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Intent of the Day: Savor the Little Moments


Savoring small moments doesn’t start and stop with an encouraging needlepoint pillow on your couch. It starts with intentional steps to slow down and capture something that might otherwise easily go unnoticed. It’s the extra time you got to stay cuddled up at home because it was raining outside. It’s the way your kids laugh when you know they’re doing something that’s going to get them in trouble. It’s the last minute coffee with a friend you haven’t seen in a while who wants to share good news. In some mindsets, they are distractions, obstacles, agenda items. In a world of mindfulness and awareness, they are moments, pauses, gifts.

We intend to savor the little moments.

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Happy Birthday, Kid President

Two years ago the internet got it’s first glimpse of the amazingly effervescent and inspiring Kid President. Partnered with SoulPancake to flood the world with positivity and sweet dance moves, Robby and his brother/filmmaker Brad Montague have released pep talks, books, hung out with cool people, surprised cool people and showed us how to love one another and ourselves.  Continue reading

Deepak Chopra Meditates with Dwight from “The Office”

In today’s episode of 30 DAYS OF INTENT, the spiritual makeover series on The Chopra Well channel, comedian Rainn Wilson (Dwight in NBC’s “The Office”) and Deepak Chopra join regulars Iman and Natalie for a brain scan and guided meditation. Using an EEG (Electroencephalography) machine, neuroscientist Mark Cohen measures everyone’s brain activity while Deepak guides them in meditation. Wires, nets and tiny saltwater-filled sponges aside, Rainn settles into his meditation with palms faced up and eyes closed. Deepak invites him to focus on his breath and repeat the mantra “so hum” with each inhale and exhale. The usually playful, boisterous Rainn emerges from his meditation utterly serene. And on the other side of the wall, Dr. Cohen has the charts to explain what just happened.

So what exactly DOES happen to our brain when we meditate? We slow our breath, loosen tense muscles and quiet our minds, but beyond that we actually accomplish far more. After thousands of years in practice in human history, meditation has just recently become the subject of scientific research. Many people report increased clarity and productivity after meditating, and research is starting to support the anecdotal evidence that people have experience for many years.

During meditation, different brain waves come into play and affect certain results. One of the most predominant, which Dr. Cohen highlights, are alpha waves. These waves indicate a relaxed, lucid state and are helpful in lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormones. (One of those stress hormones, cortisol, is known to promote weight gain. So you might want to add meditation to your fitness plan if you’re trying to shed a few pounds.)

Seek out theta waves if you need a big boost of creativity and inspiration. Go for delta waves if you want to completely veg out and get a good night’s sleep. Alpha waves, on the other hand, don’t signal high levels of innovation, nor deep states of relaxation. You can neither be overly alert nor overly drowsy to kick your alpha waves into high gear. These waves thrive when we are awake, but relaxed, and alert, but with a clear mind. Alpha waves will help you remain present and focused, but distanced from judgment, emotion, and analysis. Clear mind. No attachment. Nothing but the present moment. So if you would like to feel grounded, move quickly from task to task, and approach situations with a calm and composed mind, a boost in alpha waves may be the ticket. And meditating will help get you there.

Dr. Cohen doesn’t re-program anyone’s brain, as Rainn feared, but the guided meditation does. In a matter of minutes, we can take our brains to new levels of awareness and ease our bodies into healthier states of relaxation. So if you have five minutes to spare, why not start now?

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Go on a Spiritual Journey this Fall with Deepak Chopra and Friends

The Chopra Well, is proud to announce the launch of three new shows this Fall! 30 DAYS OF INTENT, URBAN YOGIS, and THE RABBIT HOLE are unprecedented shows targeted to engage the critical mass on a journey of exploration, transformation, wellness, and growth. Our unique position as a YouTube channel allows us to harness the communicative power of technology to share uplifting, inspiring stories – entirely free of cost, as they should be!

Deepak’s thoughts on technology and social media…

Social Media is a powerful tool that connects people from around the world, and gives them practical ways to improve their lives. Technology allows us to build a critical mass of people dedicated to personal transformation for global transformation.

The channel draws on Deepak, Gotham and Mallika’s collective experiences, inter-generational wisdom and life journeys to help fulfill their mission to inspire 100 million people to change the world, one personal transformation at a time. We offer shows on how to meditate, become happier, do yoga, come to terms with death and loss, become more spiritual, increase personal awareness, realize ones full potential, and integrate mind, body, and spirit for overall health.

Here’s a bit more on our new shows:

30 DAYS OF INTENT is a reality series that takes viewers on a journey of physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation. Two brave participants — YouTube star Iman Crosson (“Alphacat”) and former professional soccer player Natalie Spilger — plunge from their comfort zones in order to work on powerful intentions to change their lives. Led by Deepak Chopra, Mallika Chopra, and a team of experts, Iman and Natalie endure experiences and gain tools that range from spiritual psychology, healing horse therapy, yoga, underwater massage, orgasmic meditation, and reflections on death and dying.
Guest stars include (to name a few):

URBAN YOGIS is a unique documentary series on the transformative power of yoga and meditation. Beautifully shot, inspiring, and heartfelt – the series delves into the lives of cancer survivors, inner-city youth dealing with violence in their communities, recovering addicts, artists, youth in detention facilities, and more. Comedian Russell Brand, Grammy-nominated musician Moby, “yogi” businessman Russell Simmons, and author/doctor Deepak Chopra also share their stories and insights. Renowned yoga teacher Eddie Stern serves as host and guide to the stories of these urban yogis. Extended versions of interviews with celebrities will be released along with the other episodes.

THE RABBIT HOLE features fast-paced and mind-blowing explorations of BIG questions – What is death? Who is God? Is life an illusion? Are we alone in the universe? Using visually stunning graphics and music, viewers fall down the rabbit hole as Deepak Chopra provides his unique and intriguing take on some of humanity’s eternal questions.

In addition, new content on The Chopra Well features exclusive videos with Deepak Chopra about his new book, GOD, as well as sneak peaks into Gotham Chopra’s documentary, Decoding Deepak, which officially launches in theaters and On Demand on October 5th.

So there’s a lot going on! We are so excited to share these stories and shows with you over the next few months. Visit the channel to check out all our latest videos.

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