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Deepak Chopra: What is Belief and How Does it Shape Reality?

Do our beliefs at all affect the way the world really is, or are they merely projections of our minds? In this episode of “Ask Deepak” on The Chopra Well, Deepak discusses the relationship between belief and reality.

Beliefs are ideas that we hold to be true. They shape our perceptions, attitudes, moods, and how we perceive our reality. Reality is filtered to our consciousness through these beliefs, which in most cases are limiting but have the opportunity to be empowering. Beliefs limit us by defining who we are and what we hold dear. But true empowerment comes from pushing beyond beliefs.

Beyond beliefs, what is left to define us and shape reality? Perhaps we could open out awareness to perceive the world as it is in that instant before we begin assigning meanings and labels. What do you think?

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     The healthy and urgent need to express ourselves through our actions finds its supreme manifestation when we are able to crystallize our actions via our daily creations. The above statement has made a strong impression in my intellect and in my altruistic emotions. Every day I am more convinced that after having experienced our special methodology of finding new applications, practical applications of our knowledge will be what give us the tools to be able to open a great worldwide market to a big number of new products which currently don’t exist. All these amazing products will help our housewives, workers, students, teachers, professors, youth and more importantly our children to learn how to learn anything. There will be undoubtedly big business and a lot of money by making this new business supremely successful.
   It will be by finding new approaches to the safe development of our human resources at all levels that will give us the power. Counting with such approach will enable us to combine our mental processes; will power, great idealism and creativity in action that we will succeed in its vigorous application.
   It is extremely important that we recognize the golden opportunity we will face. There are still many needs to be filled out. The need to create is imprinted in our spiritual beings. If we fail in not listening to our inner self’s very subtle voice we will betray not only our community, but what is much worse we will have betrayed ourselves. Our divine part, which is as important as our external human part won’t find the needed daily opportunities of contributing with goods and services for our human race. Instead of living a productive life we will mere be surviving. God, our Divine Master, won’t be pleased with us at all! Every human being has come to this plane of existence with many divine gifts and attributes. It would so wonderful to experience a great increase in this divine task in as many people as possible.
   So, my profound conviction is to have written this introduction with five parts more to make you vibrate with the invitation to do something about our world and in the process to make some money. This money will be later used to support first our local talents, similar projects and new thoughts and idea to ne able to enjoy the sweet fruits of a truthful and harmonious progress. Allow me to give you a useful suggestion; please read this article at least three times, next ponder on it and finally help me by contributing with your own ideas.
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