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The Magic of Surprise!


Do you like surprises? I do, however in my chaotic whirlwind of a life, it seems harder and harder to achieve. I’ve got things to do, I don’t have time to waste being in awe and joy… I mean I want to, but kids need stuff, pets need stuff, work needs stuff…there is a lot of stuff needed and someone’s got to get it and that’s usually me.

After getting divorced and being thrust into being a single mom and not only the same stuff, but more stuff piling onto my already huge pile of stuff I realized if I didn’t find a way to bring back the joy of surprise, the magic of the mystical and the peace of mind that comes from simply stopping for one moment to breathe, I wasn’t going to make it. Continue reading

Gleeful Astonishment

Seeds XI, 29

Seed: Gleeful Astonishment

Do you remember being two or three? Do you remember THE question of that age?


Why is the sky blue? Why is money made of paper? Why do you love daddy/mommy? Why am I getting a little brother? Why does grass grow upwards? Why do egg yolks run? I remember my mother being driven round the twist with the why questions of three children under age five.

Why do we ask why?

Simple. Because we want to know, we want to understand, we want nothing more and nothing less than meaning in every moment.

What’s the appropriate response to the new meaning?

Gleeful astonishment. Think of your own two or three year old face. Can you feel the glee? Do you remember the astonishment?

The next time you ask why, be prepared, and let yourself have the gleeful astonishment that comes with something new in this world.

Be joy,

Susan Corso

Dr. Susan Corso

Seeds are remarkable gifts. Sown in consciousness, they bring you to the most important part of your being—your Divine Spark.

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Be open to happy surprises, such as a visit from Stephen Hawking

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