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Deepak Chopra: Can We Influence Our Own Evolution?

Is evolution a complex process that we have nothing to do with, or is there any way we can actually influence our own evolution? In this episode of “Ask Deepak” on The Chopra Well, Deepak explores how can we influence human evolution as well as the evolution of the cosmos.

Our feelings, thoughts, perceptions, cognition, internal mental activity, and behavior changes in every moment. The neural architecture of our brain responds to both internal and external reactions which we create through our own choices. Thus, as we think, feel and emote – we affect the expression of our genes and expression of genes in others. Your genes are activated right now watching this video, and we are influencing each other, and thus, in a sense, influencing evolution.

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A Vision For Nuturing

 Friday, July 8th


A Vision for Nurturing

“We envision a world where we have set, as our highest priority, the nurturing of everyone and everything we see; where we have become adept at knowing precisely what every plant, animal, person, or environment needs in order to grow, blossom, flourish and experience its life to the fullest – and, thus, to express itself in all its resplendent glory.


Likewise, we see a world where we have grown to the point where our perceptions and intuitions can easily hone in on what is needed by someone else in any given moment. We can tell precisely what they need in order to be as healthy as they can possibly be, as happy as they can possibly be, as exalted as they can possibly be. 


Indeed, we have become connoisseurs of the wants and needs of others, and in doing so we have created a world that is in support of us, always and forevermore.” – The Intenders of the Highest Good; Vision Alignment Project

Steve Farrell

Humanity’s Team  World Wide Coordinating Director





Exercises In Mindfulness Or Just Another Internet Time Waster? Whatever, These Optical Illusion Videos Are Really Awesome.

Though they are probably most appropriate for stoned college kids, optical illusion YouTube videos make for some pretty nifty exercises in mindfulness and meditation. And what in the world are optical illusion YouTube videos? 

Asides from gratuitous videos of cute puppies and leaked movie trailers, there is a whole subgenre of YouTube videos dedicated to tripping you up with some pretty weird-ass optical illusions that truly affirm that seeing is not always believing. You know those optical illusion books where staring at certain patterns makes you see dots that don’t exist on the page, or how staring at a black and white pattern that looks like a human face for one whole minute and then staring at a white wall super-imposes that image onto said wall? Now we have online video versions of them crazy eye tricks.

Yes, they will distract you from your current task at hand. But having to stare at the center of a swirling whirlpool for an entire thirty seconds really forces you to be mindful and completely focused on the present moment. Just as how we sometimes need guided meditations, sometimes a weird opticai lllusion YouTube video is more effective than a singing bowl to get ourselves to be more present.

And nothing like some non-existent green dots hopping before your eyes to remind you that our reality is all a matter of perception. Now use that lesson to get out of your Monday funk.

Ok, mindfulness and philosophical waxed poetic asides–this stuff is just really cool. And having done about five of these optical illusion videos in a row and forcing myself to stare at the center of a screen with all of my attention, my brain feels strangely more clear-headed than thirty minutes ago. I feel so ready to be productive and mindful for the rest of the day now!

 There are no green dots in the video. It’s all in your head. WHAAAAT.


 Best if viewed on full-screen and then staring immediately afterwards at a photograph or a painting on the wall. CRAJAAAAYYYY.

For more awesomely mind-tripping videos, check out 5 Awesome Optical Illusion Videos via Mashable.com.

PHOTO (cc): Flickr / future15

Hall of Mirrors: Society: Some say, “It is just smoke and mirrors.” The symbolism embedded in Multi-Media

Hall of MIRRORS: Connecting back to Self, Soil and Society (part 3 of 3)

Today, I was greeted in my skype in box with a blog link from Blue. Someone wanted to know if I was still promoting “this group”—The Black Eyed Peas. 

Their question stemmed from this blog:  


I felt compelled to comment and this is how I responded: 

“Your ability to look at the IMMA BE video content and take many aspects from it is quite in depth and potentially proves: 

1. We are influenced by our environment. 

(Note: You draw attention to Will’s logo with the owl. Please note he used this brand in the Haiti relief effort too, not just his clothing line. Owls are a design motif and are very popular right now: merchandise, clothing, products. While it could be a symbol of death and it might be appropriate. It feels to me like our world is going through a literal and metaphorical death on many levels. In addition, the owl represents many things including wisdom. It is possible Will is reflecting what we are all feeling and he has his own identification with the owl. You better ask him.)

