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The Evolving Cosmos: Is Reality Getting Any Closer?


Science is the modern authority for telling us what’s real, using verifiable facts to prove its theories. Over the last century many facts have emerged about the nature of the universe, and since we know we live in an evolving universe since the big bang occurred 13.8 billion years ago, naturally scientific knowledge has evolved.  But strangely enough, this hasn’t brought reality any closer. The mysteries of the universe were expected to be solved by looking closer and closer at phenomena “out there” beyond Earth, “at smallest scales” as we probe within the matter, and then reality pulled a number of baffling tricks that brought everything into question.

The pattern that overlays everything has been breakthrough = disruption. The whole field of biology isn’t disrupted by discovering through genetic analysis that pandas don’t simply look like bears but are bears. In physics and cosmology, however, major discoveries have overturned the applecart, beginning in 1915, when Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity made a rupture from anything previously done in physics, by giving a geometrical model of gravity. Space and time were unified, and suddenly the cosmos was a four-dimensional continuum in which two fixed, and earlier separate entities, space and time, were now seamlessly linked, behaving not alone but relative to each other.

Einstein’s theory was massively important for physics, but it altered the relationship between the cosmos and human beings. First, our senses were now rendered either unreliable or pointless in grasping the complete reality, because relativistic effects were abstract and mathematical. In other words, these effects were simply not grasped by our usual sense perceptions. (Einstein used simple examples taken from ordinary life, such as standing in an elevator as it descended or watching a train approach the station, but these analogies only hinted at what General Relativity explained.) Second, relativity was a wedge that opened up the possibility that the human brain, which operates in linear time and three-dimensional space, might be inadequate to grasp alien dimensions and “spooky” behavior outside our experience. Continue reading

Why a Mental Universe Is the “Real” Reality

By Deepak Chopra, MD, Menas Kafatos, PhD, Bernardo Kastrup, PhD, Rudolph Tanzi, PhD

handsScience concerns itself with reality, in the form of “real particles”, “real organisms”, and the “real universe”. The tacit assumption is that science can answer the question of reality itself. If this wasn’t the case, science would have a hard time explaining why it holds a special place as a human activity. So one must grant that science concerns itself with the reality of “objects”. What this assumes, of course, is that objects exist independent of conscious experience. In the first two articles of this series, we’ve discussed the evidence that our universe is in fact fundamentally mental. What we call physical things and events, as it turns out, do not exist independently of subjective experience.

If they did, how would one even prove such existence? Conscious experience is the only way that reality can be known. The implications of this increasingly unavoidable conclusion—that the universe must be approached as fundamentally mental—are often misunderstood. For this reason, the vast majority of scientists cling to the belief in materialism, regarding anything else as metaphysics and not science. The goal of the present article is to address some of these misunderstandings.

To begin with, we aren’t proposing that human mental activity is necessary for the world to exist, i.e., for it to be real. Or to put it another way, reality can be independent of the human mind, but not necessarily of mind or consciousness in general. When we say that the universe is mental, many people interpret this to mean that reality is in our heads. Precisely the opposite is the case: if all reality is mental, then our heads and bodies, as parts of reality, are in the mind. This may sound surprising at first, but it is entirely consistent with everyday experience. There is nothing to our bodies but our felt perceptions of them. A body is what a particular swirl in a transpersonal flow of experiences looks like, just like a whirlpool is what a particular swirl in a stream of water looks like. Continue reading

Physics May Stonewall, But Reality Doesn’t


By Deepak Chopra, MD, Menas Kafatos, PhD, Bernardo Kastrup, PhD

In a recent blog posting, physicist Lawrence Krauss defended the notion that the physical universe is objectively real. To think otherwise, he says, is nonsensical. “Deepak Chopra, for example, keeps implying that quantum mechanics means that objective reality doesn’t exist apart from conscious experience.”

Krauss seems to suggest that the notion of a mental universe is naively entertained only by non-physicists. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Over the past couple of decades, experimental evidence in favor of a mental universe has been mounting, as argued by Prof. Richard Conn Henry in none other than Nature magazine (Vol. 436, 7 July 2005, p. 29), in an essay suitably titled “The Mental Universe.” After a particularly significant experiment published in 2007, Physics World went as far as to say that “quantum physics says goodbye to reality;” that is, to an objective reality outside mind. Krauss, as a physicist, should presumably be aware of these seminal developments in his own field. Yet he curiously chose to use his authority to paint a very different scenario: “The truth … is that consciousness is irrelevant to the act of measurement,” he says confidently.

