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Getting started, again


We started off the year with high hopes.

We were going to find love!
Start new jobs!
Let go of old hurts!

Now that it’s March, it’s time to do an evaluation.
Are you any closer? Are you have the sort of realistic conversations with yourself that are going to stop you from repeating the same old, same old? Or are you still back in 2013?

I hope as you’re reading this that you are thinking back on the short time since the turning of the year and you’re already proud of how far you’ve come, but in case you aren’t, here are some ideas to help you get back on track.

1. Time to affirm your intent. Remember the feeling and place you were in to make you set a big intent in the first place? Maybe you were worn out. Maybe you were on fire with the passion of a new idea. Even if you’re not in the same place you were when you originally made you’re intent, affirming it means you’re still saying “yes!” to that idea. Regardless of where you are today, you are just as committed to your dream.

2. Set visual reminders. I’m not above taking a page out of a teen girl’s book and leaving decorating my walls with reminders. Whether that’s notes on the bathroom mirror or refrigerator to remind myself of a new mindset or empty boxes in my bedroom to remind me to finally purge my closet of all the things I don’t need, a visual reminder is a tangible shift from seeing things the way they’ve always been.

3. Make an appointment with yourself. A boss I had taught me how invaluable it can be to make appointments with yourself, especially living in our fast-paced culture. You have someone asking you to get coffee (not necessarily a bad thing) and so you look down at your calendar and find an open place. If you’re like me, this might happen half a dozen times in a week and so you keep filling up the open places in your calendar with meaningful conversations and meetings. But then you arrive at the end of the week and realize you’ve left no time for your own plans or progress. Before you make it to Monday, sit down and find a block of time that can be added to your calendar that is reserved for the tasks that are hanging over your head. Writing? Organizing? Going to the gym? Sometimes it feels selfish to save time for you, but you would never tell a friend that making their own positive progress was selfish, so why is it for you?

So where are you getting started?
It’s possible you don’t feel progress being made because you never set an intention to begin with.
Check out this Year of Intent intention made my Mallika Chopra:

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 2.02.44 PM(click the image to see the entire intention)

Since originally posting about her new book, Mallika has been updating, affirming and responding to the comments left by other users. It keeps her motivated and, most importantly, focused on accomplishing a satisfying task- her newest book.

If it’s March and you lasted a good week on your resolutions and intentions, that’s fine. We’re here to get you started again.
So, again, I’ll ask where are you getting started?
What’s it going to take to get going?

Interested in checking out other Year of Intent goals? Check them out here.
Then set your own at Intent.com!

From the Year of Intent: Affirm Your Intent by Saying No

yoga-1_300Do you ever notice when you make a decision to do something, suddenly a million opportunities present themselves to throw you off your game or steer you in a different direction? The first thing that has to happen after you are clear on an intention is to practice saying no to anything that does not serve it. This can come in the form of relationships, business opportunities, how you spend your free time, and more. And it can be extremely difficult!

When you’re making a shift in your life toward a new vision, one of the hardest things to do is discern which opportunities to accept, and which ones to decline. However, if you are clear on your intention and know what you are moving toward, saying “no” is a powerful way to affirm what it is you want and are creating. I see it as a way of sending a clear message to the Universe, propelling you forward in the best direction 

For the past five years I have worked to build a thriving private yoga and Thai yoga massage practice. In the process of building that business I worked part-time in an unrelated field, plus taught many group classes to hone my yoga teaching skills and build my client base. Now, I’m happy to say, I have a full time private practice and can say no to opportunities that get in the way of my time with my clients.

This year though, my intent is to build a thriving online business to allow for maximum mobility in my life. Basically, I’m shifting gears so that in addition to my private clientele, I can reach people throughout the world with a variety of online offerings, including essential oils, meditation, and Soul-Care Sessions (my newest program). I am doing this to allow more opportunity for writing, travel, and spending time with my family who are scattered all over the globe.

Even though I am clear on what I am moving toward, it can still be amazingly difficult to turn down opportunities that show up. Since the start of the New Year, I have turned down 3 business opportunities that I determined would eat up time and attention from where I really want to direct it. Saying no was not easy though! I still have that fearful voice that thinks saying no means I’m ungrateful or entitled. Thankfully, largely through my meditation practice, I’ve learned how to turn the volume down on that voice, and turn the volume up on my intuition that gives me that gut reaction of what’s a good idea and what isn’t.

I don’t think there’s any real formula for this, but this is what I’ve observed about my own response.

Scenario 1: If someone makes an offer or proposal that right away feels good, exciting, and inspiring, I usually accept it. Sometimes fear will kick in after trying to discourage me, at which point I tell myself it’s worth a shot and if in the end I decide it’s not in my best interest, at least I tried.