2. Our perception directly relates to how we perceive a book, a movie or any aspect of life.

(Note: the video provoked you and ignited something in you to take the time analyze it and showing all the hidden meanings. Brilliant and in-depth undertaking. I would encourage you to do this with a master piece. The BEP’s intention with this entire album was developed from the primal need to just escape and wanting others to have fun and forget all their stress. All the music is simple repetitive and embeds itself in your mind. Quite frankly I find it maddening but children love it. What they are embedding if you listen to the words they do not even match up to the video and the incorporate a second song called rock your body. Which is just another song about CHICKS. So, it is really hard knowing the simpletons that the BEPs are at heart that there was even this much thought put into all the hidden meanings.)

3. Symbolism does have a powerful place in the conceptual process, development and final creative product. 

(Note: the suggestion that transhumanism is a core belief system of Will’s or the Black Eyed Pea’s is questionable; however, I cannot speak for any of them nor should any of us for that matter. I would suggest posting this on his page at Dipdive and see if he responds.) 

I can assure you that while the BEPs have influenced millions, the thought and meanings you put into this article—potentially do not exist within the creation of this video or the music. However, I do think you raise a good point that we should all be mindful with what we present to the world. Especially, if we have millions of eyes on us and we are making millions of impressions. 

I personally would have guided them to suggest and inspire others to think about the possibility of our future. 

Which could be as you know, quite the opposite of what seems to inspire…WILL.I.AM. I can only speak from my observations and interactions with all four of the BEPs is they have kind hearts, filled with the desire to be loved and to love…and the power to entertain the world. Even though, their music might not vibrate at a high harmonic frequency, they proved me wrong…the world still wants to shake their booty and have a good time. I GOTTA FEELING…there is something else embedded in this album and IMMMA BE.  To hear more of the their true nature check out ONE TRIBE and Where is the LOVE.”

I leave all of you with this if you had a million eyes on you and a 3-5 minute music video to communicate your reflection—what do you want to mirror to the world. 

Send me your link and your reflection to info@omtoro.com. 

In service with love, laughter and peace,


A M E N E S I A.

        Sitting down on any park bench is the nearest thing to be in contact both with Nature and with other human beings. A lot can be appreciateded  if we just watch with total focous to everybody and everything.
What has helped me a lot,  is assuming the role of a person who has just suffered from  a temporal state of acute amnesia.Experiencing the  feeling and emotional state what feels a tourist who suddenly is placed in a foreign land.
The mind of such a person becomes like a sponge doing his best to absorb every small detail and later on trying to put it on a realiable mental framework.
                 Indeed it would be great if we discipline our mind by using a very kind and subtle suggestion instruct it to just pick out a color, or a shape, or a reflexion, or a specific type of movement.It is really amazing how much we have lost regarding appriciating many wonderful simple things.
        That’s the reason of my invitation to spend as little as seven minutes with a commited action in our minds; five minutes spend with wide open eyes detecting and computing the chosen action, and just two more minutes spent recalling with shut eyes the obseved things or people. As you get convinced of this now useful habit you will surely add different sounds, different smells, even the wind on your face and body it will be like relearning to see, hear,smell and touch.Soon you will find out that strong emotional envolment  goes hand in hand with your mind.
    Wise men from the past and from the present have insisted on changing our world for the better just by changing the way we feel it and it is percieved . Our creative imagination hand in hand with our intuition will help us a lot in this new endeavor.
           What I have done throgh the years is keeping a journal to find out on which days our senses seem to be much more receptive. What I was able to discover was that they have to do a lot with the differnt moon phases ans other astonomical phenomena.
  You are welcome to add some of your interesting insights.

What is Spirituality?

As it is with individuality and perception, we all have our own version when answering this question and so it should be. I offer my observations as it pertains to my life:

We’ve been taught to accept what is “real” based on the interpretation of information from our five senses which most of us, concede is the fullness of our existence. There are those who at some point throughout their lives, do question their purpose on earth but manage however, to distract themselves with a continuous barrage of external stimuli therefore, do not summon the courage or determination to explore their inner realm of intangible existence.

In John 4:24, Jesus said; “God is Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and truth”

Then there are those, who would literally die without knowing…

Those who are incapable of relinquishing that recurring feeling deep down compelling them to believe that indeed, there is more to who we are and what this life is about.  The same feeling that will not allow us to accept that we are forever enslaved to the repetitive cycle of bad feelings and painful experiences.