This is an old story, of trying to stonewall on behalf of a current belief system that allegedly is so obviously true, only an ignoramus or naïve thinker would disagree. The flat Earth was such an idea long ago. Krauss’ version of the flat Earth comes down to solid objects that exist “out there” beyond the tip of our noses. He labels as “nonsensical” the contrary idea, that reality is possibly entirely mental. Continue reading

Deepak Chopra: How Science Explains Paradox

Reality is full of paradox. The happiest moment may bring tears to our eyes; enrichment can lead to depletion; a statement may be both true and false. Most of us learn early on to accept life’s ambiguity, only occasionally balking at the unfairness of a world that is never exactly as it seems. As it turns out, paradox is encoded in our very being, so fundamental though we hardly know how to talk about it. But in this week’s episode of “Ask Deepak” on The Chopra Well, Deepak Chopra sits down with Menas Kafatos, a physicist and professor at Chapman University, to unpack the principle of complementarity and the paradox inherent in reality.

Complementarity is a quantum mechanical principle first formulated by Niels Bohr, an early 20th century Danish physicist and Nobel Prize winner. The principle describes the way in which atoms act both as particles and as waves, a seemingly contradictory, though undeniably true, fact. During experiments it may be impossible to witness both properties at once, given the limitations of measuring equipment. But both aspects of matter are essential.

As Deepak and Menas discuss, complementarity is a fundamental principle of reality, which means it applies to all aspects of the universe: mind and body, unmanifest and manifest, dead and alive, local and nonlocal. Without opposites, Deepak concludes, there would be no universe. Neither particle nor wave on its own is enough to constitute reality – only their duality allows nature to act and function as it does. Thus paradox is at the center and in the very essence of creation.

What do you think? Have you experienced paradox? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Notes on Quantum Warfare…

I would like to talk about a term that I have coined, Quantum Warfare.  I don’t know, perhaps someone else has applied this expression before to this subject.  But I use the term, rather than the other historical terminology, because I think its important to see to the value in it, that the other terms that have been used may not be as useful to capturing the imagination.  Those older expressions are: non-violence, ahimsa, non-cooperation.  While those terms have served well those in the past who have practiced them, ie Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., they may leave the rest of humanity uninspired.  And mankind is too much in need to be inspired in this direction, its survival may depend on it…


Many people may see those older terms that express the principle of non-violence as being nothing but passivity, just letting someone beat up on you in the hope that if you don’t hit back they will eventually feel bad about it and stop.  From what I can see, this was Gandhi’s attitude.  But I think that there is even older evidence that to practice non-violence is not really passivity.  That it is ultimately the most powerful counter measure that one can take.  An action that can actually overwhelm the opposition in ways that neither you or the opposition can imagine.  That there are not just philosophical or religious reasons why non-violence is powerful, but there are quantum mechanical reasons.  And while a combatant using quantum warfare may be taking a very proactive stance to defeat the opposition, there is no way for the opposition to use the same principles and create anything but peace.  It is my belief that quantum warfare is the most powerful strategy in existence, more powerful than any weapons system that can be devised.  And while powerful, it has the ability to achieve its ends without endangering the global environment.  It is also my belief that it has the capacity to defeat those forces that are currently endangering the existence of mankind…


I am a student of the Tao Te Ching.  It is a spiritual teaching on government that was written 2500 years ago, traditionally believed to be written by a man named Lao Tzu.  But it does not represent something that Lao Tzu thought up on his lonesome.  It is a codification of ancient Chinese folk religion, going far deeper into antiquity than the period that the writer of the Tao Te Ching lived in.  He indeed speaks of the "ancient masters", so it is anyone’s guess how far back these masters lived…


