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You have everything.



What would be the best advice on life you could give to a twenty-year-old?

Mine was: “don’t listen to other people’s advice”.

“That is, quite simply put, the worst advice I ever heard in my opinion” came the inevitable response, and then, a bit surprisingly, a question:
“What’s the up-side of not looking for advice?”

“Doing what you want the way you want to do it” I said in response,
“discovering your own, original, unique way.
Making your own choices.
Being responsible for your own choices.
Owning your life.
Owning your experience.
Owning yourself.”

Still he didn’t give up.

“The whole purpose of asking for advice is to make progress, by learning from the mistakes of not only ourselves but the ones before us,” he retorted. “Where would we be if we didn’t ask for advice?”

Where would we be?

Where would we be if we did not follow into footsteps, if we did not turn to others to ask what life is, how to live it, who am I?

Where would we be? What would we do if there was no one to tell us how to live?

I asked those questions, and as I did and an image popped into my mind, straight from some dark forgotten corner where my long gone zen past hid: a pilgrim with a sac carried over his shoulder, and in the sac everything he needs. Everything he will ever need. To be who he is. And then I knew, without any doubt I knew that I have everything I need, that I know everything I need to know, that I am everything I need to be…

to be what I am.

I do not need the support to be myself. I do not need advice on how to be myself, in fact such advice would be impossible to give because there is no one out there who knows how to be me. No one knows what it means to be me — only I do.

No one knows what it means to be you, either. No one knows how a life that is an expression of who you are should look like. Only you do. And you do know.

You know everything you need to know, you have everything you need to have and you are everything you need to be,

to be what you are.

Are You Trying To Find Your Purpose?

Enjoying the sunHas trying to find your purpose ever stressed you out? Do you feel some sort of pressure to make something meaningful with your life? In the past, when I heard people talk about their purpose, I would feel stressed and believed I was supposed to be doing something different or more with my life.

I thought that I needed to be clear about what that purpose looked like in the physical world. I then realized that by searching for this clarity, I was missing the life that was actually given to me as this present moment. I realized I had been missing the opportunity to express what was most important to me while I was searching.

What if it’s not as complicated as the mind makes it out to be? What if in the larger picture, what you’re doing is not as important as how you are being while you are doing it and the quality of energy you are putting out into the Uni-verse?

We are all hooked up differently to feel alive and sometimes it’s just about paying attention to what already lights us up. One thing that has helped me get clarity around this, and that I often recommend to clients, is having what I call a Joy Journal. It consists of taking some time every night to simply write down your favorite part of that day: this could be connecting with a coworker on a break, teaching a child how to ride a bike, or even being in nature or with animals.

Over time I was able to become more aware of the themes that spoke to me and I consciously created a job that brings in those elements and that feels aligned with my values. I knew I enjoyed connecting authentically with people, creating environments where people could more deeply discover who they are and ask meaningful questions.  I loved being a part of an inspiring community, and I knew I loved Bali.

So… I created a Wellness Retreat to Bali and over the last four years have been leading groups there on an immersion retreat where we do yoga, daily meditation, we get massages, eat raw food, get inspired by each other and also express our creativity. At the heart of these activities I could see that what I truly value is consciousness work, genuine relationships and supporting people. It’s no surprise that I also work as a psychotherapist because these qualities are expressed in that work as well.

It’s not that my purpose is my work, but my work supports me in expressing what I hold as most important to me. The invitation is to first clarify what you truly value. If at the heart of things you hold important in life is love, then discover how love expresses itself in your life moment-to-moment, person to person. Or if what you really value is service, then simply asking yourself everywhere you go, “How can I best serve here?” is a way of embodying your purpose. Then watch as life unfolds by honoring what is truly in your heart.

You can trust that the intelligence that holds the stars and the galaxies in the Uni-verse is also orchestrating your life… you can rest in that. A flower doesn’t know where it is going or its ultimate purpose, and yet it still blooms… something in it knows.

