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Manifesting 101: How to Create the Life You Want

24-08-10 If I Only Could I'd Make A Deal With GodIn order to manifest that which will bring you fulfillment, joy, purpose and abundance, it is necessary to understand the steps that will allow such things to come into your life with purpose. Take a moment with open mind to view these steps to creating your new bountiful future.

Intentions: You must be fully aware of what it is that you really want. You must have a clear definition. You can not simply say “I want change.” You must be specific what kind of change it is that you seek. If you are not specific you may find that the change which occurs will be all towards a downward spiral. Freeing yourself to be able to say I want positive forward movement in my change will be an incredible empowerment tool for your future success.
Be Mindful: That old expression “garbage in, garbage out” here comes to mind. If you continually take in negative thoughts, surround yourself with friends, or even family who continually tell you there is no way you can over come you will never amount to anything then guess what? You won’t. If you take your intentions to another level, and say I intend to listen to new creative ways to bring success and peace of mind in both my personal and professional life, then you will start to break those old reckless cycles and move forward.
Show Gratitude: I can not stress enough how important it is for you to be thankful for your current situation. This time in your life has brought you to the steps of your greatest accomplishment yet; abundance, creativity, success and boundless positive energy that will push you forward. Once you have been to the very bottom there is no other place to go then up. Be thankful for your failures they will be your inspiration.
Allow Forgiveness: Showing compassion for what has brought you to this time in your life has great meaning. It is the life blood of all of the things in your past that have placed you in a sense of powerlessness or success. Once you make that decision to forgive others where it is possible, or even proper, and then make that leap to forgive yourself and find peace you will be on your way to experiencing who you are truly meant to be. Honesty is paramount here seeking out that which causes you pain, however, is not always an easy task. This may require a professional to speak with one who is caring and understanding and can help teach you ways to deal with these personal issues.
Take Action: Let the new positive thought and energy flow; do not impede forward movement no matter how small it may seem at first. All things are connected. Every time you made a decision; including those times when you really felt like you did not make any type of decision comes into play here. You must be willing to accept the things you have done, and be prepared to make new choices for the future. You are an active participant in your manifestation of your positive future.
Follow Through: Whether you take your first step, or you stumble keep moving don’t quit!!! Know that you are blessed simply because you breathe. Believe in yourself for it will be your greatest asset, and your truest virtue. If you have made a decision to work this plan towards you future success then let me be the first to congratulate you, you have taken your first step towards abundance and peace of mind.
Originally published January 2011

Look at Me! Look at Me! Why Do We Want To Be Noticed By Others So Much?

Remember being a child? Remember running home or playing in the playground and discovering that you could do something new? “Look at me!” You shouted. “Look at me!”

If you look closely at yourself, you may discover you are still doing it. You still want to be seen– to be seen for what you can do and for how special you can be.

Perhaps in your childhood you were not seen, or at least, not enough. Your parents were too stressed and busy. There were too many other children and needs to compete with. Or worse, when you were seen, you were hurt.

No one had the perfect childhood. It is rare to have “the perfect life,” whatever that may be. Even in nurturing families, parents get stressed and often are too busy to see with their ears or hear with their eyes. It is rare to get any one’s undivided attention as they likely have other things going on in their mind. It is simply reality.

The problem is that as we are developing, we are learning about who we are in the larger context of this world. We become visible when we are seen. We become recognized when we are heard. We are learning about the validation of our existence.

As adults, we are therefore still seeking this validation. “Look at me!” We say, but this time it may be silently, as we have been told not to brag or show off. “Validate me!” we whisper under our breath. We seek this validation in a variety of ways—a pat on the back; a raise; a betrothal of love; applause from a crowd; the person at the reception desk to be pleasant or some other driver to slow down to let you pass. We feel validated by the kindness and attention of others or when life seems to be going our way.

We are also very quick to feel invalidated—by someone who is rude; criticism from a stranger or friend; by the management who laid you off; by the other person who got the award instead of you; by your heart being broken by the one you love.

“Look at me!” You may want to scream. “Can’t you see me? Can’t you see that I am good at what I do and that I am good person who deserves love and prosperity?”

And when you feel invalidated, you feel invisible. And so, you either shut down or try harder to be seen.

If inherently or unconsciously you believe you are invisible, how do you expect the world or universe to see you?

Your job is to ask yourself why it is so important to prove yourself while at the same time destroying yourself. Why is it so important to be seen for what you know or can prove when you do not see yourself as a living being that must thrive in your existence? Perhaps if you did believe and love yourself more, nurture yourself more, the quality of your work would be even that much more magnificent. Your life would be that much more extraordinary.

