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7 Quotes to Help You Find Hope After the Storm

April showers bring May flowers – so the idiom goes, but who talks about how hard those April showers can be to get through? There are weeks during the year when it feels like the flood tides are rising and all you can do is let go into the current. Sometimes those weeks turn into months or longer, and that kind of depression takes different shapes in every person. However, there’s hope. There is a crazy idea that no matter what storms we whether there will be sunshine on the other side, and if we can make it there we’ll be better people for it. There’s hope and optimism that hard times lead to better things. Hope that our trials and tribulations will pay out in positive dividends. We have to believe that to keep going. At Intent we encourage that hope because we believe it to be absolutely true. It turns out we aren’t the only ones – check out these hopeful quotes below and spread them to anyone that could use a little joy.














A fresh start

It’s raining! Rain, I believe is the great purifier, washing away all that is old, bringing an "air" of freshness and vitality.

It’s raining! But the overwhelmingly thick storm cloud in my heart has dissipated, revealing new fertile ground for love, and a cheerful luminous rainbow.

It’s raining! And I am reminded, now, to rejoice at the sound; as the drops continue to hit the ground like the beat of a drum or the rhythm of my heart.

It’s raining! My entire being swells with goose pimples, or God bumps, as I like to say, Universal validation that every thing’s gonna be OK!

Have you ever stopped and just listened to the rain, it’s musical sound, inhaled it’s fragrance, dared to taste it’s energizing droplets, freeing your inner child?

It’s raining! Today, pouring down, but not cats and dog, no. Today the rain pours down upon me, we and us with opportunity, prosperity, washing away all despair; are you willing to play a little, maybe even get wet?

It’s raining! The cool winter air sweeps against my back and bare shoulders in a loving gesture of relief from an uncomfortable surge of heat, at the dead of December. As I inhale the crisp air moving through my bedroom window I’m so grateful for this new found "space". A place of complete inner peace. I’m comforted by a deep intuitive knowing that the best is yet to come in a sweeping cleansing fashion; just like the rain. For this reason and many others, I’m so grateful for the rain that washes away the old; out dated no longer useful. Now it’s up to me to plant new seed… hmm… what will they be?


*Hello all! I’m Moniesa, and very grateful to be here among all of you wonderful talents. It’s raining here tonight and I felt inspired, a little rusty, but hey that’s why I’m here to practice!

Cleansing Nature: Rain

Rain can be experienced through all of your senses, allowing you to understand how important each drop of water is.

There are times when we might feel the need to wash away all of our troubles and call forth freshness into our lives. Since perhaps the most cleansing substance on this earth is water, we can think of the joy rain brings as an energetic bath, rejuvenating our minds, bodies and souls. Just being able to spend a few moments every time it rains to become aware of the healing powers water brings to us can renew us in so many ways. As we do this we will find that the more we appreciate the universe’s gift to us in the form of rain, the more we can see that a gentle rain shower is a strong reflective tool that has the ability to cleanse our entire being.

The next time it rains might be a good chance to experience the rain through all of your senses, allowing you to truly understand just how truly important each and every drop of water is. First, take a few minutes to look outside and notice how each individual raindrop seems to come down in a continual stream. By noticing this you can contemplate how it takes many small accomplishments to create the whole of your existence, for nothing exists in isolation. Then you might wish to focus your attention on the sound of the rainfall, letting the sounds of drops penetrate into the innermost recesses of your self. Listening in this way may bring you a greater sense of connection with nature and the world around you, knowing that the sounds you hear are an integral part of not just the physical sustenance you require but also nourish your spirit as well.

Consciously using our senses to feel nature’s healing energy as it comes to us in the form of rain is an act of internal cleansing. Just as the rain physically washes over the earth and rinses out any impurities and imperfections, so it also bathes our spirit in the joy that comes from knowing that we are in fact one with the world around us.

PHOTO (cc): Flickr / visualpanic

BREAKING: Raining Oil In Louisiana (Video)

 As of an hour ago, there are reports that toxic rain is falling in Louisiana. This video, shot yesterday, shows the same disgusting globs of oil found on the beaches of the Gulf are now collecting in the streets from toxic rain.


BP’s oil spill-fighting dispersant of choice is Corexit 9500. It has been banned in Europe for good reason. Corexit 9500 is one of the most environmentally enduring, toxic chemical dispersants ever created to battle an oil spill.  Add to that the millions of gallons of oil that have been burned, releasing even more toxins into the atmosphere, and you have a recipe for something much worse than acid rain…

Oil in the environment is toxic at 11 PPM (parts per million).Corexit 9500 is toxic at only 2.61 PPM. But Corexit 9500 has another precarious characteristic; it’s reaction to warm water. 

As the water in the Gulf of Mexico heats up, Corexit 9500 goes through a molecular transition. It changes from a liquid to a gas, which is readily absorbed by clouds and released as toxic rain. The chemical-laden rain then falls on crops, reservoirs, animals and of course, people. 

Excerpt from The Examiner


What will it take for BP to see the absolute destruction they’ve caused?


Dancing in the Garden of Eden

A couple of weeks ago I just needed to escape from the hustle and scramble of daily life. I know it’s time, when I get short-fused, when my reaction time to any frustration is about a millisecond. My favorite escape to recovery is to go anyplace where I can fish. The quiet isolation of a lake or stream where I can hide in the splendor of nature makes everything else seem smaller, and this restores my balance.


There are lakes a couple of hours from Phoenix that in mid-February you can pretty much have all to yourself. I packed up my gear and left the city with the sky looking ominously dark. First I stopped first at a supermarket and filled my goody bag, back on the road it started raining heavily. The last 20 miles to Apache Lake was a steep, curvy, sometimes single lane dirt road (that occasionally gets closed because of flooding). I made it to some lodging and gratefully toasted my arrival.

