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7 Steps to Create Sacred Space With Your Child At Bedtime


By Barry Goldstein

Pajamies are put on, yawns are in abundance, teeth are brushed and your child is finally ready for bed.  Every evening you take your child through this ritual, but are you truly ready to create sacred space with your child at bedtime?  Are there steps that you go through so that you don’t bring your daily stresses along with you before you tuck them in or read that beautiful bedtime story?  Children are very sensitive to our moods and emotions.  Let them know this time is special!  Here are some tools to use using sacred sound and visualization that you can create in a few minutes! Continue reading

10 Steps to Your Intuitive Life Makeover

YogaBy Anne Deidre

Did you know that you are wealthy? Great sages and saints have discovered that the kingdom of heaven is within. This is just as true for you. As you go through life you can pick up lower vibrational energies. Something a teacher or parent has said is literally stuck in your energy field and you can feel stuck in your life, depressed and anxious and not know why. You may be unable to experience true fulfillment. Without the ability to hear our true and higher guidance we may stay in unhealthy relationships, be afraid to find the career of our dreams, or feel blocked financially.

An intuitive life makeover will help you live your life in alignment with your highest good as you unblock and unlock your own powerful intuition that can change every aspect of your life for the better. You will feel inspired, live on purpose and be able to create more emotional wellness and financial freedom doing what you love.

1. Understanding Alignment

Understand that you can live your life with everything working together. When it comes to making over your life, there are important areas that need to be in alignment for you to feel your best. Alignment means that you are in harmony, at peace with your life. You feel as though everything is working and you have a deep feeling of inner peace that the choices you have made and are making, are the best for you.

 2. Tap Into Your Intuition

Your ability to listen to your intuition is the biggest factor in determining if you are making the best choices for yourself in your life. There are many names for your intuitive guidance system. It is called The Holy Spirit, the still, small voice of God within you, your Higher Self or a hunch or gut feeling. You have it and may not have noticed it. It is them speaking to you constantly.

3. Create Sacred Space

Please be aware that your intuition is always talking to you, giving you the highest good and best guidance for your life. When we are too busy, we will not hear our intuition as clearly. Downtime is that time, even if it is for just 10 minutes, where you will turn off the TV or radio, your cell phone, your computer and just “be”. It is helpful to have a sacred space to create this solitude. You may want a journal nearby. By putting your thoughts, will, energy and intention into this time that you will hear and listen to your Higher Self or Intuition, you will create a flow of energy that supports developing your ability to access this deep inner wise part of you.

4. Meditate

The Kriya Yoga is a meditation that Yogananda brought us. It combines conscious breathing while proclaiming, “I AM that I AM.” It is a spiritual tool for Higher Consciousness.

5. Clear Your False Beliefs

Throughout our lives we receive messages from other people and often take them on as our own belief system. Many of these beliefs do not serve us. They are held in the chakras.  We can clear our false beliefs from our chakras and feel more empowered and free in our lives.

6. Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Well-Being

Often if one area is out of alignment, others are as well. We don’t feel as well as we could and don’t know why. You are more than a physical body; you have a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body. These are energetic bodies that are distinct but are a part of your physical make up. We can clear out the energies that don’t serve you there and give you tools to empower your life in these areas.

7. Discover the Wealth Within You

Within your physical body are seven primary energy centers known as chakras. I have renamed them Wealth Centers as they contain the greatest source of information for you to lead the best life for you. They contain your inner power, spiritual abilities, connection to God, your purpose in life and more.

8. Unleash Your Creative Intuitive Self

One of the worst experiences we can feel as human beings is that we are limited, stuck, powerless or helpless. We are entering a new age on the planet that includes reclaiming our creative intuitive selves. By learning to tap into your creative intuitive right brain, you can experience very different results in your life. Unleashing your creative intuitive self will create profound feelings of wellness in every area of your life.

