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What to Do When Nature Calls

Surprised businesswoman with CoffeeMy last blog was about finding purpose, “5 Essential Questions to Lead You to Your Calling.” In this blog I want to address another calling — nature’s calling. And there is only one answer to that calling: When nature calls, we must honor it.

I was recently at a meeting with a young girlfriend. She’s a passionate entrepreneur, and I was introducing her to some investors for her new venture. The meeting lasted about an hour and a half, and it went very well. As we were leaving and going down the elevator to exit, my friend grabbed my arm, crossed her legs and in a panic said, “We have to find a bathroom right away because I am dying to pee.” I looked at her in amazement and asked her, “Why didn’t you go to the bathroom while we were in the meeting?” She responded, “Oh no, I wouldn’t do that. I didn’t want to interrupt the meeting.” We ran to find her a restroom at a restaurant next door and when she came out I said to her, “Here’s a piece of advice. Honor your bladder first, and if you do, you are going to be much more present in everything you do. It doesn’t matter where you are, what you are doing, how important the meeting is, who you are with. First and foremost you must honor nature’s calling.”

After speaking at an event recently, I had a similar experience. I was signing books and kept wanting to go to the bathroom, but there was a long line. So I kept going, and an hour later I turned to a girl who was helping me and said, “I MUST go to the bathroom,” and she said, “just go,” as if I needed permission for somebody to tell me it was okay to go. I ran to the bathroom, came back and everyone was of course still in line waiting for me. Since then I have spoken to many friends and they have all shared with me that they often too delay going to the bathroom not to interrupt whatever they are involved in. So it got me thinking: What is the issue?

If we do not listen to our basic needs, eat when we are hungry, sleep when we are tired, stretch when our body is tense, or drink water when we are thirsty, what other signals are we ignoring? What else in ourselves are we neglecting? Why do you think we do that? Could it be that we don’t want to appear normal, vulnerable, or human or that it may cause the wrong impression? Or do we think our meetings are more important than our physical well-being?

Our basic needs to go to the bathroom, to eat and to sleep are completely natural urges, and if we suppress them for the sake of what we consider social correctness, we are paying a price.

It is interesting that Michael Bloomberg, during his radio show this week, stated as one of the keys to success, “Take the fewest vacations and the least time away from the desk to go to the bathroom or have lunch.” I say the opposite. Take as many bathroom breaks as you need, recharge in every way you can and return to work renewed and full of energy instead of dragging yourself, and I promise you you are going to be way more productive and, yes, even more successful. Dear Mr. Mayor: When it comes to the question to pee or not to pee, there is no question. Make the time. Interrupt the meeting. Excuse yourself. Visit the closest bathroom.

Do women do this more often than men and why? You must all have a story or two. Would you share it with us?

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Wordplay Wednesday: One In The Same

braided rop
Maybe it was naïve
Of me to assume
It would be safe
To express myself
What I’ve experienced
And felt
Maybe my enthusiasm
Took me too far
The energy and relief
I got
From breaking
The silence
From letting go
Of my desire
To control
What you and you
Knew about me
I was just trying to be
Fully integrated
To hold my head high
And not care
What you think
I didn’t mean to make
Anyone uncomfortable
I was just trying to
And now
To my disappointment
I’m realizing
It’s not quite
That easy
That I need to set
For my creativity
And I wish so badly
That I didn’t have to
And filter
What I say and do
I know I’m not perfect
But how boring
That would be
And honestly
Who is?
I’ve demonstrated
That I find solutions
No matter what
The challenge is
I was just trying to be like
The women I admire
So courageous in their
To speak the truth
But now I feel
Split in two
Maybe it was naive
To think
That people in business
Would understand
What I’m doing
Are one in the same
Pursuing my passion
And trying to help
Now I’m scared
To have my poetry
Attached to my name
And I’m scared
I’ll be punished
For what
I’ve already said
That I’ll shut down
Out of fear
And be silent

I wrote this in September of 2012, after it was suggested that sharing my poetry publicly was a risk to my business pursuits. Obviously, I haven’t gone silent:)

Why Women Don’t Get What They Want

01 (340)Are you happy about the money you made last year?

