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Intent of the Day: Enjoy the People We’re With


You are where you are right now. Who knows how long it’ll last. Whether it’s a perfect experience or a miserable one, how are you making an effort to connect with the people you’re with right now? We don’t want the circumstances to dictate how much fun we’re having with the friends, families, random strangers who come into our lives. So today, our intent is to enjoy the people we’re with.

You too? Here are 3 things to help you settle down and connect: Continue reading

Intent of the Day: Settle with Gratitude


Feeling anxious? It’s no surprise. According to Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 40 million adults in the US suffer from anxiety disorders, making it the most common mental illness. The likelihood that you or someone you know is battling with some form of it, especially as the holidays approach, is tremendous. If it is part of your life, perhaps the holidays have become a mixed blessing of happy memories and a struggle to keep your feelings at bay. Knowing that so much can contribute to anxiety, we want to start by developing a practice of combating it with the simple and beautiful act of gratitude.

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Happy Birthday, Kid President

Two years ago the internet got it’s first glimpse of the amazingly effervescent and inspiring Kid President. Partnered with SoulPancake to flood the world with positivity and sweet dance moves, Robby and his brother/filmmaker Brad Montague have released pep talks, books, hung out with cool people, surprised cool people and showed us how to love one another and ourselves.  Continue reading

Video of the Day: 5,000 People Choir Gather to Honor Teenager’s Viral Legacy

Zach Sobiech died of cancer last May, but not before he touched the heart of millions with his viral song “Clouds.” The radio station KS95 premiered the song on December 5 of last year. To honor the anniversary of the song over 5,000 people gathered at the mall of America to sing “Clouds.” If you aren’t familiar with Zach’s story then watch the mini-documentary about his last months with us from Soulpancake. (Warning: Tears are going to happen, in heavy quantity).

It goes to show that no matter what age you are you have the power to impact the world around you. The world lost Zach far too soon, but it warms the heart to know that his memory is being kept alive with touching tributes like this. It is just the type of feel good thing to make your holidays feel special.

What do you think of the video? Share it with us in the comments below! 

Does Being Happy Make You More Successful?

Most people believe that being successful will lead to greater happiness and sense of fulfillment. This is most likely true. But it is also true, believe it or not, that happiness can lead to greater productivity and increased success.

Don’t believe us? Then watch this video from Soulpancake’s “Science of Happiness” series. It’s super scientific…sort of.

Studies have shown that happiness can lead to increased success in many aspects of a person’s life – career, relationships, health and more. Workers who are happy and satisfied on the whole perform better than their less happy peers, the result of which undoubtedly leads to yet more happiness. It’s a never-ending cycle of good feelings, and it’s about time we all jumped on the train!

One important thing Julian (the “scientist” from the video) forgot to point out, is the role human connection plays in boosting our happiness. Not only did the happy group have primers to put them in a good mood, but they were given these treats and delights by another human being. The kindness they receive through these gifts – the candies, snacks, and cute video – probably acted like a shot of love straight to their hearts. It’s a good reminder that sometimes the quickest road to happiness is through reaching out to others and receiving their love in return.

Just our two cents. 🙂

What do you think? Does success lead to happiness or does happiness lead to success?

Kid President Explains It All

Soulpancake’s Kid President never fails to bring a smile to our faces. His optimism and energy are simply infectious, and it’s hard not to feel like the world’s going to be okay after watching one of his videos.

In his latest video, Kid President answers several questions sent into him by mail. He brags about kissing Beyonce, gives us some inspiring advice, and throws a parade for a postal worker in his hometown.

His advice for life? “Treat everyone like it’s their birthday.” Wise words, Kid President!

What question would you like to ask Kid President?

A Life of Drag, As Described by Real Drag Queens

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 1.46.30 PMMost people know the term: Drag queen. There may be some feeling, belief, or opinion that goes along with the connotation, whether positive or negative. For many, “drag queen” describes a man who dresses up as a woman, perhaps in a flamboyant or performative way. But it that really the end of the story?

Not according to Vicky Vox and Raja Gemini, two Los Angeles-based drag queens who make it their business to ensure the community is properly repped. In this episode of “Subcultures,” Soulpancake goes behind the scenes to flesh out the drag community, not just as an alternative lifestyle but also as a healing path that many, like Vicky and Raja, are transformed by.

As Vicky and Raja allude to, there is so much more to drag than meets the eye. Here are 3 amazing facts about drag that you might not have known:

  1. Drag has been around since ancient times, when women were barred from acting on stage and men played both male and female roles.
  2. The term “drag” is believed to come from 19th century theater slang, describing the long skirts male actors wore when playing female roles.
  3. The first openly gay person to ever run for public office was also a drag queen, named José Sarria.

Do you know any drag performers? Have you ever been to a drag show? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

“The Science of Happiness”: One Incredibly Powerful Tool You Should Try Right Now!

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 11.16.21 AMIf there were one secret we could find the answer to, one code we could forever crack and have access to, it would be happiness. Because fundamentally, everyone wants to be happy, right?

We’ve heard this question a thousand times: Is there an ultimate key to happiness? And if there is, then why doesn’t someone spread the good news? The reality is that there isn’t a pill you can simply take to forever say goodbye to grief, anger, dissatisfaction, etc. No single possession or lifestyle condition can forever change your emotional state for the better, and the internal shifts that can often seem daunting and unrealistic.

Though we may not be able to hand you a “one size fits all” recipe for happiness, there are several tools you can incorporate in your life that are bound to have a profound affect. And top on the list is gratitude. Research has shown that shifting your outlook to one of gratitude and appreciation can enhance your overall feeling of well-being, as can engaging in acts of kindness and selflessness.

But nothing is more powerful than seeing these studies play out in real life. Soulpancake decided to test the gratitude theory out on a group on volunteers, not previously briefed on the reason for the experiment. Participants took an initial survey measuring their happiness, then did an amazing gratitude exercise (which you’ll see in the video below), and finally took another happiness survey, with slightly different wording so that they wouldn’t know exactly what was being measured. The results were staggering. Check it out!

It is so simple, and yet easy to forget, that the surest way of increasing our immediate happiness is to reach out to someone in love and gratitude. By the same reasoning, the best way of increasing overall happiness – the deep and satisfying joy we all long for – is to cultivate a heart that is open to both receiving and expressing love.

Express gratitude regularly, all the time, whenever you feel it! And let us know if and how this affects your overall feeling of happiness.

“My Last Days”: 17-Year-Old Zach Sobiech Dies of Cancer, But Not Before Becoming a Rock Star

“What makes you happy is seeing someone else smile because you put it there. That’s what’s awesome about living in this world.” -Zach Sobiech

At age 14 Zach Sobiech was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer that primarily affects children and teenagers. At 17, Zach’s doctors told him he only had a few more months to live, and he was determined to make the most of it. Zach passed away yesterday, May 20, but his legacy will live on.

In this inspiring and intimate documentary produced by SoulPancake, Zach discusses his motivation to become a musician in the remaining time he had and his process in producing the viral YouTube music video, “Clouds.” Take a moment to watch the short documentary, listen to some of Zach’s music, and celebrate this young man’s amazing life.

Here is “Clouds” by Zach Sobiech:

Zach’s family has requested that anyone inspired by his story and interested in showing their support consider donating to their Osteosarcoma research fund.

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