9. Reignite Your Dreams, Passion and Purpose

Making over your life with your intuition means that you will get back in touch with a part of yourself that was always there. We are all born with unique gifts and talents to express and offer the world. We may or may not have experienced a sense of confidence with these gifts, they may not have been noticed and appreciated by others, or ourselves but deep down inside, we know what we love and what brings us happiness. Many people minimize their gifts and talents and say “Oh, this little hobby”.

10. Ground Your Ideas Into Reality

Whether it is a new relationship, improving your current relationship, changing jobs, finding your dream career or improving your finances, you need a process or formula for bringing about these changes. We all receive divinely inspired ideas, next we can imagine this idea coming to fruition, next we plan, get a calendar and plan the steps we need to take to make this idea happen and then we take action steps from those plans.

* * *

Head Shot 05-07-2013Anne Deidre is an Intuitive Life Coach, sought after Speaker and the Bestselling Author of Miraculous: How Spiritual Awakening Cured My Depression, Inspired My Purpose and Ignited the Intuitive Powers Within and Extreme Intuitive Makeover 55 Keys to Health, Wealth and Happiness. Anne inspires people globally with her intuitive gifts to find their true spirit and live their own extraordinary lives. Anne is an acclaimed artist. Her artwork is filled with Divine messages and healing energy. For more information and to receive your free Your Intuitive Prosperity Makeover Kit visit www.yourintuitivemakeover.com.

Creating Space

by Sukie Baxter

Have you ever noticed how wonderful it feels to come home to a clean house, especially when you’ve been gone on a long trip and are good and ready to sleep in your own bed?  There’s a certain refreshing feeling to walking into a space that’s perfectly organized, dust free, and scrubbed sparkling.

While we know it as simply “cleaning house,” ancient traditions have long valued the process of creating sacred space.  Going deeper than the cleansing, the Asian practice of feng shui changes the flow of energy in a room by rearranging the objects within it.

Housedwellers benefit from a positive energetic alignment, according to feng shui practitioners.  On the other hand, clutter in particular corners of a house can clog the flow of vital energy and cause. certain life problems – prosperity, health, relationships, work, etcetera.

While you may not understand the complicated principles of feng shui, you can probably relate to feeling scattered, frustrated, and frazzled when your home or office are in disarray.  Space around us affects our inner feelings deeply…

Consider for a moment that everything we perceive as solid is really full of giant holes.  You can rearrange the atoms in a human body to fit on the head of a pin if you take out all the imperceptable (to the human eye) spaces in between.

Our bodies are full of space, and not just the microscopic holes between atoms.  We often look at our bodies in terms of planes: this is my front, this is my back, this is the front of my leg and this is the side of my arm.  Here is my face, it’s on the front of my head.  My hair is on the back of my head.

Rarely do we stop to think about the space within ourselves.  We are three dimensional beings.  Your leg is more than a thigh and a hamstring; you have space in the middle, a core.

If rearranging the space around can have such a profound effect on ease and flow in our lives, what a difference it can make to rearrange the space within our bodies!

You’ve probably heard the old adage that if you’re feeling blue, you should paste a smile on your face, and it will lift your mood.  Well, the same is true about every movement you make with your body.

Did you know that 97% of communication is non-verbal? 97%!!  That means that only 3% of what you’re projecting out to the world are the words coming out of your mouth.

If your shoulders are slumped forward, your head down and eyes on the ground, you’re telling the whole world, “Hey! I’m depressed, sad, and discouraged!.” The law of attraction being what it is, the more you project the “depressed” vibe, the more things the universe sends you to be depressed about!

Consequently, when you change the arrangement of the spaces within your body, you change the message you’re broadcasting to the universe.  Not only do you begin to feel healthier, more energetic, youthful, and vibrant, but other people notice the glow around you.  They start to want to help you.  Amazing opportunities come your way, and your whole life begins to shift.

It starts from within.

©2009 Functional Balance, Inc.

Where Is Sacred Space?

 In 1994 I was invited to speak to a group of men incarcerated at Englewood Federal Prison, Colorado.

They were a group of men who had been part of a meditation and discussion group, and their leader had attended some of the meetings I was holding in nearby Boulder.