It is my belief that the Tao Te Ching contains evidence that these ancients had learned how to live in cooperation with the quantum field, aka the non-local intelligence, called by Lao Tzu "the nameless Tao".  It is in the Tao Te Ching that one sees a radically different approach to the subject of warfare, one that humanity desperately needs.  It is my belief that the non-local intelligence, from which all reality springs, has presented us with the tools for survival, we need only to apply them.  It is this non-local intelligence, that gave the brain of man the ability to read, while there was yet no language to read.  Such is the anticipating provision that the evolutionary force of the universe has provided and I believe one can trust will continue to provide…


It is perhaps ironic that quantum physics, that branch of science that has endangered the existence of man more than any other, is that which holds the greatest hope of perpetuating the species in safety.  But perhaps this the non-local domain’s way of funneling us in a direction, in essence saying "swim or die".  Indeed, we are surrounded by evidence of the power that understanding the quantum realm has given man, ie computers, cellphones, televisions, and lasers.  But anyone who lived through the 20th Century is also haunted by the equally real uranium, plutonium, and hydrogen weapons.   The mythical but probably already existing neutron bomb, capable of destroying living beings without destroying real estate, also hovers menacingly over our continued existence.  Predator drones, able to engage an enemy without endangering the operator, also is a result of quantum physics and serves to prove that the freedom fighter, as well as the supposed terrorist, can be dealt blows without the ability to directly engage the attacker…


But the good news is that those who use force, fear and intimidation are completely vulnerable.  Indeed, their weapons are only symbols of the their fear and vulnerability.  For it is a principle of quantum warfare, that those attempting to create fear in another can only do so because they are operating in a consciousness of fear.  Fear is a low energy quantum attractor field. (See my other notes on the Hawkins Index of Human Consciousness)


So I would at this point bring in my first evidence of this ancient technique of warfare…


The 69th verse of the Tao Te Ching:


"There is a saying amongst soldiers, "I dare not make the first move, but would rather play the guest".  "I dare not advance an inch, but would rather withdraw a foot".  This is called "going forward without advancing", "pushing back, without using weapons".  There is no greater misfortune than feeling, "I have an enemy".  For when "I" and "enemy" exist together, there is no room left for my treasure.  Thus when two opponents meet, the one without an enemy will surely triumph.  When armies are evenly matched, the one with compassion wins"…


Consciousness has many levels.  These levels can be high energy or low energy and are quantum attractor fields that the person’s reality springs from.  Each level of consciousness has a corresponding set of beliefs and expectations of how that reality will manifest.  According to quantum mechanics, the observer (which is anyone observing the world) collapses the quantum wave functions, just by the act of observing.  This collapsed wave function becomes matter.  Any quantum physicist will tell you that all the material universe, that supposed solid thing you see all around you, is 99.9999% empty space.  And what is in that space, are only spinning vortexes of energy.  So it can be said that the perception of solidity is in fact, an illusion.  This ephemeral quality of the material world is effected by one’s perceptions and perceptions are effected by one’s beliefs and expectations.  One can discern the level of consciousness that someone is operating at by the expressions of these beliefs and also by their corresponding actions that spring from their beliefs…


It is interesting that according to the most recent science, explained in Dr. Bruce H. Lipton’s book, "The Biology of Belief", the principle dogma of Francis Crick, that genetics is the driving force behind all of life, is completely false.  Lipton, who has been a genetic researcher since the 1960’s, when he first started with stem cell research, explains that genes are only a "blueprint", that have the dynamic ability to manifest their design, with the same genes, according to the organisms "perceptions" of the outside environment.  That messenger molecules, driven by the organism’s perceptions, are received by the cell’s receptors and tell the cell when the protein sleeve on the chromosomes should retract to allow the chromosomes to produce the RNA to create a required protein, corresponding to the perception.  For example, when the mother of a forming fetus has a perception that the environment she is in is dangerous, this sends stress hormones, messenger molecules to the cells of the fetus, through the placenta.  This causes the chromosomes to form proteins that produce a more muscular child.  But the downside to this is that the energy is withdrawn from the formation of the child’s brain, so the child will be less intelligent.  But the point of this is to demonstrate that even in the womb, the child is being programmed with expectations of the outside environment, according to the perceptions of the mother.  And the mother’s perceptions can be based on high consciousness beliefs and expectations or low consciousness…


