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The Superfood Ginger Roasted Cauliflower (Recipe)

(cc) Michelle Cowden
(cc) Michelle Cowden

Cauliflower is one of the world’s healthiest foods and with only 26 calories per cup, this power house vegetable not only packs a nutrient punch but will also help keep your waistline slim. Cauliflower is not only low in calories but also provides you with an array of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and fiber. No wonder I was salivating when I walked by the cauliflower. My body was craving all the nutrients in this amazing vegetable. If you just allow your body to speak to you, it will tell you what it really needs in order to feel good. I’m not talking giving in to the mind’s idea of cravings but the body’s idea of cravings. You know what I’m talking about. If I listen to my mind, I would consume cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner but if I listen to my body, it tells me what I need to eat.

Since I was recovering from being sick, my body was craving Vitamin C. It wasn’t until I looked into the nutrients of cauliflower did I realize there was 86% of the daily recommended vitamin c in one cup of cauliflower! This vegetable is amazing. You can use it to make an amazing soup, substitute it for mashed potatoes or even roast it.

Want to boost your immune system even more? Pair cauliflower with ginger. Ginger is an amazing anti-inflammatory spice. A little bit goes a long way to helping you alleviate arthritis, nausea, or detox when you have the flu or cold. And so I listened to my body as it craved vitamin C and other anti-inflammatories and came up with this amazing recipe. Thanks to Wakaya, I was able to create this amazing roasted cauliflower dish.

Ginger Roasted Cauliflower

Serves 4 side dishes or 2 main dishes

1 head cauliflower, trimmed and cut into florets

1 tablespoon of olive oil

1/2 teaspoon of Wakaya Ground ginger

1/4 teaspoon salt

  1. Heat oven to 375 degrees
  2. Put all ingredients in a baking sheet sprayed with olive oil
  3. Roast for 25-30 minutes


Simple Ways to Enjoy Your Holidays

I don’t know about you, but this year more than any other, I’m determined to keep the holidays simple. Yes, part of the reason is finances, but it’s also a matter of perspective. The older I get, the more I appreciate simplicity, and that’s especially true in celebrating the anniversary of our Savior’s birth. After all, the reason for the season is not about spending a small fortune and running ourselves ragged. Actually, the opposite is true. The reason for the season is simply love—God’s love in us, for us and with us through Jesus Christ.

With that in mind, here are some ways in which I’m keeping my holidays simple this year. Maybe some of them will also work for you.

1. If you usually buy gifts for each person in your immediate family, suggest that you pull names this year. A word of caution on this idea: Be prepared to meet some resistance when you initially bring it up. Old habits die hard, especially where family traditions are concerned, but it’s still worth a try. Chances are others in your family feel the same way. My family, for example, discussed this idea during Thanksgiving this year. While some felt the same way, not everyone agreed, so we’ll still be buying individual gifts. However, just having the discussion about pulling names gave me an opportunity give my family a heads-up that I will be spending less on gifts this year. It also gave others the freedom to admit the same is true for them.

2. Resist the urge to replace your old Christmas decorations with new ones this year. Maybe you’ve been using the same Christmas decorations for more than 10 years (like me) and are thinking it’s time you do something different because you figure everyone is tired of seeing them. This thought also crossed my mind, but when I got all our old decorations out and up, I realized how much I still like them. Plus, I remembered that most people never see them, especially not our indoor decorations, and the few who do only see them once a year. That’s definitely not enough to warrant making a change—at least not yet.

3. Make a schedule of the Christmas events and activities you most want to participate in this year, and stick to it as much as possible. When you think about it, the Christmas season only lasts about six weeks, but it’s often tempting to try to squeeze six months worth of activities into it. To avoid this temptation, decide upfront which Christmas events and activities you most want to participate in, and write them down. (A good resource for upcoming events is online calendars.)  I suggest you schedule your events and activities on your overall calendar instead of on a separate “holiday” calendar. This will help you avoid time conflicts and will give you a more realistic view of your schedule.

4. Put off home improvement projects until after the holidays—unless they are absolutely necessary. There’s something about the holidays that makes us want to spruce up our house with either new home improvement projects or by completing the ones we’ve been putting off all year. Maybe there’s also some anxiety about starting the new year with these old projects still undone which makes us want to rush to finish them for the holidays. Painting our master bedroom is the one that comes to mind for me. But I’ve decided I can live with the old paint a few weeks more, leaving me more time to enjoy the holidays. It’s also kind of exciting to look forward to starting the new year with fresh coat of paint.