Goals are fine, and if you already have clarity about a specific expression your life is taking, then follow that, assuming it’s aligned with your heart. Just don’t get lost in the goal, thinking that getting “there” will somehow deeply satisfy you. It’s easy to have the end in mind or believe you have a purpose and then lose sight of the other 90% of your life, brushing your teeth, driving to work, meeting people at the grocery store, etc. This 90% is as much a part of life as the other 10%. By mentally living in the future, we miss out on the opportunity to express what we truly value now.

Often what we actually deeply yearn for is the creativity and spontaneity that arises out of the present moment. I invite you to enjoy this discovery as you let go of the stressful ideas about how you believe life should be, and experience the fullness of following what you truly value in your heart moment-to-moment.

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”  ~ Mother Teresa

Wordplay Wednesday: Perfect

Look over here
I’ve walked in the room
Turn all your eyes onto me
You may need to squint
I know that I shine
So brightly
That you cannot see
That I’m here for the show
And I’ve made my appearance
The lights flash
As you all scream my name
I’ll smile and try to prove
To you that everything
Is perfect
It’s the only reason I came

Note: I wrote this in 1996 when I was 20-years old, heavily invested in the bar scene and trying to control the outsides to feel better inside. So grateful that I know now that doesn’t work:)


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One in the Same



You’re Great and You’re Awesome Just As You Are (Part 2)

Click here to read part 1 of Trent’s story!

Born with blonde hair in a brunette-only town, Trent decides finally to show everyone his true hair color and true self. The townspeople attack him for his “otherness,” and Trent runs and hides in a nearby forest until sunset. Approached by an old man who listens to the tale of his woe, Trent receives the most powerful advice of his life.

* * *

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 10.28.10 AMThe wise man was brilliant and very aware.

He took in a breath, then started to share:

“We are truly born great, just as we are!

Our lives are important. You’re amazing, my young star.

But with others, they think, it’s for them to say

Who is fine, who is good, who is right, who’s okay.”

“For greatness is not in brown hair or blond.

Greatness is not in how our words sound.

Greatness is not on our outside – our skin.

Greatness, true greatness, always happens within.”


“We just can’t know how great you can become

By looking at hair color. That’s crazy, that’s dumb.

Down deep we’re amazing and awesome and bold.

Down deep is our value, our treasure, our gold.”


“No one has eyes to see what you see.

No one can tell you who or what you should be.

That’s your job. Yes it is. It’s all up to you.

It’s your work and your life. You’ve got to be true.”


“Life isn’t easy, it’s tough and it’s trying.

It gives you hard tests to make sure you’re applying

What you know of TrueYou, what gifts you receive,

How great you can be and what you believe.”


“You were born awesome – awesome indeed.

But to live each day awesome you must become freed

From the judgments of others, from perspectives so narrow

To let your light soar like a brilliant gold arrow.”

“The world needs TrueYou – the “you” as you are.

Blond or brunette, gay, straight or bizarre.

You are you, and amazing! The “you” born just right.

You were born to shine brightly, to share your great light.”


But you can’t shine in life, when you let yourself hide.

And you can’t change the world, if you’re ashamed inside.

You didn’t choose how you’re born, where you’re from.

But you can surely choose the “you” you become.


Young Trent felt alive and committed to greatness.

He thanked the wise man but feared for the lateness.

His family’d be worried, scared and unbound,

That young Trent was not home, not safe and not sound.


He hurried right home in the dark of the night.

But this time for him, a walk without fright.

More aware, more informed and so much more wise.

He got to his door at a quarter to five.


Once home and together, the lost son lamented

With details and stories. The sobbing relented.

Trent shared a sound lesson of power and strength.

They stood right by him; they’d go to great lengths

To handle what happens, to just rise above.

To help Trent show up to a life he can love.


The next day with power and confidence glowing,

Trent moved through the town without any fear showing.

He let loose his blond hair and wore it with pride.

He stood up to names and to insults so snide.


His courage to be true had others inspired,

The insults soon stopped, mean comments subsided.

Trent showed that hair color makes no difference at all

Be true to yourself and you’ll never feel small.

We didn’t choose how we’re born, where we’re from.

But we can surely choose the “who” we become.


And soon many others with all hair colors flowing,

Appeared in the town, the numbers were growing.

People in fear with hair once dyed brown,

Were actually there hiding, still living in town.


