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Why Experience Is a Total Mystery (According to Science)

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Most of us have gotten used to the traditional opposition of science and religion. This opposition arose because two worldviews clashed, and only one could win. It was a zero sum game. On one side science stood for facts, data, measurement, experimentation, and a goal of pure objectivity. On the other, religion was cast as entirely the opposite, being faith-based, irrational, unprovable, totally lacking in data, and inherently subjective, which is to say, unreliable. But this was a case where the winning side (science and the larger secular world) claimed the right to paint the losing side (religion and the spiritual world) in the worst possible light.

If you actually explore the religious worldview, two things become instantly evident. First, that spirituality is much wider, deeper, and older than any single religion. Second, that spiritual experience exists on a level playing field with any other experience. Seeing a microbe under a microscope uses the same perceptual apparatus, so far as the brain is concerned, as seeing an angel, a soul, a departed ancestor, or God. This seems preposterous to the average science-minded skeptic, but in fact it is science itself that proves the validity of perception, and its deep mystery.

Let’s set aside the common skeptical argument that anyone who has had a spiritual experience is necessarily a charlatan, mentally unbalanced, self-delusional, lying, or all of the above. By “setting aside,” I mean that we won’t accept such experiences as ipso facto true, either. In fact, since religious and spiritual terms are so suspect in our present culture, let’s call the sight of a beautiful red rose spiritual; most people would call this a valid experience, and generally speaking they’d enjoy it. Continue reading

2,4,6,8. What do we appreciate?

Yesterday was one of those days when my thoughts appeared to be possessed by some low-vibration entity, and I could find only negative. Ever have days like that? It was quite unpleasant!

After emoting all over people that didn’t deserve to be privy to my negative thoughts, I was fortunate enough to talk to a friend who reminded me that I could look at my past and change my perception of it. She reminded me how important it is to appreciate all that has happened in my life, which has brought me to where I am now, and in turn, where I am headed.

What a tremendous gift she gave me, as I shifted out of my bad mood into a realization of how very fortunate I am for the life I am living.

I woke up this morning with a strong realization of the source of a sense of unhappiness and discontent that I have carried for as long as I can remember. I realized that it started when my family moved from my grandmother’s house into our own little house not too far away. I was the first-born and my mother was pregnant with my brother. I was only two years old.

Well, it was a traumatic year for me. We had moved away from the only home I had known, and from my maternal grandmother, my Nana, who was the world to me. Mom was thinking of many other things besides me, and at one point, she even failed to see me, and tripped over me, spraining her ankle and having to be on crutches as she carried my soon-to-be-born brother in her womb. I was in the way.

In some subconscious place inside of me, I felt totally bereft. I had lost my Nana. My mother was too busy to be bothered with me, and then my brother was born, and I was further left to cope on my own. My father was always either working or worrying about money, and I felt alone and deserted.

All of these years, I did not remember all of this. Only yesterday, my friend reminded me that I could reframe my experiences, and this was the one I recalled. I thought about all of the many times in my life that I had relived this experience; all of the times when I felt I had been deserted and left on my own to cope, all of the times I was in the way, all of the times when I didn’t matter.

Suddenly, I realized that these experiences had given me the gift of myself. From a very young age, I learned that I couldn’t always count on others. From a very young age, I learned to be self-reliant. From a very young age, I learned to look to myself for strength in the face of adversity.

In that moment, I appreciated the experiences that have brought me to who I am today, and I felt a chain reaction as I forgave all of those who appeared to have abandoned me over the years.

Today, I am appreciative of the journey of my life, and I know that I wouldn’t trade a single experience for the gift of who I am in this moment. I know that my journey is far from over, and I have many wonderful adventures ahead of me.

But most of all, I know that in appreciating all that has been, and that which is in my life now, I will create a better future for myself.

I am grateful that I am so blessed.


Joys of solitary life


In ancient times people with strong spiritual bending often took this path. They have chosen a path of living with themselve and God. but they used to leave the human society and dwell in forests or other solitary places. Where there was no chances of being tempted by human companionship.
In today’s world none of us will be very eager to do that, yet, those with spiritual bending do suffer more than those with consumeristic bending.
People who believe in selfless love, kind words, maliceless heart and such spiritual things suffer a lot more than practical people, who see the world as it is. But it’s a big truth that spiritual people usually cant become a healthy materialistic person. If they are forced to become one they become sarcastic or bitter. They feel like they have become impure or have fallen down in their own eyes.
I have long struggled for this balance, and finally found my mentor in literature, I personally believe that people who have a spiritual bending may be few in number but they are truly blessed, because they have an eternal bonding with the creator. Their heart is always full of love and gratitude for the creator.
My own experience says spiritual people need to view this world from a distance, they may create a bonding but should be mentally prepared to back off if their mate is completely materialistic. Such unions rarely work and cause deep disappointment to one and pain to other. I have once read in a poem by tagore to look at the joys of life as if you are looking at a stream from the banks, always keep in mind that you can watch it and enjoy that vision but don’t try to own it, the moment you will try to own it every thing will wash away. When I first read that poem and heard that song I scowled (I was sixteen then) and thought if I don’t own some thing how am I supposed to love it, then age made me more humble and now I know we can love any thing or any one with our whole heart without owning them.
Its been almost eight years that I have been living a semi solitary life by complete own choice, I live a normal social life but I have built a space around me which can be penetrated by only God. As this bonding is getting deeper I am founding a peace and inner happiness which I never thought I will be able to achieve.
I have become a better person, a happier person.


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