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Cute Alert: Animals Adopting Other Animals

Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 11.24.43 AMHappy Friday! We are bombarded with images of how cruel nature can be so often that we can forget how much animals can teach us about love and compassion.

Are humans the only ones capable of caring for children that aren’t their own? This video goes to show how universal the maternal instinct can be, even with animals you never thought would get along. Dogs with nursing kittens – and vice versa – to literal tiger moms and piglets – share their milk, comfort the young ones and adopt them as their own. Have you ever seen something so cute?

What did you think of the video? Share your favorite animal “love stories” with us in the comments below!

Lions & Tigers &… Burgers?

One Arizona small restaurant owner thought it’d be a good idea to sell Lion Burgers in promotion with the World Cup since it’s held in Africa.

This raises a lot of questions, but first and foremost, WTF?! and WHERE DOES A MAN IN ARIZONA GET LION MEAT?! I mean, this isn’t the sort of thing you run to butcher and nab… or is it?

Cameron Selogie bought ten pounds of supposed lion meat to mix with ground beef for the burgers. He purchased the meat from Gourmet Imports-Wild game, a supposed free-range farm in Illinois that is regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Have you noticed all the "supposed"s in that sentence? That’s because although Selogie supposedly did his research, the "free-range" lion meat actually came from a butcher’s shop in Chicago, Czimer’s Game & Sea Foods. Czimer purchases his lion meat from a publicly unidentified man who purchases and skins exotic animals. In 2003, Czimer was put in prison for purchasing several carcasses of tigers and lions, making a hybrid tiger-lion meat and profiting on it to the tune of almost $40k. 

The story gets even more disgusting as the supposed USDA approved meat is proved not to be.


Czimer expressed total certainty that his lion meat is USDA-approved and thoroughly inspected by regulators before it reaches his processing plant.


But here’s a twist: The USDA says it doesn’t inspect lions bred for meat. That’s the job of the Food and Drug Administration, which is responsible for regulating exotic meats like lions.


Is it legal to eat lions? The FDA’s communications team said it is looking into the request. It couldn’t immediately comment on the rules governing edible lions, let alone the authenticity of Czimer’s meat. That said, the African lion isn’t currently a federally protected endangered or threatened species.

– Excerpt from CNN Money


So what does Selogie plan to do with all this supposed lion meat that came from God knows where without any sort of government inspection to prove legitimacy let alone safety?

He plans on serving it Wednesday and Thursday night. 

Putting my personal vegetarian beliefs aside, what is very disturbing is the fact a man that now very well knows this meat has not been inspected is still willing to serve it to the public.

Do you think eating lions should be legal?

How is eating lions any different than eating cows or chickens? 

Do you think all meat should be government regulated?

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