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Protect Yourself From Food Bourne Illnesses

Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 1.31.38 AMEarlier this year the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a report about Salmonella poisoning in various imported spices that people use every day. Shortly thereafter there was a nationwide panic when Salmonella was found in grocery store chicken. With these various threats it is important to know what you’re dealing with and how keep yourself safe from salmonella and other food-borne illness. And it is especially important to us that you understand why you never have to worry about such contaminants in Wakaya Perfection products.

What exactly is Salmonella?

The FDA defines Salmonella as a group of bacteria that is the most common cause of food poisoning. Symptoms, including vomiting, diarrhea and fever, usually last 4-7 days and many can get better without treatment. However, symptoms can be more severe or lead to more serious illnesses in older adults, infants and those with chronic illnesses.

What are the sources and how do you prevent it from being in your food?

Salmonella is usually found in uncooked eggs, poultry and meat. It can also be found in unpasteurized milk, juice, cheese, raw fruits and vegetables, and spices that have been processed improperly.

The primary ways to avoid Salmonella are to make sure that your meat and egg products are thoroughly cooked. Salmonella is usually killed off at 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Also make sure to wash your hands properly before handling any raw food products, especially if you are interacting with animals or their treats beforehand. Germs can easily transfer from humans to the food, and if not heated properly can lead to Salmonella poisoning.

Be careful with your cooking utensils as well. Don’t use the same utensils to handle raw products that you do when your food is finally cooked. Check your labels and packaging for refrigeration protocols and follow them. Food that is not properly refrigerated before cooking can also carry the bacteria.

Why are you safe with Wakaya Perfection?

First of all, all of our products are 100% organic which means there are absolutely no outside pesticides or chemicals used in their processing. They are watered completely by Fijian natural rains – no man-made irrigation is used to cultivate our ginger plants.

Once our ginger is ground it is cooked for many hours in a sealed convection oven and immediately processed in our USDA NOP certified full stainless steel sealed suction powder processing machinery that allows no human contact or surrounding air contamination.. It is totally enclosed in the system for the entire process.

The packaging is immediate with no delays and no contaminants entering the system at any stage. The proprietary process is strictly controlled at every stage for immediate processing and not exposed to open environmental and human pollutants.  Our state of the art USDA NOP certified organically registered factory facility is our consumers’ guarantee of quality, purity and superior hygiene at all times.

Celebrate Sea Otter Awareness with this Adorable Video

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Sea Otter Awareness Week, which occurs in the last week of September according to SeaOtterWeek.org. To celebrate we found this adorable video of two otters at the Vancouver Aquarium. Take a peek below:

Sea otters are known for holding hands so they don’t lose each other in the current as they sleep.

However, this awareness week was inspired not only because of the pretty universal understanding that sea otters are adorable – but to inform the public of the vital functions they perform in nearshore ecosystems and protect the species from extinction. According to the US Geological Survey’s Western Ecological Research Center sea otter numbers are up this year, which is reason to celebrate! But their most recent survey says that the California sea otter population is still only 2,941. The population needs to remain above 3,090 for three consecutive years to be taken off the endangered list.

So do your part to raise awareness for these awesome animals – share this video and go visit the otters at your local zoo or aquarium! Or you can check out a list of activities for the week here.

What animal would you like to see have their own awareness week? Tell us in the comments below! 

Rejection is God’s Protection


"Rejection is God’s Protection"…..Someone said this to me today.   It softened the blow. 

Now, if I could just remember in the future, to keep that in mind when I don’t get something I think I want, need, or deserve.  In all honesty, I do believe that….. and, not just with my head anymore;  that seedling is blossoming in my heart as a divine truism. I inherently sense the protection.  It’s that sinking stomach and the icy fear pushing through my veins of what the future holds that I don’t like. It’s the emotion of the rejection.  

And, then my friend reminded me… it’s all good. I  can rest comfortably knowing the pictures I am painting in my head of doom and gloom are merely an illusion.  I’m being safely held in God’s arms…. today.

I’ve had a number of disappointments that have given me great opportunity to practice patience and faith for quite some time now. It’s extremely difficult for some of us stubborn, self-willed sorts to trust that whatever happens is always for our greater good.  Especially when our basic needs for food, shelter, clothing or love appear to be threatened. 

If I could just remember to simmer down and revisit those rejections or disappointments from days gone by…. those times when I thought God had turned the volume down on my pleadings,  I can now see HIS bigger picture has allowed for MY better picture. 

It’s said, God never closes a door that he doesn’t open a window.  I’m not great with directions, and sometimes it would be wonderful to just be told which room that window’s in.   Less time consuming.   And, certainly gentler on this aging body and soul.   Oh, dear.  Is that my hand white knuckling that door knob? 

