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When to Know if Conflict Is Toxic


By Doug Noll

Unless you are living in an isolated cave, social conflict is inevitable. Our needs, interests, and desires collide with each other, getting in the way of our happiness. Conflict is not inherently bad, however. We need conflict to teach us, entertain us, and help us grow. We can probably do without Jerry Springer’s craziness, but a certain amount of conflict is healthy. On the other hand, we have also experience unhealthy conflict. When the conflict becomes chronic and repetitive, it is toxic.

Worse, emerging research shows that toxic conflict kills just as surely as cancer, heart disease, or diabetes. Recent studies reveal that frequent arguments with partners, relatives, friends or neighbors are associated with a doubling to tripling in the risk of death from any cause. We are social beings and toxic conflict apparently creates stressors that shorten our lives.

Knowing the difference between healthy, good conflict and unhealthy, toxic conflict is important information.

Here are some signs that indicate toxic conflict: Continue reading

About Organic Products

The way we interact with our environment is extremely important to every part of our health and our future.  We can grow crops for use in foods and other products using synthetic chemicals as fertilizing and pest control techniques, or we can use natural fertilizing substances and natural pest control methods in our farming.

The modern day tendency has been to use the “advances” offered to us by the chemical manufacturers as somehow better, convenient, and easy to use. But over time, it has become clear that pesticides were killing our birds and fish as well as the intended insect targets (refer to Silent Spring written by Rachel Carson). Chemical fertilizers have also contaminated our streams, rivers, and bays often causing harmful algae blooms that also kill valuable fish.

Long ago it was found that the pesticide DDT (since banned by the US government) was infiltrating into our water supply and food chain to threaten human health. But today many, many more pesticides and artificial fertilizers are being released daily into our environment. Even worse, many of these chemical pollutants are very long-lived. Some, in fact, never break down into harmless components, but persist as dangers to all life on our planet for many years into the future.
Fortunately, today many farmers and concerned citizens know that the more pure and natural approach to growing our food and herb crops is vital to reducing the chemical load on our land and on our bodies. When we farm the land with natural organic nutrients and balance pest populations with natural predators, we are protecting the environment from chemical pollutants that can have far-reaching negative consequences.
Scientific research has also shown that organically grown foods and herbs have higher benefits and nutritional value. So organic products offer superior benefits for human health, and organic farming methods keep harmful chemicals out of our environment. Such a deal!
As consumers, when we purchase anything, we are giving our support to the company and methods used to produce the product. If we buy the chemically produced products, those companies will thrive and continue to use methods that are unsafe for our health and our Earth. If, however, we choose the organically produced products, we are supporting the farmers and processors who are using safer, natural processes that protect our health and the health of our Earth.
So every day, we make choices that can make a difference. We should always look for the organic choice whenever possible to encourage conservation of a clean and natural environment for ourselves and our future generations. And we really need to pick the healthier choice for our own bodies and the bodies of our loved ones.
Organic personal care products have become the specific focus of my recent efforts. I don’t think that most people realize how many dangerous chemicals we are putting on our skin and hair and into our mouth every day. When I became aware of it, I was truly shocked. It’s actually very hard to even find a shampoo, body lotion, or toothpaste that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.
Fortunately, there is a terrific non-profit organization that publishes extensive information about harmful chemicals and which products are safer. It is called the Environmental Working Group at www.ewg.org and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics at www.safecosmetics.org.
Also, people need to be aware that the skin is the largest organ of the human body. Our skin is designed to transfer some substances out of and into the body. We have pores in our skin that reach down into the bottom layers of skin to enable us to perspire when we are too warm. And the top layer of our skin is constantly throwing off old dead skin cells, while the new cells rise up toward the surface.
So the surface of our skin with its pores to the inside is very open to outside substances. We all know that Vitamin D is absorbed through our skin just from sunshine.  It’s easy to see for yourself how a light lotion placed on your hand or arm very quickly disappears into your skin and body.
Therefore personal care products are a very important component of our health care for our bodies. And my personal experience is that organic products feel better on my body, make my hair clean, soft, and shiny, and get my teeth cleaner. I can tell that these products are actually healthier and work better than the products that I had used in the past.
I have spent years searching for the very best in organically produced products. In the summer of 2007, when I found ONEgroup, I was thrilled. I immediately bought samples and then I got REALLY excited. Their products have all been the very best performing products of any kind that I’ve ever tried.
So, I became an Independent Representative for ONEgroup’s three brands, MiEssence, MiEnviron, and MiVitality. I’m sort of a “retired” old lady, and I’m so happy that I have found such a wonderful work for the later years of my life.

