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Why Do We Attract the Unexpected?

treasurechestReader Question:  What is the best way to deal with an unexpected obstacle?  Why do unexpected things seem to happen out of the blue?  – R.S., Canada

This is actually a great question, and something I’ve been meaning to write an article about for some time.  If we accept and truly believe that everything that comes into our experience is a result of our vibrational output in that moment (the energy frequency we are radiating out), then how can we explain events that seemingly come “out of the blue?”  While the reader above didn’t give a specific example, I can relate to this question myself, as there are many times in my own life when I feel like the unexpected happens- and this is coming from someone that is pretty mindful of her thoughts on a daily basis!  Also, I want to clarify that by unexpected, I don’t always mean negative.  For example, sometimes I’ll find myself dreading a meeting with someone or an event, and it turns out much better than what I was expecting.  Other times, I’m feeling pretty positive and excited about an opportunity and it turns out to be disappointing or not meeting my expectations (for whatever reason).  So, if we get what we think about and what we expect in accordance with our beliefs, how are the above scenarios possible?

In cases where the outcome or manifestation seems incongruous with your beliefs and expectations, there are probably a few things going on that might be worth considering:

1. Are you truly in sync with your emotions?

Sometimes, people have been at a vibrational set point for so long, it doesn’t even register to them as negative emotion anymore.  For example, if you are a chronically irritated or grumpy person, it may not even register as abnormal to you, and you may not understand why you attracted that rude person on your commute to work.  As far as you’re concerned, you were just in your usual state of mind trying to get somewhere.  Then suddenly, out of the blue, someone cuts you off in traffic.  And you ask yourself, why did that just happen?  I wasn’t thinking about a rude person.  And I wasn’t being rude to anyone else.  You then brush it off as a coincidence and blame the other driver.  But yet, the Universe is always a fair friend, and is unerringly precise in what it’s delivering to you in every given moment.  If your chronic set point is irritated, or you have an underlying, low grade anger, irritability, or impatience going on somewhere in your vibration, the Universe is still responding to that whether you are consciously recognizing it or not.  Of course, the more intense the emotion, the greater the vibration, and the stronger the manifestation.  But even low lying, chronic negative emotion will manifest in some way, shape, or form over time.  So when something seemingly negative happens, check yourself for the extent of ALL the emotions going on within you in that moment – whether they seem related to what manifested or not.  Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of conscious vibrational tweaking to clear out some negative underlying thoughts or emotional patterning that can be introducing negativity into your life.

2.     Are you aware of your underlying belief systems?

In addition to becoming more sensitive to your emotions, you have to begin to recognize and root out underlying negative or dysfunctional belief patterns that might be engrained in your psyche.  These don’t necessary have to be what I call “big” or “important” beliefs.  They can also be small programs that are running frequently.  To continue with the prior example, let’s say a friend is talking to you about how road rage is becoming a bigger problem and she just can’t believe how many angry, crazy drivers there are out there.  You agree with her, recounting a recent example you’ve witnessed yourself and shake your head in disgust.  While that conversation might seem innocuous to you, or you justify it by saying “But, it’s true!” it is still activating a negative vibration within you.  Now, let’s say a few weeks or months go by and you forget all about the conversation with your friend, and you are driving to work on a morning when you’re already feeling irritated, a bit anxious, and impatient- suddenly, another (probably angry and impatient) driver cuts you off!  See?  No coincidence.  Just the Law of Attraction perfectly synchronizing all your emotions and beliefs systems for you.

3.     The Universe is responding with the path of least resistance to what you truly want.  

Finally, once you’ve examined your emotions and underlying beliefs, remember that the Universe has access to both your past and your future (in a way that the conscious mind does not), and is always delivering to you what your truly want in a way that might not be obvious to you in the moment.  For example, you don’t get a job that you really thought you wanted and interviewed well for.  While you may not understand why, the Universe (your Higher Self) understands what you really desire from the perfect job, didn’t see this particular position as a vibrational match, and is lining up a better opportunity for you.  Placing your trust in infinite intelligence and letting go, knowing that everything is always working out for you (if you will allow it), is an important part of the process.

Remember, you are always getting not what you want, but what you are a vibrational match to!  By examining your emotions, belief systems, and learning to let go of resistance and allow, you can learn how to consciously shape your reality and avoid what may seem like the “unexpected.”

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Kate Northrup Tells Gabby Bernstein her Money Love Story

In today’s economy is there a way to make a decent living but have autonomy over our time? My friend Kate Northrup grew up always knowing she wanted to be a mom – but one that was financially free and had the ability to be present and there for her kids. So she began writing about her journey, and developing tips to share with you.

I’m so proud to share my Kate’s first book,  MONEY, A Love Story. In this video, Kate shares how you can untangle your financial woes and create the life you really want. Check out the book here and feel free to leave questions for Kate in the comments below. She will reply!

I didn’t have time vs. It wasn’t a priority

We’ve all said it. "I didn’t have time to…" Did you really not have time? What did fill your day? Was it frivolous things or meaningful things? What didn’t get done because you were too busy or didn’t have time?

