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In a Rut? Five Steps to Get Unstuck


The days roll by and sometimes you might wonder, “What did I do today? Did I get any closer to my goals and dreams?” Life gets busy and you get focused on what has to be done, not what you want to do. Your goals could be anything from finally losing those last 5 pounds to changing your career or moving to a new location.

Maybe every January you make the resolution that “this year will be THE year” but then before you know it, December rolls around and you are making the same resolution for next year. For many people, the rut just gets bigger and the opportunity to escape it seems less and less likely.

There are many very legitimate reasons why people get stuck in a rut. Life really is demanding at times. There can be health issues, family issues, and financial concerns, and sometimes the focus has to be on the emergency at hand, not on the dreams to come. But no one wants to feel unfulfilled and as if life is one big unrealized dream. What can you do, even in the midst of your daily life, to get unstuck and start to take those steps forward to the long-held dream?

Here are the five key steps to getting unstuck and moving toward where you want to go: Continue reading

3 Surefire Triggers To Help You Get Unstuck

Salutation Nation - 088A stressor which inflicts great physical and emotional pain is the perception that you are stuck, which then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. No one ever complains about being stuck in a good place. The connotation of being stuck is usually the negative mindset or the pain pathway. Here are situations of people who have confided that they are stuck:

  • The doctors don’t know how to help me regarding my back pain. Nothing works ranging from steroid shots to physical therapy to strong pain meds. The doctors won’t do surgery because they don’t know the root cause of the raw nerve endings. I live in pain 24/7.
  • I keep breaking up and then going back to my boyfriend who doesn’t care for or support me. He’s such a dreamer and the consummate salesman – always promising that his next scheme will hit it big. However, he never quite makes it. Everyone asks me what I am getting out of this relationship, and I don’t know the answer. Maybe I’m afraid that I will end up alone.
  • I was let go from a job in the human resources department of a big apartment building management firm because I just turned 60. Although no one mentioned my age, my replacement is half my age. I always had such good reviews, so I didn’t see it coming. They claimed that they were letting me go in order to take the firm in another direction. What are the odds I will find another comparable job?

Thoreau once said, “With all your science can you tell how it is, and whence it is, that light comes into the soul?”

3 methods for getting stuck in a good place:

  1.  We are nothing much on our own, but rather are mutually dependent. Align yourself with realists and dreamers. Reflect on and find what resonates just for you like peering into a gallery or knick knack store window looking for the right souvenir when you are on vacation. It is the painting or objet d’art that you must buy, or otherwise it will haunt you if you don’t. Similarly, whatever resonates for you will spur you on to move forward. Find your hidden treasure.
  2. You don’t need others to validate what your heart and soul advise you to do. Don’t  give away your power to do what others tell you to do or want for you. What do YOU really want? When you know the answer, you will be motivated to pursue your answer.
  3. Take walks in nature to prepare to move forward in your life’s journey. When you are taking purposeful steps in a park, shoreline, or cityscape, you can think about moving forward in another aspect of your life. Great musicians know that the pauses between the notes are where the artistic skill lies. Enjoy the process because arriving is not as much fun as the journey.
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