Life encourages us to Take a Leap of Faith / Faith, Hope and Wisdom / Meaningfully Inspire One Another Calibrated, Safe, Wise,


 Life encourages us to Take a Leap of Faith / Faith, Hope and Wisdom / Meaningfully Inspire One Another
Calibrated, Safe, Wise, Responsible, Purposeful, Meaningfully Intentional Leap of Faith
What does the above Signify
It can hold/convey/mean various meaningful intentions to various Individuals respectively;
Purposeful / Meaningfully Intentional
The purpose of this article is seeking to inspire one another; inspiration that is focused upon Universal Welfare and Development consistently
Respectful reference and Respectful attribution is Sincerely and Respectfully extended to the
respective connotations / interpretations /
– understandings / meaninglessness / significances / communications / symbolisms / nobleness and other Respected terms of reference that may be attributed to the above humbly and with utmost Respect and Reverence.
Cordial Reminder
This is a kind reminder to awaken and keep the awareness throughout this challenging year and the enterprising years ahead, to diligently take care of our agendas, assignments, objectives responsibly and with a leap of faith (Faith, Hope and Wisdom)
We hear this, it is with us, we perceive it, it is still all the more with us, we speak it, it is yet more closer to us; we think of it,
– it is still seeking us; we share it responsibly, it is further complimented and augmented by virtue of enriching our Life meaningfully
– (In one another’s achievements, accomplishments, victories, success lies our very own joy, welfare and development consistently)
This also encourage us to grasp / have a more comprehensive understanding of various aspects while going about to attending the respective details associated with the various agendas of Life
Challenges Perception
The leap of faith also provides us meaningful insights relating to various challenges; to have faith, hope and wisdom, calling upon the/one’s higher intellect to provide the wisdom and meaningful guidance to navigate through the respective challenges and transform them into conventional objectives wisely.
If this article is read by a Person who might not be understanding what is the actual meaning of the symbolic, “take a leap of faith”;
– this is simply and very clearly intended to mean to have courage; seek wisdom from one’s own intelligence;
– seek wisdom and meaningful guidance from Nature to help one and all and attend to the respective duties, assignments, agendas, responsibilities meaningfully and objectively.
If The Above is NOT Clear / For those who Might Still NOT Understand
Should the above not be clear to understand; the actual meaning of the symbolic, “take a leap of faith”; then please by all means kindly inform or clarify,
– but please do not pursue any irrational or irresponsible steps or create one’s own understanding or mis interpret or corroborate facts that might deviate from the conventional norms and etiquette of Nature / Society. NEVER Please.
– The purpose is to simply inspire one another for Universal Welfare and Development
– There is absolutely no other agenda than this; the agenda of the Universe is Peace, Love, Respect, Compassion, Unity, Dignity, Appreciation, Gratitude, Thankfulness, Humility and all the very finest of Virtues that Life has to provide, all meaningfully intended for Universal Welfare and Development consistently
It is extremely important to understand each and every aspect please
To understand the meaningfulness of each and every aspect of Life
Calibrated, Safe, Wise, Responsible, Purposeful, Meaningfully Intentional Leap of Faith
Whatever you do, please observe safety/protection at all instances regularly; always pursue meaningful pathways that will create greater good for The Universe;
– for Universal Welfare and Development responsibly (it is NOT about being heroic or daring beyond conventional parameters – Please always strictly observe and comply with the respective Laws and Regulations)
Contexts / Responsibility
In this context and other related contexts, the essential factor is emphasized which is that, what actions we take affect us as well as those around us;
– hence, complete responsibility and accountability must be observed and duly implemented for all the actions / choices / selections that one makes and shoulder the concerned responsibility meaningfully and obligatorily
Inspire and Be Inspired
Inspire others and be inspired, in one another’s achievements and accomplishments; successes is our development/progress
The World
Always hope, wish and pray for Universal Peace, Welfare, Happiness, Wisdom, Prosperity and Progress.
Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina; Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina
May One and All be Happy;
May One and All have well-being
May Happiness be showered on all;
May One and All be Healthy
O Lord Protect us
O Lord Guide us
O Lord Grant us Wisdom
O Lord Lead us from darkness to Light (From ignorance to Knowledge)
O Lord May there be Universal Peace, Happiness, Prosperity and Progress
Best Wishes,
Vashi Ram Chandi
These words is/are NOT intended to offend or hurt the sentiments of any Person(s) whatsoever.
They are being expressed in good faith and with sincere meaningful intentions. If any detail(s) is / are found to be objectionable for any reason whatsoever, it would be very much appreciated if the concerned could be communicated accordingly.
This information has been featured in good faith with meaningful intentions relating to inspiration for one and all as well as for informational purposes only.
Henceforth, any interpretation construed/understood remains entirely/completely the responsibility of the concerned to who it may pertain to and if further communicated or reviewed, the concerned responsibility remains with the concerned to who it may apply to accordingly.
In NO event whatsoever shall featuring of this  information make me liable or responsible for damages of any nature whatsoever, resulting from the use of or reliance upon or communication / propagation / transmission of the information featured herewith.


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