God said, "What’s behind there isn’t meant for you because I have something so much better in mind."  Why do you continue to limit yourself?   I want to give you a window where you are free to fly….. Free to be who you are. Stop rattling the knob of closed doors."

I think…. the best thing I can do at this stage of  my schooling (also called life) is simply stop questioning anything.  If the door is closed, it is shut for a reason.  The room is probably stuffy, stale and stinky.  Stay out.  Don’t go in there. 
I feel…….When its time for me to find this window,  I’ll  be delivered clear directions…. the tender brush of a breeze on my cheek, gently guiding me towards the freshest, sweetest air I could ever imagine. As I breathe deeply, I will hear the whisper inside my soul saying this is yours… all of this…see…. just perfect for you. 


Latest Trend: Stealing Your Business’ Identity to Falsify Accounts

 In the past two weeks, I have been contacted separately by two local business owners to share how their business identity has been stolen and used to set up accounts with various companies on which thousands of dollars are charged and they (the actual owners) are left to pay the bills. There are no identity theft statistics on this type of crime, but I am certain that it is just coming onto the trend radar. In further proof that this is becoming a major problem for corporations, the Denver Post ran an article this morning titled “Corporate ID Thieves Mining the Store“.

Here’s how this incredibly easy form of business identity theft works:
  1. thief scours the internet for your company information (Facebook is usually a good place to start, as is your local Secretary of State’s website). They are particularly interested in bids for government contracts, as they often contain a sample of your letterhead as well as your pertinent business information. If they can obtain the Federal ID# of your businesses, they have even more ammo to defraud you.
  2. Business name in hand, the thief logs on to your local Secretary of State’s website (the agency generally responsible for registering corporations and maintaining databases on corporations) and pays a small fee ($10) to alter the name of a corporate officer or the address of a company’s registered agent on public records. I would imagine that they generally register an identity stolen from another individual in order to cover their tracks further. In most states, there is no password to protect your official business filings from unauthorized users and changes. In Colorado, according to the Denver Post article mentioned above, officials say that “putting password protection on corporate data — where only a business owner or representative can make changes — is prohibitively expensive.”
“In other words, the State of Colorado provides less protection for your corporate data than the average online dating service.”
  1. Now that the imposter is a “corporate officer” of your business with full authority to act on behalf of your corporation, the thief applies for a credit account in your business’s name, generally at a large national retailer (Home Depot, Lowes, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon see to be the top choices). If necessary, they use your poached letterhead to facilitate the process of setting up the account.
  2. The retailer, before extending credit, verifies with Dun & Bradstreet that you are in fact an official officer of the corporation. And where does Dun & Bradstreet get its information about your business? From the Secretary of State’s office, the very source of your illegally modified information. In other words, all parties in the process are relying upon falsified source data that remains unprotected on government websites.
  3. Using the newly established business account with terms (i.e., the thief doesn’t have to pay for what they buy, it is invoiced to the company for payment at a later date), the thief makes large purchase of equipment of services, often worth tens of thousands of dollars.
  4. Equipment in hand, the thief leaves the store never to be seen again. Your business, of course, receives the billand begins the arduous, time consuming and expensive process of proving that you never made the purchase, a difficult task given that the account was established by what the retailer considers to be a legitimate officer of your corporation.
Farfetched? Not at all. The problem is compounded by the fact that sales associates at many national retailers receive incentive bonuses for every sale they make. Why wouldn’t they push the sale of 50 mobile phones through the system when they receive a large commission to do so? It’s much easier than selling one handset at a time.
Both actual cases I worked with involved phone companies, and each business owner has struggled desperately to prove that they did not make the purchase and do not owe on the account. In one of the cases, the business in question already had an account established with the phone company – same company name, address, phone number, etc. – and the phone company failed to ask any questions as to why they would want a second account. In many of the cases, the thieves use the same stolen business identity over and over again in different cities (rarely do they even shop in your actual city), causing the owner untold hours of time repairing their damaged Dun & Bradstreet ratings, fighting with collection agencies and sitting on hold trying to explain to large corporations that don’t have any incentive to believe what you are saying.
In a spiraling economy, taking your eye off the ball can mean you lose the game. In the meantime, you can take these steps to being affecting change and protecting your valuable business data:
  1. Contact your local Secretary of State’s Office and encourage them to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. You just might be the first person to let them know that this problem exists. At minimum, ask them to begin protecting your corporate data with a password that only the verified and legitimate corporate officers of your corporation can access.
  2. Review your corporate filing with the Secretary of State’s Office regularly to make sure that there is no altered or false information in their database. If there is, contact them immediately.
  3. While in your corporations’ listing on the Secretary of State’s website, make sure that you set up any security measures they have provided. For example, if they have email alerts anytime your profile changes, make sure you take them up on it and have a current email address in the profile. This will send you an alert anytime someone changes your file.
  4. Monitor your Dun & Bradstreet account regularly to make sure that no liens or encumbrances have been placed on your credit profile. If there is incorrect or unrecognizable data on your report, contact D&B’s fraud department immediately at 1.800.234.3867begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1.800.234.3867      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.
  5. Set up a Google Alert for your corporation’s official name, TIN and any DBAs to monitor unexpected internet activity on behalf of your organization.
  6. If you are a contract-based vendor, include a clause in your contract prohibiting the publication of your TIN/EIN/SSN in any electronic or internet form without your prior written consent.
  7. Protect your TIN, letterhead and company information as if it were currency, because it is.
John Sileo speaks professionally to organizations that wish to avoid the costs associated with identity theft, data breach, social media exposure and insider theft. His satisfied clients include the Department of Defense, Blue Cross Blue Shield, the FDIC, Pfizer and hundreds of corporations of all sizes. Learn more about his entertaining and effective presentations at www.ThinkLikeaSpy.com  or contact him directly on 800.258.8076.