Scenario 2: If someone proposes something that makes me hesitate, question, and feel uneasy, I usually say no thank you. But, if I don’t know right away it’s a no, I take time to think about it. Often then, that fearful voice will try to convince me that it’s a mistake to turn it down, but if I’m trying too hard to rationalize it into my life, I know it’s not right. Then I say no.

Like with anything worth developing, it’s a practice. Taking a moment to check in with how you feel, on a physical and spiritual plane, is always a good idea. There’s almost no decision that requires an immediate answer, so take the time to feel good about your response. Listen to your intuitive voice, and know that saying no doesn’t mean a stop to opportunities, but more likely an invitation for the right ones to appear.

I would love to have your support in my Year of Intent! You can follow me HERE.


Sasha Stone is participating in our Year of Intent campaign. You can support, adopt or comment on her 2014 Intent and all of her updates here, or go to Intent.com to start your own! 

From Mallika Chopra: What Makes a Good Intent?

meditationThis afternoon as my husband, two daughters and I wandered the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam, we reflected on 2013 and shared our hopes and dreams for 2014.  (We are in Hanoi on an incredible family vacation to meet family who is living here.)

2014 is a big year for my family.  Leela, my youngest daughter, will be turning 10 years old.  Tara will be entering middle school, an experience that will broaden her world and intellect.  My husband has some big milestones that are years in the making, which will manifest in 2014.  And I will be writing my book, Living with Intent!

However, we decided not to focus on what we wanted to do (our goals), but to reflect on how we wanted to feel, what we wanted to create and achieve, and how we wanted to serve (our intents).

There are several steps I use when thinking about how to set intents.  (I will be writing about these extensively in my book, of course!)

Our intents come from a place deep inside of us – they are the kernels of who we aspire to be, what we want to feel connected, and how we feel purposeful in our lives.  To set intents, we need to know ourselves.

So the first step for setting my own intents is meditation, reflection, and silence.  For now, I am calling this step Incubation.  (Please let me know if you have a better word that starts with I – I am trying to create a step-by-step guide based on the letters I-N-T-E-N-T.  I’m not thrilled with incubation although the word expresses my idea.)

Incubation is tapping into the silence between our thoughts and getting in touch with our soul.  It is about transcending our minds chatter, and feeling at peace with our selves – letting go of our insecurities, anticipations, fears. And in this process, we begin to naturally sense the seeds of desire that bubble up from that place of silence and peace.  We know what will make us feel happy, connected, and purposeful.  Sometimes, we may not be ready to express it in words so it is important to give ourselves the time to incubate these deep desires.

With time, we are able to articulate our intents to ourselves and those around us.  I am a believer in creating networks of support to share ones intents.  The support and accountability one gets from others make the journey of realizing our intents meaningful and fun.  And thus why I hope you will all share your intents and your journey with us  for 2014!

Here are some of my intents for 2014:

  • My intent is to connect deeply with those I love – being a source of support, laughter, and inspiration to their every day life.
  • My intent is to feel energetic and vibrant physically and emotionally every day – and in turn, set some goals for diet, exercise, and regular meditation.
  • My intent is to write my book with joy and inspiration, staying true to my desire to share the power of intention to transform ones life.
  • My intent is to grow Intent.com, nurturing a community I feel honored to be a part of.

I look forward to reading all of your intents, and more importantly to read your updates and comments supporting each other as the weeks and months continue. 

Happy New Year!!  2014 promises to be fantastic!!

photo by: tokyosucks

Thank You from the Intent Team

 Happy Thanksgiving

We know that not everyone is celebrating Thanksgiving this week. We hope those of you that aren’t are still celebrating being grateful for us as we reflect on all of the blessings we have and our abilities to do more for each other and the world. So whether you are carving up a giant turkey today or not, the Intent Team would like to thank you.

On a daily basis we try to foster an active community that values positivity, wellness and helping the fellow man. That’s you, and you make that work a pleasure to be part of. Whether you are posting an Intent on Intent.com or commenting and sharing a blog, we appreciate your never ending support and your commitment to our Intent mission. We are grateful to have you in our corner and we only hope to grow in the upcoming months and years as we spread our message to the masses!

We’re the grateful to have a platform like Intent Blog to be able to push progressive ideas and to help boost the visibility of issues that need our attention. As we go on we are going to be working harder to bring you the news, talk about the issues affecting us as a society, and break them down with the purpose of Intent. We’re going to ask the tough questions like why is this happening? What does this mean to me? How do we heal? How do we use this to come together? We are excited and hope you are too.