5. Stock your freezer with prepared meals. There are a couple of ways in which to approach this idea. If you like to cook but don’t have much time to do it during the holidays, pick a day or two to prepare several items that freeze well that you can simply heat and eat. Several tried and true items are soups, casseroles, sauces, and meat-in-gravy dishes. Another approach is to simply buy some tasty frozen entrees such as pasta meals, pizzas, prepared meats and vegetables, and throw them in the freezer until you need them. My experience has been that a combination of these two ideas works best. While store-bought frozen dinners have improved in taste over the years, I find that after a day or two of eating them, I start craving some real home cooking. By alternating the days when you eat your homemade and store-bought frozen dishes, you’ll find this idea more satisfying both to your time and taste buds. 

Don’t let the list of ideas stop here. What are some ways in which you are making your holidays simpler this year? Go on. Share your thoughts. When you do, it will be like giving a holiday gift to others—and to yourself!

Cynthia Legette Davis is a writer, speaker and marketing consultant. She frequently writes on life balance and personal peace. Visit her at www.peaceinus.net.




Simply8 Stress Reduction: The Meditation Connection

 Meditation is simple, safe, and can lower stress levels. . How does this Eastern tool give us Western results?.  The following short discussion from my book, 8 Minute Meditation, helps explain:


Meditation is an active process that is a confluence of the qualities of concentration, insight, and wisdom.  Here’s how I like to describe it:

·        Meditation is not a noun, but a verb.  Meditation is a dynamic process, not a result.  Like the liquid flowing state of water, as opposed to frozen ice.  This is what I mean when I say that meditation is a “doing,” what our 7th Grade English teachers called an “active verb.”

·       Meditation is not the goal; it’s the journey.  What this means for you is that, in just the act of sitting down to meditate, you’ve already achieved your goal.  Pretty great, huh?  Talk about a win-win situation!

·       Meditation is not the menu; it’s the meal.  Alfred Korzybski, the famous Polish mathematician, once said, “the map is not the territory.”  The best way to understand the “territory” of meditation is to actually meditate.  Otherwise, it’s like describing Chunky Monkey Ice Cream to a Martian; you can talk from dawn to dusk, but that poor little alien won’t know what you’re talking about—until she dips into a the Ben & Jerry’s container.

Still, I want you to have a definition of meditation that you can hang your hat on for the next 8 weeks.  Something simple that will keep you from wasting time trying to figure out if you’re “meditating” every time you sit down to meditate—instead of actually meditating.

So let’s keep it simple.  For the next 8 weeks, the following is declared to be the Official 8 Minutes That Can Change Your Life definition of meditation:

Meditation is allowing what is.

RIGHT NOW, please close your eyes, relax, and for the next minute or so, just feel your body.  Your hands in your lap, your feet on the floor.  The noise in the street.  Now, as alertly as possible, pausing after each word, repeat the definition three times.

Meditation is allowing what is.

Meditation is allowing what is.

Meditation is allowing what is.

Did you get a little taste of meditation?  I bet you did.

And speaking of meditation, did you know that…



Try and buy the 8 Minute Meditation Guided CD at cdbabyAmazon, and iTunes


Reclaim your life. 8 minutes at a time.


Simplifying and Prioritizing

In quieter moments, when I am feeling into my heart with awareness, and hearing what it is saying, I frequently hear that it wants peace. I, or that which I define myself as, also longs for that.

I am coming to realize that an extremely potent way of deepening peace is to simplify your life, and to prioritize.

Simplify – allowing things to be simple, the deepest truths are often the simplest. And looking to see what you have in your life and to ask, simply: "does this serve my highest good?" This alone will help to clear your physical space of clutter, and prioritize those things you really want. As well as clearing your schedule in your activities.

Prioritize – what is most important to you? I know from my own experience that there is a tendency to want to take care of all the little things, the chores, the things that you think you need to get done and just want out of the way so you can get on to other things. Look to see if you’re adopting that approach, and look to see whether it is truly freeing up your energy to be able to do what you really want to do, or if it is drawing your energy in ways that leave you with little to do any of the important things afterwards. If this is the case, then experiment with prioritizing the priorities – letting the most important things be most important and the first on your list. This act actually releases greater energy for you then to take care of anything else afterwards, in a spirit of joy – for your heart will know that its needs are being met. Even if you feel there really isn’t time, create time. 30 minutes on that project you wanted to do and don’t seem to have the energy to – why not get up earlier and do it? The reward will speak for itself.