When you know in your heart that you are visible, seen, heard, valued and loved, you may find that you meet the most extraordinary people and have the most magnificent experiences.

Try this exercise and see what happens:

Imagine that you are surrounded by golden rays of light, perhaps from the sun itself. These rays of light are shining directly on you, because you are special. These rays of light are also tickling your heart so that it starts laughing and opening like a flower. As this happens, say these words at least ten times: “I am here. Seen. Heard. Valued. And Loved. And I shine my light like the sun itself.”

As you repeat these words, you may notice the light that enters your heart begins to shine out, as if you have a sun shining in your heart center.

Even if your life doesn’t change, this exercise will help you feel better and help you body’s biochemistry shift more into balance.

10 Questions That Can Help You STOP Standing In Your Own Way!

What’s keeping you from doing what you want?

 Is it YOU?

If so the GOOD NEWS is you know who to talk to:))

The sort of ‘bad’ better said challenging NEWS is, how do I convince myself to LISTEN in a healthy way and take conducive action?
Often our thoughts become SHADOWS that we start to fallow. But when we do that we take away our own sunlight and stunt our potential our possibilities to grow in every aspect of our lives. We take it away from ourselves rather than GIVING ourselves all that we deserve!
10 Questions to ask and answer yourself to help you stop standing in your way?
  • Is this truly what I want for myself or is this what someone else wants for me?
  • If this is what I sincerely want then what exactly is it I am afraid of?
  • What could be the the worst possible outcome?
  • Did the UNTHINKABLE ever happen?
  • How am I going to find out if I never do it?
  • What have I got to loose that I already don’t have?
  • What do I have to gain!
  • If I can come up wit10 reason why it would NOT work then I can come up with 10 reasons why it WOULD/WILL work.
  • What would/will my life be/look like 6 months from now if I do or don’t take this chance?
  • If nothing could go wrong and I had to decide RIGHT NOW, would I do it?
What ever it is you are about to do or not do should first and foremost be for your own sincere benefit. I can’t make anybody happy if I’m not happy myself and all I have to do is "BE" it and others will benefit from just that.
I do!!!!!
love&laugh -Patricia

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The Heart Knows, The Heart Heals

The heart is your great communicator.  It communicates with all the parts of your body, and with your brain.  It communicates with the outside environment, picking up signals through its electromagnetic field, especially emotional responses.  Your senses—sight, sound, smell, taste and feel—tell the heart of what is happening on the outside so that your heart feels and knows everything.  When it feels something, the heart tells the brain to put the feeling into context.   The brain, in turn, guides thoughts, behaviors and actions through mobilizing the endocrine, cardiac, immune, musculoskeletal, immune and other systems.  In short, the heart feels, tells the brain, the brain puts it all together, then stimulates the heart and other organ systems to work together to create the necessary action appropriate for the situation.  It’s a tight system.
The heart remembers all the feelings you have experienced your entire life–positive and negative. 

When you have an experience now that is joyful, the heart will reflect back to a similar experience and induce the same kind of good feelings you had in the past. In contrast, if you have a stressful experience, the opposite will happen and negative feelings from your past will come back. To protect you from being hurt again, the heart will signal the brain and the stress response will be evoked.  A wall to protect you will be put up.

Hidden Wounds
Why do you think you react?  Why do you react with anger, shame, or fear, often with a much bigger reaction than the situation warrants?

We all have wounds.  We have all had experiences in our lives that taught our hearts to shut down or to close down.

These experiences lie deep within your memory, so as you go through your lives, situations may stimulate these memories, causing you to automatically react in fear, angry, shame or other negative emotion, which stimulates an automatic physical action associated with that emotion. 

   The reaction is instantaneous, like the reflex that occur when the hammer hits the knee at the doctor’s office.  The reaction is part of the stress response.

When the stress response is over-activated, it becomes the Fear Response.  If it doesn’t   stop, you body’s system will break down in one form or another, resulting in some kind of physical or mental problem—insomnia, fatigue, body aches, inflammation, over-eating, you name it. 

For this reason, learning to heal your heart and the memories of hurt from your past also heals your body and mind.  By reprogramming your unconscious mind with new active beliefs that are positive and loving and by surrounding yourself and your heart with unconditional love, your physiology can shift into the Love Response rather than the Fear Response.