Pretending is bad, it loads on the strife.

Hiding restricts us, it limits our life.

We are each given gifts to discover and use,

And we shortchange the world if we don’t know or refuse

To be open and honest and accept the real “me”.

Trent learned that it takes this to really be free.


In just that one moment, things started to change.

People are people, not weirdos or strange,

Just people, all different, all great, all divine,

Allowed to be true, to be honest, and fine.


And changed they all were from perspectives so narrow.

They cheered and applauded and hailed Trent like pharaoh.

But Trent just continued to live life each day,

Honest and great, in his unique way.


From that day on, in towns far and near

That kept people out because of some fear.

Now invited them in – all are welcome you know.

We all belong. Yes we do! It is right. It is so.


Come out from your hiding. Join life. Be alive!

When you hide you stay small and afraid – you can’t thrive.

You’re an original, not a copy or fake.

You’re the real deal, just perfect; you are no mistake.


So find your right place, as soon as you can.

Be an accountant, a salesman, a singer or stunt man.

It’s all up to you, the directions you choose.

It’s all up to you, don’t wait, don’t you snooze.

Each day that goes by, you never get back.

Each moment, each day, each minute, each track

Is gone. Yes it is, but the next one is here.

Use it wisely. Don’t waste it! Let your best self appear.


You were born awesome, no matter what you’ve been taught.

You were born amazing, born cool – you got what you got.

It’s your gift. It’s yours. It’s all just for you.

It’s divine in its nature; be true to your “who.”


Be yourself, be your best. Live life your own way.

Be proud, find your place, make the most of each day.

You’re great and your awesome, just as you are.

Be your true self, be a bright shining star.

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You’re Great and You’re Awesome Just As You Are (Part 1)

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 10.09.20 AMIn a town far away on top of a hill,

Lived people so narrow, judgmental, and shrill.

They decided on high that all hair should be brown.

They decided for everyone who lived in their town.


“To live here,” they cried, “brown hair is a must.

Brown hair is just right, all others are bust.

If other than brown is just who you are,

Then you must leave. Depart! Go very far!

For we won’t have people who don’t look like us.

Brown is what’s right. Our rules. It is thus!”


In one of the families, young Trent was born third.

In a family so big and so famous was heard,

A cry of great grief like someone had died,

The aunts and uncles and parents all cried.

Young Trent, their treasure, though brown hair expected,

Was born blond, a towhead, a child rejected.


Though cute and adorable, smart with eyes wide,

His parents knew that his hair had to hide.

If the neighbors and townspeople had any doubt,

That Trent was not brown-haired, the family was out.


From the day he could crawl, Trent’s hair was dyed brown.

This gave them permission to live in this town.

His parents feared someday that blond hair would show,

Because hair on a kid never ceases to grow.


Each Saturday night as the bath waters ran,

A small dab of brown came out of the can,

To cover those roots of the hair that kept growing,

Like a lawn after rain that needed some mowing.


And so it was thus, each day spent in “hair-hiding,”

In plain sight, with a hat, and some dye so complying.

And all seemed as okay, no foul and no harm,

Until one day, that day, there came cause for alarm.

That day, at the mirror, young Trent stood there staring,

At brown hair AND blond hair – so great, and so glaring.

He’d been told his whole life about hair not so brown,

These people were gross, not fit for their town.

He realized that day he was different than most.

He was blond, not brown-haired. He’s handsome, not gross.


He called to his parents to share his great joy

He was different – unique – not an average boy.

He loved this about him. It gave him great pride.

He was different indeed. He had nothing to hide.


We are each born great, we’re remarkable art.

We are perfect, unique, not a kind of half-start.

We can’t change who we are. That’s a great thing.

We are who we are; it’s our hard-wiring.


His parents warned, they cautioned and cried.

“Being different isn’t easy, so please Trent just hide.

Let’s dye your hair brown so you fit and blend in.

Let’s get the brown back so life’s safe as it’s been.”


But Trent just said, “No!” on that major day.

“Born different, born right,” is just what he’d say.

“Born blond, not brown-haired, is how I exist.

Being true to myself is what I insist.”


