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Intent of the Day: Stretch It Out


Is the weather highlighting just how stiff and achy you are these days? We don’t always reward our muscles with a good stretch after all their hard work and that, along with bad posture, long hours sitting and other medical conditions can contribute to pain and soreness. But it doesn’t have to stay that way!

Stretching can be a free and effective way to beat the pain, get the blood flowing again and have you climbing mountains (or at least getting in and our of your car) again. Our intent today is to take time to stretch our muscles.

You too? Here are 3 things to help you get your stretch on: Continue reading

A Great Yogic Back Pain Stretch

Almost all cases of back pain are caused by muscle imbalances. The only effective method for relieving the pain that muscle imbalances cause is stretching the stiff muscles. In this article about back pain relief stretches you will find out about a very powerful yogic stretching exercise. This exercise is popularly named "the Kundalini Chiropractor" because of its ability to correct all types of back problems.

This exercises is thousands of years old and our ancestors used it to develop strong and flexible backs.

What is the exercise?
The exercise is called cat-cow because of its alternating poses which resembles the poses of a cat and a cow. This is a exercise that both stretches the stiff and strong muscles of the back and at the same time strengthen the weak and undeveloped back muscles. The best thing is that everybody can do it, no need to be a flexible Yogi.

How to do it?
Begin the exercise by standing on all four. Your palms are on the ground about shoulder width apart with the fingers pointing forward. Your knees are directly in line under your hips. Then inhale and tilt your head back and at the same time flex your spine downwards the floor. This is the cow posture. Then exhale and lower the head to the chest and at the same time flex the spine upwards, like a cat. The exercise is done in sync with the breath as it is deciding the tempo. Start doing it slowly and as you get warmer speed up the tempo. Begin practicing it for 3 minutes a day and increase the time as you get the hang of it.

This is a exercise that stretches and strengthens the entire back. It’s very powerful and don’t be surprised if your back pain is gone after you have tried it.

More back pain exercises and reliefs can be found at this url: http://www.myNaturalBackPainRelief.com.

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