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Self-Motivation 101: 7 Steps to Success

The secret to self-motivation is to create resonance. Whatever you desire to achieve whether it is weight loss, quitting smoking, exercising, pursuing a higher degree or dating again, you need to reflect if what your wish is in harmony with your inner self. Do YOU really want to achieve this goal?

When you are in harmony with yourself, you will be eager to complete any goal which you genuinely want because it is your heart’s desire. On the other hand, you lack will power because subconsciously you really don’t want to change the status quo. You might be getting some reward, like attention, even from a bad habit. Or, you might be afraid of failure.

Here are 7 steps you can take to become your own life coach:

* Any change you decide to make becomes NONNEGOTIABLE. Sign a contract with yourself without an escape clause.

* Don’t be afraid of making a fool of yourself. There is no judgment only a personal inventory of what is working for you and what is not.

* Try easier, not harder.  Rather than worrying about quick and dramatic results move slowly with discipline and awareness. Eventually, change becomes part of your mindset.

* Have a system in place to evaluate success. Quantify your success objectively like: strength training in a gym when you lift a heavier weight, a scale which reveals your weight loss, the profit number of sales in your new business, or applause at the end of a presentation.

* Tweak your goals along the way. Goals are not written in stone and you might need to reevaluate what you are doing.

*  Keep your life in balance at home and at work by knowing who you are and what you want. If your life is chaotic at home, it will reflect itself at work and vice versa. If something shakes you up, think about why and begin to change. It is difficult to remain motivated when you are destabilized and distracted.

*  Let go of past mistakes. Sometimes you hold on to them because you feel they define you, making you feel secure in some strange way. Be willing to move forward slowly because past mistakes make you inefficient and waste your talent.

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Working from Home Successfully

More and more people are working from home these days. Either because they are tired of the 9-5 grind and have chosen to start a new venture, or because they have been laid off from their regular job, or just because they wish to make extra money to supplement their income.


Whatever the reason you find yourself working from home, there are ways to help make it a positive and rewarding experience for both you and for your family.  Since your full-time or part-time livelihood now depends upon how successful you are in your work-at-home business, it is vital that you treat it like a real job – because it is. You are now the Boss – of Yourself! So hold yourself to the same standard your Boss would if you were working in a regular office.


It can be a great experience if you do a little planning. Here are some hints and tips to help you make each day a great one!


1 – Schedule Your Work Time – Set up a regular work schedule each day that you will follow and stick to it. During this time, treat it like the office!  Plan work hours as well as break times. Get away from your desk for breaks, even if it’s only into another room or the deck.


Remember to schedule some time during the day for family, and let them know when that time is. If something unexpected comes up that you must deal with, just return to your regular schedule afterward.  Ask your family and friends for support you and to respect your need for work time. Most likely they will be happy to help you if they feel you have made some regular time for activities with them.


2— Make Your Business A Real Office-Like Environment. Set-up a dress code (some people like to dress in standard office attire, others like jeans and t-shirts), answer the phone professionally, make lists of the tasks you need to do each day – then tackle the hardest one first! If you are not a list maker, become one.


3 – Set Up A Separate Work Area For Your Office.  Be it a spare room, or a spare corner, outfit it with the tools and equipment you need for your work.  A desk or table, an office chair and good lamp will help it feel like your workplace. Keep it organized and free of clutter. A simple file cabinet, some shelves and basic desk accessories can be very helpful in keeping things organized. Your work will flow much more smoothly once this is done.


4 – During Your Work Hours, stay away from TV, shopping trips, laundry, and other household chores. Schedule these activities at set times separate from your working hours. Enlist help from your family, if you can, with these tasks.


5 – Set Goals – Both short-term and long-term ones. Make them ones you can accomplish in the time frame you set.  If a task turns out to take longer than you first thought, don’t get discouraged or just give up feeling that you failed, re-set your goals and reschedule those tasks for the next day.  Make it a point to accomplish something related to your business each and every day. Even if it’s only a small thing, you will be moving in the right direction.


6 – Set Aside Some Time for Yourself – Avoid burn-out. Even if it’s only a little bit of time each day. Most home business owners put in long hours, but taking breaks or taking a day or night off from time to time to will help keep you mentally fresh. Have daily inspirational or motivational material that you read each day, even if only a daily quote from a source you like.


