload, we are told simple is not enough. Our senses are so used to being overstimulated that we can almost miss the beauty in a bee buzzing, a flower opening, or a clear beautiful laugh.

I get caught up in the rat race of daily life just like we all do, and I have to work hard at re-centering, reconnecting, and remembering my true essence, my true purpose, and the absolute fleeting, brief, unpredictable nature of life.

The words of Leo Babauta put it plainly: “I quit Facebook because I wanted to live deliberately.”

His words borrow a phrase from Henry David Thoreau’s Walden:

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.

Here’s to living deliberately and to fronting the essential facts of life.

I feel lighter already and refreshed to return to my real life more completely, less distracted, and able to put my full attention on the slowness of a sunset, the connection of a real hug, the smell of garlic in a pan, and the steady rhythm of a heartbeat.

Instead of trying to capture and freeze-frame all of life’s moments, I intend to relish them fully. To live deliberately, fully, and with as little distraction and regret as possible.


Photo credit: Flickr

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Over-the-Top High Tech Flirting

Dating site trolls, creepy sex texters and instant messaging prowlers beware! A crew may be waiting on the sidelines to bust you at your next stroke of the keyboard or dial pad button.

It’s not hard to imagine this on the horizon, so don’t say we didn’t warn you. With the ever-increasing popularity of Dateline NBC’s series "To Catch a Predator" we envision that this next extension in the line up of undercover sting investigation programs will follow a similar format, only this time the hidden camera will be honing in on romance unabashed romance seekers or interlopers.

"I can deal with over-the-top flirting or dirty cyber talk with someone that I know and trust" says Stephanie a SingleEdition.com reader. "But it’s a whole other ballgame when you receive an instant message from an AOL stranger seeking sex talk, or better yet the booty call at 2:00 in the morning, They have got to be joking!"

Unfortunately most of the time they are not. With more than 73% of single adults online, many of whom are searching for friendship and/or love, the indiscriminate messaging can be unsettling, and chicanery can cause long term emotional bruising. Take 34 year old Jason, who thought he had met a long term companion, until one of his friends spotted her actively casting her net on three other datingsites. And with mobile technology making anywhere, anytime dating and relating an option, there is no foreseeable end in sight.

Individuals are far less inhibited and more willing to take chances when there is no one in front of them. Plus the chances of getting caught or being taken up on an offer are so unlikely that many people are willing to push the limits. The problem, according to experts, starts when individuals longing for intimacy and emotional connectedness start lurking and leering compulsively.

So while there are no set plans, To Catch a Pervert seems ripe for a spinoff. Here’s how you can keep yourself off of the watch list:

1. Set Realistic Boundaries: One online dating profile means you’re putting yourself out there; two to three lets them know you are actively searching. Anything more is a red pervert alert.

2. Know Your Audience: Remember. Asianfriendfinders is for Asians, Jdate is for Jews, PrimeSingles for baby boomers and SingleParentDating for non-married single parents. If you do not match the criteria, but have a fetish for those who do, come clean in your profile.

3. Cover your tracks: If you spend more than 2 hours a day on a particular dating site, have clicked on a single person’s profile more than seven times in the last hour, or been out on more than 3 dates with someone(s) within a community, be sure to deactivate the setting which lets others know when, how often and what you do when you are online.

4. Be Sensitive to Timing: Do not instant message your prospect(s) seconds after they appear on your buddy list, especially during daytime office hours.

5. Limit ALL CAPS usage: Keep your voice down, shouting at a stranger is the sign of an angry lunatic.

6. Save the Sex Texts: SMS should be avoided until there has been at least one date whether it’s virtual or real.

And finally, remember, friends don’t let friends ping drunk. If you have had one too many, hand over your keys and your cell phone.

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Why Social Networking Matters… Sort Of

Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, continue to explode and some people wonder why? Do they matter? What’s all the fuss about, really?

Looking into this world is a bit like looking into a hall of mirrors, with reflections bouncing around all over the place. Sorting out the meaningful from the distorted is a constantly shifting challenge.

There are multiple layers of social networking and the more we understand those layers, the more we will be able to create something meaningful beyond who had what for lunch today.

For a simple definition of social networking, take a look at this 2007 video by Lee LeFever of CommonCraft.

The Net Gen is Key

Social Networking is the provenance of the Net Gen, the rapidly growing numbers of people who have grown up with the internet much like the boomers grew up with television. Call them Net Gen, Generation X, Millennials or anything else you prefer, and you still have the same phenomenon.

According to Don Tapscott in his book, Grown up Digital, 77 percent of the Net Generation would gladly give up television and couldn’t live without the internet. The Net Gen grew up "bathed in bits."

A 2003 Kaiser Family Foundation study found that 70% of 4-6 year olds had used a computer and 68% under two were using screen media for 2+ hours per day. And that was six years ago!

A 2008 study by Educause surveying 24,000 freshmen and seniors at 90 colleges and universities found that laptop ownership had increased from 66% in 2006 to 82% in 2008 while 66% owned internet capable cell phones. The typical student reported spending at least 20 hours a week on the internet and 7% were online more than 40 hours a week. 85% were using social networking sites, with Facebook outstripping MySpace 80% to 48%.

Interestingly, the Educause study also reported that "younger" students were using social networking, text messaging and IM’s more than "older" students. YIKES! Micro generational differences could be developing within a school, between kids separated by just a few years.

Kids today expect educational content and experience to include the web, mobile devices and social media tools. For them, www means Whatever, Whenever, Wherever.

Think about those three W’s and you begin to see why Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites are so powerful, both promising and potentially deflating.

So What Does Social Networking Really Mean?

Continue reading on The Huffington Post

Characters in my Play

I rented two movies the other day and I saved the best for last so I watched this one first and it wasn’t all that. Title—Friends With Money—it’s a story about three married couples [women with money] and one single woman, who initially was a teacher in an upscale school who got ridiculed for driving an ancient Honda to the point she quit to become a maid.

I won’t say anymore about the movie because frankly my dears I wouldn’t recommend it.

Sometimes though there are those who are exceptionally gifted at storytelling to such a degree they

Does Online Dating Work?!

Dear Evan,

I was curious as to what your real opinion is of online dating. I did meet my girlfriend online, but after a year of painful struggle, meaning hardly any dates despite being educated, employed, and reasonably attractive. Friends of both genders tell that their experiences have been hard in different ways. My guy friends (also educated, attractive) complain that they get no responses and female acquaintences tell me that they get so many emails, etc, that they don

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