It was a thrilling meeting for me. The gut fear in my body as I entered the prison behind heavy locking doors gave way to wonder. In this small chapel with this group of fifteen to twenty men, at least most of them with horrific backgrounds and guilty of crimes against society, I discovered the passion for truth. I discovered that people in all circumstances, when they are willing to face both the failures and successes of their lives fully and ruthlessly, find peace and redemption in their hearts. It was deeply moving to me in that moment and in the subsequent visits there and in other prisons in other states, and it is alive in me now.

Looking at those mostly tough, mostly black men, meeting them heart to heart, I discovered we are all the same in the core. For me, a relatively sheltered white woman raised in the 1950’s in Clarksdale, Mississippi, during the time of deep segregation, this was a life confirming moment.

I had worked for civil rights in the 1960’s, and knew through spiritual experiences that we are all one, but this was concrete and immediate in a way I had never experienced.

When my meetings continued in Boulder, and I shared my experiences with the mostly tender, mostly white audience, I felt electricity in the room. It was such good news to hear that our brothers in prison could be free in their hearts and minds. We benefitted from them!

And when I returned to Englewood, and shared the news and enthusiasm from the Boulder group to the prisoners, the prisoners beamed with the knowledge that even from prison their lives and inner discoveries could serve others. The union that gets severed by categories of them and us was reconnected. The joy and support could flow through any barrier.

Partly as a result of those visits and the support of the "outside" community, one of the former inmates, Kenny Johnson, now leads his own program and foundation. Kenny’s story is a story of redemption and service. It is his foundation that gives the theme of this article its name: This Sacred Space.

Years earlier in a small coastal town in Northern California I first consciously felt, "This space is sacred." It was on a cliff side, nestled in between large supportive rocks and sweet wild flowers. I would often visit it, and there I felt myself at peace. I could unburden my mind of its craziness and my body of the accompanying emotional and physical stress. It was a power spot, in the language of the 1970’s.

After discovering that place, I began to look for such sacred spaces whenever I was in nature. Whatever part of the world I found myself, I could find some spot in nature that was a sanctuary of peace, a place of wholeness.

The beauty of the place played a part, but sometimes the place didn’t conform to my idea of beauty. Maybe it was the feng shui of the place, or the spirit, or the age, or the history. Finally I couldn’t say. I just surrendered to the truth of it, and allowed my whole being to be nourished.

In 1990 I was in India, in a very humble room with mildew on the walls. Strange unpleasant smells and sounds drifted up from the street below. Yet in that most unlikely place I discovered the nature of sacredness. The teacher I was visiting, HWL Poonja, pointed everyone in that room to the sacred cave of our own hearts. The sacred space of peace and love inside us all.

At first this experience of sacredness seemed too simple and available to be true. I attributed it to the power of his personality and the foreignness of the setting. But I allowed myself to follow his instructions, "Discover what is always present. Discover what doesn’t change."

This simple and challenging instruction has guided my life since. Emotions of all kind come and go, thoughts of all kind come and go, situations of all kind come and go. And what is still always here, present through it all?

In the core of our imperfect bodies, imperfect minds, and imperfect situations, there is the sacred space of welcome and sanctuary.

Those prisoners in Englewood discovered it, and so can you.

Where is your sacred space? Your comments are very welcome!

Gangaji is holding meetings and retreats this summer in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Baden-Baden, London, Dublin, and Dorset. Read more about Gangaji’s events and catalog of books and videos online.


Tips for Creating a Sacred Place

It is important to create a sacred space in your home so that you can retreat from the outside world and connect with your inner resources – your soul-self. Setting up this special space in your home will give you refuge and a sanctuary to recover from the stress and tension of your daily life. Creating your space is easy and fun.  Decide whether you will use an entire room or a small corner of a room.  You then need to gather special and meaningful items that will help you focus your mind.  You might include inspirational photos, candles, small statues of spiritual figures, and any other personal items that are important to you.  Arrange these items on a table or shelf in a way that feels right to you.  