7 – If You Have An Internet Business, it can be especially hard to stay focused on your tasks because there are so many distractions online. Try not to follow each inviting looking ad or new site to investigate.  Make a list of them and plan to come back later when your main work is done for the day.


8 – Take Care Of Your Health. Home business workers can have a hard time with this one because it’s easy to just to keep working and ignore the need for taking good care of yourself. Eat healthful foods as much as possible and try to get some exercise each day.  Even if it is just a short walk.  It will help you stay mentally more alert and emotionally grounded and better able to be creative with your business.


9 – Get Help When You Need It.  Don’t try to do everything yourself. Your business will benefit if you stick to what you do best and let someone else help with things like those tax returns or legal advice.


10 – Never Give Up. A home-based business can be challenging and can take some time to develop to it’s full potential. So stick with it and yours can be a rewarding, successful and profitable business.


Using these tips can really help you stay organized and productive and free to put your main energies into building the business itself. If you already have a home business, you can find supportive and inspirational resources for your personal development and business success here. If you are new to working at home and are looking for a home-based business to get started check out this great opportunity. 


A Great Way To Take a Look at Your Life and Determine What’s Got to Change – Ask Yourself: “IS THIS IN MY BEST INTEREST?”

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’!! Is one of my favorite rules if you want to call it one. But this rule has another side to it’s beautiful simplicity. It can cause complacencywhich as per Websters & Co also means:

1 : self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies.
What if the thing that ain’t broke is something you don’t even need?
How do I know better said become AWARE of what I DON’T need. Best question to ask:
I found this simple question most useful to help me get aware of what I was doing. Or not doing and if it was working for me. And it started to discipline me to get back on TRACK, living the LIFE that was right for me. HOW?
I took:
  • 4 sheets of recycled 8×10 paper and wrote in big fat letters IS THIS IN MY BEST INTEREST on them
  • printed out 30 business-card-size labels reading IS THIS IN MY BEST INTEREST?
  • created a Screen Saver for my Desktop and my Cell, by taking a picture of myself holding one of those 8×10.
  • taped one 8×10 on myFront Door, one next to my Bathroom Mirror,one next to my Bed -so it was the first and last thing I’d see. And one on my Refrigerator Door(The door that get’s the most attention in my home:)
  • took the 30 labels and started to go through each area in my apt and placed them
Where ?
  1. next to any mess in my apartment
  2. on pictures of friends that where more like wet blankets
  3. next to my pile of bills that I was avoiding
  4. on all the junk food in my fridge that tasted good for 1 minute and made me feel like crap for 1 day.
  5. on the TV
  6. on the Gym membership I had for 3 years but never used
  7. in my wallet and on my bills
  8. on my 4" high heels
  9. on my un-finished to do lists
  10. the leaking faucet in my apartment

keep going until you’ve placed all 30 Labels of yours!!

After I was done with the apartment I started to place them mentally.
I basically sat with myself and made a TOP 10 List of things in my life, that didn’t feel right or that I was unsure about and asked, 


By the way, you can also recruit your friends and family to remind you as many times as possible during the day. By txting you, sending you an email or leaving you a voice message saying just that, IS THIS IN MY BEST INTEREST?!!

What the constant reminder of this question caused me was to step back and look at my current situation, thoughts, actions and check in with myself as to how what I was doing affected me.

some more questions:

  • what I’m about to say
  • the movie I’m watching, the book, magazine, website I’m reading
  • talking to my mother
  • snoozing for an hour
  • eating so much sugar (chocolate doesn’t count:))))
  • not drinking enough water
  • procrastinating
  • listening to my neighbors having sex
  • answering this call
  • me avoiding this situation
  • me offering my time when I don’t have any
  • me spending the money I wish I had
  • overextending myself
  • going for a walk
  • not flossing
  • holding on to this destructive relationship with…
  • going to bed at 2am
  • eating tuna
  • keeping my mouth shut
  • not reaching out for help
  • being in this stress-full job
  • me living in this country, city, area, apartment
  • doing 5 things at once
  • listening to this sad sappy song
  • finding out if brad pitt is single again
  • not going to the bathroom when I have to
  • holding my farts
  • spending 6 hours on the computer
  • saying I can’t do this, rather than I could try this
  • my LIFE as I live it right now IN MY BEST INTEREST?!!

