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A Woman Has No Price Tag: A Letter to Women

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I was recently asked for some advice by a man who was dating a woman.

He asked in an email, “Should I pay for her dinner?”

I decided to record a video in response to him that also moved me to write a letter to women….


My Dear,

You are priceless.

In our culture today the real value of the feminine has been far undervalued and under-appreciated.

We tend to value things that we can touch, see, or understand with our logical mind.

But the real essence of who you are as woman is beyond form, dancing in the unseen, intangible realms.

The magic of the feminine is your mystery.

As a woman one of your gifts is your profound intuition. You sense, see, and feel things beyond the physical. You know things way in advance. People may call you crazy, unreasonable, even unrealistic, but know that nothing revolutionary was created by dreaming small and buying into limitations.

We need your feminine gifts now on this planet more than ever in human history. We need your vision and your multidimensional sensitivity.

You as woman have that magical ability to breathe life into something where there was nothing and give it form.

There is a reason that when you love you light up a room.

There is reason that when you give yourself to your man and support him with your heart’s devotion, his entire life transforms and even his income increases.

Your value is not in how you look, how much you weigh, how nice your skin is, whether you have no wrinkles or cellulite. Just you being an open-hearted, radiant, blessing force of love… you are the gift in itself.

Just you allowing your soul-shine to smile upon all those you come in contact with is grace.

So, never sell your heart, body, or soul for love. The love you will get this way isn’t real.

Stay true to who you are and your inner-knowing. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give us as men: Your authentic heart’s offering. If you aren’t you because you want us to love you, then we don’t really have YOU anyways.

You being fully self-expressed as the feminine is the gift.

There is nothing you need to DO and nothing you need to prove. I know we live in a culture where doing is worshiped, but know that just your presence is everything.

As a woman you are a profound alchemical portal of transformation for us men. You are a Universe of infinite wonder where all of life exists.

Do you really know the power you have in the depth of your heart to move universes with simply the blink of an eye or a smile?

Do you really know the power you have to resurrect a life and give hope just with your compassion and care?

Do you really know the power you have to shape the future of humanity with the way you love a child?

Do you really know the power you have to inspire, so much so that a man built the Taj Mahal for his wife, who was dead!

Out of you we are all birthed. For every human being alive, you were our first home for 9 months. Out of you we were literally formed and came into this world. Without you we wouldn’t be.

And with you we are more alive.

With you I feel like I can touch the skies.

With you there is nothing I cannot do.

I see you.

I honor you.

I love you.




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It’s Time to Come Out of the Closet…

url-1You were born to shine.

To express your Divine gifts and the light of your love.

Yet over time the challenges of life can cause you to sometimes forget the bigness of your massive magnificence.

As children we might learn to play small in order to fit in, be approved of, and be loved. We learn to hide who we really are as a safety and survival strategy to avoid being hurt. Perhaps you felt that if you were not seen then you couldn’t be hurt, judged, or criticized. That it is safer this way, to hide your true self.

We learned to develop all sorts of masks as a way to be loved, and fit in.

What masks are you wearing?

Yes, people may have ridiculed you for being yourself. They might have judged you, not believed in you, picked on you, misunderstood you, even abused you and put you down.

Yes, it is painful.

It’s time to let go.

To continue to allow those past pains to determine who you are going to be in the present is too much of your power that you don’t need to give away unless you choose to now.

It’s not what happens when the sun shines that defines you. It’s what you do when it rains.

Are you going to choose to rise up and respond to the pains and use it for your souls gain?

There is a vulnerability in showing who you really are to the world. It is a risk to step out and say, “This is who I am!”

But to hide the real you in the closet of your fears is to be a part of the living dead.

There’s no refunds in life. Hiding and playing small serves no one.

And the “love” you get by being someone other than who you really are is never truly fulfilling… and you know it.

If you choose to be the real you fully and end up losing “friends”, consider it a blessing, for they were not truly your friends to begin with. By being yourself, everything that you built that was based on the mask that you wore will also wilt and fall away to make room for your soul’s highest expression in life.

You can have the world but if you don’t have yourself you really have nothing.

Some people will like you. Some people won’t like you. There’s not much you can do about that. The real question is “Do you like you?”!!

This is the freedom.

To live in the world and all it’s craziness with a heart wide open.

To stand in the world as yourself even when all those around you cause you to doubt and question who you are.

This is the real freedom.

Where are you hiding the fullness of you?

Where are you pretending to be someone that you are not in order to fit in?

The greatest gift that you can give the world, and the highest life purpose for you to live, is to simply be the real you.