Spirituality for me, is the process of undoing – all those erroneous beliefs, thoughts and behavior I hold that do not serve my highest good. It is delving into my own mind (conscious and subconscious), my psyche, my belief system to decipher what I am holding as my reality and then to decide, what I choose to release because it no longer suits my evolving level of awareness. Spirituality is the journey of self-discovery.

Most people will spend their lives seeking God, and I have no problem with that.

I will spend this lifetime, seeking myself – who am I?

The way I figure it, if I can discern some notion of who I am… then invariably I will also discern some sense of the Divine, after all, “I am…. In His Image.”

I therefore leave you with this question, “How deep is your desire?” 

In light and love




Generating Practical Solutions

Let’s then, ask questions, the same way, as children do!


This time I need your mental company to travel in the past to our childhood. I assure you it will be a very rewarding trip.


So, let’s start assuming that most of us are able to remember many useful things from our childhood. We should force ourselves to recall the way we used to asked questions about the world. How for us, there were many simple solutions for it. How difficult it was to convince the grown up world about our very practical solutions. The adult world wouldn’t accept our contributions. Our parents, relatives, and teachers constantly told us to stop living in our fantasy world. How blind these people were. Their black and narrow minds weren’t able to understand that it was due to the early stage of creativity; Fantasy. It was fantasy in its early stage that later on, everybody was enjoying from the sweet fruits of creative minds. It was fantasy which had birth to imagination, and imagination becoming creative had given birth to many great ideas in great thinkers. These dynamic thinkers found the way to crystallize their inspiration through long and very hard efforts.


The adults told us that we had to study first, then perform a profession, and then, and only then they might be able to listen to our suggestions. They weren’t aware that we were much nearer to the never ending source of Divine Inspiration, which they were.

They wrongly thought that it was knowledge what we needed. What we had at that time was consciousness. This was enough! Wisdom has always been much more important than knowledge! An important definition of wisdom is the following: ”WISDOM IS THE CORRECT APPLICATION OF KNOWLEDGE!”


Our always wise inner self constantly told us that we knew something without studying it first!

The bad news is that we’re currently doing to our children, the same hateful things adults did to us. We are ignoring too our children! It’s time to reinforce this article by giving you some cold, but important facts about this article.


Both men and women, who make it possible for us the enjoyment of so many goods, including current gizmos, these very creative people still recognize that there is still a far way to go, regarding the active commitment and emotional participation on our part.

It is right here and right now, that we’re supposed to do something useful about the wide, and dangerous gap existing between, the trained minds those who still don’t posses it yet.

How on earth can we, by working together, overcome this issue?

Experts say, it is through formal education combined with dynamic programs dealing with different approaches in improving our creative mental processes. They also keep telling us that that civilization doesn’t only mean the conquering of our environment; it also means the mastering, and discipline of man’s own nature.


The main educational function is, from a wide philosophical point of view, to give people all the acquired knowledge from the past. This special and important knowledge from the past was, still is, and it will continue being truthful and provable. Education should be more idealistic, more stimulant; it should drive us to seek more knowledge possessing pragmatic value. The arduous commentaries, we usually listen from people about life, and our modern educational systems, is that even with the thousands of places doing all kinds of research; doctors, physicists, chemists, engineers on many fields, applied calculus, mathematical equations etc. The majority of these people aren’t aware at all of how their brains work; much less they have a whole idea about their reliable mental processes.


They still haven’t asked some questions, for example:

a).-Is the human brain able to understand itself?

b).-Can the brain understand the mind?

c).-What kind of relationship exists between brain and mind with consciousness?

d).-Is our brain like a gigantic computer, or it is something else much more complicated?


Let’s summarize the important points: One of the favorable attitudes to obtain the mastering of critical and reflective thinking is to greatly increase in our school children, and youngsters INTELECTUAL CURIOSITY. Intellectual curiosity is at a very close distance of human thoughts. This applies in kindergartens, as in Physics theories laboratories.

Both children and great thinkers share this supreme quality, and surely it is the most important factor in any kind of dynamic thought.

I expect to have aroused your curiosity regarding these amazing topics, and still having a lot more to offer, I say to you all. “Thank you!”





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