The most important part of a sacred space is your intention to use the space to help you journey inward. Using this space regularly to meditate, reflect, and quiet your mind will help to condition the space.  Over time, your sacred space will hold the energy and intention, making it easier for you to connect with your essential spirit and hear your inner wisdom. 

You can also create a sacred space in your mind’s eye.  This internal sacred space is a great place to retreat when you are traveling or away from home.  Create this space in your mind’s eye as vividly as you can.  Use all of your senses and imagine it as if you were really there.  Again your intention is the key here.  The more you visit your internal sacred space the easier it will be to feel the calm and peaceful energy.

Healing Architecture


I practiced as an Architect for fifteen years and have been practicing holistic healing for six years. I was hoping some day these two areas of expertise will come together, but instead I am feeling confused and restless. 
I have been meditating for several years too, but can not seem to find a clear vision.
What would you suggest?
One thought that comes to mind is to broaden your study of architecture to  incorporate the principles of Vastu from ancient India, and/or feng shui from China. These traditions offer a knowledge of how to create a healing space at home and work. A deeper understanding of how to create a harmonious and supportive relationship with one’s environment through the knowledge of proportion, light, air, color, landscaping, water and plants is  a wonderful service you could provide with your strong background in those fields.

8 Steps to Use the Power Intention to Change Your Life

 Thoughts are things. Thoughts have energy and the power to change your world. When you focus your thoughts like a laser beam upon what you want to create in your life, you unleash the incredible power of your mind combined with the infinite creative power of the Universe. This is how goals are achieved and dreams come true.

Focusing your thought on what you want to create is called intention. Marilyn Schlitz, VP of Research and Education at the Institute of Noetic Sciences defines intention as “the projection of awareness, with purpose and efficacy, toward some object or outcome.” Intention is a powerful force that you can use to guide and direct your life. People have been using the power of intention for thousands of years to change their lives. Scientists are beginning to accumulate empirical evidence that supports the idea that intention has the power to change your body, other people, and the world around you.

From Muhammad Ali to Tiger Woods, successful athletes have been using the power of intention for years to improve their performance. Studies have shown that intention produces the same reaction in the brain as action. In other words, if you mentally rehearse speed walking, your brain will send signals to the muscles involved in speed walking – just like if would if you were really speed walking! In fact, studies have shown that people can actually increase the strength of their muscles by simply imagining that they are working out.

Intention not only influences your performance, but it can also influence your health. There is a plethora of evidence that indicates that intention can change heart rate, blood pressure, immune function, pain level, blood loss during surgery, and many other body functions. In addition, there is a growing body of evidence to support the idea that other people’s intentions can influence your body and your health.

Researchers have been investigating the influence of intention on one’s environment. Some of the most compelling evidence has come from The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) laboratory at Princeton University. The scientists at PEAR have run millions of trials and the results indicate that people can influence the output of machines known as random-event generators (REGs). REGs are essentially a computerized version of the coin toss (output is 50% “heads” and 50% “tails”). The results from PEAR and other labs show that subjects can influence these REG machines to produce output slanted in the intended direction. Their thoughts are influencing the function and output of the machines!

Another example of intention affecting the environment comes from the studies of the Maharishi Effect. The Maharishi Effect suggests that if 1 percent of a particular area practices TM, the rate of crime, drug abuse, and traffic accidents will decline. Studies are confirming the Maharishi Effect and have shown that cities with the requisite number of TM meditators (1% of population) have a 22-24% reduction in the crime rate.

The bottom line is that intention is a powerful force that can be used to influence your health, your performance, and the world around you. Start by setting your intention for simple things that don’t mean a lot to you (like parking spaces). Practicing in these simple ways is easier because you are not so attached to the outcome. The more attached you are to the outcome, the harder it is to use intention successfully. Fortunately, research has shown that there are certain ways to increase your ability to use intention successfully. The following 8 steps will help you tap into the power of intention to begin to create the life you want.