It’s time to come out of the closet.

To show the world the true shining star that you are.

Your true light.

Not so little.

Let it shine.

Let it shine.

Let it shine.




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P.P.S. Would love to hear your comments and thoughts regards what ways you have hidden your magnificence?

The Truth Will Set You Free. Dare to Speak It.

Believe in MeIt takes real courage to speak your truth and be who you really are.

It’s not for the faint of heart.

We are conditioned as children. We receive so many messages that “Who you are isn’t enough”.

In order to fit in we begin to “lie” about who we are. It’s often easier to hide and suppress who we really are and what we really feel, in order to be loved, accepted, and to not disappoint. This way we don’t rock the boat. But living a life where you just float is not really living.

We sometimes mold ourselves into who we think others want us to be and play it safe.

When you hold your truth back it creates suffering for you whether you are aware of it or not.

What truths are you not telling?

What are you pretending to not know?

I believe that the truth serves everyone even if it doesn’t seem that way at first. The truth is a gift that causes you to get real with where you are at and how you feel. Speaking your truth also forces those around you to deal, to cut the B.S and feel what’s real.

When you speak your truth it allows for more authenticity, greater expansion in your life, and the things that no longer serve you will fall away allowing space for the new.

When you speak your truth you get to create a life based on the freedom of your heart rather than the fear of your ego. Then the life you create will be inspiring rather than a drain.

It can be scary to speak your truth. And takes vulnerability to reveal what you really feel and who you really are to those around you.

So we often hide.

How do you hide?

We learn to hide as children. As it may have been painful when we were honest, or shared what we felt.

You might think that if you share your truth you won’t be loved, or accepted. You might feel that if you speak your truth your relationship will end or your life will crumble.

I believe that if you speak your truth and something falls apart, it wasn’t truly aligned with your most authentic destiny to begin with. So know that if you lose something, or someone as a result of speaking your truth it is a blessing. Trust that there is something higher waiting to meet you.

You can have the world but if you don’t have yourself it means nothing. Real success is not simply achieving goals, but the courage to live with real integrity.

So what is your truth?

What do you really need to communicate and express to those around you?

What do you need to be brutally honest with yourself about?

The truth will set you free.

Not speaking the truth is expensive and will cost you your freedom.

Real freedom isn’t necessarily doing whatever you want, whenever you want, with whom ever you want.

Real freedom is being who you really are. Real freedom is living and expressing your hearts truth fully moment to moment.

It can be risky to live this real.

The greater risk is to not live a real life but a lie.

Speak your truth. Set yourself free.

I dare you.

Love. Now


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PPS Tell me what truths you need to tell?


How to know when your relationship is over…. or not.

We come together in relationship with another for our evolution and growth.

The people you attract are simply mirror manifestations in that moment in time that reflect who you are.

Yet who you are is constantly changing, evolving, and growing.

Who you are when you first met your partner won’t necessarily be who you will be a year from now, let alone a month from now.

Relationship is really not about the duration that you stay with someone, but the degree to which you both grow, evolve, and become more authentically your true Self. Staying in a relationship where you are both no longer growing simply because that is the thing to do based on societal standards, or because you made commitment 25 years ago, is not authentic.

Authenticity is to feel the depth of who you both are now, and fully be in the moment together with total honesty and love.

Then you can see if you are both still a vibrational match for each other today not based on a commitment made years ago.

Relationship is when you come together with a commitment to serve eachother’s evolution, and grow together in a similar direction at a similar pace. The bottom-line commitment being “I commit to serving your Soul’s growth”.

Once one of you no longer has that commitment, and is clear about that, then you no longer have a relationship even if you stay together physically.

As you both serve each others evolution, and keep growing together then your relationship can keep reinventing itself to higher levels, rather than staying a stale version of what was. Your relationship becomes an ever-expanding exploration of Nowness.

But when one person stops growing or no longer has a commitment to serve the other it begins to shift the dynamic. The question to ask is simply “Are we both growing as Souls, becoming more expanded, loving, and authentic versions of ourselves in this relationship?”.

If the answer is no, and there is no more commitment to serve each others growth then your relationship is over. So long as there is a commitment to serving each other, even if it is challenging (which relationships can be) you can keep growing together.

The real success of relationship isn’t simply how many years you have been with someone, but how much you grew and realized your authentic self.

Certain people show up in your life to simply serve a function of helping you see a part of yourself that you get to reclaim or heal. It might last a few weeks, months, years or a lifetime. But you come together to learn those lessons, and once those lessons are complete. So is the relationship.