Abuses of Facebook Places and FourSquare


Facebook recently added a check-in or location-sharing feature, much like the one provided by FourSquare.com. The feature is designed to accomplish three main tasks:

Help people share where they are in a social context

See which friends are near by

Discover nearby places and new places through friends’ profiles

But, by default, it also allows your friends to tag and publicize your location for you. It’s like being tagged in a photo, except the other person gets to share your location instead of your picture (even if you don’t want others to know where you are, and even if you are not there).

Here are some of the rarely discussed ways that Facebook Places will be used (now or in the future) that you might want to think about before checking in:

— Facebook will sell (share) your current location and profile to stores in your vicinity so that they can server you hyper-targeted advertising (e.g., here’s a coupon for the store you are about to enter).

— Friends who aren’t actually your friends will be able to check you in to questionable Places even when you are not there (the practical jokes for the Check Friends In feature are limitless)

— Facebook will compile and analyze your Places and then sell this profile to companies that would like to have you as a customer. If you “check in” frequently while in Casinos, get ready for a healthy dose of advertising from Bally’s.

— Thieves will track your location to know the best time to rob your home. It happens every day.

— Your suspicious spouse or boss will have a handy tool to track your whereabouts when you’d rather keep it private (this could actually be seen as a positive use of Places).

— The police will be able to subpoena records of your location at the time of a crime (again, if you have done nothing wrong and can prove it, this is a great way for law enforcement to establish location).

The solution isn’t to completely avoid all use of places. It’s to customize your Facebook Places Privacy Settings so that you are in control of the flow of data. 

John Sileo is the award-winning author of Stolen Lives, Privacy Means Profit (Wiley, August 2010) and the Facebook Safety Survival Guide, a professional Financial Speaker and America’s leading identity theft expert. His clients include the Department of Defense, FTC, FDIC and Pfizer; his recent media appearances include 60 Minutes. Learn more about him at www.Sileo.com  andwww.ThinkLikeaSpy.com. 

Photo: CC Flickr//Nam Palermo


5 Steps to Good Privacy Habits

 People don’t change bad habits until they have a compelling reason. Too often that compelling reason is the result of a habit’s negative outcome; but the promise of positive rewards resulting from the establishment of good habits can be a strong motivator. In the workplace, aligning responsible information stewardship with personal and professional gain can set the stage for good privacy habits.

Here are 5 steps you can take towards perfecting your own Privacy Habits:

  1. Tighten up online passwords. Create strong, alphanumeric passwords. Instead of your password beingSunflower make it $uNf(0w3R.  Don’t use common password reminders such as your dog’s name, street address, or mother’s maiden name. All of those would be easily uncovered by an identity thief.
  2. Buy a Shredder – and use it. By shredding anything that has your name, address, birthday, social security number, or account numbers on it, you will be less likely to have your identity stolen through the trash. Make sure that the shredder you chose is kept in a convenient location – if you can’t get to it fast, you won’t use it!
  3. Secure your Facebook. Tighten up the privacy settings and make your profile only available to your friends. We do a lot of posts on Facebook Privacy Settings because they have a tendency to change frequently. Watch the site and subscribe to our newsletter to stay current on how to protect yourself and your profile on Facebook.
  4. Opt-Out. Take the time to call  1-888-567-8688 or visit www.OptOutPreScreen.com to stop financial junk mail from ending up at your house and inevitably – your trash. Those mailers give thieves an easy way to set up credit card accounts in your name without your consent. They spend money on the card and default on the balance, leaving you with the mess of proving that you didn’t make the purchases.
  5. Order your free credit report. By law, you are entitled to one free report from each agency once a year. The easiest way to get a report is to visit www.annualcreditreport.com or call  1-877-322-8228   Make sure that you request your free annual credit report from one credit agency only, as you can order the other two reports throughout the remainder of the year. By spreading the reports out over time, you will be monitoring your files consistently and frequently.