“For someone much greater thought I should be,

A towhead, a blond, not a fake brown-haired me.

Who are these others, with comments to make?

I am who I am. God made no mistake.”


The hair dying stopped on that fateful day.

Pretending was done on the 18th of May.

Proud to be done with the hair-dying story,

Trent wanted his real life, a life of grand glory.

A life that was honest and open and clear,

A life to be lived without hiding or fear.


Trent marched to school with hair like the sun.

The gold in it shone, like threads that been spun,

But support did not happen, not a moment or second.

It didn’t work out as he thought or had reckoned.

They taunted and teased, chased, hit and called nay!

It changed all his friends in only one day.


Chased into the woods, with mean words attacking.

Trent stayed hiding there ‘til daylight went packing.

He hid in the dark and was sobbing with fear,

That someone who hated his hair could be near.


“How could this all matter?” He wondered. He cried.

“How could being different make others despise?

I have no control of the color of my hair,

Born with it dark or born with it fair.

Like our gender, or height, preference or skin tone

We get what we get, it’s really our own.

For down deep I’m still me, the same me I have been.

Down deep, I’m still Trent, their classmate and friend.”


“How can I live in a me that’s not real?

Who can pretend and not really feel?

Who cares if my hair is dark or it’s light.

I say for me, what’s wrong and what’s right.”


And in that tough moment, a moment of fear,

Young Trent saw a stranger, approaching, quite near.

A man with a beard, long, thick and so white;

A smile so warm, so kind and so bright.

“What brings you to woods, so dark and so deep?

The old man continued, “And can cause you to weep?”


Trent shared his sad story in every detail.

The old man just listened and grew very pale.

He waited ‘til young Trent was all about finished,

Did not interrupt, critique, or diminish

The sadness, the pain, the hurt so disarming

That someone so young could find life so alarming.

Once Trent had recounted his unhappy story,

The old man responded with strength and with glory.

His words were bold, his lessons were wise.

Trent listened intently for ways to devise,

A way to be happy when others all yack.

To be strong and courageous when others attack.


Stay tuned for the rest of Trent’s story!

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What Will You Do When Your Life Flashes Before Your Eyes?

the pathI had an interesting experience yesterday. One of those life-flashes-before-your-eyes kind of moments.

I won’t go into the particulars of the incident, but what is important is that I saw how, in a few short seconds, my life could have been gone and, after a breath or two, the realization that I was still here.

This sat a little heavier with me than it might most people because I’ve experienced being on the other side of loss, where I was the surviving half of a pair. I’ve written about this before, as it was the slow-but-sure catalyst for a complete collapsing and rebuilding of my inner and outer life, perspective, and purpose.

For a long time after I had reentered society and “healed,” I noticed that I was hyper-sensitive to the small things in life. Giving someone a hug, saying goodbye or hello, a bird flying by, listening to a heartbeat – these all struck me as so precious and fleeting. I marveled at how no one else seemed to recognize the value in these small moments, while also realizing I could not live with this kind of intensity. I could not keep treating each moment as if it could be the last.

Or could I?

If I did value each moment as if it could be the last, it ramped up my experiences to the level of sacred. It slowed down the pace of life to one slow-motion moment. Life simultaneously filled and broke my heart every day from the sheer happiness at being alive and the knowledge that this too will end someday.

Over time this intense attitude faded some, as you can imagine. I got comfortable with my new normal life. I was able to enjoy it without valuing it as priceless. I told myself it just wasn’t sustainable to live with that kind of intensity.

I now realize it wasn’t sustainable because I wasn’t yet strong enough to sustain it.

It takes a lot of strength to take on life fully, with all its rawness, beauty, fullness, and heartbreak. It takes a strength and commitment that no one can give us because it has to come from the inside out. Perhaps this is why we tend to get inspired or feel fearless momentarily, and then slowly fade back into a more comfortable zone of living where people are nice, loving, and live their lives with an ease and trust that everything’s going to be alright. We’re all going to live to a hundred, tragedy doesn’t touch us, and let’s put off that dream until tomorrow.

I found certain kinds of yoga lit the flame deep inside me to live my fullest life, to face my fears, and to live each day as if I was going to die tomorrow.

