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World’s Greatest Healer?

(photo by Fergustighe’s Photosgream from Flickr Creative Commons)

What if there was a living prophet somewhere on the planet?

Someone who could verifiably heal cancer with the touch of his hands?

Someone who could harness primal, potent earth energy and put it to good, clean, nonsexual use?

You may have heard of João Teixeira de Faria, a 68-year-old man living in a remote corner of Brazil.

For over 50 years, this man known to many as John of God has been performing miraculous cures.

We’re talkin Biblical stuff… like malignant tumors disappearing from someone’s body, blind people seeing again, the lame suddenly walking.

He has been reported as the most powerful healer to grace the earth in the last 2,000 years, the past few of which have been in the mainstream American media spotlight.

None other than Oprah (see pic with John of God) and Dr. Mehmet Oz have taken notice.

Photo by llvsboston

As reported in O Magazine:

Dr Oz examined hours of film footage from John of God’s healings…

“…he looked at scans and biopsy reports, and there were results he couldn’t explain—the shrinkage of an aggressive cancer, for instance.

“Said Dr. Oz, ‘If we can understand what role [John of God] is playing in reversing illness, we should be doing that here.'”

How Does He Do It?

Legendary physicist Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

That is the essence of John of God’s process.

He aligns with what is referred to as a “current” whereby approximately 400 people sit and meditate intensely creating a fire hose-like energy…

…and then John of God harnesses this current and goes to work.

As Dr. Oz said, “I think the next big frontier is unlocking the doors to energy medicine. It dramatically broadens our vista of opportunities to heal. The challenge we have is that energy is not as easily quantified as the surgeon’s scalpel.”



Over the past few days, I, like so many others have been tearing through the great new American escapist tale Wild.

It’s the story of a down and out woman, Cheryl Strayed, with no one to turn to and nowhere to go…

…so she heads for the woods and hikes the Pacific Crest Trail…alone.

As Strayed so eloquently suggests, getting back in touch with the wildnerness reminds us:

We can turn machines on and off from remote distances.

We can dominate wild beasts.

We can manipulate life at the sub-atomic level.

But there is a Force over which we have zero control.

This Force unleashes giant waves, incinerates people with lightning quickness, and winds and whips frothing clouds of destruction…

…just as it paints the sky in yellow and pink, and creates magical arches of light (saw this one the other day in SoCal).

Here’s the question:

Do you, do I… take any time to acknowledge, align with, or harness this Force? Seriously?

We have to do it by asking Questions, Listening, Breathing… getting outside, going for a walk, an escape, a hike.

In other words, stop spazzing on your iPhone and get reconnected with life.

Native American author Luther Standing Bear wrote, “Out of the Indian approach to existence there came a great freedom, an intense and absorbing love for nature… enriching faith in a Supreme Power.”

For Cryin’ Out Loud…Use the Force!

Even if you have your suspicions about this John of God, there’s something to be said for beckoning, capturing, and harnessing The Force.

While you might not be doing or receiving “energy surgeries” anytime soon…

…consider making a little time in the morning when you wake up and a little time at night before you go to sleep…to feel something stirring in your soul…

…something that in ways feels like great resistance (a headwind), and in other ways like great inspiration (a tailwind).

As Frank Zappa said in one of my all-time favorite quotes: “In the fight between you and the universe, back the universe!”

Realize That Where You Stand


Tuesday, 10/11
“Realize that where you stand, whatever you are doing, you can offer the energy and dedicated focus that transforms and uplifts the moment, the experience, and the encounter.  Now is the time to connect fully and consciously with the force and strength of the heart’s awareness.  It is through this mastery that you will support the rebirth of the new world.
The key is to know and energetically reach out and connect with others who are also sending out coherent empathic waves of love and light from their heart center.  Together these waves of clear loving vibrations generated by millions upon millions of dedicated individual multidimensional beings will call forth a reality that is heart based.”
–Answer the Call  by Peggy Black and the ‘team’
Steve Farrell
Humanity's Team World Wide Coordinating Director
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