John Sileo is the award-winning author of Stolen Lives, Privacy Means Profit (Wiley, August 2010) and the Facebook Safety Survival Guide, a professional Financial Speaker and America’s leading identity theft expert. His clients include the Department of Defense, FTC, FDIC and Pfizer; his recent media appearances include 60 Minutes. Learn more about him atwww.Sileo.com  and www.ThinkLikeaSpy.com.


 Photo: CC Flickr//FlorieBassingbourn

Protect Your Medical Records

 Medical records are one-stop shopping for identity thieves. There is no need to slowly gather bits and pieces of someone’s personal information – it’s all packaged together: Social Security number, name, address, phone number, even payment accounts.

Crooks have received everything from medication to a liver transplant using a stolen identity. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg! More than just medical treatment is at stake. Once a thief’s medical information is entered into your records, it’s extremely difficult to get rid of that information. It’s conceivable, for example, that at a later date, you’ll need a Type A blood transfusion but be given the thief’s Type B with dire consequences.

Identity theft of medical records has more than doubled since 2008, as stated in Javelin’s 2010 Identity Fraud Survey Report. It’s not difficult to imagine the misery that a million Americans have suffered during the past two years when their identities were stolen. And the Poneman Institute, in their National Study on Medical Identity Theft, states that another half million people loaned their insurance cards to uninsured family members and friends. The unsavvy lenders have incurred huge medical bills in this “friendly fraud.”

Larry Ponemon says that, on average, it costs $20,000 to resolve a medical identity theft case. Unlike credit card companies,where the banks incur the losses, the victims often have to pay for the fraudulent care and sometimes lose their health insurance or have to pay higher premiums to restore their accounts. Even though there are HIPAA laws to protect your privacy, not all health care organizations have strict safeguards in place.

The risk goes even further: if someone is treated using your identity, your medical records will more than likely be altered and could compromise your treatment and ability to get service.  According to Larry Ponemon, “stolen medical records offer a complete dossier to get a passport in a victim’s name that could be used for terrorism.”


Ways to Protect Yourself:

  • When you receive an Explanation of Benefits from insurers, read it carefully and save – don’t throw it away even when it says “this is not a bill”! If a treatment date or doctor’s name is not familiar to you, call the insurer and the billing physician to resolve.
  • If your wallet is stolen, contact your insurance company just as you would your credit card company. Don’t carry your Medicare card in your wallet. Carry a photocopy and black out the last four digits of the SS#.
  • Urge your health care providers to ask patients for photo ID’s.
  • Ask your doctors for copies of everything in your medical files, even if you have to pay for them.
  • Monitor your credit report. If you see medical billing errors, contact your insurer and the three credit bureaus, TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.
  • Avoid Internet and storefront offers of free treatment and supplies.
  • Ask for a list of benefits paid in your name and an “accounting of disclosures” which shows who got your records.

About the author:  To further bulletproof yourself and your business, visit John’s blog at www.Sileo.com. To book John at your next event, visit www.ThinkLikeaSpy.com. John Sileo became America’s leading Identity Theft Speaker & Expert after he lost his business and more than $300,000 to identity theft and data breach. His clients include the Department of Defense, Pfizer and the FDIC. 


Home and Land Meditation: That Which Sustains You

Just as we take care of our friends and families, our homes and Mother Earth take care of us. Our homes give us a place of refuge—a sanctuary that stands between us and the elements of nature and the rest of the world. The earth is an unselfish giver of life and the steward of our physical and spiritual needs. The earth’s bountiful plant life nourishes us, gives us air, and offers us cooling shade. Her waters quench our thirst, and her beauty stirs our souls. Yet it is easy to take both of these wonderful sources of our blessings for granted. Expressing the gratitude you feel toward your home and the earth for the blessings each provides you can help you stay conscious of where many of the gifts in your life come from. Each time you give thanks, you’ll be reminded of the importance of caring for your home and for Mother Earth. There is a simple and beautiful meditation you can perform to show your gratitude. Begin by finding a quiet place where you can be alone. Sit comfortably and breathe deeply until you feel relaxed and then read the following out loud:

"Thank you, home, for allowing me to live within your walls. Thank you for giving me shelter, warmth, and security. Thank you for allowing me to live my life in your womb, for staying strong and sturdy, for supporting me, and for your beauty.