In that quote of the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu says that the perception that one has an enemy is a great misfortune.  The previous paragraph reveals some of the ramifications of believing that one has an enemy.  And that perception has a great effect on the person having the perception, on every level of their existence, quantum, mental, and physical.  It is each person’s domain to choose what they believe and those beliefs will generate their reality.  Everyone is the same distance from the non-local domain and the highest reality is that we, as this thing called humanity, are linked together by quantum entanglement.  The quantum attractor fields of our beliefs overlay, penetrate, exclude, include, cancel, amplify, lower, raise, the level of consciousness of each other.  On a quantum level, culture can be defined as an amplification of a set of beliefs and expectations of a particular people group.  Just as in a symphony orchestra, the collective sound of say the first violin section, all playing the same note, creates a greater amplitude of that note than a single violin.  The baroque instrument, the harpsichord, utilizes "terrace dynamics", including or excluding of layers of strings of the same pitch by means of foot pedals, to make the instrument louder or softer.  In a similar way, each member of a community of the same mindset creates a greater amplitude of the quantum attractor fields that are generated by their collective beliefs and expectations, to produce their reality.  So a culture that believes that they have enemies, will be amplifying that aspect of reality to manifest.  The only good news is, that fear that springs from a perception of the existence of enemies is a low energy attractor field, so it is not as quick to manifest changes in reality.  But it is characteristic of the higher energy attractor fields, more and more the higher in consciousness they rise, to manifest what can be classified as miracles, sudden quantum shifts in reality.


One of the attributes of these high levels of consciousness, is the abandoning of the perception of "separateness".  That someone believes, has the perception that enemies exist, is a manifestation of the belief that they are separate from others, that there are "others".  The higher an individual’s consciousness, the more the illusion of separateness falls away, revealing the consciousness of oneness.  It is also true, that the higher one’s consciousness, the exponentially greater the power to effect reality, to indeed supersede the collective consciousness of an entire culture, that of millions of people, and that by a mere individual.  So this shows the importance of each person taking responsibility for their own level of consciousness, to seek to raise it to the highest level possible and thereby raise the consciousness of their culture and that of the whole of mankind…


to be continued…

Does The Moon Exist If There Are No Sentient Beings To Look At It?

During the recent Caltech debate with Michael Shermer on March 14th, we engaged in a spirited discussion on whether an object of perception such as the moon exists when no one is looking. Here is Michael’s account of that exchange. Needless to say, I disagree with his conclusions and even with his representation of my premises and position on the subject. I will clarify this and continue this dialogue in a blog on March 23, when the debate is televised.

Read the article here


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What are your views about Quantum Dots?

Dear Friends

Quantum Dots are tiny nano-crystals consisting of a few hundred to a few thousand atoms. They sparkle with promise for uses ranging from providing cheap solar energy to tagging proteins in living cells to enabling quantum computers. The optics and electronics of these semiconductor nanocrystals are dramatically different from the same materials in bulk. http://ow.ly/iPWF

Quantum Dots have the potential and economies of scale to produce low cost solar cells with high efficiency. Solar cell and semiconductor companies are pioneering new nanophotonics technology, which creates quantum dot nanoparticles (about 50 millionth of a centi-metre) that when exposed to light create electrical current. One useful feature of quantum dots is that the colours of light they absorb and emit can be tuned simply by varying their size. This is because dots of the same material but different sizes have different band gaps, which absorb and emit different frequencies of light. Quantum dots are a valuable commodity: tiny semiconducting crystals with potential for applications such as bioimaging, colour displays and lasers. Cadmium selenide dots absorb high-energy photons of ultraviolet and re-emit visible light photons. Different sizes of dots glow different colours right through the spectrum from red to blue as the crystals get smaller. http://ow.ly/iPXy

Quantum Dot covered Light Emitting Diode (QD LED) bulbs are already available for around $40 to $100! However, a conventional bulb can be bought for less than $1. Where is the difference? Power Consumption and Durability as measured on the basis of Lifetime. The power consumption of the QD LEDs is extremely low (20% or less of conventional bulbs) and durability is much higher (Lifetime = 14,000+ hours). over 10 years of nightly lighting (say in a living room) the difference in running cost between on old incandescent bulb and one of the new QD LED lights is about $400 (at 30cents/kWh).