Love to All,



Every day I encounter people who wonder why they are not getting more business. They tell me that they are doing everything to make it better. They tell me how many affirmations they are doing or they say they don’t have enough time. Some even say that everything is ok.

Many of these people are the ones who have physical maladies such as back pain, knee pain, stomach issues, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, cancer cells growing somewhere in their body, extreme fatigue and many other physical challenges. There’s a reason that they body send these signals. That reason is that the owner of the body is not paying attention. They are ignoring a significant piece in their puzzle that is being made obvious.

If they are ignoring a significant part of their anatomy that they live with each day then chances are they are ignoring a significant part of their business situation.

The health of a body who is the owner of a business IS the health of the business. A business can be good but what if the body and energy of the owner were just that much more healthy, don’t you think that the business would be that much healthier and vibrant and profitable?

I have worked with thousands on the specific energetic aspects of the business to improve cash flow, increase customers, increase employee retention, improve profitability, gain investors and each situation has a similar issue. That issue is the health of the mind and thought and body of the owner, founder, manager is the health of the company or department.

So how to take your brilliance and talent and get out of the stuck position.

Through the use of someone who is knowledgeable in the aspects of business, finance, and the energetic principles of universal law an individual or company will gain a fuller picture of what the issue is and that same person can also help solve the issue. Many people use coaches or therapists to help them and while that is good there is another aspect of the inner mechanics of anything and that is, energy. Energy is the foundation of everything we are and are not and through the clarity of understanding energy and proper use of energetic principles and law abundance will happen more effortlessly. Energetic Solutions are specific to the dynamic of the individual or the business and there are tools and techniques used to clear that stuck energy. Sometimes workshops are held to share a great number of those tools.

While all that sounds wonderful and easy there are many levels of energetic understanding. There’s the understanding that we need energy all the way to atomic particles of energy. But energy is much more than all of this and it is the seen and the unseen. Energy is under-utilized in our daily functions and were it to be studied as if our lives depend on it (actually they do depend on it) then we would find ourselves much more aligned with the positive ebb and flow of life. A life would be filled with more ease and grace and less “stuckness”.

One incredibly simple, yet laughed at and pooh poohed, technique is the use of breath. Most everyone will say one of these “Oh I already breath, or Oh I already know I don’t breath, or Oh I already know abdominal breathing”. But breath is the one thing that we have the easiest and truest control and management over in our bodies. It is the most free thing you can change about your life. It is the most immediate change you can make in your day or your moment.

If we apply the concept of breathing to our daily lives in a different manner then the results are better. How? Actually spend a week with the specific intention of using breath to fill your lungs from top of the shoulders, to middle of the body, to below the belly button in and then out you will find space. What is necessary in any stuck situation is space. Without space you are actually creating clutter and confusion.

Why Have I Never Heard of This Miracle Liquid?

It’s strong enough to kill salmonella at a large chicken processing plant. Yet it’s safe enough to drink. It’s odorless and colorless, yet can clean windows better then what you use now. It’s powerful enough to kill Anthrax spores, but does no harm to the environment. 

Sound unbelievable? It’s not– this magic elixer is real and has been widely used in Japan and Russia for 10 years. Instead of bleach and ammonia, both of which harm humans and the environment, the miracle product can be used with all the same cleaning power. 

Why I have never heard of this stuff? It’s so simple, just water and electrolized salt crystals, and it costs pennies per gallon. The uses are myriad– in Japan it’s used as swimming pool water (eliminating the need for chlorine) and is sprayed on sushi to kill parasites and bacteria. 

The drawbacks are miminal– the liquid doesn’t store very long and needs to be delivered or created on-site.

