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Intent of the Day: A Different Perspective


Do you call soft drinks soda? Pop? Coke? All different names to mean the same things but if you didn’t have a can right in front of you, you might not realize that you all had a commonality. Often times we focus on the differences in our words that even consider what we share and while that is a small example, we are finding more and more need to look for common ground, to listen and to hear than to shut down and divide.

Today our intent is to explore a different perspective. We want to stop seeing others and their differing opinions as wrong first, and instead consider how their actions are motivated. We want to be open and teachable. We want to be bridge builders instead of wall builders. We invite you to be the same. Here are 3 things to help you with your intent: Continue reading

Live Your Genius

Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 9.32.15 AMYou are a genius. No, I am not talking about your IQ. And I am not talking about whether you work for Apple. You are a genius because you are amazing, talented, inspiring and extraordinary. You are all these things. Me too. Maybe we haven’t figured out how to live them yet, but we are these things. And knowing this reminds us that no one can take this away from us except for ourselves. Only we can choose not to act like the genius we are born to be.

No geniuses are brilliant at everything – they stink at some things and are amazing at others. So we have to discover what makes us a genius – and for that we need to be open to try new things, investigate and have the courage to see the world differently. But the decks are stacked against us; we are guided to hide or cover up our genius.

We are taught in school to see things in the same way – the grass is green, the sky is blue and the sun is yellow; there is something wrong with us if we see shapes, colors or textures others don’t. We learn facts about the past to guide us in how to think about the future. We perpetuate our view of the past instead of inventing, expanding or allowing a new and greater view to think, act and respond. Our genius gets trained out of us; we learn to blend; we learn groupthink. It is easier to educate everyone in one way than to encourage each of us to see the world in our way.

The best ideas come not in the mainstream but from the corners – from the edges. When we allow our unique perspectives to come forward, be developed and flourish, we see more things from the edges. We consider things that were not previously considered because our unique genius perspective hadn’t found its voice before now. This is how we invent new and amazing things. This is how we solve chronic or challenging problems. This is how we find ways to change the world for the better – by giving ourselves permission for our genius to show.

Without stepping into our genius – those areas that host greater interest, ability and awareness – we shortchange our lives and our world. The reason we are geniuses is because we have what it takes to not only create great lives for ourselves, but to improve the world in the process. If we all were good at the same things, the planet would explode from the competition. But our uniqueness allows each of us to have a place – a way to find our fit – to find our genius and to bring it to impact the world for all of us.

We are hardwired for survival – our brain encourages us to give up on the things that threaten us or make us feel unsafe. And for most of us, this is what it feels like to play to what makes us different and unique. We stand out and standing out feels unsafe. So we discount what makes us amazing and move into what makes us look and act like others. We sell ourselves short. We sell our world short.

What if we, as a society, were more welcoming to our differences – to the genius in each of us? What if were to make it easy to know ourselves, be ourselves and let others be themselves? Then we would encourage everyone to discover and live their genius. We wouldn’t be intimidated or fearful of those who see the world differently – but rather benefit from their art, science, math, sociology, psychology or engineering. We may learn a way to live more peacefully with each other, treat our planet better, live more present in each moment, appreciate the moments in life, build wiser to live on a constantly changing Earth, end the proliferation of weapons, or a hundred other things we need right now. All is possible. We have the wisdom. We have the genius. We need to choose to live it, bring it forward and applaud it as genius. Then we have the ability of creating the world that we all say we want.


  Today I wish to call your attention about some important considerations about the correct appreciation of our wonderful and spiritual bright violet color.

       Colors belong to the field of our subjective mind. They are appreciated in a subjective manner.
  Our objective mind computes more easily the black, gray and white colors. Still black and white images are easily well appreciated, so the same is applied to black and white movies.
 It is also when we read the black letters on a white background. Ah! But the amazing bright violet color! How it is a feast for our psychic eyes because it allow us be aware of the fantastic fourth dimension.
According to most masters of the esoteric world, this dimension is a
More accurate reflection of what the real world is.

  Please permit me to narrate my first encounter with this color. I had already been a student of mystical studies for eight years when this amazing experience took place in all its glory.
I was just starting to meditate with a mirror right in front of me. Suddenly a kind of violet fog stared to form, so I wasn’t able to se my reflection on the mirror, then as looked around the small room I was in was all filled up with this bright and dense violet color. The room temperature dropped I was able to feel a very pleasant coolness. I felt if a piece of heaven has descended and engulfed me totally, and then I started to sense a high spiritual force coming out from my chest. This great force appeared right in front of me. My physical consciousness told me that right in front of me was my real self. There was a conversation between my inner and outer selves it was held telepathically. I was able to see at least seven long ago past lives, well the different faces three as a woman and four as a man.