If the answer is no, and you are a woman… read on. Trust me, sister, if you aren’t thrilled with the digits in your bank account you are not alone. The reason women aren’t getting more money is so simple and easy to correct that it might make you scream. But that doesn’t make it any easier.

Go Find The Culprit

I you don’t like how much money you are making stop reading this article right now. Go and look at yourself in the mirror. Gaze deeply into your eyes and say, “The reason I didn’t get what I wanted is because I didn’t ask.”

It is fascinating that even the most accomplished women are hesitant to ask for what they want. (Could that be you… it’s OK we are in this together.) Many women find the arena of asking a scary one. They are afraid that they will appear as aggressive if they ask for what they want. So, they avoid asking. Women are trained that being liked is more important than being successful. Part of this is due to our evolutionary pull to put our own well being second to our children’s needs. Asking for what we want feels counter intuitive. The result that following our feeling in this arena are devastating.

The 32% Woman Discount

Our bank accounts, businesses, and relationships pay the price. Women who don’t ask for the salary stand to lose more than $500,000 by age 60. (Men are more than four times as likely as women to negotiate their first salary.) In the current economic climate many women are so grateful to be offered a job that they accept what they are offered and don’t negotiate their salaries. She reported that women’s salary expectations between 3 and 32 percent lower than those of men for the same job. Hold up. Think about that for a minute.
The woman in the equation thinks that the value of her work is 32% lower than the man doing the same job.

Women Business Owners Get The Crumbs

Linda Babcock, an economics professor at Carnegie Mellon University, conducted research which confirmed what my experience working with women entrepreneurs. Lesa Mitchell has a superb column about the glass walls that are hindering women business owners.

Here is a statistic that is so shocking to me that it is hard to type: Women own about 40 percent of all businesses in the U.S. They receive only 2.3 percent of the available equity capital needed for growth. Male-owned companies receive the other 97.7 percent.

Women’s business guru, Ali Brown seems to be on a mission to change that statistic. Her article, “Are Women Less Tolerant of the Bullshit That Comes With Success” is a battle cry for women to empower themselves and get their business going.

See It To Be It

I am not the only expert seeing this phenomena. Professor Babcock taught negotiations and dispute resolution for years. She wondered why women weren’t achieving the same results as men. Then she had an epiphany. “It kind of hit me over the head,” said Ms. Babcock, who went on to research why women were much less likely to initiate negotiations.

Are you all riled up? Good.

Go Find The Change Agent

Go back and look at yourself in the mirror. Gaze into your eyes and say, “I can turn this around this around. I’m going ask for what I want at least once this week. ”

This could be very new territory for you. To help get you started here are 3 of my
inner marketing strategies to put to the test:

  1. Set Yourself Up To Win. The answer is no if you don’t ask…at the right time. Set up an appointment to talk before you ask them for what you want. They will be more receptive, and more likely to say yes.
  2. Men’s Magic Three + Three. Men love it when you ask for what you want. Most women don’t know how to ask. Be direct and give them your exact request. Include where, when, what. Leave out the why. It clouds your request. A great guy wants to help you; save you trouble and be your hero. Use the words help, save or hero and he will be even more likely to say yes.
  3. Play It To Say It. If you are asking for a big raise, write a script and rehearse. Use a flip camera to record your request to see how you come off. Rehearse it until you are comfortable.

What is something you have been avoiding asking for? How have you overcome your fear of asking? What advice would you give other women who are scared to speak up?

Building Self-Confidence: 6 Key Steps to Find the Bravado Within

ready for actionHave you been looking for professional and personal success? Do you want to make an uplifting difference in your life? Would you like to maximize your potential?

If you are tired of feeling anxious, discouraged and afraid then pay attention because this one’s for you!

Did you know that self-confidence affects your thoughts, feelings, behavior, body, the way you look and, most influential, your decision making process? That’s right…self-confidence affects a persons choices in life.

