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Intent of the Day: Cut Down on the Sugar


Setting food goals is an important step for us in getting balanced nutritionally. This is why we decided to get a jump on one of the toughest aspects of eating- curbing the sugar.
It’s in everything at this point and there is so much to learn about sugar alternatives, processed sugars, even natural sugars like honey. In the meantime, our intent is to cut down on the sugar. 
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Deepak Chopra: Are You Addicted?

In this episode of “The Rabbit Hole” on The Chopra Well, Deepak Chopra explores the relationships between addiction, health, and the search for higher consciousness. There are many different forms of addictions, from drug addiction, to thrill-seeking, to clinging to toxic relationships. Some seek adventure, others security, pleasure, numbing, or energy. In any case, as Deepak relays, an addiction entails not getting enough of something you really don’t need in the first place.

Do you notice any addictive patterns in your own life?

By bringing attention to our own dependence on certain substances and sensations we may begin to extricate ourselves from these unhealthy patterns. Setting an intent for real growth and healing is the perfect place to start.

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