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5 Steps to Prepare for Retirement When You’re Young

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It can be easy to forget about planning for retirement once you start your career and attempt to live on your own in your 20s or 30s. Unfortunately, many people fail to plan for their retirement until it’s too late, which can make it difficult to exit the workforce. To prepare for the golden years and secure your future, there are a few important steps to take when you’re young. Continue reading

Live Life Like It Matters

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you. ~Lewis B. SmedesBy Jay Forte

At the grocery store yesterday, while buying some great ingredients for a dinner with friends, I watched a dad walk down one of the food aisles with his daughter and son (probably about 7 and 9 years old). They picked up box after box and can after can and read the nutritional ingredients together. I overheard him say, “You have to know what you are eating and only eat the great things – this will help you be strong to live life like it matters.” Wonderful lesson for his kids. Wonderful lesson for me. Live life like it matters.

Most days we get out of bed unaware of the gift of getting out of bed and having access to an entirely new day. We have a blank day just waiting for us to fill it in with the things that matter to us – our families, our work, our hobbies, our passions, our beliefs. We can choose what goes in the day. We can make the moments of our days matter.

Many of us, however, take life for granted – that it will always be. That one day is like any other – nothing special. But talk to those whose lives are affected by loss, illness, age and fear and we quickly see how fragile, important, fleeting and precious life is.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, author many great books on mindfulness and consciousness, talks about being present to our lives. When we take the time to be present to and in our lives, we start to really connect with all that life is (and can be). But we don’t get this awareness if we don’t pay attention – if we don’t actually show up to the moments of our lives. These moments have everything for us; they have excitement, adventure, passion and opportunities to help us celebrate. They have pain, struggle, challenge and loss to help us learn. Both come to those who connect with life – paying attention and living life like it matters.

I routinely coach retiring Baby Boomers – people born between 1946 and 1964. More than 12,500 boomers are turning 50 every day; that’s about one every 7 seconds. By 2030, the 65-and-over population will be around 71.5 million; by 2050 that same group will grow to 86.7 million. Retirees are being confronted with relearning how to make life matter after so many years of work and routine; they are finding it is not easy, without some help, to reinvent ways to feel relevant, vibrant and valuable in retirement. Living life like it matters is about purpose – about having something important to do, contribute and be part of at every age.

We all go through this. As we move from high school to college to employee to married to parent to grandparent to retiree, we are the same people; we have the same talents and passions. What changes, however, is our world and our place in that world. At each stage in life we have to relearn how to show up to our lives and make them valuable and important. That is just how it works. But with the commitment to wake up each day focused on making life matter, we have the ability to find our way each day to be happy, engaged and living our potential.

I just did the calculation – I have been on the planet 20,333 days (almost 56 years). Have I lived each day like it mattered? Not at all. There were many days that I just took for granted – that when this one finished, many more will follow – uninterrupted. I had no respect or regard for the preciousness of each day. But seeing the number 20,333, I now see that life is finite and that the more successful way to live is to choose how to show up to each moment in life. I have a choice in how I value and spend my days. I have a choice to align what I do best to meaningful places in my world to feel connected to life. Writer and theologian Frederick Buechner, says it best, “Our vocation in life is where our greatest joy meets our world’s greatest need.” Connect what gives us the greatest joy to things in our world that need what we do best. This is how to live life like it matters.

Discover what living life like it matters means for you, then promise yourself as you put your feet on the floor each morning, that today will count. Today will be amazing. Today will matter.

Was Ken Griffey Hr. Asleep At The Ballpark?

Seattle Mariner Ken Griffey Jr. was rumored to are asleep during a game, and that was the reason he wasn’t used to pinch hit. The Mariners were, at the time, playing the Anaheim Angels on Saturday, and also the Mariners ended up losing, 3-4. This news came out Monday but has been denied by Griffey and Mariners’ manager. Hopefully the source of that details didn’t get a cash till payday for the erroneous information.

Ken Griffey Jr. maybe asleep at game

On Saturday, the Seattle Mariners were playing the second of a three-game series against the Anaheim Angels, and supposedly Ken Griffey Jr. went to the locker room around the fifth inning An anonymous source says he was found two innings later within the clubhouse, asleep. The original story ran Monday within the Tacoma Tribune and was written by Larry LaRue, quoting two anonymous Mariners players as his sources. The mariners, Ken Griffey Jr., and Wakamatsu deny it.

Watching the game, others slept

Wakamatsu very much denied that it happened at all, and he has told the press the reason Griffey did not pinch hit was because he did not pick him to pinch hit, as outlined by MLB.com. It didn’t make a difference because the Mariners lost anyway. The game before that against the Angels was lost also. The game in question, on Saturday, May 8, was the closest loss of the three game series, 3-4. The game before was a 0-8 shutout, but the Mariners actually fought back impressively on Sunday, May 9, in Anaheim, winning with 8-1. The Mariners are now 13 – 19 for the season, which isn’t really their best but not their worst either.