  Then a spiral was formed and inside this spinning spiral some images from several places and epochs stared to appear and disappear.
  It was my eternal and wise soul personality. Both my physical and subjective minds were filled up with eternal truths and wisdom. A kind of spiritual marriage was performed. I felt so in peace with myself, so that I immediately stared sobbing with great joy. 
  This very prolonged spiritual liberation was expressed by my crying in silence shedding a lot of diamonds in the shade of tears. It was indeed a great miracle! Like at last I had been able to have found the answers to all the efforts made to find real meaning in my life. I saw myself from a true cosmic perspective 

  This magical moments, I really don’t know how much it lasted, what
I know is that from that moment on my life started to be dual in nature. You might ask why am I telling you this, well according to my intuition many of you will experiment a strong spiritual arousal from this new mystic moon until full moon. This is the first time I dare to narrate such private experience. I think right now is the proper time to do so.


 I thank you for your comprehension.


Soul Perspectives – The Experience of Loss – (C) Reproductions Permitted: http://www.thesouljourney.com

The Experience of Loss

It’s difficult to see the purpose and gain meaning for disturbing or painful experiences. There has been so much chaos, destruction and disharmony in the world lately – much of it caused by nature and much also caused by humans. Images of despair visit us daily in our homes and have a profound effect on how we feel and on how we view life.

When something difficult to appreciate or accept happens we typically ask: ‘Why did this happen?’ That isn’t always the most appropriate question to ask because we usually cannot understand why things happen. More to the point is trusting that what happens needs to happen for some greater purpose. And the question to ask is: ‘What can I/we learn from what has happened?’

There is a principle in life that states when something negative happens there is something out of alignment, something that needs to change in order to be in harmony with the bigger picture. Therefore when something negative happens there is something we need to learn in order to do our part in bringing about the needed change.

Since we are all part of humanity what occurs to others does in some way also affect us. What is happening on the planet is universal in nature, speaking to all of humanity at this time. So reflecting on the significance of hurricane Katrina and other ‘disasters’ we can gain some soul perspectives that might help us learn from this experience and serve us well for the future.

Death, injury and destruction of property teaches us about loss. We experience loss in order to see more clearly what we value and what is of greatest value.

Loss of family and friends through death is a reminder of our own mortality, and a prompting to realize that death is not the end but a transition to a new life. It can teach us to live life more fully in the present and be grateful for the people and experiences in our life.

Loss through experience of injury is a reminder that pain and limitation is an opportunity to learn lessons, reflect and awaken potentials within ourselves. The soul suffers no injury, and needs to be relied upon at this time. When the body can do everything we want, we often neglect the soul within.

Loss through destruction of property and things owned is a reminder that material things are temporary. It also teaches us to take care of what we have. It can also remind us to discriminate between what we need and what we desire. Often suffering occurs when we have indiscriminately accumulated far more than what we need and have been obsessed or controlled by our possessions.

Loss makes people turn within. This connects us with our fears, our values, our hopes and expectations. But more than anything it connects us with our fragility and vulnerability.

Loss is an experience of being wounded. We experience it in our feeling nature which tells us we need to re-evaluate our relationships – how we feel about and connect with life and other people.

One of the more significant meanings of ‘natural disasters’ is to put us in right relationship to nature. They make us realize that we are not the center of the universe, that we cannot control everything that happens, that we are part of a dynamic, complex life that is much bigger and more powerful than we are. It is also a wake up call letting us know that nature is powerful and if we don’t respect and align with it we can cause more destruction through not taking responsibility for abusing our environment.

When we realize this we must ask ourselves how to live harmoniously within life. We must also ask ourselves what is important in life and what we ought to be spending our time, energy and money doing and supporting.

Experiences of loss can be quite humiliating, which essentially means putting us in our place so that we can relate appropriately. We humans tend to be rather arrogant in our efforts to control.

Loss is always a time of renewal. Renewal must first take place within our thoughts. We must re-think our lives and make decisions that will better serve our purpose than continue to cater to our sense of comfort and control. This is a time to begin creating a new future in line with the new consciousness of sharing that is dawning in the human psyche at this time.

We can do this if our thinking goes in the direction of awakening feelings of responsibility toward the environment, and feelings of equality, acceptance and respect toward our fellow humans.

Loss prompts us to restore right relationships. As long as we think we can control everything it will be proven to us that we cannot. As long as we disregard the fact that we are part of nature, we will suffer the disconnections. As long as we judge ourselves superior to others or be judgmental toward them, that inequality will be challenged and we will experience fear of our brothers and sisters. That fear will motivate us to do some things that are harmful to others and to ourselves.

Our disregard or ignorance of right relationships blocks the soul from expression but at the same time evokes its presence. Let experiences and feelings of loss teach us the needed lessons so that we can touch the soul and have it infuse our minds, hearts and behaviours with empowering, confident, intelligent love.


1. What losses have you experienced that you find difficult to accept?

2. What can you learn from these?

3. What soul qualities do you need to express as a result

(C) Reproductions Permitted: http://www.thesouljourney.com

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