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The World Is Not Against You: 3 Tips for Battling Depression

A coaching client of mine lost her job – for the second time this year. Downsizing. Company problems. None of it had to do with her performance – which was exceptional. She received a glowing letter of recommendation from her CEO to help her land her next job. She asked, “Why is the world so […]

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ADHD pills

Better Than Before: Why are Adult Women Using ADHD Meds?

I read with great interest the other day a story on the rising use of ADHD medication among women. While the new mantra for women is that to succeed they need to “lean in,” to be more assertive and seek greater authority at work and at home, the added pressures to do it all may […]

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3 Steps to Reload When You’re Filled to Capacity

Our lives are filled to capacity. Technology has encouraged us to stay connected in every moment. We rarely allow ourselves time to think, to be, to experience, to dream. We can’t make any space to allow for new things in life because we have filled every moment with something. A solution is to learn to […]

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Getting Past Feeling Overwhelmed and Finding Focus

Last week seemed to be Overwhelm Week with my clients. Several were excited for their coaching to work through work and life situations that made them feel completely overwhelmed. And with feeling overwhelmed comes paralysis – they become so aware of how overwhelmed they are, that their energy focuses on them, their problems, the volume […]

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From Intent.com: 30 Days of Okay

I was 24 when I had my first panic attack. I seriously had no idea what was happening. I was driving a car and I was fresh from a situation where I felt like there was no escape. Before I knew it, I was pulled over on the side of the road, crying and trying to catch […]

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Ask Deepak Chopra Your Questions on Help Desk Filming in LA on Feb. 16!

(Click for enlarged image)  “HELP DESK” with DEEPAK CHOPRA  *** A NEW SHOW TO AIR ON THE OWN NETWORK *** WHEN:  February 16, 2014 LOCATION: Grand Park (fountain between Grand Ave and Hill St.) 1:30PM-3:30 –     Help Desk open to public 3:30PM-4:00PM  –       Group Activity Description: Help Desk is a television show on OWN that […]

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The Power of Breath in Meditation and Fitness

I was nine years old when my father, Deepak Chopra, taught me to meditate. Meditation has become an invaluable tool in my life to help  me stay calm, centered, and focused since then. A vital part of meditation is breath. It is also an important aspect of yoga in wisdom traditions.  We know through sciences […]

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Recharge Yourself Daily for Optimal Use

By Jan Bruce I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge—ever. No matter what phase of my life or career. I hold ambition, drive, and resilience high on my list of values, without question. But I’ve also experienced first hand what it is to drive too hard, demand too much from myself and […]

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4 Ways to Build Your Kid’s Resilience

by Becky Karush Resilience is the key to bearing up under stress—not just for you, but for your kids, too. Their worries may seem innocuous enough, but you only have to think back to your own memories as a kid to know that childhood stresses are not just traumatic at the time, but can also […]

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I Intend to Keep Holiday Happiness All Year Round

I have to say the holidays from Thanksgiving to New Year are my most favorite, but not just because of all the festivities. The family and food and wine and chocolate, and I love to give gifts. My mom is the most amazing seamstress and every year we create something for her to make. We give […]

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