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How Far Will Your Arrow Fly: Reaching Beyond the Possibilities


By Dan Castro

The next time you are tempted to say, “I’m out of options.  I’m defeated.  There is nothing left that I can do,” step outside on a clear, starry night.  Look up.  Recall that at one point in time, humans believed that all that existed was that which we could see with our own eyes.  The earth, the sun, the moon, and a sea of stars.      

As you look up at the stars, single out one star among all you can see.  Focus on it.  Zoom in on it with your mind’s eye.  Now mentally transport yourself to it and stand on it in your very own specially designed space suit.  Look deep into space.  Deeper.  Into the inky black night.   Isolate the darkest spot in the night sky.   

Now let your mind wander through that dark spot to the furthest edge of space you can imagine.  Stand there at that edge and reach out your hand.  What do you feel? Continue reading

Making Science Cool and Getting Sleep

We live in a generation where teachers make a fraction of what professional athletes take home. People can become celebrities by being really good at Twitter and you could get an MTV show by being able to ride in a shopping cart and crash into things, so we think it’s kind of cool how science and learning is making it’s comeback and our current favorite is the #SciShow on Youtube!

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The Universe is Older Than You Can Imagine

US and Canadian astronomers have spotted the oldest known spiral galaxy using the Hubble Space Telescope.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the galaxy is believed to be 10.7 billion years old and to have formed roughly 3 billion years after the Big Bang. The discovery shocked researchers on several counts. First, the galaxy really shouldn’t exist. It has been identified as a “grand design” spiral galaxy, the likes of which were not believed to have existed as early as this one is dated. Second, it shouldn’t be as beautiful as it is. Early galaxies were generally lumpy and ill-formed. But this one sports defined, elegant spiral arms and cohesion. One reason for the galaxy’s current existence and visibility is most likely its merger with another dwarf galaxy, the effects of which should only last a brief 100 million years — that is, “brief” in the context of the cosmos.

Considering the average 80-0r-so year lifespan in the United States, it is hard to fathom what 100 million years even means, let alone 10.7 billion years. The fact that astronomers in our time are able to witness this early galaxy treads the boundary of science fiction. This is time-walking come to life, with a little help from modern technology and expert research skills. After all, what does time even mean if something 10.7 billion years old still exists, there for us to witness? What does this mean for our own galaxy? And why all the recent fixation on apocalypses and the end of the world?

With a little faith (plus conscious, responsible habits) maybe we’ll be around in the cosmos longer than we ever imagined.

“What is radiation ? What we should do? What our Japanese brothers & sisters should do:”.

Dear Friends,
 Japan has seen devastating calamity of nature.According to my sister Dr.Niharika Purohit 5 elements of the nature has created problem.(1)Earth-earth quack.(2)Water -Tsunami(3)Wind-spread the radiation(4)Fire-Makes fire in cities & towns.(5)Sky-Spoiled the ether.
Every thing has destroyed the area,but radiation is the most dangerous factor as you aware.It might spread to the surrounding areas also.I am sending a file with this shows an experienced remedy for the radiation.If possible & if you have trust in me then do forward the file to your Japanese friends,groups,observatories,not as a scientist but as a human being.At least we should do some thing for them.
Pl.feel free to have more details about the attached file & its matter.
with best regards,
Divyadarshan D.Purohit
Gurudev Observatory,
Gaurishankar Sharma
Shantikunj Hardwar
(249411) India

What is radiation?
Energetic particles or waves passes through space/medium are called radiation. These are of mainly two types.(1)Ionizing Having ionized atom & (2)Non Ionizing e.g. Radio waves & visible light. Electric/magnetic field divided radioactive radiation in mainly three beam.
(A)Alpha: with +ve  ion e.g. plutonium.
(B) Beta :  with +ve ione.Krypton-85 of Nuclear power plant is a beta emitter.
 © Gamma:
Radiation in any form is dangerous to atmosphere as well as human body/animal/living body. It is hard to prevent /stop the radiation once it is started.
Let us hope :
In our Indian mythology there is a proved therapy for pollution control, human body & mind control etc. & i.e.Yagya,Agnihotr,havan or say pious sacred fire.
It is proved by scientific research ( I have so many proofs ,not possible to give in this small letter but I can provide later on to the interested) that,
It balance the cycle of Nature & nourishes the human life ,helps to create pure-clean-medicinal environment & atmosphere, cleans negative effects of pollution. It helps to reduced micro flora  (air microbes),SO2,NO2 & bacteria level in water.
Some Examples:
According to Dr. Shirowich, a Russian scientist has remarked that (i) Cow’s milk
contains great power of protection from atomic radiation; (ii) Houses having
cow-dung covered floors enjoy complete protection from atomic radiation; (iii) If
cow’s ghee is put into Yagna fire, its fumes lessen the effect of atomic radiation to a great extent.
Cow dung contains plenty of menthol,ammonia,phenol,indole compounds, formadin etc.
In the garden of employees house at Narora Nuclear Power Plant in UP of India ,Mixtures of cow dung & cow urine are being sprayed & allow the person to walk on the sprayed land with naked legs ,it seem that radio activity has been absorbed.
It is also observed that a half an inch of layer of a cow dung will not allow x rays to penetrate in hand.
If a Yagya (Sacred Fire with chanting of sacred chants) is carried out in a anti pyramid type vessel(known as Kund) i.e. oblation of fire with cow dung(i.e. only from cow family like cow ,calf or bullock & not else),cow ghee, gugool,& dry twigs of banyan tree, audumbar, palash, peepal etc. then radiation could be controlled. Even ash products of this experiments has also the same effect.
How this could be effected?
Though this is yet to be proved fully by scientist community but I have experienced and as per me this gives result in this way…..It helps to prevent decaying of radioactive elements by changing its temperature, making a chemical bonding or taking it at resting state.
I want to prove the same if I am having a detector to measure radiation (if any one is ready to provide the same/help then  our Indian group of scientist is ready to carry out experiments in effected area of Japan & this will be a mile stone in radiation prevention ).
According to Dr.W.Selvamurthy of DRDO there are only  3 herbal plants in the world which can work as radio protector /antidote for radiation. Basil(Tulsi) is one of them.
If Basil & Neem are taken as food, by diluting in drinking & bathing water they can also help as a remedy.
What we should do:
Not as a scientist but as a part of humankind I request you to forward this to your known Japanese friend so they can be benefited.
What Japanese should do:
If they can not do the yagya as specified, they should do …
(1)Make the fire of Cow dung & cow ghee round the clock,
(2)Try to spray the smoke of this on the effected area with help of Helicopter, vehicles.
(3)Do mix the plenty of basils & neem in the water.
It is good to do something rather then a painful death.
Hope you will understand the feelings, because no cosmologist is writing this ,only your friend, a friend of humanity is urge you to spread the message to Japanese people. Let us pray for natural calamities &Japan,
Om shanti.