Thank you, earth, for the land that I live on and for allowing me to steward life with you. Thank you for allowing me to walk upon your soil, cultivate you, and live in partnership with you. Thank you for supporting my home and my family.

Thank you, plants, minerals, and animals that dwell on the land that I steward. Thank you for allowing me to experience your beauty, share in your wonderment of life, and for the honor of living with all of you on this earth. Thank you for the wisdom and joy you bring to humanity.

I honor you."

You can perform this meditation as often as you like and anytime you feel particularly thankful for the many blessings that you have received. Each time you do, you’ll reaffirm and strengthen your connection with all that protects, supports, and sustains you.


For more inspiration, visit DailyOM.


Protection; Compassion; Consideration Please; What is Given is What is Received Back; What we do for others; Comes back to us

No Inhumane Treatment of Defenseless Animals Please;
No Indiscriminate Slaughter of Animals Please;
Protection of Wildlife; Creatures; Animals; Mammals; Reptiles
No Inhumane Treatment of Defenseless Animals Please;
No Indiscriminate Slaughter of Animals Please;
Practice Compassion Please
It is a privilege to promote the above
Life in All Its Splendor; Magnificence; Grandeur
The above appreciation and importance pertains to Life in all its forms
Entitled to Live
Every living being; including animals, creatures; mammals, reptiles are entitled to live since Nature has provided us with so many wonderful resources that are adequate to provide us with a healthy sustenance without having to seek the exploitation of wild life, creatures, animals, mammals, reptiles and every form of life, whether this may be for sport or otherwise.
This Also
This also seeks to establish complete avoidance of any indiscriminate slaughter of animals
The element of time essentially emphasizes the primary objective of the focal vision should be consistently aimed towards enhancing the scope of this wonderful life and to invest each and every moment meaningfully and constructively
The more good we impart the more the resources we are equipped with
Nature is aware of all that is going on and provides us and further equips us with the ability and proficiency in further investing for the goodwill and progress of our Wonderful Universe and its Inhabitants consistently, provided of course that the initiatives / actions and objectives are explicitly intended for absolute preservation / conservation and protection from a justifiable angle.
Every Meaningful Action Matters & Counts
Every action, no matter how small or how large, irrespective of its stature or magnitude has a very big impact and the impact resonates for time to time and keeps on resonating despite request for it to resonate moderately.
This in other words means that once a certain action might be taken, it starts off an avalanche and this crescendo keeps on gathering momentum and keeps on accelerating the pace of the intended velocity with such a speed that it becomes difficult to understand the reason or logic behind the happenings.
Protection Definition In These Contexts
Protect would pertain to protection of all forms of life including creatures, mammals or animals, reptiles, basically all forms of Life across this Wonderful Universe we are so fortunate to be a part of.
In various instances, these living beings do not seek sanctuary or protectiveness
Capturing or Slaying; Indiscriminate Slaughter is Very Cruel & Condemnable
But this instance develops only when they are being captured or slain for no logical reason, where no matter what logic may prevail, to pursue the creatures, the animals, the mammals, the reptiles and all forms of species where they are dwelling happily amongst their own
Think about this for a moment and think again; repeat the above; creatures, the animals, the mammals, the reptiles and all forms of species where they are dwelling happily amongst their own; without creating any interference to Nature
They deserve every right to continue to reside where they are and not to be hunted down or stalked; slaughtered indiscriminately with a continual fear that creates an environment of fear amongst them.
They rightfully deserve to live and enjoy this wonderful Life
Conservative Approach; Permitting Creatures; Animals; Mammals; Reptiles and all Forms of Species to Reside Happily In Their Habitations Consistently
Similarly, if opportunities to refrain from venturing towards wandering or venturing into the enclaves; dwellings; habitations of the creatures, the animals, the mammals, the reptiles and all forms of species could be adopted; practiced would be immensely appreciated
Whereby they are able to harmoniously live amongst their own without the fear of being hunted; since they do not seek more than the privilege to live and they do not have demands or wants;
If they do have, they have needs and are able to manage capably; doing more with the least; meager of resources
At Times
At times, there is so much we could learn from them
They Cannot Speak
Truly they speak a language that they can understand; but how could we understand what they wish to express please?
But their actions demonstrate to us how they efficiently and capably manage with what they have
It is Amazing
If we start investigating right from an ant to an cow or even an horse or a elephant; they are all peaceful
They are all peaceful; in their own realms; however when one seeks to inflict pain or hurt them, it is but natural that they and other species tend to resort to a hostile response reciprocatively
Taking Care
They apparently take care of themselves
However when there is any intrusion detected amongst their domain, this creates the highest level of alert and fear, whereby they are consistently venturing towards protecting and saving their precious Life
Time and Again; They deserve to Live Please
It is the Right to Live, the Privilege to Live, to be able to Live freely amongst their own is all they actually seek, they do not wish their habitation / their domain to be encroached upon or pursued with the objective of continually only safeguarding their precious Life, in short they do not wish to be hunted whether for sport or otherwise
Yes indeed they obviously deserve and merit to live this wonderful Life without any hindrance or any intrusion into their domain, whether this might be deliberate or inadvertent.
Shark Fins
Why do certain people just for a bowl of shark fin soup; severe – cut off the fin of a shark and let the sharks to painfully die an agonizing death?
Sharks Finning
This action is a a very cruel act which is; finning of the shark, a practice where the fin of a shark are sliced off and the shark is thrown back to the sea,
Extremely Cruel
It is amongst the very most cruel of acts since it is severing the most vital parts of a shark whereby it is able to move and by slicing off the fins, this renders the shark as totally immobile – just floating
– just adrift helplessly – this is tantamount to cutting of the limbs of movement; whereby the sharks are unfortunately being made to suffer in this cruel way – and for what – for what – for  a bowl of soup; this is very extremely cruel; those who drink the soup satisfy their appetite;
– those who commit this act are creating amongst the greatest of sins; have they given life? that they are snatching away the precious lives?