8 Steps for Using the Power of Intention

1. Create a Sacred Space – Creating a sacred space helps to boost the power of your intention. Research shows that when a particular place is used repeatedly for intention exercises, the intentions begin to “condition” the place. The space begins to hold a “positive energy” and gives a boost to your intentions. You can create a sacred space in a room in your house, a corner of a room, or even a space in your mind’s eye. The important part is to use this space regularly.

Fill your sacred space with meaningful items (memorabilia from a vacation, photos, religious items, etc), candles, and music. Remember it is a special place for you, so use your imagination and create it in a way that feels good to you.

2. Create your Intention – When you create your intentions it is important to follow some simple guidelines to create the best results. You want to state your intention in a positive way, stating what you want and using the present tense. For example, rather than saying “I will stop eating sweet foods,” you would say, “I choose healthy foods that nourish my body.”

The problem with the first example is that in order to think about stopping the sweet treats, you must first think about the sweets. In other words, you keep your mind focused on the very thing you want to stop. In the second example, your mind will be focused on healthy foods and this will lead to success.

3. Get Centered – Centering is the practice of quieting the mind and relaxing the body to create a sense of peace and acceptance. It is a process of clearing away the mental clutter so that you can access your own inner resources and power.

Deep diaphragmatic breathing is a simple way to get centered. Place one hand on your chest and one on your abdomen and breathe naturally. Notice which hand moves more as you breathe. It is likely that the hand on your chest moves up and down more than the one on your abdomen. This indicates shallow chest breathing. It is easy to retrain your body to breathe deeply. Imagine a balloon in your stomach. As you inhale, imagine filling this balloon up with air – your abdomen will rise. Then imagine letting the air out of this balloon as you exhale – your abdomen will fall. Try breathing in this deep way for several minutes at a time. Research has shown that breathing in this manner will produce the relaxation response. This will also help to focus and quiet your mind.

As you are centering, you will likely find that your mind wanders occasionally. That is perfectly natural. Simply bring your awareness gently back to the quiet peaceful feeling.

4. Field of infinite possibilities – Once you are centered, bring your intention into your awareness. Imagine placing this intention in the field of infinite possibilities – also known as God, the Universe, Allah, Spirit, etc. This field of infinite possibilities is the source of creative forces. It is where life begins and ends. It is the source of mystery, magic, and miracles.

5. Mental Rehearsal – Mental rehearsal is a powerful tool to tap into the power of intention. This process requires you to engage all of your senses to create a vivid experience in your mind’s eye. Imagine yourself already having what you want to create. Mental rehearsal brings together the power of your mind with the creative power of the Universe to help you achieve your goals.

6. Banish Doubt– Once you have put forth your intention into the field of infinite possibilities, it is important to shift into a state of detached trusting. This means that you banish all doubt about whether or not you will be able to create your goals. Trust that you will know the right steps to take and be led to the right people and opportunities to help you create this dream. Trust that the field of infinite possibilities has unlimited organizing and creative power. Trust the power of intention.

7. Detach from the outcome – You must also detach from the outcome and let go of the need to control the process. It will unfold in the right time and in the perfect way. When you plant seeds in your garden, you take the appropriate actions to give your seeds the best chance to grow (watering, appropriate lighting, etc). Then you must allow them to grow in their own timing. You can’t pull the little baby sprouts up to make them grow faster – nor can you rush an intention. It will unfold in it’s own time and in it’s own perfect way.

8. Present Moment Focus – Even though you are working on changing your future, it is important to keep your attention in the present moment. In other words, your intention is in the future and your attention is in the present. It is important to accept and appreciate your current life circumstances. Developing this attitude of gratitude will help you connect with the field of infinite possibilities and increase the power of your intention.

These 8 steps will help you use the power of intention to create the life you want. Start with some simple and easy things and then work your way up to bigger more challenging desires. As you practice using intention, be willing to see coincidences as meaningful occurrences. It is important to be open and ready for opportunities and possibilities. Let your actions be guided by your intuition and hunches. Mastering the power of intention while detaching from the outcome is the key to creating greater health, happiness, and success in your life.

Remember that your thoughts have great power and can change your world!

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