So, feel into finding the form of the relationship that allows the greatest love to be expressed. Sometimes we stay together out of obligation, but that serves no one really, simply causing us to withhold love. The truth serves all concerned, even if it might not seem that way at first. The truth will ultimately dissolve limits and cause expansion.

Sometimes breaking UP the form and finding a new way of relating with your partner simply allows you be able to love them without the limited expectations. Staying in a relationship when you are no longer in love, growing, or committed is living death.

As the form of your relationship changes either through a break up, divorce, or death, let the loving remain constant.

No forms last forever.

Only Love is real.

Just because a relationship ends does not mean the LOVING needs to.

Be committed to the loving no matter what happens.

Then you are free.

The rest are just details.



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photo by: Katie Tegtmeyer

Get Out of Your Own Way

The most powerful prayer and affirmation is not to decree what you want.

Sometimes what you want is actually not what you REALLY want but what you think you want based on who you think you currently are. And who you are is always evolving and expanding.

The most powerful prayer is simply to SURRENDER. To give up what you think your goal and vision should look like, to give up your attachments to the form, and to open yourself to the highest good unfolding for all concerned.

When you surrender what you think should be, you open to a higher flow of GRACE. You tap into the Infinite itself, and IT knows exactly how to bring about the most authentic fulfillment of your dreams and destiny.

The mind is limited. Your personality is limited. In any given moment you can only see part of the picture. Surrender moves you beyond the mind, and into a stream of magic, synchronicity, and miracles.

Then you will be carried on the wings of Grace towards your perfect destiny. It may not look like what you thought, but know that what the universe has in store for you is often much bigger than your mind can ever imagine or conceive.

Surrender does not mean giving up in the typical sense. However. it does mean giving UP the limited view point of what and how you thought things should be so that things can expand into the Divine VASTNESS of what they are truly meant to be for your highest good.

It requires a deep trust in Life. You can either trust your mind, which constantly sells you all sorts of B.S. all day long. Or you can trust the Infinite Intelligence that is not only living and breathing you right now, but synchronizing all of life itself.

So when things don’t work out how you wanted them to, rather than collapse into despair, trust that the the Universe has something bigger, better, and brighter in store for you than what you originally thought.

That is the time to get curious to see what is about to happen. And watch the magic of the Universe unfold.

Sometimes we get afraid or overwhelmed as we think about HOW to bring our goal into reality. It can trigger fear, questioning, doubt.

The illusion is that YOU need to manifest your vision. Inherent in your authentic dream is already the seeds for it’s fulfillment. Your role is not to struggle or force anything. Your role is to simply GET YOURSELF OUT OF THE WAY so that the Universe can flow through you and manifest itself as your vision in your life.

Then things are effortless, since it’s not really you DOING it.

You are then in the flow, simply showing up, participating 100% and witnessing the miraculousness of the Universe at work in your life.



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P.P.S. Feel free to leave a comment below about what in particular in your life you are willing to surrender to.

photo by: VinothChandar

Declare Today Your Birthday! It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again!

Everyday is your birthday.

Each day a new day filled with a blank slate of possibilities for you to create.

Each day a new day filled with opportunity where something new can be birthed out of your creative imagination.

Just because you made your bed in the past does not mean you have to lie in it in your present or your future. At any moment, if you decide, you can unmake the bed you made in the past and remake your bed in the present.

This moment is an invitation to make a new choice. You can start with the choice to choose again in this moment. Once you give that up you are powerless.

The past is gone. Wallowing in it just keeps you stuck, preventing you from moving forward. It robs you of vital energy with which to create your future.

What happened happened. You cannot change the past. What you can change is the meaning you give it and focus on the present which will alter the course in your future.

Mistakes are a part of life. They are simply the price you paid to learn life’s lessons. Just make sure you get the lesson and move forward. The more time you spend holding onto what was not, the less time you have available to create what can be.

Wasting your present wallowing about the past is like going through the toilet after you use it and crying about yesterday’s meal (You get my point).

The past has as much power over you as you give it. Learn from the past but don’t live in it. If you live in it you miss today and the past will live you and keep recreating over and over and over and over and…… OVER!

So declare today your birthday too. A new day. The day you will be born anew. It’s never too late to begin again. It’s never too late to follow your dreams.  It’s only too late if you decide it is.  What matters is now. Forgive yourself. This is a great gift you can GIVE yourself.

So celebrate my birthday with me today as a new beginning for yourself also.

Let go of what no longer serves you so that you can step fully into who you were born to be.

This year, don’t just have your cake but EAT it too.

Happy Birthday!!!



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photo by: Aih.