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Another letter od appreciation

  Dear friends please allow me to try to explain to you something very important.

  There have always been i a very strong mental-spiritual affinity between you and I. 
  My long years lived have taught me that there are no coincidences in this life. Please try to understand my mission in life. My mission has been to help people get near their true selves . To realized the importance of living dual lives. With your case I thought that there will be only friendship between us, but recently I felt that I had to give you an opportunity to show you all the amazing benefits regarding when we dwell in our spiritual world.Our amazingly effective mystic cell.

  It has never been a good idea to force people to do something they don’t like doing. That’s the reason I’m only suggesting, never forcing you to feel and then to understand the wonders that await you in the spiritual world. That’s all.

      I’m used to perform ritual since I was a little boy. Ritual is good to make us spirituality humble.
  It is amazing how our material responsibilities and obligations are lightening up when we live a true dual life. What is living a dual life? To spend twenty three hours and forty five minutes living in our material world and only fifteen minutes a day connected to our real spiritual world. 

  Dear brothers and sisters if after reading this you make a commitment to spend fifteen minutes twice a week to find ourselves in the spiritual world it means that we are more than ready to enjoy the delicious fruits of this kingdom where we can take long walks lost in the vast Cosmic Garden of true friendship. 
  I am opened to learn from all your spiritual experiences. Such experiences are really totally enjoyed in an absolute spiritual way!

  That’s the reason that I sense more than think together we will be able to start rolling down a snow ball down the hill wakening up many positive consequences.
  Every one of us will become a sure happy winner!


You Want to Travel Through Space and Time? Don


Technology is stealing fire from the Gods, but it never satisfies because it is piecemeal, and the second we observe it, it freezes, its wave function collapses.

It’s important to realize that without a wave function you couldn’t be reading this message, PC’s couldn’t exist, the internet couldn’t exist, because its all based on the ability of the electron to exist simultaneaously at every point in space. Fortunately we can’t “observe” an electron, so its wave function doesn’t collapse, and our Micro Processors still compute, and our emails go through. Even more fortunate still for our bodies’ sake, or it would collapse. The electron cloud keeps all of our bodies’ trillions of molecules that are constantly colliding, stable. The electron cloud is based on the electron’s ablity to be in an infinite number of points around the nucleus, simultaneously. Fortunately, someone wishing to do us harm has not the sensory organs to observe our electrons and collapse their wave function!

Every object, including your body has a wave function. In fact the probability of the wave function’s statistic looks exactly like you, your actual wave function, which is real, seeps into space and actually occupies the entire Universe. That is until you or someone else observes you. Then your wave function collapses, and you become frozen in space in time at the point they or you observe you. Want to travel or be in an infinite number of places simultaneouly like a God? Don’t collapse your wave function! How do we do that? I don’t know!!!!!

But I have a few ideas. (Of course having an idea, itself, especially attached to the idea of myself having it, is automatically collapsing my wave function!) Until we get the engineering prowess, which will be at least thousands if not millions of years, to build Star Trek like devices, we are going to have to look at the Mystical route.

I can’t stop my neighbor from observing me. I can’t stop even my dogs or cat from observing me, but if I were alone in a room, could I stop ME from observing ME? It seems to me (even saying “me” collapses my wave function) that observing myself, either in a mirror, or looking at parts of my body is very analogous, if not the same thing, to Ego. I. Look at your hand. The whole Universe is behind it, and when you look at it, it “freezes” it as separate from that Universe. MY HAND. Not the Universe’s.

It seems there would be one easy solution for not observing yourself: Close your eyes. But even when your eyes are closed, your other senses are involved with observing YOU, your sense of touch, smell, sound and even without those, your mind has only images of yourself as you have seen yourself for years, since you were born. That’s a very ingrained image, one that perhaps gives birth to the Ego itself, and then once born, the Ego’s needs, desires, and fears, propels one’s body towards actions that keep it (the Ego) fed.

