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Intent of the Day: Tackle the Little Tasks


Procrastinating? If you’re like us, it’s possible that you aren’t running from a single huge task, but rather a hundred tiny tasks that have been hanging over you. The more you postpone, the more stress and anxiety builds over things that were never meant to take more than a couple moments of your time. What’s the solution? Rather than become bogged down by maintaining our lives,  our intent is to take care of the little tasks.

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Struggling with Tasks That You Don’t Want To Do? Try These 7 Tips.

Tips for a task you don't want to doHow many times each day do you try to work yourself up to tackle some undesirable task? If you’re like me – several times.

For instance, I’ve been refining my Four Tendencies Quiz. Almost 500,000 people have taken the quiz — which is extraordinary — and I’ve made adjustments to it, along the way, to make it better.

Analyzing the Quiz results takes a very different kind of brain work from the kind that I usually do — and it’s not the kind of brain work I like to do. And so I put off that work, and put it off, and put it off. And then when I finally do the work, I get through it quickly and am so relieved to have it done. So why procrastinate?

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Getting started, again


We started off the year with high hopes.

We were going to find love!
Start new jobs!
Let go of old hurts!

Now that it’s March, it’s time to do an evaluation.
Are you any closer? Are you have the sort of realistic conversations with yourself that are going to stop you from repeating the same old, same old? Or are you still back in 2013?

I hope as you’re reading this that you are thinking back on the short time since the turning of the year and you’re already proud of how far you’ve come, but in case you aren’t, here are some ideas to help you get back on track.

1. Time to affirm your intent. Remember the feeling and place you were in to make you set a big intent in the first place? Maybe you were worn out. Maybe you were on fire with the passion of a new idea. Even if you’re not in the same place you were when you originally made you’re intent, affirming it means you’re still saying “yes!” to that idea. Regardless of where you are today, you are just as committed to your dream.

2. Set visual reminders. I’m not above taking a page out of a teen girl’s book and leaving decorating my walls with reminders. Whether that’s notes on the bathroom mirror or refrigerator to remind myself of a new mindset or empty boxes in my bedroom to remind me to finally purge my closet of all the things I don’t need, a visual reminder is a tangible shift from seeing things the way they’ve always been.

3. Make an appointment with yourself. A boss I had taught me how invaluable it can be to make appointments with yourself, especially living in our fast-paced culture. You have someone asking you to get coffee (not necessarily a bad thing) and so you look down at your calendar and find an open place. If you’re like me, this might happen half a dozen times in a week and so you keep filling up the open places in your calendar with meaningful conversations and meetings. But then you arrive at the end of the week and realize you’ve left no time for your own plans or progress. Before you make it to Monday, sit down and find a block of time that can be added to your calendar that is reserved for the tasks that are hanging over your head. Writing? Organizing? Going to the gym? Sometimes it feels selfish to save time for you, but you would never tell a friend that making their own positive progress was selfish, so why is it for you?

So where are you getting started?
It’s possible you don’t feel progress being made because you never set an intention to begin with.
Check out this Year of Intent intention made my Mallika Chopra:

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 2.02.44 PM(click the image to see the entire intention)

Since originally posting about her new book, Mallika has been updating, affirming and responding to the comments left by other users. It keeps her motivated and, most importantly, focused on accomplishing a satisfying task- her newest book.

If it’s March and you lasted a good week on your resolutions and intentions, that’s fine. We’re here to get you started again.
So, again, I’ll ask where are you getting started?
What’s it going to take to get going?

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12 Steps to Cultivate Laser-Like Focus

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 3.02.13 PMMost people attribute living life in distraction to stress and busyness. No matter whose fault, the external or the internal, not being completely present because you are multi-tasking or ruminating about what’s next on the list can lead to critical errors in judgment and careless mistakes. You might even notice that when you are distracted, you are more accident prone. And everything takes longer to do because distraction feeds directly into procrastination.

Distraction usually happens inside out. A daydream or a worry dominates the real, present moment. To stop being absent, begin to cultivate the habit of focused attention during the good times, the lighter days with less to do, because you want this alive and alert mindset to become a reflex action when you are stressed. Stress makes you revert to habituated pathways, so make good focus your go-to mindset. A Zen saying states: Be master of your mind rather than be mastered by it.

