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Featured Intent: Yes to Your Full Potential


Everyday we see original intents from our community that are encouraging and inspiring. They have hopes for seeing new jobs, new opportunities and new chapters in their stories. This week we are sharing some of our favorites, like this one. It’s one thing to have potential. It’s another to say yes to it. Are you ignoring your potential? Have you recognized that it’s waiting on your doorstep? Maybe potential is intimidating! That’s all normal and understandable, but we want to stop running from what might be waiting. Today we’re saying yes to our full potential!

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Live Your Genius

Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 9.32.15 AMYou are a genius. No, I am not talking about your IQ. And I am not talking about whether you work for Apple. You are a genius because you are amazing, talented, inspiring and extraordinary. You are all these things. Me too. Maybe we haven’t figured out how to live them yet, but we are these things. And knowing this reminds us that no one can take this away from us except for ourselves. Only we can choose not to act like the genius we are born to be.

No geniuses are brilliant at everything – they stink at some things and are amazing at others. So we have to discover what makes us a genius – and for that we need to be open to try new things, investigate and have the courage to see the world differently. But the decks are stacked against us; we are guided to hide or cover up our genius.

We are taught in school to see things in the same way – the grass is green, the sky is blue and the sun is yellow; there is something wrong with us if we see shapes, colors or textures others don’t. We learn facts about the past to guide us in how to think about the future. We perpetuate our view of the past instead of inventing, expanding or allowing a new and greater view to think, act and respond. Our genius gets trained out of us; we learn to blend; we learn groupthink. It is easier to educate everyone in one way than to encourage each of us to see the world in our way.

The best ideas come not in the mainstream but from the corners – from the edges. When we allow our unique perspectives to come forward, be developed and flourish, we see more things from the edges. We consider things that were not previously considered because our unique genius perspective hadn’t found its voice before now. This is how we invent new and amazing things. This is how we solve chronic or challenging problems. This is how we find ways to change the world for the better – by giving ourselves permission for our genius to show.

Without stepping into our genius – those areas that host greater interest, ability and awareness – we shortchange our lives and our world. The reason we are geniuses is because we have what it takes to not only create great lives for ourselves, but to improve the world in the process. If we all were good at the same things, the planet would explode from the competition. But our uniqueness allows each of us to have a place – a way to find our fit – to find our genius and to bring it to impact the world for all of us.

We are hardwired for survival – our brain encourages us to give up on the things that threaten us or make us feel unsafe. And for most of us, this is what it feels like to play to what makes us different and unique. We stand out and standing out feels unsafe. So we discount what makes us amazing and move into what makes us look and act like others. We sell ourselves short. We sell our world short.

What if we, as a society, were more welcoming to our differences – to the genius in each of us? What if were to make it easy to know ourselves, be ourselves and let others be themselves? Then we would encourage everyone to discover and live their genius. We wouldn’t be intimidated or fearful of those who see the world differently – but rather benefit from their art, science, math, sociology, psychology or engineering. We may learn a way to live more peacefully with each other, treat our planet better, live more present in each moment, appreciate the moments in life, build wiser to live on a constantly changing Earth, end the proliferation of weapons, or a hundred other things we need right now. All is possible. We have the wisdom. We have the genius. We need to choose to live it, bring it forward and applaud it as genius. Then we have the ability of creating the world that we all say we want.

The Past Is Always Present, So Make It Work For You

Letting Go - Creative Commons by gnuckxMany self-help teachers will urge you to live in the moment:  “The past is over and done with. The present is a present.”  Of course, it is great to fully experience the present and not dilute it with invasive thoughts of the past or even future worries – the way animals live moment to moment; however, humans are far more complex. And when someone tells you not to think about something or do something, that’s all you think about. Ask any unsuccessful dieter!

Let your past work for you

Memories are powerful teachers, lessons of the past making you wiser. Also, they can be comforting like a favorite old story to be retold or an old movie to be seen again. Ultimately, when you reflect on the past, you might finally unlock a pattern which has undermined your true potential and change what no longer works.  A great byproduct is that you can recall the former self you have lost touch with throughout the years to be what you aspire to be.

7 Steps to understand where you’ve been to get where you want to go

* Find a place to withdraw from all the nervous energy and demands around you and create the time to breathe and reflect.

* Take stock of your hidden dreams. Recall the people from the past who inspired and fueled you to be the best that you can be. Process what they said and hear their voices again. What did they say that you were good at doing? Find it.

* If you feel stressed and anxious, take a closer look at the roots of your daily unhappiness. What old words of criticism from parents, educators or friends still upset you? Do you use these same words in your own negative self-talk: “Fat,” “Stupid,”  “Ugly,” “Never amount to anything?” It’s time to silence your inner critic and speak to yourself with compassion and respect.

* Identify the life pattern which is holding you back. Introspect on your past emotional programming – things you feel you ought to do. What will you do differently today to accomplish for yourself? Make sure you know why you want to achieve your new goals.