This lock is not easily broken. Years upon years of habit are like mounds of soil and a rusty padlock in an indistinguishable field, on top of the treasure chest that is your Authentic Self (Self in the Eastern tradition as distinguished from Ego). The practice of Meditation and Yoga (re-linking, ie ‘re-ligio’ to source or unseparation consciouness) are the only two practices I’ve encountered that show, perhaps, a way or solution to stop observing yourself and collapsing your wave function. Actually its been a long time since I’ve engaged these practices, so maybe I am writing this post to remind myself of their value and not the World. But the successful moments, even if fleeting, that I have had with these practices were very freeing in the sense that the gap between thought was achieved and these frozen architectures of the mind, these complexes as Jung would say, that have been years of memories in the making, seem to collapse in an instant.

Can the simple act of meditation and yoga keep my Wave function alive and have me or you traveling to any point in the Universe (and perhaps time) instaneously, while at the same time keep one part of you, grounded, here on Earth, keeping your day job, keeping the bills paid?  I don’t know, but the feeling just occured to me now, reading  “Parallel Worlds” by Michio Kaku and coming across a passage about Quantum Mechanics:

“To resolve the discrepency between waves of probability and our commonsense notion of existence, Bohr and Heisenberg assumed that after a measurement is made by an outside observer, the wave function magically “collapses,” and the electron falls into a definite state-that is, after looking at the tree, we see that it is truly standing. In other words, the process of observation determines the final state of the electron. Observation is vital to existence. After we look at the electron, its wave function collapses, so the electron is now in a definite state and there is no more need for wave functions.” – page 152

“Before an observation is made, an object exists in all possible states simultaneously. To determine which state the object is in, we have to make an observation, which “collapses” the wave function, and the object goes into a definite state. The act of observation destroys the wave function, and the object now assumes a definite reality. The wave function has served its purpose: it has given us the precise probability of finding the object in that particular state.” – page 153

If I’m thinking of Eastern philosophy, the “Third Eye” represented as the red dot on the forehead of many Indians, is a symbol of observing without collapsing the wave function. “Seeing the infinite” as Blake would say.

So before I walked into my bathroom and see my cat reclining on the chair, was he really on Mars and every other place in the Universe for that matter? Yes, according to Quantum Mechanics, which though is still just a theory, is the most successful scientific theory of all time and is responsible for the microchip and this Mac I’m writing on. So one must take pause.

So if you want to travel through space and time, don’t collapse your wave function! And one of the ironies is in order not to collapse it, you have to stop wanting not to collapse it! How else do you do it? I don’t exactly know. My path might be different from yours and everyone else’s. The Authurian Romances tell us “Each adventurer entered the forest in a different place and made his own path which had never been made before. To follow another’s would have been a disgrace.”

So no one knows exactly, but mythologies give us hidden clues. The rest we have to find for ourself, and in our own way.


The Matrix

Lets play pretend.  Imagine that a DVD disk is the universe.  Now as a basic review for those not up on or into electronics, a DVD has no pictures on it.  It is a digital media unlike film or tape from the past.  Under a microscope you would see only zeros and ones.  It’s the language of computers, hot and cold, on or off, zero or one.  Through elaborate mathematical equations and a whole lot of “if-thens, a code decipherer is used to turn something that to the human eye, in reality is only numbers, into a beautiful high definition picture of a tree.

Wow, we humans are smart.  The entire 2 hour movie with surround sound is able to be stored on this little plastic disk because of its digital format.  To appreciate how awesome of an accomplishment this is, lets not use digital code for the movie.  Instead lets put high resolution pictures on the disk.  It takes 30 pictures per second to have standard movie quality motion.  How many high resolution pictures do you think we can fit on our DVD?  Without sound, maybe a few minutes worth at best.  The fact is, no tree is on the DVD.  The only thing that knows different is the decoder, the DVD player.  To everything else, the masses, its just zeros and ones.

Now, Imagine, you are the DVD player, get the picture?  That my friends is exactly how it is.  Welcome to the matrix!  Scientifically we know that what you are looking at, only looks the way it does to you.  Take the human out of it and its not a tree at all.  It doesn’t even have the shape of a tree.  Just like the data on the DVD, what is really there is energy, arranged in its own way.


DVD Binaire Code

Who cares?  Why does it matter that under a microscope our universe is much different than what we see or feel?  We are all connected.  The field of energy that makes the tree is in fact part of the field of energy that makes up me.  Can the energy I arrange with my mind effect other energy in the field like a drop of water in a pond?  What do you think?



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