Is Life A Big Sky Dive?

Watching the video…how do they do this Sky Dive?  This is my first time ever to “jump out of a plane” …attached to a complete stranger…. Yes, you go in tandem, with an instructor….you are harnessed together before the jump…..

“Josh and Kay”…that is us…now we get outfitted….. these harnesses look strong….Mark fits Josh and I and then gives instructions to us and the other two divers who are going up….to 13,000 feet….

The plane is back, and we are the next team to head up into the sky.

The plane is small and no seats, just benches to sit on in the gutted interior….there are two photographers jumping out with us…one for my dive and one for the other two who are diving.  One lovely woman is solo….that means ALL ON HER OWN!!!!…she works here.

Good thing we are not flying for long….this is close quarters. I am sitting right In front of my tandem partner; we are right beside the plexiglass door so we can easily watch our ascent.

The cameraman begins to shoot our take off and the country side as it appears from the air….and now, here we are over the ocean….gorgeous day….blue skies, green hills…this is in California, just north of Santa Barbara near Lompac.

The plane goes along the coast, out over the ocean, circles to face East and the door is opened – so much noise has just increased in the cabin…. we are over land now….having reached our altitude of 13,000 feet….

The woman jumping solo goes out first…her “uniform” is muliti-colored and looks so beautiful as she free floats in the air.

Now the first photographer places himself outside the plane on a small ledge so he can get the “jump of his diver”…and then he drops off as well. 

The young Chinese woman is next…..she makes a small scream as she and her partner head to the open door….

Josh, the photographer for my dive, heads out on the ledge…

Goggles on, harnessed attached to Tom, we head to the open door….down on the right knee, arched back head on his left shoulder….lean OUT/IN/OUT….and falling in the air…..HUGE amount of wind/noise as we free fall to get away from the plane…Josh is in front of us with the camera…Tom is so excited we do high five in the free fall…..

…..and then….the parachute is pulled…..SILENCE….are we just hanging in the air…no noise, no sense of movement just incredible beauty all around us……SILENCE…stillness, inside and out…what a GIFT!!!!

Then the movement begins to be felt…..we have no reference point for wind currents…we are the reference point….

Slowly and gently we move with the currents….

Tom says, ”Want to do some spins”?

“No Tom, I just want to see the Earth”…..

Now he can loosen my harness so I am less bound and constricted since the chute is open.

Floating, floating, floating…..hardly an sensation of movement, and yet the Earth is getting closer to us….. still such wonderful silence.

Now we can see where we are landing….a small piece of Earth ….closer, closer….here we come in…..

Feet together, knees up……together we do a butt landing in the small gravel….we have landed…we are sitting on the Earth….what an incredible journey.

Since I have had these days to feel into my experience and register the analogy of how much life on this precious planet right now seems to be like a Sky Dive, i want to share my thoughts with you.

HUGE unknown, feeling like we are leaping into these unfamiliar experiences, so much going on – inside and outside of everyone, feeling alone and yet NEVER alone…..our guides and angelic guardians always “have our back” while we are moving in the deep inner Silence of our Being, with no conscious reference points to tell us “how we are moving”, and may times, where that movement is taking us….we are getting closer and closer to dramatic life changes on this Earth….we must stay focused, relaxed  and keep moving until it is time to “land”….

Faith in our Divine Connection and movement….Soul Purpose and BEING must be our partners in the Sky Dive of LIFE, otherwise, FEAR is our partner and then the changes become immense challenges, that have no solution……and we feel so alone and hopeless.

TRUST you and your Divine Guides and Angelic Guardians to love you and move you –  through Faith and action –  in creating a sustainable quality life for your self and our global family.  The Earth awaits our arrival as Conscious Visitors on this planet.  Enjoy your Jump!!!

I want to become sky

I want to become sky

I want to become space

I want to become open space

I want to spread like sky

I want to become vast like sky

I want to become limitless like sky

I want to embrace everything like sky

I want to be as free as sky

I want to be as unknown as sky

I want to become sky


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Freedom writers!!

Are we really free? I think we are not.

We are so dominated with the problems in life that we are not enjoying the real journey of life. The real life here is to make most of the every moment. We have to free ourself for a better time in our life. For all those happy moments aroud us which we are not enjoying. See what you want to see, explore new, do new, find new. Thats the way to be the FREEDOM WRITERS. Its our life, how cant we manage it? We are the fighters of the game called life and we have to win this battle. Write your own freedom. Now.

Just watched the movie

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