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Intent of the Day: Trust the Timing

If we’re anything alike, most days you can wake up feeling like the weight of the world just might be on your shoulders. If something is going to move, if something is going to happen, it’s going to be because you pushed it with all your strength. There are in fact moments where all your strength will be required, but it is not every moment.

It is not and should not be within your power to make everything happen.
Some people weren’t meant to stay in your inner circle forever.
Not every job should last forever.
Every situation is going to give way to the next situation and before you take on the burden of responsibility for how everything plays out, it’s important to remember: TIMING.

The old adage says that if you love something, you should let it go. Having it return to you means that it was always yours. There is plenty of truth to that. Just because you move away from home, doesn’t mean you can’t come back. Just because you were passed up for a dream position today doesn’t mean an even bigger opportunity won’t come knocking tomorrow. Today we intend to let the pressure and the anxiety go. Our intent of the day is to trust the timing.

You too? Here are 3 things to encourage you to trust the timing: Continue reading

Trust Life’s Time!

Sometimes we want what we want when we want it. But just because you want what you want now doesn’t mean it’s right for you now.

Trust that there is a Divine timing that is perfect for your highest good. You may not be able to see it in this very moment.

It’s great to know what you want in life and have a clear intention. But when you get attached to outcomes and try forcing them to happen on the timing that you think it should, you block the flow of Life.

Just because things don’t happen at the time you want, doesn’t mean it won’t happen at the right time. The timing simply may not be right now and you might not be fully ready to handle what it is you are asking for.

It’s easy to think that because your dreams are not manifesting today, that it won’t happen. Know this: The delays of the Universe are not the denial of your dreams.

Sometimes your dream’s delay is simply the Universe’s compassionate gift to you, as it orchestrates the perfect alignment of everything that is truly needed for your highest good and that of those around you.

Or perhaps there is a journey of growth that you still need to go through over the weeks, months or years ahead, in order to be fully ready to handle your dream and all that may come along with it. Perhaps if what you want actually manifested in this moment you wouldn’t be fully equipped to handle it, quite yet.

Sometimes the delay is simply the way the Universe is letting you know that what you think you want, whether a job or relationship is not actually in your best interest. Thus the delay is an invitation to feel more deeply into what your authentic desire really is and get clear.

Make sure that during the time of seeming delays you do everything in your power to prepare yourself, so that when opportunity comes knocking you are ready for it.

So, trust bigger than your mind.

Trust in the perfect timing of the Universe that has been around a lot longer than you. You have been alive 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 years? ….And the Universe has been around how long?

Surrender to your highest good. When you Surrender the timing of what you want, you move into the timeless zone of possibilities where miracles are already happening.

In this space you are One with the Universe.

Life flows.

Remember: There is a right time for everything under the sun, and when it’s your time nothing can stop it. You will find yourself to be the right person, in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.

Trust Life.




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photo by: rseidel3

the 38 year old parrot and a Magnum of Champagne – it is a small world

Spending time this week thinking about the anniversary of my son’s birth. It is always an emotional time of year. I am reminded that I have brought my son up and that another year of our lives has passed.  It is naturally a time for introspection mixed with nostalgia and a glimpse back over the passing years.

Today my path was marked by meeting a 38 year old parrot.  A beautiful green parrot in a tatty old cage.  I asked the owner if the parrot was okay (he looked bored) – no, I was wrong, he was just being thoughtful.  I said Hello; the parrot replied ‘Hello’; I loved the parrot instantly. I was rewarded with my joy by watching the bird hang upside down by one ageing talon and the guy behind the counter coming out and spending some time explaining the life story of the bird.

The parrot had a new cage; he didn’t like it; he refused to eat and so they had to give him his old cage back; hence the tatty appearance only a 38 year old parrot cage can have.  This particular parrot will only let his owner go near him – anyone else risks losing a finger.  This is since his owner nursed him as a young parrot and fed him anti-biotics 1- 1,000th part water.  They had no idea how to measure that so they guessed and gave him a tiny drop, wondering if it was going to kill him.  The owner got up in the middle of the night to feed him spoonfuls of honey, because he wasn’t eating his seed and the bird grew into a strong, healthy young parrot.  As the parrot grew in strength the pet shop owner started taking him travelling, ‘Dill’ – the parrot loves to go in the car and the faster you go, the more he likes it!  I guess he screams faster, faster.. or something.

The pet shop owner used to sit him on top of his cage at Walthamstow market in London, ‘and you know how busy that gets?’ he said to me; one day he was fighting his way through the crowds in Walthamstow and the parrot flew off the cage, through the crowd and landed on his shoulder.  Of all the people in the crowd, the old man could not believe the parrot found him.

When Dill was a baby parrot and very sick, the old man used to rub his cheek and say ‘poor Dill’ and now when Dill has to go back in his cage he rubs the old mans cheek with his beak and says ‘poor Dill’.

For some bizarre (and yet, very sweet) reason the old man decided I should have some of Dill’s feathers; he had them saved behind the counter stuck in a notice board and he let me have them, proud to show me the brilliant red and yellow and blue that is hidden under the brilliant green of Dill’s top feathers.

Dill is walking along his perch now, he has got bored hanging upside down by one claw; Dill also starred in Treasure Island and played the part of Flint at the Palace Theatre in Westcliff.  I take Dill’s picture and tell the old man I am going to share Dill with everyone I know.  I say ‘Bye Dill’ to the parrot; he ignores me;  I laugh.  The parrot laughs…ha ha ha and says ‘Bye’;  we all laugh again, oh, my, gosh, the parrot has a sense of humour.