Here’s an example how: 

EXERCISE:  Acknowledging the heart

Close your eyes.
Bring your awareness to your chest, to your heart.
Just notice what your chest feels like.
Notice your breath moving in and out
Notice any sensation in your chest
Simply now acknowledge your heart and all your memories, from the past and the present.
Imagine now that the sun shines down upon you rays of golden love filled with unconditional love and grace.
Those rays of light are beginning to flow into your chest, right into your heart.
Those rays of light are massaging your heart, healing your heart.
As the golden light surrounds you and fills your heart, repeat these words:
“I deserve this love and I accept this love with gratitude.”
Hold this image and repeat these words as often as you wish.



Very often, I am asked, “So is you work similar to what is described in the book, The Secret?”  My answer, invariably, is “Sort of, but not really.”

The premise of The Secret is that your thoughts control the universe. In other words, if you set a positive intention or thought, the universe will comply and supply.  Based on this "law of attraction", you are able "manifest" what you want. "See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it.”

Truth is that I personally have asked the universe for many things, believing I was asking for what I ‘wanted’ and the universe did not even come close to supplying my demand.  I ordered from the catalogue and the delivery never came. 

Of course, at the time, I didn’t realize that in order to get what I wanted, I had to know what it is I wanted in the first place, not what I ‘needed.”


Want comes from a place of knowing that you am and have enough, and you simply want something that you can live without.  You are unattached to the outcome and therefore you are in a place of balance.  Need comes from a place of fear, of believing that you are not enough or do not have enough. In balance, you evoke the Love Response, in fear, the Fear Response.  Each of these responses creates biochemical and physiological changes in the body that have different vibrations.  These are the vibrations that are emitted into the universe. If like attracts like, what do you think you will attract with each vibration?

If you are lacking in something—like money—you are in need. It is a reality.  Perhaps you have not had work in a while or you have been unsuccessful in regularly paying your bills on time.  Based on your negative experiences of not having enough money repeatedly, you develop the belief that you cannot successfully acquire money or the generalized assumption that you will never meet necessary payments.  Your brain will create a prediction about your future—I do not have enough and the likelihood is that in the future, I will not have enough.

Despite the fact that you might ‘want” something positive or extend out to the universe a position intention, if your unconscious assumption or prediction is negative, your Fear Response is still activated. The vibration that is being extended to the universe is one of Fear.

The key to The Secret is the notion that you assume you will have what you want. This means that within your mind—conscious, subconscious and unconscious—there is no doubt that you will get or have whatever you are asking for and that if you do not get what you are asking for, you will get it in time; Like your breath, you know in no uncertain terms that another breath will come the minute you let go of one.  There is not moment of need because you always manage to have. 

So how are you supposed to develop this kind of assumption when all you know is negative experiences of not having? 

This is where the Active Belief SystemTM and the Love Response® come in.  When you subtly change the unconscious beliefs to one of having enough and being enough, the Love Response is activated. In the Love Response, you are not in a place of need.  You can peruse your world and see more clearly what it is you want because you are no longer desperate. You have more clarity as to what the universe may be presenting to you and you might find that acquiring what you want is easier. 


Altered State of Mind

There are many altered states of mind, your perception of your reality is one of them.

Looking at a gentlemen in a suit standing at the lights, extremely well presented you:

  1. See him as successful and happy with his life.
  2. A very powerful man possibly a manager or supervisor or even a CEO.
  3. You want to be like him.
  4. He must have a nice apartment/house.
  5. The money must be good.

Are any of these things relevant in your live.

  1. Are you happy?
  2. Do you want to be in a power position?
  3. Do you really?
  4. You have enough don’t you?
  5. Money? You have food do you not?

Why do you want these things?

Are these things your ego talking or do you truly desire what he has?

  1. Hes been unemployed for six months.
  2. Hes going for a job interview.
  3. He lives with a couple of his mates.
  4. He borrowed the suit form one of his mates.
  5. Hes going for a job a junior assistant. earning less than you.

The power of the mind is very deceiving, you may think you know what
you want but are you positve your mind is not playing tricks on you.

Change your thought change your future.

Freedom writers!!

Are we really free? I think we are not.

We are so dominated with the problems in life that we are not enjoying the real journey of life. The real life here is to make most of the every moment. We have to free ourself for a better time in our life. For all those happy moments aroud us which we are not enjoying. See what you want to see, explore new, do new, find new. Thats the way to be the FREEDOM WRITERS. Its our life, how cant we manage it? We are the fighters of the game called life and we have to win this battle. Write your own freedom. Now.

Just watched the movie

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