That’s a question that works wonders for me, and I often call on it when I feel especially afraid or especially self-conscious about putting myself out there.

I ask myself, If you died tomorrow, would you wish you had done this?

The answer is usually yes. Because in the light of death, vulnerability doesn’t seem so scary. In the light of death, vulnerability is all there is. It allows us to turn ourselves inside out, not so much for all the world to see, but more for us to see. For us to feel. For us to let out all our inner, protected, sensitive layers and let them feel the freedom of being unprotected and fully alive.

In the light of life, vulnerability is dangerous. It exposes us and that means people might be able to poke a hole in our armor with their harsh words, opinions, or indifference.

It also means people could get inside us. God forbid someone come up close and touch our beating heart, see our deepest fears, or learn that we are only human like them.

I’ve often thought when our lives flash before our eyes it would happen quickly, in our last moments of life. Isn’t that how it’s always portrayed in the movies or in stories?

My experience of my life flashing before my eyes was quite slow. It happened over the course of hours, as I witnessed every step I took in my daily life that I might not have been able to take. Everything I might normally take for granted I saw as alive, priceless, fascinating, and almost unreal.

Even so, I saw old patterns acting themselves out. Fear, defenses, walls. It was as if, since I was still alive, I still felt I had to protect my “self” somehow.

This is the glory of being human.

I find it unfortunate that it often takes loss or trauma to remind us of the intrinsic value of life, of a breath, of a heartbeat. The urgency and brevity of life often does not fully register in us until we are faced with our own mortality or that of someone close to us.

It’s not just every new day that is a gift, an opportunity, and an invitation to live fully.

It is every moment.

Every moment we can choose to embrace or pass by. And it is not just an invitation. It is our obligation. As humans, as parents, as partners, as friends, as children, as human beings it is our obligation to step into our lives fully, so that when our life flashes before our eyes, we will not have to wonder, What would I have done if I knew I was going to die today?

We will have already done it. We will have already done it, spoke it, wrote it, shared it, lived it.

In the words of Mary Oliver, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Wordplay Wednesday: One In The Same

braided rop
Maybe it was naïve
Of me to assume
It would be safe
To express myself
What I’ve experienced
And felt
Maybe my enthusiasm
Took me too far
The energy and relief
I got
From breaking
The silence
From letting go
Of my desire
To control
What you and you
Knew about me
I was just trying to be
Fully integrated
To hold my head high
And not care
What you think
I didn’t mean to make
Anyone uncomfortable
I was just trying to
And now
To my disappointment
I’m realizing
It’s not quite
That easy
That I need to set
For my creativity
And I wish so badly
That I didn’t have to
And filter
What I say and do
I know I’m not perfect
But how boring
That would be
And honestly
Who is?
I’ve demonstrated
That I find solutions
No matter what
The challenge is
I was just trying to be like
The women I admire
So courageous in their
To speak the truth
But now I feel
Split in two
Maybe it was naive
To think
That people in business
Would understand
What I’m doing
Are one in the same
Pursuing my passion
And trying to help
Now I’m scared
To have my poetry
Attached to my name
And I’m scared
I’ll be punished
For what
I’ve already said
That I’ll shut down
Out of fear
And be silent

I wrote this in September of 2012, after it was suggested that sharing my poetry publicly was a risk to my business pursuits. Obviously, I haven’t gone silent:)

Find Out What You Want – Step #1


 Do you find yourself plagued by indecisions?

Are countless ideas, possibilities and plans engaged in a deathly, endless combat with predictions of outcomes, consequences and treacherous pitfalls and potential mistakes in the  confines of your head, paralyzing you? Do you struggle to take a step, to make a choice, to pick a direction in a world full of uncertainty and doubt?

If that is you — you came to the right place: the place where answers live! And answer #1 to the “I don’t know what I want” dilemma is:

To discover what you want first find out who you are!

I did, I believe, one night long ago, when I sat in a little meditation hall. It was the last meditation period of the day, night reined outside enveloping the world in darkness and silence. There was a candle burning at the altar, its soft light edging silent, immobile forms out of the shadows. I was one of those — darkly clad, quiet, perfectly still.