– what right do they have to so cruelly; so brutally and so heartlessly cut off the fins of the sharks please?
– would they do this to themselves please? In God’s kingdom, there is compassion for one and all; all living beings where if one were to attack others, then the time would come for the very same individuals to be confronted with a similar situation and when the individual pleads, repents and seeks forgiveness; the individuals would not be forgiven
– since while cutting of the fins, they did not think for a moment also and simply cut off the fins and let the sharks to painfully suffer
– I humbly wish to know, why please, why please? and keep on seeking not only a answer but a resolution for this please, since this is not about seeking publicity or for campaigning to support a meaningful cause alone
– it is very much more than all of that; if one were to put oneself in the same circumstances as another, one would be able to relate to the experience being felt
– if those cutting of the fins were to be ignorant and dis regard, there is one law known as the Law; the Theory of Karma; the Law of Consequence and it has the Give and Take principles that apply
– so if one commits cruelty now or later; one has to make amends and pay for their sins, whether in this lifetime or another lifetime but until one pays for one’s sins, one is never forgiven, why don’t these individual realize please?
– O Lord, Dear God
– please fill the minds of the individuals with a Vision of Compassion and Wisdom; to show them the meaningful way to these individuals who commit these cruel actions as well as other individuals who inhumanely treat defenseless animals and indiscriminately slaughter animals and other species of life mercilessly please
– to make them realize that what they are doing is extremely cruel and just because the animals and other species of life cannot speak does not give them the liberty to keep pursuing such cruel actions;
– in fact the animals and other species of life cannot speak but our Inner Consciousness is terribly hurt, we feel very sadly for so much of suffering that is being inflicted on so many animals so very cruelly
– would these individuals be able to undergo even one single moment of any such suffering? then why do they make these animals; creatures suffer so mercilessly please? why please?
– time and again, those who snatch away the lives so mercilessly and heartlessly have to remember that they are not the creators, they have not given life to these helpless animals – to these defenseless animals
– they don’t have the right to commit such cruel actions please, prayers, hopes, thoughts and sincere wishes are being expressed by millions of People all across the World for peaceful co existence please and very sincerely hoping that these individuals will realize their wrong doings and make the amends right away,
it is not tomorrow or next week or next year; it is this very moment to deeply think, reflect upon what they are doing and realize that they are punishing and snatching away the precious lives of defenseless animals, this is very extremely cruel, when will they listen and when will they understand please?
, the sharks must not be slaughtered so cruelly and forced to extinction simply to serve a soup alone;
This is Heartless
This is NOT Only Unfair, this is Very Cruel and Heartless
Extremely Painful ; Just Imagine
What is happening is that the sharks are still alive, but without their fins, they are unable to move; and they die a painful death
Why do certain people go to such extents just to satisfy their appetite, just for a bowl of soup; to punish the sharks with such a painful death;
Why this cruel act occurs is completely an very challenging and critical question
It is sincerely hoped that a resolution will be found, but it remains a wonder when?
What one does comes back to the person who commits the particular action;
The certain individuals who commit such terrible actions should be aware that
Nature is watching; every aspect is being Recorded; There is not a single action
that can evade Nature
The certain individuals committing such cruel actions should realize that; What the does for others; is destined to received back the results of their doings;
What they give others; will certainly come back to them;
What goes around, comes around; One reaps, what one sows;
What one does for others; Comes back to the doer
That what one does for another comes back to the doer likewise;  whether now, whether later, but apparently returns back to us in one form or another; at one time or another;
And how the doing will come back, no one knows; in what form; in what guise; in what shape; in what instance; one never knows; but Nature knows how to do what, no one can defy Nature
Nature encourages every person to establish an environment of peaceful co existence and to respect one anothers jurisdictions; NOT to encroach and slay defenseless animals and cause indiscriminate slaughter of animals
Also similarly how Whales are hunted is also of extreme concern.
Similarly; Cows & Other Animals
There are other similar instances that relates to Cows and other animals that might be indiscriminately slaughtered; just to satisfy ones appetite?
What is very cruel and sinful is the slaughtering of the Cows; It is the cows that provide milk and later on the very same cows that are slaughtered for meat; In fact, some of the cows are pregnant and yet they are slaughtered mercilessly
Greater Sin
This is a more greater sin, it is the cow mother and the baby cow yet to be born that are mercilessly slain simply to satisfy ones appetite please? This is not sheer ignorance, it is a grievous sin
(There might be various other factors, instances and examples and the examples featured above is;are NOT intended to offend any ones sentiments whatsoever please)
Sincerely Hoped
It is a sincerely hoped and wished that this matter is understood more meaningfully please and appropriate steps are taken to address the above please
Quotes; Author Attribution; Acknowledgment is duly featured alongside the quotes
Until he extends the circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace
Albert Schweitzer
By having a reverence for life, we enter into a spiritual relation with the world By practicing reverence for life we become good, deep, and alive
– Albert Schweitzer
A man is truly ethical only when he obeys the compulsion to help all life which he is able to assist, and shrinks from injuring anything that lives.
– Albert Schweitzer
By respect for life we become religious in a way that is elementary, profound and alive.
– Albert Schweitzer
Love & Light;
God Bless,
©2009 Vashi Ram Chandi
This article is being expressed in good faith; with sincere and meaningful intentions; but devoid of any kind; type of responsibilities; representation or warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability of any of the details featured herewith
Any and all liabilities are hereby disclaimed regarding any omissions; errors or consequences that may arise as a result of preview; dissemination or propagation in any format whatsoever.
In no event whatsoever shall the featuring of this post or dissemination of any concerned/related details make me responsible for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance upon or communication / propagation / transmission of the information featured herewith.

