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Gotham Chopra: Is Kony 2012 trivializing genocide?

I know I’m supposed to be entirely focused on the premiere of my movie this Sunday at SXSW (obligatory trailer plug here), but I’m being distracted by a slightly more viral video that was shared here on Intentblog and around the world yesterday. The ‘Kony 2012′ video that popped yesterday to the tune of 27+ million […]

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Gotham Chopra: The Chopras meet President Obama + Decoding Deepak Trailer (video)

On a plane right now flying back to the left coast from NYC after attending a fundraiser yesterday evening and getting the chance to meet and have a picture taken with President Obama. My dad was one of the hosts at a colorful downtown fundraiser that raised several millions dollars for the President’s re-election campaign. […]

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Gotham Chopra: Decoding Deepak — The Journey

Last week, someone approached my dad at one of his speaking events and said to him, “I heard your son made a movie about you.” He told me he smiled back at the person and replied: “Actually, he made a movie about himself.” As much as I hate to admit it, he may be onto […]

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Intent Video of the Day: How Social Media is Changing the World

“What could be more in alignment with the yogic principles than Facebook and Twitter?” Joshua Plant, a blogger and  self-proclaimed social media junkie, created this ‘enlightening’ little video about the power of social media for a video campaign leading up to the upcoming SXSW Conference in Austin, TX. According to Plant, “We grow as people and […]

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Gotham Chopra: I made a movie — now what do I do?

So I guess the cat is out of the bag, which is what happens when Lady Gaga gets involved… and then you yourself post pictures of it everywhere. I made a movie about my dad Deepak Chopra called ‘Decoding Deepak.’ This past Friday Night, there was a small private screening at the home of Hollywood […]

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