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Applying Musical Terms in Our Life to Create Expansion- Part 2

radioIn challenging times, it is easy to wander and disconnect from our heart.  Fear, sadness and anxiety can very easily become dissonant notes in the song of our life as we become immersed in the news of senseless killings, terrorism and political unrest.  Within your heart there is still love, compassion, kindness, passion and purpose.  Words cannot explain what most of us are feeling at this time in history.  There is another language that strikes a deeper chord and has the ability to guide us home to our hearts to access our true potential.  The Language is music…. Music restarts the important dialogue between our conscious mind and our intuitive heart and can provide rejuvenation, inner peace and inspiration.  In these challenging times we have the ability to compose our selves, regroup and orchestrate beauty in our life.  We are resilient and have the ability to orchestrate a better world.  As we work on ourselves individually to find inner peace it  ripples  out into our life and our world.

So lets, define the terms compose and orchestrate and then apply them with musical tools to assist us in creating transformation in our life.  According to www.freedictionary.com the word compose can be defined several ways: Continue reading

Women Working and Daybreak USA are Living with Intent

In the whirlwind since releasing Living with Intent on April 7th, the conversation about what it means to live with intent has been active and thriving. People share what it means to be parents, to be working, to be themselves while pursuing dreams and striving to be the healthiest, happiest versions of who they are.

This is why we love to share interviews and stories with you! Hear Mallika’s story, hear stories from others and then share your own with us by emailing Mallika@MallikaChopra.com.

This interview is the first of a 4-part series with Helene Lerner of Women Working who sat down to ask questions about what it means to live a life of purpose:

Continue reading

Video of the Day: 5,000 People Choir Gather to Honor Teenager’s Viral Legacy

Zach Sobiech died of cancer last May, but not before he touched the heart of millions with his viral song “Clouds.” The radio station KS95 premiered the song on December 5 of last year. To honor the anniversary of the song over 5,000 people gathered at the mall of America to sing “Clouds.” If you aren’t familiar with Zach’s story then watch the mini-documentary about his last months with us from Soulpancake. (Warning: Tears are going to happen, in heavy quantity).

It goes to show that no matter what age you are you have the power to impact the world around you. The world lost Zach far too soon, but it warms the heart to know that his memory is being kept alive with touching tributes like this. It is just the type of feel good thing to make your holidays feel special.

What do you think of the video? Share it with us in the comments below! 

The Mayan Calendar: Are you expecting an apocalypse?

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 1.42.24 PMWorried about the Mayan calendar and the supposed end of the world tomorrow?

You’re in good company. Almost everyone seems to up in arms about the potential apocalypse, which some say was foretold in the highly accurate calendar of the ancient Mayans. Even NPR, for many the go-to source for sober, reliable news and editorials, discussed the issue on this morning’s Forum – so there must be something to it.

The predicted day happens to fall on the winter solstice, itself a significant event without the compounding issue of catastrophe. And experts say the Mayan calendar has been accurate, thus far, so who’s to say its wisdom would fail us now?

Here is The Chopra Well’s playful, and by no means authoritative, take on tomorrow’s alleged apocalypse. If you’re still here tomorrow to comment, then drop us a line to let us know you’re okay.

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VIDEO: Take Back The Air Waves

We are in a race between communication and catastrophe. We explore our communication rights and how to create a more conscious democracy.

"Pete and Duane’s Window" is a program that explores our world in transition including topics such as consciousness, sustainability, spirituality, and our collective future. The show’s hosts, Peter Russell and Duane Elgin, are internationally recognized visionaries who have known one another for decades, and share an interest in awakening consciousness, both personal and global.  As “evolutionary elders,” they see this time as pivotal for our species.

In collaboration with Coleen LeDrew Elgin, they co-created a program series they hope will generate deeper inquiry and conversation about our endangered future.  The shows are available for free viewing and download and are approximately 28 minutes in length. We welcome your comments on the themes of programs and have a comment form at the bottom of each video page.

Shame On You Dr. Laura

Radio talk show host – Dr Laura is in hot water. It seems she used the N word freely on a recent program. Dr Laura is very popular and very outspoken. I do not believe there is a place for a derogatory word on such a program – even if it is used in reference to a specific situation. Dr Laura is in a privileged and powerful position. As a talk show host she should choose her words wisely. The N word used by anyone is derogatory and negative. It runs in the same class as such damaging words as stupid, dumb, hopeless and idiot. These words can have a damaging and lasting effect and result in serious emotional scars carried from childhood. Any disparaging word is a reflection on the self-esteem of person who uses it. The Dr. Laura brouhaha gives us pause to reflect on the words we use toward ourselves and others. Remember what our mothers taught us, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”


Embrace your Life Radio Show!


Embrace Your Life Radio Show!! 

Join me as I launch an exciting new project: connecting listeners with information about how to align with your ideal life! Want more information? Click here! Call in on Wed. March 4 at 1pm EST to listen (347) 215-8364

Please contact me anytime with questions, ideas and feedback ~ I look forward to connecting with you! 

Best wishes to you! 

Enjoy and Embrace Your Life!
Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.


Bradley Interviews Mallika Chopra


Bradley Quick, founder of The Cool Change Foundation – and host of the Nations premier "Self Discovery" radio talk show interviews Mallika Chopra who talks about growing up and interacting with inspiring leaders, thinkers, celebrities, and individuals who were devoted to a healthy, humane society and planet. They discuss her books (100 Promises to My Baby, 100 Questions from My Child) her launching of MTV in India, Meditation, and how she co-founded the site Intent.com. Intent.com aims to be the most trusted and comprehensive wellness destination for capturing and supporting people’s intentions and helping them to reach their goals in the key categories of Health, Relationships, Balance, Success, Causes, Planet, and Spirit. Deepak Chopra’s daughter is an authored, educated, successful, mother of two, and the co-founder of Intent.com

Listen to this Show Now!!!

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