* Forgive yourself today for past failures. Create a ritual of forgiveness which is meaningful to you like reciting a prayer, or flushing away a piece of paper with your failure written on it. When you forgive yourself, you will be emotionally available to forgive others. What tends to bother people most is not that someone hurt them, but that they allowed themselves to be hurt.

* Do you idealize the past to escape your present – the good old days, or the one that got away? Try tuning into your daily reality and investing it with the same energetic imagination.

* Get into a state of flow and become one with whatever you are doing – where past and present merge into a single unit of time. For example, a golf swing or a dance you have practiced many times where you go from past rehearsal to present accomplishment automatically and effortlessly.

Note: Those of you who have suffered past trauma should consult a psychiatrist about revisiting the past – as some memories need a medical guide or should remain undisturbed.

Originally posted in 2011 

3 Ways to Make Your Life Story One That Empowers You

leap“Don’t allow your situation to become your world.” – Bishop T.D. Jakes from Oprah’s Life Class

We all have a story. Sometimes it explains why we can’t do something and other times our story propels us forward.

I’ve heard cases where people have the same story — such as lack of money, resources, or knowledge — and one person eventually starts a successful business while the other is out of work and depressed. One story can lead to completely opposite interpretations and outcomes.

When you tell your story, you must…

1. Be honest about your story and stick to the facts.
Nothing more nor less!

2. Create the story that empowers you to move forward.
Never lower your standards!

3. Live your truth.
Establish non-negotiables!

“Does your story empower you or dis-empower you?” – Tony Robbins

We all have stories in different areas of our life. The facts are always available. The only thing that changes is how we interpret them and how we decide to embellish them.

Let’s look at three situations in different areas of your life…

1. Health

Facts: You have two kids, time is in limited supply, and you want to spend time with your kids.

Your Story: You can’t get in shape because you have kids and don’t have time.


Truth: You must prioritize exercising because you want to stay healthy and be around to enjoy your children for many years.

2. Career

Facts: Your career is unfulfilling and you would like to be happy in your job.

Your Story: You can’t leave your job which is un-fulfilling because you will never find another job and you have no other skills.


Truth: You need to move outside your comfort zone to learn new skills and find a job that makes your happy and allows you to share your strengths.

3. Relationships

Facts: You grew up in a dysfunctional home.

Your Story: You can’t have a good relationship because you grew up in a dysfunctional home.


Truth: Surrounding yourself with stable people and creating a positive environment are important elements to have in your life because you did not have either when you were growing up.

Often, my clients have different stories for different areas of their lives. For example, one amazing and successful client has a can-do mindset in business and athletics. In his career, he believes he can close any deal and handle the most difficult clients. In the area of healthy living/athletics, he has the courage to go after his goals and compete in various triathlon competitions with no limits. However, in his relationships, he has the story that he’s had really bad luck and is not cut out for intimate relationships. Although relationships are challenging for all of us, I challenge his story line.

The one thing I know for sure, as Oprah likes to say, is that sticking to the facts opens you up to a more powerful story and outcome. If you have had relationships or jobs that weren’t fulfilling, then say that. Your story is not permanent. Focus on what you want to bring into your life and why it’s important. Create the story that empowers you forward.

Often you have to challenge your conclusions and ask yourself if they are true. Does it really make sense that you can make anything in your career and healthy living a reality, yet relationships elude you? How much time do you spend on the areas you are successful in versus the ones you would like to have different results in? Your story must be the truth. This is the only way to create a top 1% path and share your best self.


Originally published April 2012

Feeling Stuck? 4 Tips to Move On

ColoursAre you ready, fed-up, praying for change? There comes a time to shut down what doesn’t work. A time to look deep within…and to move on. Being stuck may feel insurmountable; actually it is a habit, a comfort-zone of settling for false security.

4 Tips To Move On From Stuck-ness

  1. Acknowledge: “I’m done with this.” And mean it. Think of a time when you did leave an old pattern, habit, or situation behind…and you knew it was for your growth, and in the best interest for all concerned.
  2. Breathe. Be still… This is the zone of unlimited source, the place of potential readying to burst into form.
 Imagine possibilities of newness. Allow silly, amazing, unthinkable options to pop up. You may envision being 5-years-old and playing hopscotch, or painting on the kitchen wall…oops did your parents response curtail your creative response? Allow your dream state to continue. Allow 5-10 minutes a day to uproot the joy within you. Conscious awareness leads to options.
  3. Pick a new possibility. Take an action, a small step in potential’s direction, then another. Repeat 1 & two if you falter.
  4. Love yourself. Within each of us is an infinite treasure that can be seen on the outside as the magnificence of the universe. The perfection of how a seedling becomes a delightful rose bloom, or a new technological invention, like the world-wide Web magically links us. As supportive communities emerge, we collaborate, share as a trusted friends, thriving in a place to learn, dwelling in a haven to grow as ONE. Life is a game. Play it full-out. Be true to YOU! Embrace integrity, courage, and truth, and regrets will not follow you.

* * *

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Enjoy Merrie Lynn’s Best seller Happy Heart Journal, writing your truth, and invoking intuition for a soul-filled life.