The rain never stopped, I never wet a line; instead I curled up in bed and read a novel; ate and slept when I wanted, and watched the rain. When you take time to really watch a raindrop fall, you can see the drop accumulating slowly until its weight launches it into free-fall. The raindrop picks up speed until it becomes a blur before hitting the ground. Sometimes, in the flickering filtered light, it created a stroboscopic effect, which made the drops appear to slow down so that I could see clearly the entire journey to the end.

When you watch the rain like that it’s easy to go into deep trance; I went to Ft. Hale Park in East Haven, CT. where I walked with my kids to pick up the Sunday New York Times. If it rained we’d stop under a covered shelter overlooking Long Island Sound and I’d recite this poem by an anonymous English poet….I like to come to this quiet place and breathe the air that ruffles my face

and gaze upon thee in silent dream

for in thy lonely and lovely stream

an image of that calm life appears

that won my heart in my greener years

…when I come to these quiet places, I get dizzy with the rapture of life.

It was still drizzling when I drove back up the slippery road; through rainbow-colored cliffs and giant Saguaro cacti. The classical music station happened to be playing a Vienna Philharmonic recording of Johann Strauss’ Tales from the Vienna Woods, my parents favorite song The windshield wipers harmonized with the music, and I saw my mother and father dancing on the walls of this magnificent stage.

Tears welled up in my eyes; I do not go to the cemetery to see them, because I never feel their presence there. But here, in this magical place, I feel their spirit, and think this is how I want to be remembered, dancing in the rain in the Garden of Eden.



Invitation to Rain Maker Experiment Sunday

Rain Maker Experiment Teleconference

Sunday, August 30

3:30pm Hawaii/6:30pm Pacific/7:30pm Mountain/8:30pm Central/9:30pm Eastern

1 hour
No Charge

All my life, I’ve enjoyed a very close relationship with the sun, clouds, wind and rain; the Elemental Realm that contributes to the weather.  I could give you many examples and have many witness of how the weather spirits have responded to my requests.

Many past cultures knew how to work in harmony with Mother Earth and had special prayers, dances, songs for making special requests and keeping human life in balance and cooperation with nature.  It’s time we remember this lost relationship. I have been guided to share what I have learned.

This teleconfernece is for you if:

  • You live in drought conditions
  • You’d like to remember how to co-create with Mother Nature
  • You’d like to experiment with Rain Making
If this does not apply to you, please forward the invitation on to others who might be interested. My intention is to bring some relief to the areas affected by drought and fire. After a successful experiment, we can move on to other weather challenges.
Register for teleconference at: www.RealityCrafting.com/RainMakerExperiment



10 Ways To Improve Your Marriage While It

Your environment has a dramatic impact on your mood. You wake up in the morning and glance outside, the sun is up without a cloud in the sky, you get in the sunny day mood. Perhaps you feel a bit more energy, You want to get outside and enjoy the weather. On cold blustery days you long to sit by the fire with something warm to drink, or the other extreme of throwing on extra layers and playing in the snow. But nothing has more impact than when it’s raining. If you’re like most of us, you feel apathetic, tired, you want to crawl back into bed even though you just climbed out 5 minutes earlier.

Let’s say it’s been raining for several days in a row, you’re bored, cooped up, and to top it off, so is your spouse. You’re feeding off each other’s mood. It’s a vicious spiral.

Before you reach the point of needing therapy in order to climb out of your depression, recognize the weather’s influence on your mood. You are stronger than the weather. You can’t control it, weather forecasters can’t even accurately predict it, but you can choose how you react to it. I have often thought about moving to Seattle and opening a therapy practice specializing in depression, but I digress.

What if you chose to try something with your spouse while it’s raining? Make the most of the time. Here are few suggestions:

  1. Read. Seek out a comfortable place for both of you and read. This can be to each other or different books for each of you. Just be together. Sit by each other. Intertwine your legs. You may fall asleep, that’s ok. Then you both get to enjoy a nap. Nothing wrong with that.
  2. Sit on the porch. My wife and I love to sit on our deck while it’s raining. It’s wonderful to just sit together and listen to the rain. Add a cup of something warm to drink and you’ve got a relaxing time together.
  3. Play a game. Break open the game closet and play something together. Yahtzee, Monopoly, or find a deck of cards. Interact. Have fun. You could even crank up the Wii. Just play something together. No time pressures. Play.
  4. Talk. Plan something for the future. Tackle an issue that’s been bugging you. Catch up on your spouse’s life. Find a comfortable place to sit. Relax. Have a conversation.
  5. Work around the house. You are both already stuck inside. Finish some of the projects around the house. Organize an area. Declutter. Go through your clothes and get rid of things. When the sun returns, your house will be more organized and simplified. A double boost of energy.
  6. Go for a walk. Some of my wife and I’s favorite memories are of walking together in the rain. We live by the saying: there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear. Even if you don’t have the gear to keep you completely dry, so what. You’re not going to melt.
  7. Have sex. What better way to break out of feeling down? Rain can be very romantic. Light some candles. Maybe open the window a bit to hear the raindrops. Climb into bed together and take your time. Maybe it’s time to establish the “naked rainy day” policy with your spouse.
  8. Listen to good jazz. While you don’t have to listen to jazz, turn on music you enjoy. Relax. Add in any of the other ideas to this one. Good music often improves whatever is going on together.
  9. Dance. This naturally goes with the good music suggestion. In fact, this could lead to another suggestion as well. Either way, dance with your spouse. Seek them out and ask them to dance. It’s a great way to add spark to your marriage.
  10. Watch a movie. Pop some popcorn. Dim the lights. Cuddle with each other and turn on a good movie


From Simple Marriage.

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