I have enjoyed 10 minutes out of a busy day with a pet shop owner; I love the colour green; feathers are one of my favourite symbols of spirit and my coincidence with Dill (and I am pretty sure it is the same parrot)..
31 years ago when there was a huge, glamorous, 3 storied Department Store to rival Harrods in Southend called Keddies, they used to host a Gala evening; as a 13 year old girl I remember being swept through the crowds, past Leo .. not Leo Sayer, the other celebrity that tap danced a lot…and into a throng of people standing around a parrot; the quiz was to guess the age of the parrot and I guessed he was about 7. I filled the form in and thought no more of it – until my Mum showed me the Magnum of Champagne that had been delivered just in time for Christmas!  Well, the parrot was 7, it was 31 years ago and now I have met Dill who is 38..

 (oh, and I was born in Walthamstow and I am sure my mum used to drag me to the market – which would make this the 3rd time my path has crossed with a green parrot who likes a laugh!)


Saturday, 20 March 2010

Three pigeons; two magpies and a random stranger asking me the way!

As a spirit writer and clairvoyant I am happily moving along my own steps in this journey that is my life.
Having had some doubt this week about whether I should be spirit writing or what element of psychic work I should be doing… I have attempted to maintain my connection with spirit in my everyday experience.

Today, walking along the seafront, with the wind in my hair and Abba on my ipod I decided I had had enough of the music and took my headphones out; traipsing up a hill against the wind, rounded a corner just in time for a silver people carrier to spot me, wind down his window and.. you guessed it.. asked me for directions!

This is always something that makes me chuckle now, it is a little joke from spirit to remind me that I am the person who knows the way. 

I point him in the right direction and head towards town, in time to see two magpies on the grass at the seaside. Lovely. Two for joy..

I have been asked the way and seen one of my favourite spiritual nature messengers.

Love and light to all of you who need it.


Do you believe in soulmates?

I don’t know if I believe so much in the ‘soulmates’ of the fairytale nature.  I believe there are people that recognize and know each other…and never figure out quite why.  There’s a connection, just an inherent knowing that can’t be explained in this life.

I had one of those connections, a massive one, and he killed himself on September 28, 2007.  He stuck a .357 in his mouth, and blew his head to pieces.  Blunt?  Too blunt?  That’s how it happened, and that’s what happened.

If there was ever a male psyche/soul to my female, Mike was it.  Peas in a pod so to speak, except he was a bit more brutal and more of a risk-taker than I will ever be.  I loved him in a way and to a depth that today still amazes me.  We, however, were not meant to be together in this lifetime, a couple.

There were moral issues, and we both had another, but things were so bad for each of us in different ways in our then relationships, that it didn’t matter.  I made a conscious choice to owe my piper.  I jumped in feet first, and loved him with complete abandonment.  For seventeen years, he was my friend, and more, and sometimes not, but I never stopped loving him.  Stupidly, I always thought he’d be somewhere in this world…if our chance ever became a genuine reality.  Sometimes that’s what you get for thinking.

We lost contact in 98, for almost 6 years.  Never stopped loving him, but it had become one of those kinds of love that you gently push to the back of the shelf…you know it’s there, but something in your soul knows that’s where it needs to be for the time being. 

I lived out of the country for a year and a half, then in 2000 finally moved back to Kentucky.  I married my current husband (I only have one ex, and he is/was an alcoholic ass) when we moved back, and got on with living life.  Then one day in the winter of 2004, something just urged me to get in touch with Mike.  I hunted around, and asked around until I got his number.  Frankly?  He was on a television show on A&E, and when I saw him I felt  drawn to call him.  Not to see him, as we had before, but to call him.

He was surprised to hear from me, needless to say.  We talked for a few months, just at the odd time, but he kept begging me to meet him somewhere.  I did.  Once, for probably less than ten minutes.  I knew to see him again, would destroy my husband, and my marriage, so I didn’t.  We talked a few more months, everytime him begging me to at least go have a coffee with him.  I refused, I had to, because I knew he was the biggest weakness in the world for me.  During one of our last conversations he was talking about ‘us’, and how it was probably best that we hadn’t ever formally gotten together, because as much alike as we were we probably would have ended up killing each other.  I disagreed, but left it alone and just idly commented that we’d never know.

One Sunday in the winter of 2006, he called my house drunk, on his ass drunk, and talked to my husband.  He pretended it was a wrong number, but the name he used when saying who it was and who he was looking for, I knew it was him.  I was furious, I was frantic, and I never talked to him again.

He called my house often from that winter up until probably July of 2007, then he quit calling. 

When I injured my back, prior to the surgery, I was going to Nashville for epidurals.  On Friday, September 28, 2007 I was in Nashville at St. Thomas hospital getting an epidural.  Also on Friday, September 28, 2007, after Mike shot himself and was discovered, he was life-flighted to Vanderbilt  Hospital, also in Nashville.  The hospital I was at, and the hospital he was at, you could see one from the other.

Soulmates?  Do I believe in them?  I don’t know, perhaps on some level, on some other plane.  But sometimes connections, even at the end, can be overwhelmingly obvious.

My life changed the day that I found out, the following day.  The ‘me’ that was, ceased to be.  It wasn’t a conscious choice, but there was a part of me, a piece of my soul that died the day he decided this world was too much.  I still love life, but it’s different now, not as bright, as promising.

But, I choose life, every fucking day, I choose life.

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