We are grateful to have a space to share our intents (and yours!). We firmly believe that setting your intent, acknowledging your heart’s desire and stating it, is the first step in positive change. We are deeming 2014 “The Year of Intent” and all year we will be striving not only to make those intents but to show what it takes to turn those germs of ideas into reality. Please join us! 

So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you Intent followers and readers! We appreciate you taking this journey with us and hope you have a great holiday (or every day) weekend.


Intent Team

PS. If you want to know what’s coming up with Intent or get involved make sure you subscribe to our newsletter! (Totally free and super easy)

From Intent.com: We Want to Help You Start That Big Project

Every week I read a LOT of intents. A lot of them.

The good news for me is it’s been pretty amazing reading through the intentions and goals of the folks on Intent.com. I don’t know if you know this, but there are a ton of people starting things: Businesses, books, screenplays, paying off debt, relationships! All sorts of life changing stuff.

It’s been encouraging to see those things talked about, plans made, and then to see this online community gather around good ideas and support them.

Ideas like…



Kerri(Click on the photo. Check out their full profiles!)

This is real life. It’s been beyond inspiring to watch people take big, bold steps and then get to cheer them on. As we’re steadily approaching 2014, I’m already thinking about what’s around the corner for myself.

I want to give you a heads up. We’re declaring 2014 the Year of Intent.

What does that mean?

It means all year we’re going to be challenging you to set a big dream and then go for it. We’re going to be helping 12 causes get the word out about their big plans. Let me encourage you to still set daily intents whether they be about your health or self development. Just know that we’re spending the rest of 2013 getting ready to launch some big stuff in 2014.

You should be one of those big things.

What will your Year of Intent look like? Tell us over at Intent and let’s start this journey together.

How to Define Success for Yourself

hikingPeople like to be comfortable. We also like to make sense out of the chaos that surrounds us.

We find the best way of doing this is to rank and organize everything around us; including accomplishments. It can become so easy to see a family member or a friend living the life that “you should be living,” and look upon your own accomplishments with much less fervor. So what if I asked you if you’ve lived up to your life and career expectations; what would you say? How would you judge yourself?

The truth is that everyone will have a different answer, because we all have a different definition for success.

You’re a Unique Snowflake

Like I mentioned before, it’s supremely important that you don’t compare yourself to friends and coworkers.  Seeing the accomplishments of others and trying to measure up to their standards makes it nearly impossible to be satisfied with yourself. This is especially true in regards to social media. As enjoyable as it can be, social media provides people the opportunity to show only a “highlight reel” of their best moments. This is often self-deflating as you and I only see our bloopers.

The thing is is that there’s no traditional finish line in life, because life isn’t a race. There’s no timer telling you that you have to have a college education by the age of 23, be married by 28 and start having children by 30. At least, I hope there’s not, or someone’s going to have to take back the degree I finally earned at the ripe old age of 33.

Look in the Mirror

It may be hard to admit, but if you look hard enough, you’ll most likely find someone in the world that is better than you at something. For example, I like to think I’m the best video game player on earth. I try and remind my 10-year-old boy of that “fact” every day. Nevertheless, I think we could both agree that it’s not entirely true.

That’s why it’s so important to set realistic goals that are both manageable end enjoyable. There’s no goal in the world that’s too large if you set your mind to it; you just have to take the right path to get there.

A good metric to determine your own success is to simply compare what you’ve done in the past with what you’re doing right now. What have you accomplished in the last year? Are you happier now than you were six months ago? What have you done to improve yourself?

You might surprise yourself and realize that maybe you’ve done more than you thought. You might even decide that it’s time to make a change. Either way, never forget that it’s never too late to do something big.

Start With What You Know

Here are some of the questions I asked myself. Your questions and answers may vary:

  • Was I a successful writer five years ago? Nope. Am I now? I’d like to think so!
  • Are you more fit than you were last year? Not even close. This is something I need to work on.
  • Am I happier now than when I first separated from the Army? Infinitely!
  • Have I become a more well-rounded person in the last two years? I can honestly say, yes!
  • Did I own a house 10 years ago? No. Do I now? Yes!

It’s not a foolproof plan, nor does it fix every problem, but it’s a start. Ask yourself, and you’ll find the answers you’re looking for.

Take hold of your life today and make the changes that will ultimately make you happier, more successful and lead you to your dreams. Only you can determine if you’re successful, so make sure it happens.

Photo courtesy of Johnson Cameraface.

Do You REALLY WANT What You Want?

"Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. " -John Lennon

I’ve been kidding myself for years about writing a screenplay or novel.  Sure I’d talk about it.  Or kick around possible plot lines and dialogue in my head, but never actually wrote anything down.  I never had "time".