Calls for retirement

Ken Griffey Jr. is no spring chicken. He’s 40 years old, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s done for, or that he can’t contribute. (Look at 40-year-old Brett Favre; last year he came within one game of the Super Bowl.) He had an average of .214 with 44 home runs and 57 RBIs just last year. This year he has averaged .200 with 5 RBIs and 5 runs. That isn’t really too bad, so maybe the calls for Griffey to turn in his spikes are a bit premature.

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A shocking report in the Los Angeles Times showed that single Baby Boomer women are at the greatest risk of living in poverty. Why? This is due because of lower wages, more spending and only bringing in a single paycheck. Many of us Baby Boomer women have to dramatically downsize our lives as we grow older. Instead of basking in retirement, many of us cannot even mutter the word ‘retirement’ let alone think of it. Instead, many of us have to work three jobs to stay afloat. But why?

Boomers Spend, Baby, Spend ‘The American Dream’ portrays the idea that having more is equated with being more. The bigger the house, the bigger the car and the bigger the shoe collection is correlated with being higher on the socio-economic ladder. Susan Sterne of the Economic Analysis Association notes that, “The consumer spree arose because consumers between 35 and 44 spend about 20% more than average consumers. Those between 45 and 54 spend about 30% more. Put these two age groups together and you have 40% of US households. This same group is responsible for half of the nation’s spending”.

Breadwinning Women? In the past, many ‘Baby Boomer’ women in their relationships had no direct control of their finances. I know that I fell victim to indirectly to this same feat. It was not that we did not care; we were just not educated in managing and budgeting our capitol. Many of us feel and act uncomfortable around the topic of money. We (and I find myself guilty of this) wish that there was a man to come to the rescue and save the day.

What Rainy Day? Hmmmm. What to do? Do you buy a new pair of Cheetah print Sling-backs or put an extra $100 in savings? (My closet has the tell tale signs of my shoe addiction.) Instead of saving for retirement, Boomers have spent their lives ‘living in the now’. Unfortunately, many of us have not saved enough to support our lifestyle leaving us in debt.

A recent Los Angeles Times article reported that, “Ellen Tucker Emerson cut short her nursing career to help raise her children, but money was never a worry.”He bought me furs and jewelry. We stayed at the best hotels.” Once her marriage was over, her financial life looked very different. Instead of taking glamorous trips, she sweats bullets to pay her bills. At age 51, Ellen wonders how she will get by in retirement

Bounce Back and Bounce Better Regardless of your age or situation, the time to take action is today! It’s NEVER too late. It has been gratifying to see that even if you have had a rocky financial road, you can make a change anytime you decide. Trust me, I know. I had $88,000 of corporate credit card debt as the result of losing my marriage and business the same year. In four years I paid off my debt and moved from a pool house to a lovely home.

As a life coach, it has been extremely rewarding to me to see women in their 60’s make successful career changes. You are never too old to take control of your life! Tips:

  • Get Real
    If your financial goals and needs are fuzzy, you will never be able to get ahead. Take a month and track all of your expenses and your income. If credit cards have been a problem, take a month and just use cash for your expenses. It is astonishing how cash will wake you up. When it’s gone it’s gone. I have found it helpful to put cash in separate envelopes. Groceries, gas, entertainment, medical, etc.
  • Write Down Your Goals
    Seeing is believing. When you write down your goals, you are first acknowledging the situation, the first step to a turnaround. By putting your goals on paper, you are creating your plan of action and that you will achieve.
  • Do Not Let Fear or Shame Stop You
    Many women feel ashamed of being in tight financial situations. Remember there is strength in numbers, so take refuge with a friend. Many times, money problems are more strenuous and difficult to talk about than relationship problems. Step up and get out, seek the help you need. Just speaking to another woman can help you get back to enjoying your life.
  • Get Help
    Seeking financial assistance will help to alleviate the problem. By speaking to experts who are trained in this field of expertise, they will be able to give you hands on information and support to steer you in the right direction. As you reach out will learn there are other ‘Boomers’ just like you dealing with the same issues.

Professional speaker, business coach and author, Eli Davidson, has helped millions of busy executives to ‘grab the wheel’ of their careers. Her coaching tips reach over 6 million travelers; she has appeared regularly on national TV and radio. Read and download the first chapter of her runaway hit book, Funky to Fabulous for free at www.FunkytoFabulous.com.

Ask Eli your career question at www.EliDavidson.com.

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