You Are The Perfect Son Of God

 Tuesday, July 5th


“You are a perfect son of God by right of the Christ-principle by which you are created and sustained.  But this potential does not become a conscious influence and practical power until you ‘receive Him,’ or come to believe and act as if you believed that you are the limitless expression of the Infinite Life, Substance and Intelligence of God.” – Discover the Power Within You by Eric Butterfield

Steve Farrell

Humanity’s Team World Wide Coordinating Director


Jesus Was Not A Magician




Monday, 5/23

“Jesus was not a magician.  In his ministry, He simply fulfilled divine law on a higher level than anyone has before or since.  The ‘miracle’ healings were not only an evidence of the divinity of Jesus, they also evidenced the Divinity of Man—of the very person healed.  The potential for healing is in every person simply because he is innately divine, innately whole and complete.” – Discover the Power Within You by Eric Butterworth

Steve Farrell

Humanity’s Team World Wide Coordinating Director

Jesus Was Not A Magician




Monday, 5/23

“Jesus was not a magician.  In his ministry, He simply fulfilled divine law on a higher level than anyone has before or since.  The ‘miracle’ healings were not only an evidence of the divinity of Jesus, they also evidenced the Divinity of Man—of the very person healed.  The potential for healing is in every person simply because he is innately divine, innately whole and complete.” – Discover the Power Within You by Eric Butterworth

Steve Farrell

Humanity’s Team World Wide coordinating 

Healing or Remote Control Bodies

Today I had an amazing healing with a client I’d seen once before eighteen months prior. These clients are rare, and there’s only been three in three years. A common response to healing is movement on the table: muscle flexing in unusual sequences, visible vibrations, head movements, limbs lifting and extending, limbs floating, spasmodic tensing that makes the body or limbs jump, and a variety of other subtle movements. These responses coincide with the body work and manipulations I see spirit doing on the energetic body.

Three clients, in varying levels of altered states, have physically moved and or have been manipulated by spirit. They perform complex, almost yoga like movements on a massage table, and they don’t fall off the table. Bear in mind that some of the spirit healers doing the work have lived thousands of years ago, so what I’m seeing is ancient physiotherapy/bodywork.

Today’s client was aware she was being manipulated by spirit, but couldn’t open her eyes or stop her body from moving. The movements started with twitching and muscle spasms, and then her right hand was lifted by the wrist. The hand appeared to float without any muscle tension or evidence the client was holding the arm up. She said afterwards that she felt someone holding her wrist and then they moved her arm.

The arm rotated numerous times and was stretched in different positions. Her head rolled from side to side, and then, stretching the neck, rotated slowly. At the same time she rolled onto her side and twisted her shoulders away from her hips. The synchronised movements were flowing and worthy of a gymnast, and they continued for twenty minutes. The energy and feeling in the room was breath taking, and the healing mark on my hand was glowing white.

I believe I’ve separated the clients mind and conscious direction from the body. The body isn’t being manipulated to move, the body is moving to heal itself. The potential of that accomplishment is staggering. Whether clients move this way or not the healing still manifests in the body, but this way is exciting to witness and ponder about.

Simon Hay Soul Healer


Know Where You Are Going And How To Get There

I am excited to be penning my first post on my blog. It is my intention to inspire you to reach your full potential with your life. Science has now caught up with the spiritual world to acknowledge that we are all part of an infinite quantum potential. You can call it God, Infinite Intelligences, Source Energy, Universe, etc. We are all part of this Greater Power and all of us can shape and mold this energy in creating the life of our dreams.

Have you spent time getting clear on a vision for your life? If we do not know where we are going, we may experience things that we do not want to experience. A great exercise is to get out a piece of paper and write out your perfect day. What would your perfect day be like from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep? If money were no issue, what you be doing everyday of the week?

If you are unclear about your vision, spend time in quiet reflection. Spend time getting connected to the essence of who you truly are. When you spend time connecting with your Inner Guidance, you will start to get a clear vision as to what is important to you and what you want to create in your life. Most people go through life reacting to their circumstances everyday. Living on purpose means to know where you are going and to know that you are paving the way. It is about being “at cause” over your life rather than at the effect of the world around you.

My priority everyday is my personal development. Before I start my day, I am doing some meditating, affirmations, reading and writing in my journal, contemplating my goals and creating the vision for my greatest life. I know this is where I set the table for my success. The action that I take, although it is very important, is secondary to my mind-set. It is about Be, Do, and then Have. You Be the person you want to Be, then you take the Action, and then you Have the results.

When our vision is clear, we then want to align our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and action with our desired experiences. When we do this, we are Being the person that we want to Be. We are acting as if we already have the results that we wish to create. We are sending a powerful message of expectation to the Universe. Through the Law of Attraction, the Universe delivers.

One of the greatest things that I have learned is that we are in a co-creation with this infinite power. The weight of the world does not have to be on our shoulders. Our job is to get clear on what we want, and then find the place of trust and knowing that the Universe will bring us our desired experiences. When we can really get into that space of trusting and knowing, we can create our world with ease because there is nothing more graceful than the power of the Universe.


For more information on Pat McCleary, please visit his blog at PatMcCleary.com

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