There were things happening inside, I remember them only vaguely, my thoughts were losing definition, the edges of the world were blurring, something whirled and turned upside-down and suddenly, as I looked at the hardwood floor before me I realized that … I am the floor!

I stared in astonishment and amusement — it was so funny! I was the floor! I should be quiet, I remembered, so I smothered the laughter but then, in the next moment the floor was gone, I was gone, everything was gone in an endless, boundless space.

There was such peace, such calm, such fundamental silence there, and then … I saw a flea.

A small, agitated black flee, hopping up and down trying to tear a little bit of that oneness, of that silence, of that boundlessness for itself. The flea wanted it separated, clearly defined, it’s. It yanked and jerked and pulled, yet the space would not break.

“Oh, this is my mind!” it occurred “it is the mind that wants to tear a piece of me out of the rest of me.”

How silly!

6 Action Steps to Release Anger

We are taught to not feel angry.

We are taught, however, that anger is “bad” and that you “shouldn’t be angry”.  Have you ever felt angry or resentful but have been unable to express it?  Perhaps you were fearful of what the consequences may be.

 We did learn as children, after all, that showing our anger usually meant getting punished.

 The truth is that anger is a necessary emotion.  You need anger to motivate you into action when some sort of injustice has been done to you or to someone you love. Anger occurs when you feel that you are not being seen, heard, valued or respected.  You need this negative emotion to stimulate the actions that will initiate change.

 What is not necessary is the behavior that arises from anger that can be damaging to you and others—when you react with a punch or vengeance, rather than respond with clarity and balance.   Research even shows that such reactivity can hurt your health. Hostility and anger, for instance, have been linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

To respond with clarity and balance, you want to be able to allow yourself to be angry, then release it as you heal your own hurt.

Here are some things you can do: 

1. Allow–allow yourself to feel angry. You have every right to feel this way. You are not “bad” and you are hurting no one by allowing yourself to “feel angry.”

2. Acknowledge to yourself
that you are in need of attention, value and comfort.

3. Express & Release--anger is a powerful force of energy that needs to be let out—watch kids. When they are angry, they scream. When as children we are taught that it is bad to scream, we are essentially being told that it is bad to self-express. Here are some ways to let it out:

a. Scream into a pillow.  

b. Get a punching bag and beat it up–
what I prefer, because I prefer not to experience pain in my hands, is do a qi gong exercise (which is actually something that many wisdom traditions do) is get two small paddles and a bag of rice in burlap. And hit it as you scream AAAAH. It is good exercise too!

4. Anger release journal-
-this is in my book: You set the timer for 15 minutes, give or take a few minutes.

Then, you write without stopping. Write obscenities if you want about you why you are angry. Write without thinking as you
let it out.

When the timer goes off, stop writing and place your hands on the words. Say these words out loud: “I now release you from my body.

Then destroy the paper–burn it or shred. But create a ritual.

This entire process reprograms the notion of allowing, expressing and releasing.

5. Heal--this is really important. The reason you are feeling anger is because you feel invalidated, disrespected, not seen or heard, etc.

To help you be less reactive in the future, you deserve to receive love and know that you are loved just because you are alive.

–You can use your imagination here or go to a ‘live person’ to allow yourself to receive love. If you do not have someone you can go to, you can imagine that a divine parent is holding you and telling you that they love you just because you are alive.

6. Do the DIG. This is one of my favorites.  

Again, anger stems from feeling de-valued, feeling robbed of your dignity, integrity and not being treated with grace. You can do it yourself. Imagine the sun shining down around you so that you feel held, safe and protected from the world, and let it pour into your body so that it fills you up with dignity, integrity and grace. Then repeat to yourself: Dignity, Integrity and Grace.

You can do this one in the moment, and the amazing thing, is that as you change internally, the person you are next to will change too. Seriously, if you put up your dukes, that other person will too. If you open your heart, they will too!  

Originally published in 2009

Wealth School: How Do You Get a Clear Intention?

In a comment to a recent post, regular reader, Bill, asked:  "How do you get a clear intention?" It is one of those things you might think you should have, but how do you have an intention be really clear?  After all, we have heard that the road to hell is paved with "good" intentions.