When my son, Eli was born, I had NO IDEA how life would change. As a FTM (first time mom), I quickly became overwhelmed. I didn’t realize at the time just how overwhelmed I was. Looking back, it seems as though being overwhelmed was paralyzing. The house was a wreck, I didn’t shower for days, I didn’t get out of the house much because it was such an ordeal to do so. I easily fell into saying "oh, I didn’t have time." Now, I won’t be too hard on myself. Having a baby IS life changing. There is an adjustment period. It is overwhelming. What used to take me a day to do now took me a week! BUT, the excuse "I didn’t have time" was just that, an excuse. I was getting frustrated because there were things that really NEEDED to get done, but I wasn’t able to even start, like the piles of laundry, or marketing/website stuff for our business. My husband was, and still is amazing. He helps a lot around the house, but he also works outside of the home and I needed to get my responsibilities in order. Then, one day, I had my light bulb moment. Instead of saying "I didn’t have time", I started to hold myself accountable and started to say "it wasn’t a priority for me today." WOW!! All of a sudden, I realized just how much time I spent on facebook, or in the on-line mommy groups I belong to. I realized I was filling my time with mindless things (facebook and on-line groups are great, in moderation). By holding myself accountable, my priorities changed. Instead of saying "I didn’t have time to fix a healthy meal", I said "it wasn’t a priority for me today to fix a healthy meal." For me, this little change in what I said made a HUGE impact in how I experience my world. Now, I do understand that days get filled quickly, things don’t always go according to plan and the to-do list can get thrown off by unexpected complications. What I am encouraging is to look at your goals and compare those to your daily activities. When you didn’t have time for something, why was that? You had time for something, what was it? Are you trying to do too much in one day? Cut the to do list in half, enjoy what you’re doing, hold yourself accountable by making time for your priorities and see what a difference it may make in your daily experience. I know it made a huge difference in mine!

Past, Present, Future

In your Present moment, are you living your past or your future? Here’s a quick, simple exercise. Read first, then close eyes and do the exercise.

1. Close eyes
2. Take a few deep breaths
3. Think about your past, take a deep breath,
then, what are the first few words that come
to mind when thinking about your past?
4. Take a few more deep breaths, think about your present moment,
then, what are the first few words that come to mind
when thinking about your present moment?
5. Take a few more deep breaths, think about your future,
then, what are the first few words that come to mind
when thinking about your future?
6. Open eyes, write the words down.

Now, look over your words. Is your present moment lining up more with your past or your future? Are you looking forward or behind you? What in your present moment can you do to 1)release the past and/or 2)bring the future desires into the "now moment"? Let’s say you want love, why wait until the future? Feel love right here, right now. You may say, "yea, but…" Don’t worry, we’ll get to all of the "yea, but’s", but I have to have something to write about for another day!

What keeps us from taking Action?

When it comes to our goals/dreams, what keeps us from taking ACTION? According to The Law of Attraction, we set our intentions and then wait to attract it to us. Too many people stop at that and then wonder why they don’t have the life of their dreams? When life doesn’t work out, the critical self really comes out to play! Self defeating thoughts like "what did I do wrong", "everyone else gets what they want, why not me", "I’m not good enough" run rampant through our minds. Before we know it, our intention is a distant memory and our present moment is filled with doubt, fear and anxiety. It overcomes us. It takes over all of our senses, from how and what we think to how and what we feel. The Law of Attraction isn’t intended to be a stand alone law. Did you know there are several Universal Laws, anywhere from 7 to 21, depending on who you read? The point is, the Law of Attraction is only 1 piece of the puzzle, never intended to be the whole picture. If amazing things can happen, and they can, just by attracting what you want, imagine what could happen IF you met the Universe just halfway? What could be created by taking ACTION? What would happen if you became the CO-CREATOR you were intended to be? What action could you take today that would move you towards your goal/dreams? Things to ponder until next time…

Beyond Attraction into ACTION

Beyond Attraction~ Activating The Laws of Creation

I’ve written a book on this topic. It’s based on my style of counseling. I’ve seen lives completely transformed by implementing the principals in "the book". Even this book has been an instrument of faith and practicing the universal principles of creation, of taking my intention and moving into action. I will share, here, a little of the introduction.

"I am in awe of the power of the Divine Creator and the amazing creative process while being aligned in that space. This book is proof of that process, of not only faith and the knowingness, but stepping into the action of that faith and knowingness. Even as I write this introduction, I know this book is still growing and evolving.

I love being creative and inspired! Anytime I feel stuck, I know it’s time to get creative. Even in this, it’s hard for me to think outside of the box. What will others think? What if I’m not good enough? Anyone else ask those same questions? I think many of us do. When thinking outside of the box, we are really stepping outside of our comfort zone. By stepping into the unknown, we are growing, which can be uncomfortable. But then, the unknown becomes known, we become comfortable again, and then we decide to expand and grow. It truly is a journey, and a cyclical one many times.

This book is to help you live a creative life- taking your intentions into creating your reality. It is to help you with those questions of self doubt. It is to help you realize your talents and put them to use in your life. There are a lot of talented, skilled unemployed, under employed people in the United States. What we’ve always done isn’t working so well. It’s time to take our talents and skills, repackage them and do something different. It’s time to live inspired lives. It’s time to move beyond the campaign slogan “Yes we can” and start living it. Just the other day, I heard a story on National Public Radio about this very thing. The point of the story was how to be creative with your resume and skills to repackage them into a new career. For example, a person with sales experience might have very similar skills for a job in marketing. Think outside the box and all of a sudden many more options become available to you.

Can you imagine an inspired life? Can you imagine thinking outside of the box? Can you imagine creative living? Come join me in this journey and watch the answers to these questions unfold as you start to live a creative life."

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