So I realized something…

I didn’t really want to do it.  How did I know I didn’t really want it? 

I never did anything to get it done!

I didn’t plan to fail, I failed to plan.

Now I have many friends who have become published authors, some of whom have hit the New York Times Bestseller list, or have had major Hollywood studios option their stories.  Do these people magically know how to bend the space time continuum and add more hours to the day?                                                                 

NO! But I’ve noticed they all have something in common:

They commit to sessions of scheduled time in seeking their goal.  Some write only an hour a week, some an hour a day.  But they’ve all finished their books by doing.  They make time.

Manifestation of any idea or goal requires action

Major goals, whether it is writing a book or finishing a degree or learning to play an instrument can seem overwhelming.  Breaking it down into smaller, doable steps will put you on the path to your goal.  Then committing it to a calendar is literally making a date with destiny.

Unfortunately too many of us think that goals and objectives are yearly matters and not daily rituals. This leaves many of us spending too much time on the minor things and not on the real details which are actually important in reaching our goals.

So now I’m setting aside uninteruppted time to make my writing a reality.  And in this planning process I’ve also realized  it’s okay to alter the goal and allow things to evolve.  Looking back over the blogs I’ve written, I feel a charge from this type of writing, rather than narrative storytelling. The screenplay /novel thing is not for me at this time.   And that’s okay.  

They say success consists of 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.  Is it warm in here or is it just me?


Brand Your Purpose










                                                I—II—III—IV—V  VI  VII


                                                F    S     S     M    T   W   T       



Yearly period


Moon polarity

Moon signs







 4.-Psychic stimulations

 5.-Exact time sensations

 6.-Esoteric formulas



 8.-Walking Park

 9.-Intentional thinking


10.-Mystic formulas

11.-Relaxatin & meditations

12.-Deep breathings

13.-communication with friends at Intent

14.-Night prayer


31st January, 2009

31st January 2009

Every week I write a special energy message that I send to those who sign up on my site (www.MichalLevin.com).  Its called the ELU, or Energy Link Up, and its designed to help your meditation, or even contemplation. But I’d like to share this week’s message, in written form anyway, because it marks such an important point-  this is the real start of 2009.

Sunday 1st February marks the end of the Mercury retrograde that’s been causing some of us such chaos or similar (technical tangles for me!). Then, give it a day or two to settle, and the energetic path ahead finally opens. The “real new year” that I have been talking about, begins.

Its time for you to start putting the plans I’ve been urging you to work on in recent weeks, into action. It’s especially important to take note of the thoughts, meetings, ideas, and people who cross your path in the next week. They may relate to core themes for you in 2009, or underline the aspects of yourself that you are already focusing on, or need to focus on or  work with. There’s no hurry, this week is about steady application.

The week’s ELU message, as usual, aims to help you harmonize with the energies of the week to strengthen you, and help you on your quest. As ever it will mean slightly different things to different readers- that part of the message’s magic!

As ever before you begin your meditation or contemplation, to encourage the most powerful results, remember to follow the instructions on your “welcome letter” (comes to those who sign up at: http://www.michallevin.com/energy_link_up.php) and prepare properly for the process. It really does make a difference. 

That means being clean (forgive me for stating the obvious), being still, saying your prayers and being in an appropriate place, for a start. It also means avoiding synthetic scents- perfumes or soaps for example. My CD  “Energy The Real Story, Step One ” explains. You’ll find it in my shop (and you can listen to an extract )

Finally, please do remember, while it’s great if you can join the Link Up on Sunday, it’s more important to work with the message throughout the week, at any time that suits you. I usually offer healing on Sundays, and/or in the week.

Go well, be well.

Love and best wishes,             


Is it you? 2                                                                        ELU 1st February 2009

I saw a shape, in the wind,
That had no name. As I
Tried to call, it changed
Before my eyes – Shapeshifter.
It led me from person to person
Trying each against the figure
Holding, molding my mind.

So time, and disappointment, rolled
One after another; the tide
Of my inward tears ate into
The shore, till I watched
From the safety of the dunes –
Poised, posed in sum and air.
I saw you still, but where?

Then one evening, in the
Drizzle of late winter, in a
Strange but comforting place,
Ringed by trees and built of wood,
The unexpected seemed to happen.
You reached out your hand
To me.  Is it you?

It is you, isn’t it?
The words echo back
From the tree trunks;
A low but clear sound
That I hear in my heart, and
Know in myself:
Of myself.

Travel well,

Go well be well.
©Michal Levin 2009

 I am offering another telephone group  starting at the end of  February, and a Retreat in France in May.
Please do send an email if you’d like more details: Michal@MichalLevin.com.


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