Good is not enough.  Who says what is good, or bad? We may think something is good because everyone seems to sign up for it. Good is subjective.  Your good might be my nightmare – going on a 5 mile daily hike for example. Each of us has our preferences.

There are a few ways to approach the diamond of clear intention. Like polishing a facet, you might strip away things you do not need.  Right, it might be fun to buy another computer game. But do you need it? Knowing what you absolutely do NOT want is another way to strip off the excesses. Clear the clutter – material objects and even other people’s opinions of what you should do, and want – and deep down, you find the shining diamond of what is true for you.

So what do you need? An income?  Get clear about how much you are needing and go after that. Really, go after it. With a clear intention, your creative juices can get to work. Even in a bad economy, there are people who find a way to offer a good service for which there is a need. If you are running a business, step back and reevaluate how you operating. Find ways to become more effective and upgrade your service or products.

Recently, I heard the story of a woman who weighed over 300 pounds. She had had enough with being, as she saw it, overweight.  Her intention was clear to drop some weight. The method that came to her was to eat nothing white – such as rice, bread, dairy, sugar – and walk 2 miles every day.  She was able to drop 150 pounds. This method might not be for you, if you are in a similar situation. The point is that she had a clear and workable intention, and it worked for her. 

Never underestimate the power and capacity of your loving human spirit. You might find that you could surprise yourself with what you are able to accomplish.

A need most of us have is to give something of ourselves, if not for paid employment, then in a voluntary capacity. You may have a skill or talent or gift that as you give it brings you to life, energizes and revitalizes you.  What is that?  Speaking, acting, listening, painting, singing, cooking, sharing encouragement or inspiration, for example.

The vitality of your expression can ignite others to express themselves more fully. You never know when you may sow a seed that brings new life and pleasure to someone else.  Recently, I received a note from a friend on Facebook to tell me that 25 years ago, I had taken him along to a Toastmaster meeting in London. I had forgotten about it. He is now President of his local Toastmaster organization and remembered the introduction I had given him.

You never know….

Listen to your heart. What do I mean by that?  Too often, we have a seed idea and mention it to a friend who pours cold water all over it. Sometimes, it is good to hold with an idea and let it grow within you before airing it to the world. Some people are encouraging.  Many are not.

There is not (yet) a Clear Intention Club that you can join for encouragement and further inspiration – or that I know about. Listen to your own "still small voice". Journal it. Dream about it – and make a note of your dreams on waking up. Ask it questions. Let it talk to you. You can do a pen and paper dialogue with that voice of truth within you. Let it reveal its wisdom to you. Do not be tempted to edit what you hear. Not at first.

Simply listen for the shining clarity within you.  It is there. Be patient. Relax into it. Your intention is within you. Connecting clearly with it could assist you to connect more effectively with people around you, enriching you in the process.

Here is a simple rule of thumb.  A clear intention will have the energy of enthusiasm behind it, a clear idea of what to do and definite actions that you can take to fulfil it. If any one of those is missing, then your intention will not be clear.

How does clear intention relate to wealth, such that it would be included in Wealth School? It is not what you do, or what you have, but how you experience your life that constitutes true wealth.  All the money in the world cannot buy trust, clarity and peace of mind, for example, if you are feeling stressed by your work pressured in your relationships, unable to sleep at night. What main quality characterizes a fulfilling life for you? Start within you, and build out from there.

A clear intention is less something you have to "work at" and more a matter of receiving.  To be open and most receptive, keep moving and completing what you have immediately at hand. The little daily tasks like cleaning up, throwing out the rubbish, keeping your papers in order, taking the next step with the project your are working on. Savour and make the most of whatever the present moment offers you. Cultivate a sense of gratitude for all that you presently enjoy and appreciate, within and around you.

Ask inwardly to be shown and in perfect timing, your clear intention will be given to you.

What clear intentions do you presently have – that you are willing to reveal? How are you moving forward with them?

Please leave a comment below or drop me a line at  wealthminister@mac.com. I would love to hear from you.

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness — in all of the many ways it can come to you!

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