The Goodness of Thoughts, Universal Peace, Happiness, Prosperity and Progress

The Promise Promotion; What do you want most in life?

What is the treasure that will make you happy beyond even your wildest, material dreams? Something that can never be taken away from you?

With reference to the captioned contest, seeking to encourage a passionate approach towards expression of the most ardent desire, this is confidently and consistently the following particular set of wishes and hopes:- (Before proceeding with specifying the following, all of these are literally with us and make us very much Happier since it is spreading Joy and Happiness, ensuring a consistent Wish for Global Peace, Harmony, Happiness, Prosperity and Progress consistently)

The Goodness of these thoughts can never be taken away since they consistently linger as an ardent Hope, a cherished desire that will consistently manifest / conceptualize and prevail, where we are able to rejoice and be more grateful and more appreciative, more thankful for all that has been provided, all that is being provided and all that will be provided, thanks, thanks and many thanks ……

UNIVERSAL Good Health, Peace, Happiness, Greater Understanding, Love, Respect, Admiration, Aspiration, Ambition, Compassion, Humility, Reverence, Harmony, Adequate Food Supplies for One and All, Natural Conservancy, Appreciation & Protection of Wildlife & All Forms of Life,  Effective Global Warming Collaboration, Responsible Universal Environment, Effective Conservation of Our Natural Resources & Establishment of an Healthy Ecological Balance, Prosperity and Progress; amongst a few of the cherished desires of my Life

The above are apparently a few of the comprehensive requirements; few since there are apparently various additional and more pivotally important issues and opinions; requirements needed to be specified by many more participants in this and other related platforms to express

Summarizing the above, like it has been mentioned that:-

– We get to keep what we give away (Philanthropy / Charity where possible, within means possible, not for seeking acclaim or recognition but a selfless contribution for Welfare and Happiness consistently) The meaning of we get is the reciprocation, the Law of Compensation, that we are paid back in the same way that we take the concerned action since every action has its equal or opposite reaction, but this does not mean that one gives away seeking any augmentation of one’s wealth or resources; then this will become an elongated / extended and infinite wait with hopes awaiting the arrival of the reward which would deviate and go the selfless and deserving candidate that least expects to receive the concerned benefit / reward; it is extending and doing one’s very Best within one’s reasonable means possible and leaving the rest up to Nature to decide; since Nature knows, What, When, Where, How and Why, Nature Truly Knows, Nature is Aware