If you have more than 10 "NO this isn’t in my best interest!" then you’ve got some work to do.
START SIMPLE, tackle one day at a time. And remember? Knowing what you don’t want is half the battle!!

Now go get yourself what you want. You know you deserve it,
just make sure it is in your …:))…. yea you got it!!:))

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When In Doubt – LAUGH!!


A few weeks ago I read,

Well let’s get right to it!
Think about what you are afraid of right now? And why? Think up the worse scenario with an even worse outcome that you can imagine, something we seem to do naturally. Write the outcome on a piece of recycled paper, but title it like a BOOK COVER or a MOVIE that you are about to see, the only thing is that that BOOK, that MOVIE –you are the STAR in, is a COMEDY not a DRAMA!
So take a moment………..now give it a TITLE…, for example: The Anorexic Bank-Account, 30 Dirty Diapers, SCARY BOYFRIEND Part III, The 25 year old Hangover, Orgasm a foreign LAND for Him and Her, The Weight that came for dinner -and never left, My girlfriend and her Husband, Dr. Jekyill and Mr. Credit Card, , ,
be creative with this. Or simply start laughing – look at your situation your bank-account and start laughing. LAUGH IT UP!!! LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH!!!! If anything else IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER, even if it’s just for a moment!
You might not be able to change the situation you are in this instant but you CAN change your ATTITUDE toward it. What you think you feel!
Don’t dam up your channels with FEAR. Keep them open expect THE BEST respect the present and let the good flood you!
LAUGH, and make em’ LAUGH

love&laugh -Patricia



   We most of the times have obtained this wonderful formula by an indirect way. It is gotten when we have in our minds the fixed idea of living a fully balanced life. Our efforts are rewarded because we have understood that if we try to live according to Nature’s laws from below and to live from God’s laws from above. These actions allow us to balance our lives in a very harmonious manner. Not only our health will be improved, but our way of thinking will be much clearer. This Endeavour will enable us to have better relations with our love ones, strangers and ourselves.


I’m going to try to describe these actions; regarding living according to Mother Nature means that we admire, respect and love it totally, not partially. Our senses are always open to whatever impression we receive from her. Referring to above, well now, here lays the big secret regarding living according to God’s laws. It implies much more that meets the eye. Why? Because is like if we’ve always thought that our spiritual world is the tip of an iceberg and never realizing that bellow is the most part of it. That’s the way we humans like to think. What we have had is just a very tiny glimpse of this never ending amazing world. Apparently from our narrow material point of view, our spiritual world is as big and as temporal as our physical reality, but it isn’t. It is indescribable beautiful!


  If we dare to imagine that our solar plexus is the connecting point of these two worlds. Let’s imagine a upward triangle all the Earths energies flow upwards concentrating on our solar plexus, now let’s imagine another triangle in a downward position where all the cosmic energies flow downwards descending in our solar plexus. If we think in harmonizing these two very important sources of energy right there in our solar plexus trying to “feel” them very much vibrant and alive every day for a whole week we will start to feel living a harmonious dual life. All our obligations and responsibilities will be met, and more importantly our burning desires of fulfilling our embodied ideals will be also carried out more easily.


   A well balanced life attracts a harmonious way of life and this feature enables the attraction of a very much needed spiritual life. Let’s never forget that it is by using our Self not by mediating on the Self that allow us to discover our always effective secret formula for success. If we aren’t happy about our profession because it isn’t our true vocation, then let’s do our best to love it with great passion and respect.  In the meantime we get ready to embrace our true vocation. Please keep in mind that something must be done by us. It isn’t a good idea just to sit and do nothing about it. Our dynamic action is required. All efforts are important, big and small but the key word for success has always been ACTION!


   Summarizing:  It has always been that possessing the perfect blending of our prayers, feelings, and meditations, analytical thinking, intuition, loving hearts and awakened minds actions the necessary ingredients to succeed in our productive lives. Self-help books won’t do any good, neither magazine articles nor famous quotes. The true formula will be assured by following our inspirational magic moments. The answer my friends can be found in our inner self. Please imagine that is it is like turning on a switch, but instead of illuminating our out world it will illuminate both worlds; inner and outer.


As always with tons of dynamic divine love, life and light in perfect balance from my brave loving heart to your very dynamic loving hearts and minds.


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