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Do You Struggle to Give Up an Object that Once Served You Well? For Me, My Laptops.

laptops4“We conceive…a sort of gratitude for those inanimated objects, which have been the causes of great or frequent pleasure to us. The sailor, who, as soon as he got ashore, should mend [build] his fire with the plank upon which he had just escaped from a shipwreck, would seem to be guilty of an unnatural action. We should expect that he would rather preserve it with care and affection, as a monument that was, in some measure, dear to him.”

–Adam Smith, The Theory of Moral Sentiments

I love this passage, but the old-fashioned language may make it difficult to understand Smith’s point: when some object has done us great service, we’re reluctant to get rid of it.

Do you feel this way? I sure do. Continue reading

How Do You Feel About Gifts? A List of Questions.

ElizabethTreadmillDeskTheFamily-150x150People often ask, “What’s the key to happiness?”

I think that question can be answered in a few different ways, depending on the framework used to approach the question.

For instance, one answer is: self-knowledge. As the Fifth Splendid Truth holds, we can build a happy life only on the foundation of our own nature, our own interests, our own values. Continue reading

Seed: Five Simple Rules for Happiness III

Seeds XI, 18


Seed: Five Simple Rules for Happiness III


I read the germs for the next five Seeds in a catalogue.


Five Simple Rules for Happiness. The third is . . . Live simply.


So now, you start this path toward happiness with a free heart and a free mind. Those two are cause for happiness all by themselves. Now, a third prescription: live simply.


You’ve seen that bumpersticker: Lively simply so that others may simply live. How many winter coats do you wear at a time? How many do you own? How many dishes do you really use? How many do you own? How many cars can you drive at a time? How many do you own?


Simplicity makes daily life easier. Four outfits to choose from rather than ten makes getting dressed simpler. Four coffee mugs instead of twenty makes choosing one simpler.


Live simply is a good prescriptive for happiness. Here’s how to start: look at what you own with kind, quiet eyes. Do you love it? Do you use it? Does it have meaning for you? Good. Keep it. If it doesn’t, begin to simplify your living by giving your excess away. What happiness comes of living simply.


Be joy,


Susan Corso


Dr. Susan Corso


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