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From Intent.com: Making Things Happen

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When I was in the 2nd grade I wrote a poem about the seasons that made it into a printed book.

I remember that the poem was four lines and included the word “bare”. I don’t even know how that word got into my vocabulary at the age of 6, but I do know having my poem about summer, winter, spring and fall helped seal my dreams of wooing people with words at an early age.

Flash forward a LOT of years and I live in Los Angeles doing just that in a variety of ways.

This week (and next week’s actually), my intent will be to finish my 1st feature length screenplay. This means the script for a regular-length movie you might see in a theater (fingers crossed, you’ll be seeing this one one day).

“Two weeks? Is that enough time to write an entire screenplay?!” I have no clue.
A little bit ago, I got to do a super fun interview with my friends at Faith Context about comedy writing, social media, and space ships. I talked about how much I loved Stephen King’s book “On Writing”. Don’t worry, it’s not scary so you should read it if you have any interest in being a writer or just developing good disciplines for getting pretty much anything accomplished. The trick with making pretty much anything happen is you have to do it. Simple. You want to write? You have to sit down and do it. You want to lose weight? You have to walk and stop eating cheeseburgers*. Just do it.

I also know that we have this weird tendency of giving ourselves WAY too much time to complete a task and the majority of that time is spent procrastinating. People say “I love painting” and then make a goal to paint once a month. No need to set the bar too high, right? What if you fail? But if my math is correct, this means you’re setting yourself up to do the thing you love most only 12 times a year. What else are you doing with all that time? If I decide I’m going to paint at least 3 times a week, even if I don’t hit my goal, I’m building parameters to do what I love with a lot more frequency. So, if I like to write and I don’t want to give any more wasted time to Facebook stalking former popular kids from high school, then two weeks for a screenplay seems like a good place to start.

So what are you working on? A screenplay? A cookbook? A new business?
Maybe you’re wanting to finally repair some relationships or start brand new ones?
Set goals. Two weeks. Imagine how different your life could be in two weeks.
In two weeks, I’m going to have a screenplay.

Tell us what your goals are this week on Intent.com. Tell us what you intend to do, no matter how fantastical or absurd you think it is. We’re into it. We support you. Let’s support each other.

*Please know that I’m not a medical doctor. I have no idea how much weight you, the individual, will gain or lose based exclusively on your cheeseburger intake. It was meant to be a funny, general example. Please forgive my ignorance if cheeseburgers are a staple of your healthy diet.

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The other day I was sitting at Starbucks reading a script someone had sent me.  A guy at the next table caught my eye to make this comment: "This is so LA. People here read Screenplays in coffee shops."  Anyway long story short, conversation ended something like this: "So is that your next big script, about to hit the silver screen?"  And I said "I wish!"

That was a year ago.

My original screenplay THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT registered on WGA West at midnight last night.

 Genre: Action

Time: Post 9/11

Place: Los Angeles

Tagline: Why am I a Terrorist? Because I am a Mother…..


Feel on top of the world.  Feel a little spent and exhausted.  The entire process was like birthing a baby – except this was way more fun than passing a watermelon through the eye of a needle!  Whoever engineered THAT plan must’ve been a man.

However, when I went to pick a category to blog about it in here – I was at a loss. 

What do I call this feeling?   Where does it fit in.  Is it about Work & Life or is it Happiness or maybe Living Your Purpose, how about just plain – "Feel Really Really Good" – No nothing here like that.  Or "Now that my words have seen the light of day I have nothing else to say". 

A funny thing happened between the time that I started writing it and the time it took me to finish – All of a sudden I have no  plan  – no desire  – no goal for my creation.  It feels like this is all I am meant to do.  Write – and then – total Peace.   Next big thing?  Maybe not.  Is that good or bad?   Who knows?

For those of you that have ever felt the need, the burning desire to ever write something – a book, poetry, a blog or even a letter to a newspaper editor, your congressman – you must know how it feels.  Welcome your thoughts/comments.  

For those of you that enjoy reading – The Other Side of Midnight screenplay – link posted on toriroy.com


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