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8 Quotes to Help Define a Hero

A hero can come in all shapes and sizes – from 91 year-old grandmothers to 7th graders standing up for healthier school lunches. Sometimes they wear costumes and uniforms, at other times they blend in right next to us and we never know they were there. They save us from burning buildings, or maybe they save us from ourselves. Heroes are the people that are selfless enough to put the needs of others before their own and they are there when we need them most. Every person picks their heroes for different reasons, but there are certain qualities that appear in many of those we look up to. Do any of these quotes describe someone you think secretly hides a cape under their day clothes?

Hero - Mr Rogers


Maya Angelou quote


Christopher Reeves quote




Ralph Waldo Emerson


Mike Alsford


Bob Dylan


Romain Rolland


Who is your hero? Do any of these quotes describe them? Share your stories of people that save you or inspire you on a regular basis! Let us know what makes them so special to you in the comments below. 

God’s Dictionary: Resist


re- = against


-sistere = to stand firm

            Resistance is ninety percent of what causes us pain in our own personal growth. Resistance is like driving a car and gunning the gas with all your might whilst the other foot is on the brake just as adamantly. At its very root resistance is the activity of fear. Fear is what causes us to make excuses, argue, obfuscate (look it up!), and generally make ourselves and those we love miserable, all the while protesting that we want to grow and change. 

          Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “What we resist persists.” A perfect example: Whatever you do, don’t think about the Statue of Liberty. How long did it take for her to show up in your mind? Emerson was right! When we resist, we stand firm against whatever it is that we really need to approach openly. Ask: How can I stop standing against what I need to embrace today?


          Where I resist is probably where the greatest gifts lie for me right now. I cease resisting. I open my arms wide to the bounty waiting for me and am I blessed!


reprinted from God’s Dictionary (Tarcher/Putnam 2002)

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One Step Toward Peace

I’m seeing it everywhere on the planet. All sorts of people are catching a bigger vision in all sorts of arenas. The most personal one I’ve had recently was about health insurance.

A friend left her job for better opportunities. Because her last post was in academia, her insurance lasts till the beginning of this school year. She’s spent a lot of this summer getting all her various physical details checked, measured and serviced before her insurance runs out.

Now I know her employer will offer her a COBRA plan, or she can get another policy through her professional union, or buy insurance on her own, but as we were talking through these various options, I made a comment that gave her pause.

I said, “The thing is, we don’t really need health insurance. What we need is universal health care.”

If you’ve spent any time listening to the stumping of American presidential candidates, you know that Universal Health Care is a rallying cry. Why? Because the health care system in the United States is broken. Calling for insurance reform doesn’t begin to address the problem.

Instead, my suggestion is that we let the health insurance system break down—as a step toward universal peace.

Big, unwieldy systems are breaking all over. I believe the reason for system breakdown is that systems codify rules for individuals. Health care has to be as individual as the individuals requiring it. One step we might consider as persons who participate in the health insurance system is to insist upon having access to our own medical records.

Currently, the health insurance system says that’s proprietary information. Proprietary to whom? If I could take all my own medical records (particularly on a CD) to a new doctor, my whole history would be available. There would not need to be repetition of testing or other information-gathering. Think of the time, money, talent, trees that could be freed up if I were just given a small disc which held my own health history.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that the first wealth is health. Taking responsibility for knowing the history of our own bodies could put the reins back into the hands of the individuals to whom the bodies belong rather than continuing to subject us to the irrationality of a system gone haywire.

I don’t know about you, but even the idea of being responsible for my own health information brings me peace.

Visit Dr. Susan Corso’s website

Originally posted for Ode Magazine

Quote: Be Yourself!

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Realize that the opinions of the world have no power over you–unless you let them!  Today watch for any thoughts or worries that play across your mind that are based in the fear of judgement.  Letting this fear creep in will only limit your abilities and opportunities.  All you have to do is be aware, and be the silent observer.  As a close friend recently told me: everyone in life is different and has their own beautiful and unique gifts to offer the world.  When you spend your time trying to be something that is simply not you, you are robbing the world of your own unique gifts!  Learning to completely love and accept yourself in every moment should be your top priority and will bring you the greatest freedom.  Acquiring other "gifts" will then come naturally.  
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