Question: Can someone with low self-esteem develop self-confidence?

Answer: But of course! 

So let’s get started! What does it take to have the confidence you’ve been looking for?

Think about the things you do best and why you are so good at them. Literally take a second and really think about the specific things that you do better than good. Focus for a second on those few things you do great and why. Chances are, you are great because you have devoted endless hours to practicing the craft. Regardless of formal or informal training the thing you do best is something you’ve done often.

A great starting point to boost your self-esteem is to begin by addressing your areas of low self-confidence. In order to find a solution you must admit that something needs to be resolved.

  • Admit your weaknesses.
  • Focus on what you are good at.
  • Always be you and honest about who you are.
  • Never use labels because you are what you think and say.
  • Find comfort in new situations.
  • Develop an optimistic outlook on life.

Self-confidence may not happen overnight yet the possibilities are endless. Defeat your fears and doubts by stepping into the unknown. Typically you find yourself feeling weary and doubtful when you are uncertain what may happen. The next time you find yourself feeling lost and confused it’s okay to act as if you’re overflowing with confidence. Act as though you are in control and your entire mood and day will shift in a positive direction. I guarantee it!

A highly effective way to develop confidence is to act like you are confident. Believe me, most people you stumble upon during a typical workday are insecure persons acting as if they are secure. They are simply stepping into the unknown with self-confidence and now it’s your turn.
I would like to conclude by sharing a bit of advice a girlfriend gave me more than a decade ago, “Walk the walk and talk the talk and you will own the room!”

Photo credit: Micah Esguerra
Originally published May 2010.

Leadership’s Just Being a Professional

En route home from New York, I was blessed to be driven to LaGuardia by a professional. His pickup was on time. His smile was brilliant as I entered the SUV. And his manners were impeccable. All obvious moves for someone in his job. And all so rare in this age of dramatic distraction and a loss of focus on what most matters.

Call his behavior Leading Without a Title (because that’s exactly what it was). Or call it being a professional.

No matter what you do, and no matter where you live, and no matter what you’re dealing with as a human being, this day-and every day that follows-provides you with a platform of choice. You can choose to follow the herd, make excuses to coast and settle for mediocrity. Or you can stand for something higher. For leadership. And be a professional. And all it takes is a single decision to rewrite your future.


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The Comfort Of Professional Clogs

Most owners of professional clogs would most likely consider them to be the most comfortable shoe they have personally ever owned. Designed mainly for anybody who prefers to stay comfortable while they’re busy pounding the pavement. Professional clogs are generally worn by the medical personnel, culinary experts or anyone else that have to be on their feet for extremely long hours day after day..

Being employed at a job where your always on your feet aren’t just torture on your feet but will also have have an impact on other parts of your body. A lot of people won’t relate a back or leg pain with the footwear their wearing. Many injuries can certainly be prevented by merely wearing the right footwear to start with. Because of this it is not really recommended to turn your old shoes into work shoes. If the sole of your shoes are worn on one side then your feet are certainly not aligned the way they really should be. This makes your entire body have to adapt and keep you balanced by forcing your other muscles to work much harder.

Dansko professional clogs were created to give your feet the right support and efficiently distribute your bodies weight evenly. This gives you more energy mainly because your muscles aren’t constantly over-worked from compensating from the misalignment. If you have to stand long hours you should be wearing a pair of shoes that are going to properly support your bodies weight.

When it comes to Dansko professional clogs the comfort start with the generously cushioned instep collar and does not stop until you get to the slip resistant outsole. Between the instep and the outersole you have the non-allergenic vegetable tanned leather sockliner surrounding synthetic foam which in turn supports absorbing as well as evaporates perspiration. The roomy thermoplastic toe box provide you with a durable reinforcement and toe protection while providing your toes ample space to naturally move around comfortably. The outsole of professional clogs also provides you with shock absorption as well as flexibility which will protects your feet, legs and back during those long hours of standing and even walking.

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