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not! There is more information available in this LA Times article


 Simplicity – Versatile Elegancy – Being Enriched From Within


Living Nobly – Being Meaningfully Simple




The aspect of adopting a clear and simple life style; lack of lustre



Meaningfully Simple

This denotes being humble to the core; without any facade or pretension




Depending upon one’s perspective; this might be regarded as being primitive



Being simple applies to the thought and deeds paradigm


This Might

This might be considered as adopting certain habits that are disciplined and meaningful



Being able to accomplish more with less;



Being satisfied with oneself in many aspects and respects admiringly



While seeking to accomplish; the attitude of a simple approach is devoid of any pursuit of acclaim


It is

The pursuance relates to only naturalness and effortlessness



Being thoughtful; caring but detached; not getting overtly engrossed in various aspects incessantly



The essence of simplicity also relates essentially to amongst some of the very most salient factors


Salient Factor

One of the very most salient factor being that in the eyes of the world; the person living a simple lifestyle portraying and pursuing a simple life style outwardly;


Immensely Enriched

Yet being profoundly rich from within


The Within

The aspect relating to within is one of rich in meaningful values; noble, moral and spiritual principles



Seeking to living a life of meaningful purpose



Following the path of self awareness – self realization consistently with meaningful consistency



Establishing a meaningful balance in each and every sphere of life



Simplicity is not about impressing others or one’s own self


It Is

It is simply being meaningful and purposeful naturally;



Pursuing such a lifestyle could perhaps provide one with a vision of what essence relates to each aspect of life


Reason – Most – Predicament – Paradox
The reason this is mentioned is because some people are able to do so much more with less; yet others are complaining for more even when having the most


More, How come More?

The simplicity life style could ask, how come more?



The simplicity aspect could seek justification; accountability and influence the responsibilities factor



It is a matter of perspective; some realize this; some ignore it;



Yet others might pursue it to portray their affinity from a particular objective;


It all depends

indeed, it all depends on what one intends to do;



Despite all aspects; simplicity will continue to remain what it truly is;


Simplicity – Versatile Elegancy

Yes indeed; being simple yet being elegant to the extent that surpasses even the very most elegant of lifestyles


Being Enriched From Within

Being appreciative and grateful for all aspects of life; recognizing the intrinsic value of each and every aspect for what it means; being immensely enriched by recognizing the stupendous extent of virtues that remain latent – untapped;


Latent and untapped due to being engrossed of various materialistic and trivial aspects in life whilst ignoring the real treasures of noble; moral; philosophical; spiritual values and principles that prevail within;


Living Nobly

Imbuing – Emulating the very most natural approach that encompasses simplicity in all aspects and respects of life nobly;


Being Meaningfully Simple

Being natural; sincere; purposeful and meaningful – with an approach of wisdom in thoughts and deeds; being meaningfully simple


Emancipating Liberation of The Soul

The liberated Soul seeking self realization; omni presence; emancipation from the perpetual cycle of birth and death



Simplicity has prevailed from centuries and will continue to prevail in its own unique way; purposefully and meaningfully


A Way Of Life

Simplicity is a way of life



it is considered that Wisdom begins and grows with profound simplicity that is encompassing purposefulness in thought; speech and meaningful actions





Life encourages us to take every Step in Life with Meaningful Intentions, Considerate, Purposeful & Responsible Actions

It is L I F E we L I V E for

Learning; Inspiring; Fulfilling; Expectations

S t e p s – Meaningful; Purposeful & Responsible Steps

S t e p s – Meaningful; Purposeful & Responsible Steps


L for Learning

I for Inspiring

F for Fulfilling

E for Expectations

Live Life Meaningfully, Purposefully & Responsibly

Learning; Inspiring; Fulfilling; Expectations

A Meaningful Vision of Peace, Faith, Hope, Love, Wisdom, Noble Values,  Moral and  Spiritual Principles & The Very Finest of Virtues of Life

Universal Welfare, Development, Stability and Happiness for One and All

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina; Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina

May One and All be Happy

May One and All have well-being

May Happiness be showered on all

May One and All be Healthy

O Lord Protect us

O Lord Guide us

O Lord Grant us Wisdom

O Lord Lead us from darkness to Light (From ignorance to Knowledge)

O Lord May there always be Universal Welfare, Happiness & Development

Best Wishes,


©2009 Vashi Ram Chandi

The Simple Truths of Appreciation – Copyright 2009, Simple Truths, LLC

The Simple Truths of Appreciation –

Copyright 2009, Simple Truths, LLC



Dear Vashi,

As we kick off a New Year in 2009, I wanted to share
what may seem like a little thing that can make a big
difference in your life and in the life of every person you know.

This secret to happiness and success may seem too simple to feel important, but if you can truly understand its power,it can change your life forever.

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Here’s hoping that you have a happy and healthy New Year!

Mac Anderson
Founder, Simple Truths



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