– We give love, we receive love (With Respect and Admiration, True Love)

– We give respect, we get respect

– We admire, we are admired

– we aspire, we are provided with further Inspiration to keep embarking and pursuing meaningful objectives / agendas / assignments that relate to Universal Peace, Happiness, Prosperity and Progress

– we extend compassion, we receive a compassionate welcome at each instance

– we are humble in our approach, we perceive humility in the approach being extended toward us,
– we revere, the reverence is the wisdom that we are gifted with infinitely – a stream of amongst one of the most precious virtues – Knowledge;

– we take good care of our Health; we see Good Health in others around us since we are doing our very best in our respective capacities – the very best with what we have been equipped instead of complaining and we are further rewarded with Greater Health;

– We contribute; partake a meal for the needy where possible and we derive a immense sense of satisfaction that cannot be expressed simply by over eating – the more greater achievement is giving the gift of a meal to the needy and deserving where possible, for if a Person were to abstain from a meal, the second meal, then the third meal as well deliberately, the pangs of hunger would bring forth the realization of how it feels, so all it is being humbly requested is to contribute a meal, when and where possible, it is not a binding or a assurance that if one contributes a meal to the needy and deserving, they will be blessed with abundance, it is to perform the action without expecting anything in return, a selfless act that has no strings attached, that is completely detached and is giving away with a feeling of goodness and satisfaction;

– we take responsible care of our Environment, our Environment rewards us with the Very Finest of Moments Life has to offer continually; We take care of responsibly attending to Protection of Animals, an example is a very cruel act which is; finning of the shark, a practice where the fin’s of a shark are sliced off and the shark is thrown back to the sea, it is amongst the very most cruel of acts since it is severing the most vital parts of a shark whereby it is able to move and by slicing off the fins, this renders the shark as totally, the sharks must not be slaughtered so cruelly and forced to extinction simply to serve a soup alone, this is NOT Only Unfair, this is Very Cruel and Heartless (There are obviously various other factors, instances and examples and the example featured above is NOT intended to offend any one’s sentiments whatsoever

The above is obviously a very brief articulation of thoughts associated with the above as well as this most Precious, Incomparable and Wonderful Asset called Life,

Life and its Importance cannot be paraphrased or expressed in a few words alone, The Greatness of Life is Beyond any Compare and Beyond any Description for Life is Magnificent, Life is Excellent, Life is Wonderful, Life is Beautiful, Life is Pure, Life is Divine, Life is The Very Greatest Treasure

Important:- DISCLAIMER:-
Please kindly make note that the above details is / are not endorsed view(s) or suggestion(s), it / they is / are only an expression of a view point(s) that are being expressed "in good faith" at this moment in time and it might be very much possible that each individual endeavor might merit a more stringent, a more stronger and higher level of Responsibility and effective guidelines and COMPLIANCE and ADHERENCE to certain Protocol, Rules, LAWS AND REGULATIONS and other associated factors; So at any instance(s) any decision(s) / action(s) taken by the concerned Individual(s) / Person(s) remains entirely their own / complete / total Responsibility.

NO warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability of any of the above details featured are provided in any way whatsoever.In NO event whatsoever shall the author of this article be responsible for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance upon the information featured.

The details featured herewith are "in good faith" BUT in NO way assure or guarantee any results / performances from what is sincerely Hoped for since every action(s) / decision(s) taken by the concerned Individual(s) remains "completely and entirely the concerned Individual(s) Responsibility and at their sole discretion and risk".

Henceforth, this point of view should not be completely relied upon since the concerned Individual(s) would have to obviously take their own Responsibility in attending to each endeavor(s) with Utmost Care, Accountability, Responsibility, Attention, Precaution, Caution, Due Diligence, Prudent Acumen,

Time and Again Repeatedly, to ensure a stringent observance and implementation of Responsible and a host of various other relevant / essential  factors that might have to be taken into careful consideration and assessment / application accordingly are duly well taken care of Promptly and Appropriately; so Please kindly carefully verify at each and every step(s), each and every detail(s) meticulously and diligently prior to taking decision(s) / action(s) at your concerned discretion BUT of course Complete / Entirely at Your own Responsibility and Risk obviously, Thank You for your attention.

Best Wishes,
Vashi Ram Chandi


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