12 Steps to Cultivate Laser-Like Focus:

  1. Clean out the clutter both mental and physical. Clutter obscures goals and confuses problem-solving.
  2. Make up your mind to be aware. When you find your mind wandering, observe it and don’t judge. Simply bring yourself back to the moment.
  3. Bring your attention back to your breath when you feel distracted. Relax your breathing into deeper, slower and shallower breaths. Breathing deeper oxygenates your brain to improve focus.
  4. Words are very powerful. They can trigger stress by bringing on a negative mindset, or calm you down and remind you to be present to the task at hand.
  5. Have a phrase prepared in advance which accomplishes this relaxation response for you.
  6. For most people some sort of exercise triggers mindfulness which then transfers to activities of daily living. Exercising is like a moving meditation and promotes focused attention to all other tasks.
  7. When you are involved in conversations, start to really listen. Listening attentively is great training for a sharper focus.
  8. No matter how mundane, reinvent the task at hand with enthusiasm to make it new. Imagine how the task is a step to accomplishing a major goal, can heal a nagging thought, or promote a pathway of discipline.
  9. Cluster all the single tasks that are in proximity of each other – either physically like in the same neighborhood or mentally because they require the same kind of analytics to achieve them. This is the antidote to multi-tasking.
  10. Don’t gobble your food or eat on the run. Practice eating mindfully. Live in greater awareness regarding all things.
  11. Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. Distraction begins in the land of shame and guilt.
  12. If you daydream a lot when you drive, attend class, or do your work, set aside daily time for daydreaming. If your daydreams are distracting you, maybe they are trying to tell you something. Once you identify the message or see a pattern, your focus will quickly improve.

Amorifer-alden short biography.


   Considering setting the example please allow me to give you some data regarding your humble servant. I’m a married man father of one daughter and three sons. My wife and I have five grandchildren being the eldest fifteen years old a girl, who is the daughter of my eldest son Ezequiel, who was born in nineteen sixty-six,   then a ten year old boy together with a seven year old boy, both being brothers, their names are Alfonso and Alejandro from my son Alfonso who was born in nineteen sixty nine, my youngest son Guillermo was born in nineteen seventy-three. He has a four old year son named Marcelo who lives on the same block as our son Alfonso and who we have being under our care because both his parents work all day long. I’m explaining all this because it was thanks to my children and my grandchildren that I have been able to discover first and then improved a project that has a lot to do with growing as harmoniously as possible teaching them not only the value of morals and knowledge, but as well as the constant search for wisdom. This explanation has to do with my next post on which I made an introduction to the project which now is a program.  This useful program  has do with the practical application of our knowledge. For many scholars that’s precisely the definition of wisdom.


      I don’t wish this to be a detailed narrative of my life, because I firmly believe that what really counts are the experiences gained from people, never their personal lives. For ten years I was a waiter, very proud to be, by the way. The next ten years a headwaiter. Due to my very high pressure doctors advised me to change profession, so suddenly I became an ESL teacher for the next twenty years. I was making plans to make my hobby a profession. I was a guided meditation instructor for ten years. When three months prior or to change professions I was struck by a brain stroke ( nov.07.’04.) Very few human beings are prepared to accept that their lives have dramatically changed. I was one of these human beings. When I saw my physical capacities reduce to only one third I didn’t want to deal with this new fact, so the first two years were spent trying to be a man with at last half of his physical capacities. Due to the help of my loving wife and daughter that I could overcome this apparently disadvantage, you know for many years I was considered to be the Mexican Bruce Lee. That was the endurance and stamina I always showed. Now I know better. I was blind to a new great and beautiful promising horizon. That’s why I just start writing in English this year. I don’t regret my past years because I think this sickness allowed me to grow in a spiritual way never before imagined. That’s the main reason you are reading my very humble contributions to project this very real positive attitude of sharing experiences, and being able to create a domino effect so most people start participating in this more than a game a very sacred mission. I deep down know that you have much more interesting things to be shared, please do it, we need them. Your brother on the path.Amorifer-alden

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