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VOD: Congress Suspended Democracy So Only One Person Could Re-Open the Government

If you haven’t been following the news regularly about the government shutdown this is one story to which you should pay attention. Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D-Md) stood on the House Floor and attempted a motion to re-open the government. What followed was the revelation that on Oct. 1 House Republicans quietly passed a resolution that changed the standing House Rules so that only Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor can make a motion to re-open the government.

You read that correctly. Eric Cantor (or his designee) is the only person that can start the process of re-opening the government. That means that even if the every other Republican and Democratic representative is in favor of re-opening the government but Eric Cantor does not make the motion, the government stays shut down. Even the most powerful Republican in Congress – Speaker of the House John Boehner – can’t make the motion to re-open the government without Eric Cantor’s permission. The power to turn on the services paid for by our tax dollars and return hundreds of thousands of government workers back to their jobs is in the hands of one person.

Does that have your attention now?

Watch the video of Chris Van Hollen’s parliamentary inquiries to see for yourself.

What are your feelings on the video? How does this gel with your definition of democracy? Tell us in the comments below. 

This crazy madness called Politics!!


I’m not a republican nor am I democrat. I’m just an independent who is wandering what these crazy people who call themselves POLITICIANS are trying to do? I’m surprised that Barack Obama has been able to maintain his sanity this far. First, you have politicians having affairs or either paying for escorts; second you have shady dealings such as trying to sell a senate seat for money and recognition; third you have republicans doing everything in the book besides acting like a child of God so that the new president can start his tenure off on the wrong foot; and lastly you have the president with only a few days left in office leaving the country in this big recession while he goes to his new home he just brought in Texas!
The whole government is just screwed up and my concern for Barack Obama is can he keep his cool with all this drama and this unorganized government? Can the democrats really bring this country back to where it needs to be? And will the good people of this country be able to trust these shady politicians? What really got me about this whole political thing was the bailout gig. It seems like once Wall Street received a bailout then everybody and their mama came out of the woodworks and wanted a bailout. The auto industry wanted money and the transit system wanted money! What are these people thinking?
I’m also getting tired of people complaining about everybody that Obama picks to be apart of his administration. It seems like no matter who Obama appoints, there was something wrong with his pick. They had something to say when he picked Joe Biden, they had something to say when he picked Hillary Clinton, they had something to say when he picked his chief of staff, and now they have something to say about his CIA pick. Personally, I’ll be glad when January 20th, 2009 arrives so he could go ahead and finally get into office. The uhaul truck has not even pulled up to the white house yet and he is already bombarded with all of this drama!
Lastly, let’s not forget about this Blagojevich and Burris scenario. Even though Burris himself is not accused of anything but the whole Blagojevich thing is just downright shady! This is a situation where you can’t even trust your own governor! And a governor who has a potty mouth like he came straight out the projects. This whole senate seat drama started because of him and now Burris is probably somewhere taking a bottle of Advil to ease the headache he has from being turned away from the senate floor! All I have to say is that I don’t know what the political world will be like over the next four years but hopefully these politicians will get their act together. But if things are still the same, we might as well just send Sarah Palin, Rev. Wright, and Jesse Jackson to Washington, DC to run things!


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