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VOD: Twin Brother Asks Santa to Save His Sister From Bullying

Screen shot 2013-10-07 at 11.15.25 PMAre you already thinking about what you want for Christmas? When 8-year old Ryan’s mom asked him and his twin sister to write their letters to Santa early (so she could get a head start on saving up for it) the only thing Ryan asked Santa for was to stop the kids at school bullying Amber. “She doesn’t do anything to them,” he says before adding “I’ve been praying for it to stop but God is busy so he needs your help.”

His sister is overweight and suffers from a few mental health issues, their mother admits to “Good Morning America.” So the kids at school taunt her to get her to do different things. “They call me fat, and stupid, and hideous,” the little girl confesses to cameras in one heart breaking part of the video. To make things worse she’s admitted to her mom she sometimes wishes she could die to make it stop.

Luckily for Amber, she has a family that loves her unconditionally and reaches out for her benefit. Her mom had a meeting with the school principal to see about stopping the bullying, and “Good Morning America” surprised Amber with one early Christmas miracle thanks to her brother Ryan’s good will.

Warning: This video will absolutely cause tears, but is definitely worth it.

Share this video if you know of any special child being bullied. What do you think of Ryan’s selfless request for his sister? Tell us in the comments below! 

Ecstatic About TWIN Grandchildren

2010 was a year with many changes in our lives, we completed the renovation (actually completely degutted) our other house, had our oldest daughter get married (she moved into the renovated house), had our son graduate (and also move out on his own), my mother passed away in the summer, our basement had a complete overall to a new recroom complete with bar, pool table, playstation, surround theatre and so on…..

So it’s been quite the interesting year for sure. This year isn’t starting any different. 2011 has our youngest going off to Egypt over the March break holiday and she looks forward to that. While our oldest daughter, made an announcment that she was pregnant, after trying for some time now…

Well she had to make it good because she had her first ultrasound to discover she has 2 Fraternal Twins. And we are all very happy and excited for her. She is also the first on both sides of the family to provide grandchildren, so should certainly be interesting … (and here I thought the house was finally getting quieter LOL).

For now we pray for healthy children 10 fingers 10 toes, and we patiently wait for the days to go by so we have more news and developments.

Would You Have Selective Reduction?

 In this month’s Elle, Bettina Paige shares the story her latest pregnancy, a mix of fertility drugs and artificial insemination. Paige and her husband already had a young son when they found out they were once again pregnant but this time, with twins.

Paige and her husband, although they obviously went above and beyond to conceive another child, were definitely not in a place to have two.

Paige said:

"My husband was convinced that twins would radically change our lives for the worse. We’d have to leave our beloved neighborhood for a place with cheaper rents and better public schools — there was no way we could afford private education for three kids. We’d kiss goodbye any hope of career advancement, at least for the foreseeable future. To his list, I added the loss of my income, necessary to meet our expenses. I couldn’t see how I’d be able to resume working after the birth since we could never afford full-time help, and — no matter how well they napped — two infants wouldn’t leave much time for anything else."

Paige decided it would be best for her family, although a hard decision, to have selective reduction. Selective reduction is basically what it sounds like: when you select which fetus to reduce or put frankly, abort. Although this practice has health benefits when women chose to abort one of a triplet- less chances of miscarriage and healthier twins- with reducing twins to a single child, you risk losing the entire pregnancy which is quite a big risk when you’ve already gone through so much to be impregnated, as Paige did. 

Although we live in a beautiful era of technological advancements that give women many reproductive freedoms, where is the line drawn for letting nature take its course? Even though this is the extreme, this is basically customizing our pregnancies. Will there come a day when we can choose all the aspects of our pregnancies? Designer babies, perhaps?

But what is the other recourse? Only aborting based on altruistic reasons? But what would then justify an abortion?

Paige’s primarily economic grounds for the abortion would be deemed "selfish" in many circles and probably wouldn’t meet criteria for an "unselfish" abortion, but are they all that selfish? Is knowing you would not be able to provide the best for your child and the rest of your family and making a decision based upon those facts selfish or farsightedness? 

Obviously this issue raises many questions, all to which we all have scores of answers to based upon our personal beliefs but in the end, no matter how scary the future of it may seem, the ultimate answer is that abortion for any reason is a woman’s choice, whether the rest of the community believes it is warranted or not.

What would you do in Paige’s situation? 

I think I would have done the same as her. I would have felt terrible about making the decision but at the same time, I would much rather be able to give my two children as much as I could- monetarily, emotionally, et cetera- than struggle to provide for all three of them. 

Source: Elle

Photo: CC Flickr//FuFu

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